Friday, January 25, 2013

Hushhhh..It's a suprise

Last Wednesday was my birthday and i successfully utilized that short span of 24 hours (in fact 18 hours, minus the sleeping time) to make my birthday a memorable one.

Nope, i didn't take any leave on my birthday, so it was working day as usual for me - but little bit of excitement.

This year, i didn't hint to my colleagues what i wanted, so my boss baked a tray of Hershey's Moist Chocolate cake for me. Gosh, the chocolate layer was so thick, it was so filling. Though it was a simple cake but it was really thoughtful.
Home made birthday cake from my boss
Though my colleagues and i were so full, since Wong Kok Char Chan Teng would give a way free Gigantic Cup of Stocking Milk Tea for the birthday boy/girl, so we just headed up eventually. We planned to eat a little, but damn it, only purchase with RM 30 and above to get the free milk tea. So we ordered main course and breads, snacks, now you got the idea how full we were?
Must have this every year
Alright, the moment i had been waiting for, the surprise birthday dinner.organized by my BFF, Hansen. To be honest, though i was bit scared and anticipated for the surprise but i sorta know what the surprise was. I know him for far too long and i don't think my close friends have the guts not to celebrate with me on my birthday.

So, i braced through the traffic jam and weather the thunderstorm to reach designated the venue Publika at 820 pm. I called Hansen to tell him that i had reached.

He just smiled with the bad intention look in his eyes when he met me. Then, he covered my eyes and walked me to the secret location. Seriously, i had no idea where he would be taking me. Throughout few minutes of darkness, i thought i would fall down on the stairs.

I really admire him that he could guided me to the restaurant The Social @ Publika without falling or hitting anyone.

Having my dinner underneath the balloons
So i opened my eyes and the first thing i saw was the white heart shape balloons in the air with familiar faces sitting on the table haha. My friends were so cute, they were just sitting there without the customary gesture to shout 'suprise' and just looking at me...
Caesar Salad for the birthday boy
Yeah, the surprise was my close friends were there for the dinner - earlier, they told me all sort of white lies that they couldnt make it like back to hometown, busy with work yada yada....but eventually, they were all there for my birthday....awww....

Once again, thank you Hansen for throwing the surprise. It is one of the best birthday dinners and thank you for the effort to decorate the place with balloons and the lovely cards.

Talking about the cards, it had been a long while since the last time i received a birthday card though the messages from them have foul language and sarcastic remarks but i really appreciate it.

I had brownies again for my birthday. Yes, i think it's fourth time in a row that i had brownies for my birthday cake. So, it's okay =)
Another collection

The Simpsons for my birthday...awww

Talking about my birthday cake, thanks for the crew on the stage who sang birthday song for me with their ukulele  ala country. It was funny coz though they had finished singing and  birthday cake wasnt still in my sight, i was asking Hansen "Where the hell is my cake"

On Thursday, i celebrated my belated birthday with another BFF, Max. So we went to this restaurant called Kembali Kitchen in Best Western Primier Dua Sentral Hotel in Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Kuala Lumpur. We had international buffet. Trust me, Max is like my Bible of navigation in Klang Valley and he also wasn't sure the location, you know how complicated it is to go there. And the parking is RM 2 per half an hour. Yes, you read it right. RM 2 per half an hour.
Fresh prawns, lobsters and mussels
Though the staff there were friendly, the seafood was fresh but the rest sucks big time, it wasn't worth the money of paying RM 80 ++ for ordinary dishes that we could have way cheaper else way like satay, pasta, briyani rice, sushi. I wouldn't mind pay that amount if taste really good but it was just so so. I think the satay is frozen one. Geez, the ice cream only had three flavours to choose!

Before i end my note, once again, my heartfelt gratitude to Hansen for being such an good organizer and Ben who reminded everyone to make themselves available on Wednesday. Thank you, Alfred, Derek, Alden, Alan and Kaylee and Chris (Michelle and Kevin also) who sacfirced your busy schedule just to attend my birthday dinner. The thoughtfulness of yours is beyond words, thank you so much. Thank you to my colleagues and my bosses, Kayle and all the well wishers in Facebook. Thank you.

*There was moment i was so captivated by a song sung by the performers on the stage. They sang one of my favourite love songs of all time, i hope you will dedicate this song to your partner/lover =)


  1. why no thank meeee harrr
    gettinf a bday gift all the way frm hk okkkk

  2. hahahaha.....thank you thank you, patiently await for my mickey, Eric!