Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Malaysian Online Shoppers Ready For ezbuy’s2nd 65eDay – Global Super Sales

 ezbuy, Malaysia’s first and largest global shopping platform by number of distribution points, offers products from Malaysia, China, USA, Koreaand Taiwan. We have established operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, and have served over 1 million shoppers in Malaysia to date. The highly anticipated annual mega sales event 65eDaya 6-day Global Super Sales event, will start on the 31st of May

Formerly known as 65daigou, or 65 shopper personal concierge, we got rebranded as ezbuy and our operations in Malaysia began in 2015. ezbuy consolidates the shopping experience for customers, creating a seamless experience for them to buy items from online shops abroad which generally do not ship to Malaysia directly.  Our site receives over 1 million visitors per month.

According to ezbuy’s Co-FounderMs Wendy Liu, the 65eDay sales event is our way to show appreciation to ourcustomers and also to reward them.  

During the 2nd 65eday Global Super Salesshoppers can shop for products with discounts of up to 90%, offered by merchants from Malaysia, China, USA, Korea and Taiwan. We have huge varieties of products on sale, with the popular ones being fashion and lifestyle essentials, from brands such as Sony, Tefal, Canon, Casio, Daniel Wellington, Omron, Western Digital, Samsung, ViewsonicKellogs, Lifebuoy, Johnson Baby, Kinohmitsu, Brands, Scholl, Avent and many more.  We have over 20 million listed products, such as fashion specials, lifestyle essentials and curated bestsellers, so you will be sure to find what you need at a great price, MsLiu said. 

“We also want to invite our shoppers to sign up for Prime, where you will get to enjoy a flat-rate international shipping fee of RM8.80 regardless of parcel size, weight and quantityof items bought per cart checkout.  The Prime membership also entitles members to add 42 wishlist entries a year – 6 upon signing up and subsequently, 3 every month.” Ms Liu elaborated. 

ezbuy is also introducing the new Friends Deal, which allows shoppers to start a deal, share it with their friends and family and shop with them together to enjoy products at wholesale prices.  There are 300 items available for purchase via Friends Deal, and the deals will be refreshed and updated daily during the entire duration of the 65eDay Global Super Sales mega event.

In conjunction with our Annual Mega Sales event, ezbuy will be offering a RM15 cash voucher for each new ezbuy appregistered customer during the 6-day sales event. Simplydownload the ezbuy app & scan the QR code to start your shopping spree!

For more information, please visit www.ezbuy.my

Sunday, May 21, 2017

U Mobile Launches Unlimited Hero P78

U Mobile has launched a brand new postpaid plan called Unlimited Hero P78 at its ‘Unlimited Ideas’ creative showcase today. The new plan is another initiative from the telco to enable its customers to truly enjoy their passions via their smartphone any day, without ever having to monitor their data usage as it comes with unlimited high-speed data. 

On top of that, Unlimited Hero P78 customers will also never need to cut short conversations with their loved ones or friends as calls to all networks are unlimited, via Call-Onz™. All these benefits are available to customers at just RM78 a month.

Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer said that the benefits do not end with just data. “Aside from unlimited high-speed data, Unlimited Hero P78 also offers Call-Onz™, which gives our customer unlimited calls to all networks. All the usage freedom, be it data or calls, is available any day, anytime at just RM78 a month. You really cannot beat that!”

Apart from unlimited data and calls, Unlimited Hero P78 is also bundled with Roam-OnzTM, a new service which gives customers 5GB of free high-speed data to roam in 12 selected countries such as South Korea, India and Australia.

To mark the launch of the new product and service, U Mobile hosted an ‘Unlimited Ideas’ creative showcase where they invited Eunice Martin, the winner of the top food influencer award at Influence Asia 2017, to exhibit her work and share her passion for food styling and photography with the audience. As part of the exhibition, Eunice Martin also created an exclusive food art display inspired by the new Unlimited Hero P78.

Unlimited Hero P78 is available to customers from today for a limited time only. For more information please visit www.u.com.my/unlimited.

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Night in Cameron Highlands

I have been to Cameron Highlands like 10 times in my life but this was my maiden overnight trip.

So how was it?

The entire Cameron Highlands was dead silent at night like those quiet neighborhood in the horror movies. Well, the local folks had dinner at 6 pm so you would expect what time they slept.

You could own the roads literally at night since there weren't any cars around. But I must say I really like the cold chilly at night in Cameron Highlands. The cold breeze in 19 degrees Celsius weather blowing onto your face was simply refreshing.

My partner and I went on Sunday so we missed the Brinchang night market on Friday and Saturday.The only hangout spot at night in Cameron Highlands for us was Starbucks in Tanah Rata - so typical. 

Let the pictures below narrate my trip over there.

Lavender at Cameron Lavender

Lavender Ice Cream - smell like floor cleaner liquid

The steady windmill at Cameron Lavender

Cameron Lavender  - Located in Tringkap along the main road, this is the among the first attraction if you're coming from Ipoh. For me, Cameron Lavender was like a scam to me. You see, the entrance was RM 8 and what I have got in return - lavender farm which wasn't picturesque, flowers and more flowers, flies, possessed minion and whole lots of pop up stores selling honey, strawberry and its jam, flowers and fruits. Please don't expect the extend of lavender farm like in Hokkaido.

It was very challenging to take good pictures since the pathway there was pretty narrow and the place was crowded most of the time.

Not only Cameron Lavender, my entire trip in Cameron Highlands was infested with flies, they were like the pest all throughout Cameron Highlands. I even had problem to eat as the flies kept buzzing around my food. I guess the mama fly queen lives there.

Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation
The queue was endless and there was not any seat available

Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation - If you've been there, you would know the road heading up there is dangerous but the road heading up to its nearby attraction Mossy Forest is even more dangerous - suicidal but let tell you more later. 

Back to this plantation, my two cents is avoid weekend; it was so crowded. We could not get a seat and the queue to purchase food and beverages was long as shown in the picture. We wanted to take the breathtaking view from the viewing platform was also marred by the crowd. It was rather disappointing experience and we spent merely half an hour there.

As the night fell, it was time for food hunting. Initially we wanted to have steamboat at Taman Abang but we were afraid that they would serve only vegetables which he hated  and frozen which I hated. So it wasn't justified to pay something that we did not like. We opted something flavorful  at Malay stall just opposite of Starbucks in Tanah Rata. It was good, the tom yum was excellent remedy for the cold weather there.

Starbucks in Tanah Rata
3 dishes with one tom yum - all worth it at only RM 21.
Starbucks - The only hang out spot at night in Cameron Highland. Located along the main road in Tanah Rata, this Starbucks is just your typical Starbucks. But I loved it since it was just so nice to have a hot drink in a chilly weather.

Mossy Forest - The highlight of my trip since it was my first time to visit this forest. The way leads to Mossy Forest is the same way as the way to Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation, however, once you see the signage Gunung Brinchang, turn left.

How to get up to Mossy Forest?

There are couple of ways actually - hiking, take the four-wheel drive or drive your car up.

Hiking up - I am not sure the routes to do hiking over there but I overheard the conversation of the hikers that they started the hiking at 5 am and they only managed to reach Gunung Irau, another mountain nearby Mossy Forest, at 4 pm. But be prepared - the trail is very muddy, avoid white shoes if possible.

Four-wheel drive - I believe it cost around RM 50 per person since I saw the flyer somewhere. The fare is inclusive of the tour.

Driving up - Think twice if you plan to drive up. The route is the scariest and the most terrifying experience ever. The road is narrow, is curvy and steep. Since it is a long and winding road, you have no visibility on the vehicles coming from opposite direction most of the time. And yes, the road doesn't have the safety mirror that should be located at the sharp corners. 

Haunted by the sharp corners,  this road even scarier as you would frequently encounter the four wheel trucks that plying the way. They drive very fast - so you are literally risking your life of being hit by them. Honking at the sharp corners is your only way to keep you alive.

Though it was terrifying but it was worth it as the foggy forest was a whole new experience for me. It was like the Twilight movie in which Edward jumping around from tree to tree with Bella.

In addition to the foggy and misty atmosphere, what awe-struck me was the roots and the branches of the trees that covered with moss. It curled up and down as if defying the gravity that set the landscape into a misty and fairyland adventure with the grasp of cool crispy air.

Unfortunately, the boardwalk was pretty dirty as the snack packets and drink bottles were thrown everywhere along the boardwalk. Can't really blame those litter bugs since there wasn't any dustbin in sight. Maybe the authority wanted to discourage visitors to consume anything at Mossy Forest. 

You could go use the boardwalk or further your adventure by hiking a little to get closer to the mossy-laden trees. The trail would lead up to the peak of Gunung Irau. It was challenging since the trees were curvy along the trail and it was very muddy. I wasn't sure I was standing on a solid ground or on a solid mud since as I stepped on it, it was hollow underneath. It was like standing on a hollow platform.It was bit terrifying as I was afraid the hollow ground would give way as I stepped on it.

The view taken from Mossy Forest 
After 30 minutes of terror ride, we have reached Mossy Forest 
Thou shalt not pass 
Apparently Mossy Forest separates Perak and Pahang. Some said that if the forest is not misty, you could view Ipoh from there 
The Mossy Forest moss encroaches the trees and even the ground 
Enjoying the picturesque trees while grasping the cool crispy air at Mossy Forest  
Just like the movie scene from either Twilight or Lord of The Ring

Before we left Cameron Highlands, we stopped by at a shop to have a drink and the shop aptly named Pokestop. It was around 6 pm and the family next to us was already having their dinner. Seriously, I would be in the office at 6 pm. I guess the folks in Cameron Highlands are leading a simple life. Waking up at 6 am and sleeping around 9 pm since there is no nightlife in Cameron Highlands. Though I would like to have simple kinda life but it is not simple as this. As fated, I would like my life to be colourful and exciting with whole lots of daily activities until 2 am. Yes, I sleep around that time everyday which it's bad for my health. It is my yearly resolution to sleep early but I fail to materialize it every year.

That's all folks. Hope I will have a travel entry very soon.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

U MOBILE Brings You To Ed Sheeran Concert

Fans of Ed Sheeran must be disappointed as his concert tickets were sold out in 30 minutes-but fret not.

The Grammy-winning singer is making his way back to Malaysia and U Mobile is the official telco partner for his concert which will take place on November 14 this year. To celebrate the partnership, U Mobile will be organising a series of contests to give away concert tickets in the lead up to the concert date. More information on the contest will be made available in June 2017!
Ed Sheeran’s Malaysia Concert is part of U Mobile’s Unlimited Grooves calendar, an initiative aimed at responding to customers’ music passion. 

More information on ticket giveaways will be available on U Mobile's websitehttp://www.u.com.my in June 2017. 

Warner TV’s Gotham, iZOMBIE and Blindspot just got renewed for brand new seasons!

iewers in Malaysia are in for a treat as GothamiZOMBIEand Blindspot have all been renewed for new seasons. Airing same day as the US in Malaysia on Warner TV (Astro CH 719 and Hypp TV CH 613), both iZOMBIE and Gotham will launch its fourth season whilst Blindspot dives in for its third.

Fans of iZOMBIE can lookout for everyone’s favourite zombie Olivia “Liv” Moore (Rose McIver), an overachieving medical student that becomes undead after attending a boat party that shockingly turned into a “feeding frenzy”. Now reliant on brains as a source of nutrition, Liv works in the coroner’s office where she helps to solve murders and mysteries with her newly found skills.

As for Gotham, the new season is expected toreveal an entirely new chapter of vigilantes and DC-inspired super-villains running amuck in Gotham City. In Blindspot, starring Jaimie Alexander (Jane Doe), the stakes are even higher, as they continue to unravel the clues behind her tattoos and the larger conspiracy hidden behind them.

Warner TV brings the top US entertainment to Malaysia and the region. The channel features a full slate of same day as the US content, first-run exclusives and fan-favorites series across a wide range of genres. Home the DC superheroes, Warner TV brings viewers the likes of DC’sLegends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash. The channel also offers hit comedy seriesThe Big Bang Theory, and box office blockbusters every weekend from the biggest franchises including The Lord of the Rings, Harry PotterInception, Pacific Rim and Interstellar.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Relationship Turns Mundane

Relationship doesn't promise you rainbow and cupcakes. Fun is not what most of your relationship is going to entail. Yes, relationship is not as much fun as Disneyland.


Maybe I'm a mundane person so my relationship tend to inside. Most of the time, it’s just going to be the two of us. I guess you also share the same situation with me. 

That’s why we need to find someone that makes the mundane fun. Someone that makes a trip to the grocery store feel like a romantic trip. 

Date the boy that you’re counting down the hours to see, even though you don’t have any plans. Even though you’re probably going to end up sitting on the couch, munching on whatever snacks you can find inside of the cabinets while playing Netflix.

Date the boy that makes you think staying in  is just as much fun as going out to the clubs. The boy that makes you think that cuddling on the couch and watching a movie you’ve seen a million times before is just as good as fighting through crowds during a premiere in IMAX.

Date the boy that takes away your FOMO. The boy that is always willing to go out with you but it is also okay when you say that you’re tired, that you’re feeling lazy, that that you would rather stay in your pajamas and hang out with only him.

Date the boy that you’re excited to sit down with and talk to about everything, even if it’s not all that interesting — about what happened at work, about the stories that your friends told you the other night when you went out for drinks.

Date the boy that you can sit in silence with, but feel still comfortable, because your hand is inside of his and your head is on his shoulder. Because you feel like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.
Date the boy that loves spending time with you one-on-one, even if there’s no sex involved. 

Date the boy that gives you a reason to laugh over the stupidest things, the boy that encourages you to tell embarrassing jokes, the boy that brings out a side of you that hasn’t been showed since you were a kid.

Date the boy that makes you say, I had such a good weekend, even if you didn’t leave the house at all that weekend. Even if you barely did anything at all.

Date the boy that you can be bored with, because with him, boring is still actually kind of 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

VITAGEN Celebrates 40 Years in Championing Digestive Care

VITAGEN, Malaysia’s first and No. 1 cultured milk drink that has grown alongside generations of Malaysians, kick-started the celebration of its 40th anniversary with the introduction of its, ‘A Better Gut Begins with VITAGEN’ campaign, as an extension of the brand’s far-reaching digestive health education and awareness initiative.

Pioneer of the industry and custodian of digestive care, the iconic cultured milk drink has been an integral part of Malaysians’ everyday lives for 40 years. VITAGEN contains billions of good bacteria with live, active cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei. This formulation helps aid the absorption of nutrients from food and stimulates a stronger immune system. It also assists in suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of intestinal disturbances for optimal digestive health when consumed.

Good gut health is increasingly important as Malaysians face health challenges linked to sedentary lifestyles, stress and increasing consumption of fast food that may be low in fibre and low in good bacteria.

Studies have shown that gut health is linked to obesity. Malaysia has the dubious distinction of being among the fattest countries in the region. The prevalence of adults who are overweight is up to 30%. Obese Malaysians make up 17.7% of the total population. This combination means that almost half the country’s population are either overweight or obese.

Diseases of the digestive system, or gut, are listed as among the 10 principal causes of hospitalisation (9.14%) and death (3.81%)in private hospitals, while colorectal cancer is ranked as the second most common cancer among Malaysians at a high 12.1%.

Many ailments including stress, seemingly unrelated to the human digestive system are caused by gut problems. Understanding how the gut works and how to care for it is essential to overall wellbeing.

VITAGEN has been expanding its efforts to promote good gut health to Malaysians through on-going campaigns and activities aimed at creating awareness and forming healthy lifestyle habits about the importance of good gut health.

The brand is also catering to Malaysians with specific health and dietary preferences with reduced sugar and collagen variants.  Recently the VITAGEN Less Sugar variant was awarded the Healthier Choice logo under the Ministry of Health.

VITAGEN’s General Manager, Mr. Poh Eng Lip said, “Malaysians need to get healthy.  This year, we are employing different strategies and approaches because the traditional discourse of, ‘don’t do this or that because it is bad for you’ does not work with the younger generation.”

VITAGEN has been championing digestive care for the past 40 years through its popular school programmes, collaborations with organisations such as Digestive Health Malaysia and the Nutrition Society of Malaysia as well as sponsorship of sporting and entertainment events, among others.

VITAGEN’s campaign in conjunction with its 40th anniversary shows the positive correlation between good gut health and overall wellbeing through three key areas namely, improved immunity, greater mental clarity and a more balanced mood.

Sharing some of the brand’s plans to make good gut health more compelling to Malaysians, in line with VITAGEN’s 40th anniversary campaign, Mr. Poh added, “We have an exciting year ahead for VITAGEN. The events and activities surrounding our outreach are backed by research that better gut health improves overall wellbeing.”

For further information about VITAGEN and its campaign “A Better Gut Begins with VITAGEN”, please visit:

Monday, May 1, 2017

Rising Up

By Jeric Hade Bernabe 

Life is a never ending battle between you and the uncontrollable force that creates pain to us. In general, people live with baggage on their backs. Everyday each of us pretends that things are okay. We smile, laugh and interact in spite of the demons in our heads.

It’s is never easy to wake up and face the same demons that you left the night before. But is it not the end of the world. You must keep going and push forward.

We walk in this life with pain, doubts and worries. Some are hopeless about their situations. Some are dying because of severe illnesses. Some are lonely and scared. Some are in the middle of nowhere and some are like you.

And these things brought to the realization that stereotyping is a negative energy that people are attached with.

Every single person has battles in their heads. No matter what that is, you’re not alone.

And at the end of the day, you’re your own hero. When you’re feeling low, don’t look for somebody’s hands, lift yourself up and be your number one supporter.

Every day we need to give ourselves a pat on the back. Not for achieving something or when something goes well. But we need it when no one is there but only you. Remember, life is not puppy dogs and rainbows. It gets stormy and dark sometimes.

And it’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to feel everything at the same time. It’s okay to commit mistakes and mess up on something. Remember, you will always have another chance to make things right.

Life is all about rising up in spite of the ache. It’s about picking yourself after a crashing defeat. No matter what you feel, you have to get up because what remains in your life is still worth fighting for.

It is your responsibility not to give up because it is only you who decide for your life. Stay on course. Stay brave and be a warrior. There’s always hope. Again, there’s always hope.

So please do yourself a favor, never give up. You fight through the stress. You fight the anxiety. You fight all the negative circumstances in your life. You fight through the demons that are beating you down to your knees.

Rise up, just like the day. Rise up unafraid. Rise up and do it a thousand times again.