Monday, January 28, 2013

CNY songs - hate it or love it

Chinese New Year is just barely two weeks to go and i haven't done any single thing.

New clothes, new haircut, new shoes, CNY dinner arrangement and booking for CNY class gathering are all still left unchecked. Alright, i try to get it done by next week, i hope.

I remember last year, it was few days before CNY, i only started my CNY shopping and gosh, it was so packed! Maybe i should start earlier this year. Anyhow, i'm not extravagant for CNY, gonna be penny pinching this year for bigger plan later in the year; perhaps two shirts, few Mickey T-shirts and few pants, two pairs of shoes will be enough for me. Maybe i should join the common gay style in wearing Abercrombie & Fitch in the year of snake.

Since CNY is around the corner, i believe you would have been bombarded with the CNY songs on the radio. You like it?

For me, i'm in the realm of somewhat.

Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of being a Chinese and i'm not poking any jokes of my own race, i'm just telling what it is.

Don't you think modern CNY songs are putting Chinese in negative position? Though I'm not good in Mandarin but almost CNY songs nowadays got the word "Fatt" (wealth) or "Fatt Tah Chai" (abundance of wealth). Are Chinese that greedy and money minded?

I think so. Come on, for my Chinese readers who are reading this, don't tell me your parents didn't tell you this line when you were small "When you grow up, you have to earn a lot of money".

To be honest, i prefer Christmas songs because it is more sentimental and relates to the bonding with the family, love, Jesus, Santa Clause and presents...wait a minute, presents? Christmas and CNY share the common theme of materialism - it's all boil down to money.

I think the best festive songs is Raya songs, really, there are simple -describing gratefulness to have the Raya together and the scene of Hari Raya like go back to hometown, respect the elderly and the festive delicacies.

Anyway, back to CNY songs. Throughout my 20 plus years span of CNY celebrations, the lyrics of CNY are still the same and never ever gonna change. Come to think of it, i could write my own CNY song though i don't know Chinese. Just put these words/phrases will make a good CNY song: abundance of wealth, good health, job advancement, longevity, good grades in studies, fire crackers, give me ang pows (red packets with money) - there you go!

Really, i still love those older version (way older) of CNY songs. You may call me an old fag but those songs are so pure and so simple and yet so beautiful. Like this one below,

Ta Di Hui Chun 大地回春 (welcoming spring in motherland).

The singer is serenading the scene of spring (the beginning of spring marks the first day of CNY) 

"Welcome spring back to earth.

Butterflies dance light and gracefully.
Buzzing bees collect pollens.
Lovers ramble in warm breeze.
The colors of spring excite our feelings".

Let me take you back in time to 1956. This is one of my favourite classic CNY songs by  Yao Li 

姚莉 , 春風吻上我的臉  (Spring Breeze Kisses My Face)

"The spring breeze kisses my face. Tells me that it is now a spring day. Who says the lull of spring is an unconscious dawn? Only lazy young men sleep deeply. The spring breeze kisses my face. Tells me it is now a spring day. Although spring light is infinitely good. I’m afraid to grow old in front of it".

I think whoever CNY song writers these days should emulate the writers those days - it was so simple and so beautiful.

Aside for never ever change lyric, the small kids are utilized to sing CNY songs also along with the MV. My gosh, the kids are so ugly, the voice sucks big time and choreography is hardly synchronize. Kids, please have a nice set of teeth before shooting the MV. I wonder who will buy their CDs or DVDs. Their family members and friends? Or pedophiles perhaps. Just click below:

Hardly making money through singing CNY songs during younger days, why not try the luck once again when grow up. Let's dye the hair and skimpy dressed and dance at the temple like the two girls below:

For the love of God, why every CNY MV has to be shot at Temple Thean Hou in KL? That's the only temple in Malaysia?! I guess you have seen those singers wearing scarfs singing CNY songs before. Fashionable but 30 degree Celcius (or more) in Malaysia, they are asking for heat rash.

The only temple in Malaysia (courtesy from

To me, My Astro team has the best group of artistes/dee jays/hosts to sing the CNY songs without any redundancy. And pretty catchy as well so i'm really anticipated every year. So I end this entry with the kids singing the medley of My Astro CNY songs. Trust me, these kids are far more better than the girls above:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Alone doesn't mean i'm lonely

Writing this entry while i'm waiting for my train back to Ipoh.

Demure right?

Not exactly. In fact, i barely sleep lately and i don't really care about my diet since my birthday was a feast of good food.

I had a fantastic birthday bash this year ( i think I'm gonna have minor celebration back in Ipoh as well).

Come to think of it, indeed, my life is surrounded by good friends. The term good is too decent for them. Let me rephrase, my life is surrounded by bitches - sounds better now.

Well, i do enjoy the spaces i have when i'm alone - alone doesn't mean i'm lonely. Whenever i want companions or help, my friends are always there for me. I know i can count on them.

Since i have so many bitches in my life, who needs a boyfriend or partner?

Seriously, i'm quite complacent with my life right now - why bother to find someone to mess up with my life? Getting a partner is not even in my resolution for this year.

Alas, when love comes, you can't handle it.

Though there are approaches lately, i don't really want to explore these opportunities. I know it sounds harsh but why waste your time and waste my time if i don't have the sparks.

There is no more spark for love anymore. I'm very reserved now. Or maybe i couldn't completely let go  of someone.Or maybe those i'm interested are far far away.

Whatever it is, i know i have built the wall so high that no one could ever climb. Unless someone proves otherwise. And that someone will take my heart away, for sure. But take it off first before you climb, so i can see what's beautiful underneath of you.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hushhhh..It's a suprise

Last Wednesday was my birthday and i successfully utilized that short span of 24 hours (in fact 18 hours, minus the sleeping time) to make my birthday a memorable one.

Nope, i didn't take any leave on my birthday, so it was working day as usual for me - but little bit of excitement.

This year, i didn't hint to my colleagues what i wanted, so my boss baked a tray of Hershey's Moist Chocolate cake for me. Gosh, the chocolate layer was so thick, it was so filling. Though it was a simple cake but it was really thoughtful.
Home made birthday cake from my boss
Though my colleagues and i were so full, since Wong Kok Char Chan Teng would give a way free Gigantic Cup of Stocking Milk Tea for the birthday boy/girl, so we just headed up eventually. We planned to eat a little, but damn it, only purchase with RM 30 and above to get the free milk tea. So we ordered main course and breads, snacks, now you got the idea how full we were?
Must have this every year
Alright, the moment i had been waiting for, the surprise birthday dinner.organized by my BFF, Hansen. To be honest, though i was bit scared and anticipated for the surprise but i sorta know what the surprise was. I know him for far too long and i don't think my close friends have the guts not to celebrate with me on my birthday.

So, i braced through the traffic jam and weather the thunderstorm to reach designated the venue Publika at 820 pm. I called Hansen to tell him that i had reached.

He just smiled with the bad intention look in his eyes when he met me. Then, he covered my eyes and walked me to the secret location. Seriously, i had no idea where he would be taking me. Throughout few minutes of darkness, i thought i would fall down on the stairs.

I really admire him that he could guided me to the restaurant The Social @ Publika without falling or hitting anyone.

Having my dinner underneath the balloons
So i opened my eyes and the first thing i saw was the white heart shape balloons in the air with familiar faces sitting on the table haha. My friends were so cute, they were just sitting there without the customary gesture to shout 'suprise' and just looking at me...
Caesar Salad for the birthday boy
Yeah, the surprise was my close friends were there for the dinner - earlier, they told me all sort of white lies that they couldnt make it like back to hometown, busy with work yada yada....but eventually, they were all there for my birthday....awww....

Once again, thank you Hansen for throwing the surprise. It is one of the best birthday dinners and thank you for the effort to decorate the place with balloons and the lovely cards.

Talking about the cards, it had been a long while since the last time i received a birthday card though the messages from them have foul language and sarcastic remarks but i really appreciate it.

I had brownies again for my birthday. Yes, i think it's fourth time in a row that i had brownies for my birthday cake. So, it's okay =)
Another collection

The Simpsons for my birthday...awww

Talking about my birthday cake, thanks for the crew on the stage who sang birthday song for me with their ukulele  ala country. It was funny coz though they had finished singing and  birthday cake wasnt still in my sight, i was asking Hansen "Where the hell is my cake"

On Thursday, i celebrated my belated birthday with another BFF, Max. So we went to this restaurant called Kembali Kitchen in Best Western Primier Dua Sentral Hotel in Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Kuala Lumpur. We had international buffet. Trust me, Max is like my Bible of navigation in Klang Valley and he also wasn't sure the location, you know how complicated it is to go there. And the parking is RM 2 per half an hour. Yes, you read it right. RM 2 per half an hour.
Fresh prawns, lobsters and mussels
Though the staff there were friendly, the seafood was fresh but the rest sucks big time, it wasn't worth the money of paying RM 80 ++ for ordinary dishes that we could have way cheaper else way like satay, pasta, briyani rice, sushi. I wouldn't mind pay that amount if taste really good but it was just so so. I think the satay is frozen one. Geez, the ice cream only had three flavours to choose!

Before i end my note, once again, my heartfelt gratitude to Hansen for being such an good organizer and Ben who reminded everyone to make themselves available on Wednesday. Thank you, Alfred, Derek, Alden, Alan and Kaylee and Chris (Michelle and Kevin also) who sacfirced your busy schedule just to attend my birthday dinner. The thoughtfulness of yours is beyond words, thank you so much. Thank you to my colleagues and my bosses, Kayle and all the well wishers in Facebook. Thank you.

*There was moment i was so captivated by a song sung by the performers on the stage. They sang one of my favourite love songs of all time, i hope you will dedicate this song to your partner/lover =)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

First and foremost, let me quash the speculation on me first.

I'm not taking any leave today.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here we are, the 23rd day of 2013, which marks my birthday, Trust me, I'm 23 this year.

So what i wish for this year?

 Actually, what i wish for my birthday is same with my New Year's resolution : - travel with my mom, change my gay mobil and perhaps, change my job as well. Sweet Lord, i never been so confident about my aspiration and affirmation until this year. Like i said, previous year was really bad year for me. So, this year i'm gonna dust it off and do what i want to do and what i love to do.

Let me share with you, i'm not only fulfilling my resolution, somehow, i'm in the planning to make my secret dream comes true. I should not divulge much on this - coz every time tell my friends what is my plan, sure it won't happen eventually. So let's see what is my dream that gonna be realized in the month of March.

For many birthdays, i was the organizer. Not in pompous way but just simple gathering and dinner with my friends.

For this year, to be honest, i'm bit excited and yet worried coz i pass the daunting organizing role to my BFF. He has guts to organize a birthday dinner for a diva. He told me that it would be a surprise and slightly embarassing kinda birthday dinner. Geez, please be good. I know i have been bitchy and sarcastic all this while, please don't sabotage my birthday. Maybe the surprise is no one will turn up lol..

Before i end my note, i would like to take this opportunity on this special day to convey my sincere gratitude to all my friends who have been there for me. I know i'm diva, harsh, bitchy, sarcastic and insensitive sometimes and being late all the time but i bet you are having good times with me.

We have heard many many  birthday songs sang by many singers. But only one artiste, in fact, a diva who can sings like an angel:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Listen, Animals Have Problems Too!

Listen, listen and listen.

I guess everyone in Malaysia is quite familiar (or fed up for some) with the term "Listen" throughout this week.

Malaysian courtesy, manners , freedom of speech and the integrity of public universities are tested once again when a lass from the floor at a talk forwarded a question to the speaker.

Bawani, a law student at Universiti of Utara Malaysia, became an overnight sensation when she was belittled and berated by Suara Wanita 1Malaysia president Sharifah Zohra. Just watch the video below:

Have anyone heard of Suara Wanita 1Malaysia before it became infamous?

I tried to Google it but sadly, the results ended with waves of criticism against this crappy organization. So I checked its Facebook,  the Timeline is filled with its non-professional and rather childish manner in defending Sharifah action by using old clips and articles of twisting past media coverage on
Anwar and misleadingly justifying Sharifah to put her in a more positive light.

I studied in private university, so i didn't really know what was going on in public universities until this incident.

Gosh, what a sad environment they are studying in. Obviously, the talk in the video (and any other talks, i assume) is greatly propagated and it is a clear sign that our education is in the state of Orwellian. I thought the university students are bi-partisan and they are free to support any political they prefer.

I guess it is just building a sandcastle in the air to have freedom of speech here in Malaysia. You will be  belittled and be denied even to question what is right for all of us.

Indeed, Sharifah just gives another blow to Najib's administration (yet again) as her organization is bearing the name of 1Malaysia which is synonym, in fact trademark of Najib's administration.

Pix from Sinar Harian Online
I really do respect Bawani who has the guts to voice out and to stand up in defending herself and to all Malaysians generally. I'm wondering what other attendees were thinking, perhaps something like this: "Don't bother much, i just want this talk ends in no time"

For Sharifah, her career is down to the drain for sure. She was condemned by the Deputy Higher Education Minister and the vice chancellor of the university. I heard she even got blackmails.

For me, she simply redefines the role of a bitch. Yes, when someone tries to defy you, just persistently yelling at them 'listen, listen' or just remove the microphone from them.

And please do give some credits to Sharifah, she is an animal whisperer, for Pete's sake! She can talk to cats, dogs, cows (she has guts to mess with Shahrizat) and even sharks!!

Hmmp.. i wish i could invite her to my workplace as the dog at my office is emo all the time. Maybe she could do some dog whispering?

Monday, January 14, 2013

A sad note from a massage boy

I was in Miharja, Kuala Lumpur few days ago to catch up with my friend at Viva Mall.

Like usual, i switched on my Jack D to detect any cutie pie around me. Cutie pie was plenty there but  with massage boys were even more with their exceptionally good highly photo-shop edited studio pictures ( of course, without any shirt on).

Really, i scrolled up and down and the massage boys were everywhere. I guess Miharja is the hub of the massage boys, must be pretty competitive for them there.

So i did say hi to few of them. No, i didn't purchase for any services from them since i believe that sex is free (though their bodies were very tempting). Come to think of it, it is lucrative way to earn money as well. The standard rate they offer is RM 150 and above. If i work Monday to Friday, averagely one business per night, i could earn up to whopping RM 3,000 monthly.

Apparently, all of them were not local from Malaysia - ranging from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam to China. And goodness, the youngest is just 21 years old. I said hi to this young boy from Vietnam and replied me back (maybe he thought that i wanted his service). His name is Tim.

I asked Tim why he has to resort to be a massage boy here in Malaysia.

"I have no choice. My family is poor in Vietnam and i have many siblings. I need money to feed my family and i need money to continue my study," said Tim.

I'm not sure i have to be sad about his family background or be mad. Seriously, there are many jobs out there, need to resort to be a massage boy and selling off own body?

Maybe his family situation is so critical until selling his body is the best way to earn fast money.

I believe Tim is not alone in Malaysia. I believe many massage boys here in Malaysia has own sad story to tell. I won;t be surprised if some of them end up to become a massage boy to earn indecent fast money to pay medical costs for their sick parents.

If you're a loaded and sick horny ass, will you pay this kind of service? Would you refuse to listen their story and proceed to the pleasure moment? Or would you be compassionate enough just give him money for only massage service without any additional services?

Really, in our lives, we tend to move so fast and forward with comparing of what others have and competing among ourselves to outdo each other. It's good to comparing ourselves with others so it will be a wake up call for us to work harder to be even better than them.

But have we ever take a pace little slower and look people around us or behind us, who are not that fortunate that we are? You never knew how grateful you are until you see people around you and listen to their stories.

Yes, the people ahead of us are worth to envy of but the people behind us are also worth to be grateful of who we are today.

Last week, i met up with my friend for the first time and i never been so humble ever since. I know and even my friends complain that i walk so fast when im hanging out with them. But that little date with my friend, i slowed down my pace to walk beside him. Though it was a slow walk with him but the walk was the most humble one ever and the most grateful one.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm not a slut, I'm just Taylor Swift

Cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you. You're gonna believe them and when yoy're fifteen feeling like there nothing's to figure out

Above lyric sounds innocent right?

It's Fifteen by Taylor Swift from her album Fearless, like five years ago?

Never knew this sweet innocent country girl could be a player in love, innocence at the surface nails all the guys in reality.

I love her songs. And i respect her like a lot. Don't you think she is a real player?

Can you recall how many guys she had dated?

It's all written in her song. Let's us find out. Let me start with Joe Jonas.

  1. Joe Jonas - Joe broke up with her over the phone and she wrote Forever & Always and Last Kiss. She even wrote Better than Revenge dedicated to his ex girlfriend, Camila Belle.
  2. Taylor Lautner - Both couples labelled as the Taylor Squared. they broke up in early 2010 as she didn't love him as Lautner did. The song Back to December is suspected to be about their relationship. "You gave me all your love and all i gave you was goodbye"...poor thing...
  3. Jake Gyllenhaal - he ditched her through text. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together rumored to be about him.
  4. John Mayer - Dear John and I Knew You Were Trouble - need to explain more?
  5. Harry Styles from One Direction - i think she is writing a new song about him. I bet the title will be No Direction.
Seriously, though she had a parade of exes but she doesn't look like a whore to me. She is smart and she is so beautiful until she could date any hot hunks she likes in the entertainment industry.

Maybe i should be her. Hook up with any guys for temporary relationships and ditch them whenever i like. Such a player. Maybe it is good for me to be a player so my heart won't be that vulnerable.

Alright, you can call me Taylor Jude now.

Please, Taylor Swift, if you get offended reading this blog, please don't write a song about me, pretty please.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore

I’ve got to admit this. Throughout my 26 years of life, soon to be 27, I've only been four entertainment theme parks. Genting Highland for countless times, Ocean Park in Hong Kong, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort in Taiping and The Lost World of Tambun in my hometown Ipoh.

Last December, I added another theme park in my list – Universal Studios in Singapore, labelled as a “one-of-its-kind theme park in Asia and the only Universal Studios in South East Asia. I took time off from my busy schedule and travelled down to Singapore to experience what 49 acres theme park has installed for us.

Though I never had the chance to travelled all the themed zones but I really did have a lot of fun. Trust me, it's all worth it!

Let me take you a merry-go-round in Universal Studios Singapore.

New York

Universal Studios Singapore welcomes you with its New York zone. Themed after post-modern of Big Apple, it features sidewalks and classic landmarks that reflect the good old charm of New York. I’m such a huge fan of NYC so I hope the people around me wouldn’t mind if I was humming New York, New York by Frank Sinatra. It also features the replica of New York Public Library and Rockefellar Centre.

The street also dubbed as Sesame Street with performance of Elmo, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster and Oscar. Though they are my childhood favourite puppets but don't ever think to have the chance to snap a picture with them - they were swarmed by crowds!

Since it was Christmas, a huge Christmas tree was set up in front of the library and they even had artifical snow fall at selected hours. Really, the Christmas mood reached fever pitch among the visitors when the announcer announced “Ladies and Gentlemen, Universal Studios Singapore would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” and followed by snow fall serenaded with my all time favourite Christmas song - All I Want For Christmas is You.

The place gotta visit in New York is Lights! Camera! Action! By Steven Spielberg. After the briefing by Steven Spelberg (in video of course), we were directed to the main sound stage in which modelled after the interior of a boathouse in New Work City. Once it is action, the projection of NYC skyline slowly darkens with thunder and lightning fill the room. It followed by heavy rain pours as the Hurricane powered 5 is rapidly pounding NYC. We were immersed in various effects such as strong wind, intense fire, signboards crashing through the roof, windows blown away and the big finale with a ship crashing to the boathouse. It was very surreal!!

Sci-Fi City

Next stop, Sci-Fi City. It is themed after what city will look like in the future. We were lucky that time as when we reached there, Optimus Prime just emerged for photo opportunity. Trust me, the queue was very long and underneath the scorching sun.

The attraction gotta try there is 4-D Transformer Ride. The motion stimulator uses ride-vehicle tehnology with different track layout that spans across two levels with giant 3D-HD screens. We were given an exhililating ride around 10 minutes in the autobot vehicle chased by robots. We were spunned around and fell from highrise buildings and sprayed by water and fog!! An hour of queue for 10 minutes ride, it was all worth it! It is a must-visit-ride when you are at Universal Studios Singapore.

Other attractions at Sci-Fi City: Accelerator Teacups, Battlestar Galactica HUMAN and CYLON Steel Duelling Seated Roller Coaster and Steel Dueling Inverted Roller Coaster respectively.

Ancient Eygpt

Travel back in time to Ancient Eygpt - enriched by Egyptian architecture and artifacts found during the Golden Age of Eygptian Exploration in the 1930s.

Ok, I’m a chicken, so I didn’t ride the Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride. I heard it is very scary as the roller coaster is built within a complex that is partially lighted with sharp turns and fast reverse. Okay, I’m out of it.
I took this hunk home as my souvenir

Other attractions: Treasure Hunters Mini Car Ride

The Lost World

I guess ‘the lost world’ has been a cliché term for everyone. Ipoh even has its own Lost World and not forgetting the gay curising spot The Lost World in Kuala Lumpur.

Anyway, The Lost World in Universal Studios Singapore features two smaller themed regions : Jurassic Park and Waterworld – which we didn’t have the chance for the ride since it was raining. Damn!! Definitely, I’ll be back for this!

Attraction: Canopy Flyer, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and The Waterworld Arena

Far Far Away

I’m such a huge fan of Shrek and Far Far Away is my most favourite zone. I was above excited in this little town of Far Far Away with its 40-metre tall castle as its main landmark and those little shops featuring Fairy God Mother, Donkey, Princesses and Puss in Boots!

We started our trip here with Donkey Live Performance – an interactive live show using digital ppetry technology that features Donkey entertaining and engaging guests in conversation in real time. Yes,  you can chat with Donkey as in with his original voice. Though it may sound lame with songs performance and Q& A with Donkey but I found it very captivating – look, you can chat with Donkey which sounds like Eddie Murphy!!

Next, we entered the castle for the 4D Shrek Adventure. We were given a horse ride, spit from Donkey, spiders and water splashing as we followed the adventure of Shrek saving Princess Fiona.


It was unfortunate that I didn't have the time for Madagascar also coz it was raining and it was late. I never had the opportunity to take picture with Alex, Gloria, King Julien and Maurice. But I managed to grab a Penguin mug from the souvenir store there though. 

Attraction: Madagascar Water Boat Ride and King Julie’s Beach Party-Go-Round.

Location: Universal Studios Singapore, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269

Opening hours: Everyday, 10 am to 7 pm

One day pass
$ 74 (Adults) / $ 54 (Children from 4 to 12) / $ 36 (60 and above)

Two day pass

$ 118 (Adults) / $ 88 (Children from 4 to 12) / $ 58 (60 and above)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013!

Happy New Year !

Today is the day that the world begins again. Leaving 2012 behind and never look back. And embracing 2013 with new hope and new aspiration.

Since it is a new year, everyone will make their own resolutions to achieve this year.

For me, resolutions are just empty promises. Everytime i make it, sure it wouldn't happen.

However, for 2013, perhaps 2012 was a terrible year for me, somehow i make resolutions for this year - affirmations more like it.

Maybe because i'm an old faggot and the big 3 O is nearing soon, so 2013 is the kickstart and the road map to the big 3 O to ensure all my dreams, ambitions and aspirations are all fulfilled.

My affirmations for this year and i' m so sure that i will make it happen this year. I hope this entry will be a reminder that 2013 is gonna be a great year:-

  • To have a new environment for my career advancement. I'm sure it's bout time for me to bring the curtain down.
  • My car is old and sometimes, it does look like a taxi, well it's the same car with the KL taxi and same colour as well!! In 2013, Alvin will have his own Diva Mobil.
  • Travelling - i always want to do travelling so much but i don't really have the time. This year definitely, I will find some space and time for myself. I'm planning to do twice this year. Travelling as in overseas travelling - one is with my mom; i'm looking around Beijing or Shanghai  The other is with my friend or alone and God knows where i'm going
  • I think i have rest enough in 2012 and my broken heart is almost fully mended. God's willing, if all above resolutions do happen, if fate allows, it will be a humble honour for me to have a partner. But a choosy person like me, it will take ages for me to find someone. Maybe i should listen to my 'sister', loosen up a bit and open up my heart .
Since it's the first January, let's kickstart the year with an empowering song like the one below:

"This is the day that we've been waiting for

All the world will stop to watch you shine"