Monday, August 31, 2015

Bersih 4 : This is my country

It is reported that staggering half a million attended the overnight Bersih 4 rally in Kuala Lumpur over the weekend. If you attended the rally, you deserve a round applause. If you slept overnight in the rally, you had my bow.

No doubt, the rally was a huge success. Compared to previous Bersih rallies, this is the most peaceful one without any untoward incidents especially from the police. Compared to Bersih 2 and 3, it was filled with brutalities especially the release of tear gas. Until today, I still could recall the pain of tear gas. On contrary, this Bersih 4, police was indeed helpful to keep the rally safe and smooth. Kudos to them!

Meanwhile, the brief presence of Dr. M in the rally was the most shocking twist in the rally. It caught everyone off guard. Though it was brief but it was very significant in many ways. It was a simple gesture from him to call for BN MPs to join the rakyat to unseat Najib. That brief appearance also toned down the rally to be less Chinese driven. Come on, he is one of the respected leaders in Malay community, his presence may represent the Malay communities.

We can't deny the rally was dominated by Chinese but it wasn't about races, was it? I believe the rally is meant for Malaysians who truly love the country. I believe those rally goers realised that the current administration and especially the leader has led the country into nowhere. Laced with corruption, selfishness, controversies and allegations, this leader must go before the country collapses.

Even it was a Chinese dominated the rally, but don't ever underestimate the presence of our fellow Malays, Indians and others and I even saw Orang Asli in the rally. We do not need dysfunctional 1Malaysia propaganda to unite us, we already united. And please don't make any unwise moves to separate us further. 

Alright, we had overnight, we had chanted "Bersih", we expressed our call for change but in the end, honestly, there's no change. Do you still remember when was the first Bersih rally?

It was back in 2007! Eight years gone, and? After two general elections, there's no significant electoral reform.

Despite call for Najib resignation stole the limelight compared to electoral reform, but end of the day, he's still the Prime Minister. I know I'm being a killjoy here but this is the fact. And I'm doubt that vote of no confidence will be tabled in Parliament in October, even if it does, the BN MPs will not vote him out. As Dr. M said, BN MPs have been bought. Nevertheless, we pray for the best that BN MPs have some conscience in their hearts to cast the vote righteously. 

Bersih 4 rally has ended. Life goes on but never forget to pray for the best for our nation. Make our motherland glorious again. 

Before I end, below are some of the pictures taken during the rally:

Sekian dan Salam Hari Merdeka.

Friday, August 28, 2015

When Somebody Loved You

How many of you will open the nofitication in Facebook which alerts you on the memories you had with who and who today.

It's a mixed feeling to open the notification. It's rather guilty to look at yourself back then when you were used to be skinny. Look at you now, you have grown horizontally.

Notifications are not meant to be opened since it would flashback those memories that you had with someone you loved before.

I know life is about moving forward but some fragments of the past could be nostalgic sometimes. It really warmed my heart for a mere second when I opened an notification few days ago. It was those silly memories that I used to have with someone who treated me so dearly. But oh well, maybe I'm not meant for him, so we didn't get together eventually. 

Now he's attached with someone else...just hate that bitch who stole my ex-baby away. Just joking - to be honest, I'm very happy for them whenever I see their lovey dovey Facebook postings. At least he is happy.

Whereas for me, I'm also attached. Yay?

There are so many postings in Facebook from my friends/acquitances who are always lamenting that they are still single and lonely.

Please don't be. Having a relationship is not fireworks and celebration everyday. You still need to work and still need to face the ugly part of reality. Romance never long lives. Quarrels are inevitable. Having a relationship is not the absolute cure for loneliness. 

My dear lads, please don't rush for relationship. Feelings and excitement may blind you sometimes in searching for ' the one'. Let me share you one tip, the moment when you realize and assure that you could give part of your life to that very someone and that very someone could take the lead when you are not able to, let me tell you one thing, that very someone is most likely could 'the one' for you.

Don't  know why I'm being emo writing this entry. Let's end the night with an emo song by Jay Chou...

Monday, August 17, 2015

Celebrate Malaysia in Style with Reebonz

It will be the 58th Merdeka Day for Malaysia come August 31st , and the celebration of national pride will continue until Malaysia Day on September 16th.

Why not celebrate in style with Reebonz by wearing your patriotism on your arm or on your shoulder, for a change?

The Malaysian flag, or Jalur Gemilang is a modern classic in design. The strong colours of red, white, blue and yellow can easily transition into an integral part of your daily wardrobe and when combined with the rest of your outfit, trumpet your love of your nation for all to see.

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Styling Your Patriotic Purchase
The concept is subtlety for the beginner and anything goes for the fashionista.
For beginners, do not attempt to combine all colours of the flag in one outfit. A float-y white outfit accessorized with a red handheld bag, a red and blue statement necklace, and gold earrings with metallic gold shoes gets your patriotism across in a chic and timeless way.
However if you are a master of clashing prints or can colour block like Mondrian then let your true Malaysian colours show. Break out the batik, tie-dye, funky florals or Hawaiian print and clash them with stripes, polka dots, geometric shapes or metallics. Pick a colour from your outfit and match your bag to it; or opt for a statement bag that stands out from the outfit. Rules do not apply to you.

It’s In The Bag
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Handheld Bags
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Clutch Bags
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Cut Through the Clutter and Noise with the Philips HTL7140B

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The Philips HTL7140B now is available nationwide with a recommended retail price of RM 2,331 ( Inclusive of GST ).

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekly Update: Sorry State of Malaysia

Being a Malaysian today could never been challenging until recent years.

Let's go to weekly update.

We've found the missing piece?

D.S. Najib said that Malaysian experts conclusively confirmed the debris found in Reunion Island off Indian Ocean was indeed part of MH 370. So has the one of the greatest mystery in aviation history has been solved?

Don't think so since only Malaysian experts had made the statement so far. To be certain, let's wait for French experts to announce their conclusion first - well, you know experts from Malaysia are not that credible.

Even the timing of this discovery is questionable since Najib is in troubles lately. Even if the debris was from MH 370, it is just a tiny jigsaw to solve the whole puzzle. The other parts of the plane is still missing. Even we found most of the parts, another question will arise - why it went down?

Ladies and Gentlemen, The King of Donation

The politics situation in Malaysia is similar to soap opera, full of drama and twists. But sadly, the antagonist still wins the day.

Apparently, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commisision (MACC) has announced that RM 2.6 billion in D.S Najib's personal account had come from donors and not from the state fund of 1MDB.

Though the beleaguered Prime Minister is cleared as he claimed but not entirely though. Who were the donors? Why he needed such huge amount of money? By claiming that he is 'cleared'- is he intimidating MACC to stop the investigation?

Apparently, with that amount the money, he has become one of the richest men in Malaysia. Congrates, Najib.

The King of Donation is BOILING!

Apparently, D.S. Najib was 'boiling' to read the nasty comments and false allegations on him in the social media. As usual, he put the blame on the Opposition.

He never realized that the Malaysians are boiling too for living in a unsettled situation for so many years ever since he took the helm. He also never realised that the rakyat need not Opposition to elucidate on what's going on in the country - the rakyat has eyes and well-minded enough to read between the lines.

Being attack in the social media so how to counter attack? So the cry baby called upon the UMNO members to retaliate in social members. Seriously, as the leading political party in Malaysia, Najib instructed his members to launch retaliation on freedom of speech instead of serving the rakyat.

Cow Baby

Stupidity reigns again in Malaysia thanks to this host from TV3's Fiqh Wanita by the name Fatimah Syarha. Apparently, the topic in her show was breastfeeding. To make herself to sound a little smarter, she added that babies can absorb bovine's DNA via cow's milk and eventually that babies who consume cow's milk will become bad tempered in the future.

Albert Einstein in making indeed. Seriously, this is so dumb. If our bodies can absorb animal DNA via its meat or drinks then we will have wings since we consume chicken most of the time? Or will we have fins to swim since we consume fish?

KL City Grand Prix

So Malaysia had this inaugural KL City Grand Prix in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Since, it's a street race, few of the major roads in the city were closed to accommodate the race. According to the organizer GT global Race Sdn Bhd, the three-day street race would create 750 jobs and generate RM 750 million in economic spillover effect.

Is it worth it? I don't know but those folks in KL really had to pay the price - inconvenience to commute to work, worst still, some of the working folks in downtown KL were forced to take annual leave since the traffic in city was shut down. You be the judge.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Total Mess

What an interesting period of time we are living in. Malaysia's politics are getting barbarous.

Let me do a brief recap.

So the Wall Street Journal has alleged that RM 2.4 billion went to Prime Minister D.S. Najib's personal account through 1MDB fund. However, he had never denied nor admitted until yesterday which had shed some light. According to Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commision that RM 2.4 billion was donated into his account and not through 1MDB fund.

Seriously, I don't think any sound minded Malaysians would believe in such lie. Here's why:

  • Why he did not explain since the publication of WSJ report that the money in his personal account was from 'donors''?
  • The donors should donate to charity organizations and homeless instead of him. He's not a beggar, is he?
  • If he has done nothing wrong, why there was such a rush to have cabinet reshuffle by firing Tan Sri Muhyiddin who has been outspoken on 1MDB?
  • Why our ex-Attornye Genral  Abdul Ghani Patail was removed?

For those Malaysians who are reading this post.,  our beloved country is in a mess. We are living in a police state which makes no difference with North Korea. 

Our rights, our freedom and our love for this country has been ridiculed tremendously. I always believe that if the oppression is getting greater, the greater the people gonna retaliate. I don't know when and I don't know how these dark clouds will fade away but we will pray for the best for our beloved country Malaysia.