Monday, January 14, 2013

A sad note from a massage boy

I was in Miharja, Kuala Lumpur few days ago to catch up with my friend at Viva Mall.

Like usual, i switched on my Jack D to detect any cutie pie around me. Cutie pie was plenty there but  with massage boys were even more with their exceptionally good highly photo-shop edited studio pictures ( of course, without any shirt on).

Really, i scrolled up and down and the massage boys were everywhere. I guess Miharja is the hub of the massage boys, must be pretty competitive for them there.

So i did say hi to few of them. No, i didn't purchase for any services from them since i believe that sex is free (though their bodies were very tempting). Come to think of it, it is lucrative way to earn money as well. The standard rate they offer is RM 150 and above. If i work Monday to Friday, averagely one business per night, i could earn up to whopping RM 3,000 monthly.

Apparently, all of them were not local from Malaysia - ranging from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam to China. And goodness, the youngest is just 21 years old. I said hi to this young boy from Vietnam and replied me back (maybe he thought that i wanted his service). His name is Tim.

I asked Tim why he has to resort to be a massage boy here in Malaysia.

"I have no choice. My family is poor in Vietnam and i have many siblings. I need money to feed my family and i need money to continue my study," said Tim.

I'm not sure i have to be sad about his family background or be mad. Seriously, there are many jobs out there, need to resort to be a massage boy and selling off own body?

Maybe his family situation is so critical until selling his body is the best way to earn fast money.

I believe Tim is not alone in Malaysia. I believe many massage boys here in Malaysia has own sad story to tell. I won;t be surprised if some of them end up to become a massage boy to earn indecent fast money to pay medical costs for their sick parents.

If you're a loaded and sick horny ass, will you pay this kind of service? Would you refuse to listen their story and proceed to the pleasure moment? Or would you be compassionate enough just give him money for only massage service without any additional services?

Really, in our lives, we tend to move so fast and forward with comparing of what others have and competing among ourselves to outdo each other. It's good to comparing ourselves with others so it will be a wake up call for us to work harder to be even better than them.

But have we ever take a pace little slower and look people around us or behind us, who are not that fortunate that we are? You never knew how grateful you are until you see people around you and listen to their stories.

Yes, the people ahead of us are worth to envy of but the people behind us are also worth to be grateful of who we are today.

Last week, i met up with my friend for the first time and i never been so humble ever since. I know and even my friends complain that i walk so fast when im hanging out with them. But that little date with my friend, i slowed down my pace to walk beside him. Though it was a slow walk with him but the walk was the most humble one ever and the most grateful one.


  1. you have to realise something,of how these things are in their own country,some parent sells their own children to pedophiles just for money to survive,some of the children chose it themselves.and working normal jobs isn't as easy and lucrative as this,its the shortcut.they might be used to it,and practically grew up with it being a part of their life.

    1. that's true..we really need to be grateful of what we have

  2. It is true. There is this vietnamese boy who left his hair styling shop because he need fast cash to pay his mom's medical. He joined a gay massage place for a year. I supposed he has earned enough. Because now he with a proper massage centre.

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