Thursday, May 30, 2013

Top, Bottom and everything in between

What if i tell you that I'm top, you feel disillusioned right?

You are not alone. When i tell people that i'm top, everyone will pop up their eyes to express disbelief. Maybe due to my almost baby face - so people have this misconception that i'm a bottom. Totally unfair - naturally born baby face but cannot be a top although the male chauvinism is at level high.

Okay, let's speak this topic beyond the bed, not in terms of sexual role. Let's have little bit of decency and discuss this in terms of the role in a relationship and character wise.

Honestly, i'm confused with my role - i'm not a bottom and not a top neither. I don't know what i am! I'm somewhere in between, if you asked me.

Does role playing really that important in a relationship?

Actually it does, somewhat. Let's picture this : a bottom dates another bottom. Both of them need pamper and both of them like to be taken care. Both also have share common desires and needs  - then who will accommodate all those requests? Someone gonna make the move right? Sex wise, i think it will be a disaster -dying to know what they are doing on the bed. Perhaps, waiting for the birdy to arise and get into the hole - whose birdy is also a problem here.

What if top meets top? i guess will be less disastrous compared to bottom and bottom. At least both of them could offer their equal love and care. But when it comes to sex, it will be a problem though. coz either one need to endure the excruciating pain from the bottom when the train goes through the tunnel.But at least they could take turn to shove the thing in.I hope the one who suffers won't cry for being a bottom.

Maybe that's why i'm still single coz i'm confused with my role. Maybe i should declare myself as a versatile so i can do both way - i'm more than a top and i'm more than a gutbucket bottom.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My next four wheels will be...

I know the speculation is rife but the dust has settled now. Need not to speculate anymore. Now i'm gonna reveal the next car of mine. Ladies and gentlemen; i present you "Volkswagen Scirocco".

Sadly, that's not the case. How i wish i could say the line above to you.

I believe you have read my blog on 1st January that changing my car will be one of my resolutions for this year. Well,  it's already middle of the year and i believe it's about the time to scout and research on my next car - i'm gay and i cannot believe i'm blogging about straight men's toys - cars.

Please don't be a diva like me - it's pretty headache to choose the car that i really like. Yes, you may have your own dream car but preference is not the key factor in choosing your car, unless you are loaded. Other considerations - price tag, performance, size and etc (end of thinking critically).

I promised myself that my next car will not be a local car (don't get me wrong, i love my country). Look, i have been driving local cars for more than ten years now and it's about time to change to a whole new level of driving experience.

I know right, Toyota Vios is the best choice - value for money, good performance and it's non local. Well, i used to be a humble pie to consider Vios but after much researching, there are many options out there instead of Vios.

Okay, what are the considerations for me in choosing a car?

Well, i'm not a rich kid, so yeah..let's say below RM 80k? Yup, the price tag is always the key consideration in choosing my next car. I don't want to end up to eat bread for rest of the month just to pay my installment.

Performance wise, erm, i'm not the car person so i can't judge much.

However, lately i'm kinda fascinated by the hybrid technology. Aside from environmentally friendly, hybrid cars could save helluva petrol consumption. On average, my petrol consumption is around RM 400 per month but to my surprise, petrol consumption for hybrid car is only RM 100 - RM 150 per month!

Sounds so good right but the price tag doesn't look so good. Prius C after discount is around RM 91 k. Will you buy a rather small car at RM 91 k? Well, with the price tag i could buy Honda City (i'm not a big fan of Honda but its white Honda City can just kill me - so stylish!). But if you look at bigger picture, the amount you need to pay doesn't bring much difference. Let's do the math for car usage over five years:

Toyota Vios (basic spec): RM 72,000
Yearly fuel consumption (RM 400 per month X12 X5): RM 24,000

So the total amount to pay: RM 96,000 (minus the maintenance)

Toyota Prius C : RM 97,000
Yearly fuel consumption (RM 100 per month X12 X5): RM 6,000

So the total amount to pay: RM 103,000 (minus the maintenance)

So will you pay extra RM 7 k just to save the environment?

Earlier today, i had a test drive on Prius C with my mom. Maybe the car i'm driving right now is really old car, so whatever new car i drive, of course it will be good. But the setback is, aside the price tag, the space behind is rather small. And rumour has it that once hybrid car reaches five years of usage, you need to change the motherboard or battery and it's not cheap.

Though Prius C has captured my attention but my options are still open. Below are some of the cars that i might consider. But it won't be anytime soon, perhaps end of Q3 or Q4 or it won't happen this year at all. I have strong feeling that i will still drive the old saga and being a taxi driver for 2013.

Toyota Vios

Ford Fiesta - this might be the one, the car defines chic
Kia Rio
Flinstone's car - no petrol needed, only kinetic energy from my feet

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Boys Just Want to Have Fun

 Back when there was no gadgets or iPad, things were pretty simple and we could have fun out of anything with our friends. Patty cake, hide and seek,  Lego, playing tadpoles at the pond, flying paper planes.

But as i grow older like right now, i feel like there is no fun in me anymore. I don't about you but i think as we grow older, the word 'fun' is slowly detaching from our lives.What if you have all the glitters in the world but you are not having fun then you die. It will be sad then.

Seriously, come of think of it, my life is pretty mundane now. Weekdays occupied with my work and weekend is  occupied with my sleeping therapy, finishing off my office work at home, laundry, cleaning up my room and there goes my weekend. Only left limited time to hang out with my friends.

Geez, i don't want to have this kinda life until i die. I want to have fun - but how?

Perhaps, i should hit the gym and have a lean fit body and clad in tight T shirt or better still wear nothing at all (shirtless) and cam whore with my sexy body and post it into Facebook. How about that? Well, this is what gay dudes are doing, so why not jump on the bandwagon? Sounds shallow right?  I'm gay but i have to admit here that most of the gay are bundle of shallow minded. I mean seriously, i bet that those fags are happy to receive so many likes in Facebook with their pictures. I wonder people who click like on your raunchy photos will help you when you're in troubles.

What about travelling? No doubt it's fun. Exploring unknown places with a blank mind-leaving all your worries all behind. I love  to travel but sadly i don't have the time. I hope i have some spare time to travel with my mom in Q4 this year. I'm eyeing on Beijing - i know sound so wrong for a banana to go China but i would be delighted to learn my Chinese ancestry better.

What about having a lover, it will be fun. It's more than fun -it's a bliss. Really, i was so happy to spent those quality times with my exes and with those almost lovers. Alas, fate doesn't like me yet. Nah, this primadonna should stay single before causing troubles to others.

I think i just grab someone and drag him to my room -definitely it will be more than fun. Just joking..I know the best way to have fun at the moment is spend those quality time with my friends and have the best laugh at the foolish world. And religiously find new guys in Jack D to start off a clever and flirtatious conversations - never fails to amuse me by doing that.

Or maybe i should be Cyndi Lauper and call my girl friends up and dancing on the street. Better not, or else the police will catch me for illegal gathering.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This isn't the first time

A few questions that I need to know
how you could ever hurt me so
I need to know what I've done wrong
and how long it's been going on
Was it that I never paid enough attention?
Or did I not give enough affection?
Not only will your answers keep me sane
but I'll know never to make the same mistake again
You can tell me to my face or even on the phone
You can write it in a letter, either way, I have to know
Did I never treat you right?
Did I always start the fight?
Either way, I'm going out of my mind
all the answers to my questions
I have to find

What a sad intro right?

You see, my close friends have been warning me not to fall into too deep on my recent affection of someone. Affection or infatuation  it doesn't matter to me now as things are better to be remained as friends.

I told you that the people that i'm interested in will not reciprocate the same amount of feeling in return.I'm not sure something is wrong with me that drive people away - my attitude problem? or i'm not attractive at all physically.

Nah, not sad about at least he is not avoiding me.Maybe the best for me is just watch people fall in love and i die in jealously.

What is so good to have relationship anyway? Love doesn't know eternity in my community. I guess love in  gay circle is forced by desperation or even captured by the look rather than the true implicit values the person possesses. Deep and meaningless, twists and turns -that's love for what i can see now.

This isn't the first time and won't be the last time that i'm going through this. But i ain't sad over it.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Empty soul with a broken heart

It's like guilty pleasure when i see my friends' wedding photos in Facebook. It's either those photos melt my heart with awwww or it's harsh slap to wake me up "Dude, get a lover"

I know I'm not young and i always use the word 'career' to escape the topic of relationship/ settle down - whatever you call it.

You think i don't want to have a relationship?

Okay, let's assume that my workload is not that much and i have a drop dead gorgeous look and seductive body - why wouldn't I commit into a relationship or even to consider people around me?

Because i'm Taylor Swift. I like to try out with guys. I like to sleep around too hahaha...joking.

You may see me as a happy go lucky person who always like to poke fun but underneath the jovial personality hides an empty soul with a broken heart.

After those sad broke ups and  those heartless rejections, i don't think my heart is that open for a relationship just yet. I'm reserved and i'm scared.

Though i'm gay but it doesn't make any difference compared to a straight true man. I know i have to be tough enough to endure heartbreak and confident enough to embrace a new relationship. Maybe i don't have confidence enough to believe and hope my next relationship will work out. I don't  even think that i'm fit enough to love another person coz my life revolves around me only - nothing but Alvin.

So what if i tell you this that i want to explore the opportunies to minus out apart of me and fit in another person to be my signifacant other half?

I believe i told you that i met someone but it's too early to tell. So who is this unfortunate person?

Well, he's a pilot and flies around the globe.

Let him be Mr X in my blog. But let me share with you, he is very ugly he is very cute with his little dimples...awww..

Don't worry, i won't fall head over heels again and i know what i'm doing.If he rejects me, i'm gonna kill him i'm gonna receive his big no with open heart. Life goes on.

And apparently, he is sad over something.I just want to tell him this (yes, i copy from some song):

我不愿让你一个人, 一个人在人海浮沉

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I kinda like you but...

Just less than two months, we will be heading to the month of July.

I always love the seventh month of the year as it officially marks the second half of the year. The month serves as a reminder that you only have six months to go to fulfill your resolutions that you promised to achieve.

Talking about my resolutions, i achieve none. Not that i'm such a loser but one resolution affects another - need to achieve my first resolution before I could even to achieve for the second one. Well, the first resolution looks like very hard to break the nut but it already shows progress. I only need a big 'yes' then it will be all the way baby.

 I never consider to have a relationship for this year since so many agendas in the pipeline for this year. Nevertheless, when you fall in love madly, everything will go haywire just to fit that very special someone into your life.

I've to admit here that i'm kinda interested with someone but it is just a tip of an iceberg. We don't know each other well - perhaps, this is the time to know each other better. Oh well, July is just around the corner - wondering the curse of July will recur again ( i always got hooked up in July - ain't know why).

There's a saying goes : You choose people, people will choose you too

I know right, i really don't know how to describe myself when it comes to choosing people : choosy, diva, high standard? To be honest, i will scrutinize everything about that person from A to Z. Please don't be. I know the people that i harbour my feelings on, they did scrutinized me as well and i failed.

You see, i may be confident in my work or other aspects in my life but when it comes to love - i kinda reserved and i don't see any good in me for being a good lover.

Maybe due to the peer pressure from this superficial gay community - you see, i don't have muscles or even abs to wrap myself to attract people - i'm just an average joe who just earns a decent living, my face doesn't carved by the angels - to say the least, i'm not that attractive at all. And i even have attitude problems that drive people away.

Strange but true, there are people who are interested in me. They are just inviting hell lol...i'm not an attention whore to say that i'm very sort after - just that i'm dying to know what they see in me.

I think i blog too much here - it's time to hit the sack.

So before i end this entry, someone is kinda angry because i verbally bully him. I'm not sure he is really mad or he is just joking with me.Well, let me tell him this : Please don't angry with me because you never realize how cute you are with your dimple smile. If i fall in love with your smile. How can i keep it and how can i possess it? Should i take you as my partner so i can make you smile everyday? If you're happy not because of me, will i give up to harboring hope on you? I know someday you will be taken away by the sea of people -leaving me lonely to recall those memories that i spent with you. I always wish you well. Perhaps, the happiness is within the contentment to see you with happiness while I'm enduring a broken heart.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The living superwoman

There's a living superwoman in one's family.

She is the one who carries you to the bed whenever you fell asleep in the living hall and you would think that some sort of magic has transported you.

She is the one who irons and folds your clothes the way you never can.

She is the one who finds your things better than you in your own room.

She is the one who can wake you up better than the alarm clock.

She is the one who asks you questions that will make you struggle to answer.

That living superwoman is our mother. I know the above role somehow overshadows the role of the father in the family. Aside from being the bread and butter in the family, father is always the right person for you to ask: "Where's mom?" or conversely, the father is the one who asks you "Where's mom?"

Anyway, during a breakfast in Ipoh, my close friends ask my mom "how are you doing lately"

"I'm doing fine. Nothing much lately. Just roaming around in Ipoh for good food and have tea time with my niece at Cha Time regularly" - my mom

Well, from the line above could somehow tells you that my mom is leading a worry-free kinda life. The Confucian philosophy tells us, as in the children like you and me, to fulfill of our filial piety by respecting our parents and love our parents. Though my brother and I could not give the luxury to my mom but at least we could give her the worry-free living.

How about you?

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I nak cincin Rosmah / 508 Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat Rally

7:13 pm, May 6, 2013, Mongolian Fried Chicken Restaurant, somewhere in KL.

Jibby: I baru kalah dalam general election negara Banglasia.

Rosmy: Astagfirullah A'lazim . Apa dah jadi ni?

Jibby: Sebab u ni!

Rosmy: Apa salah i?!!

Jibby: Sebab race kau ni: Apa lagi cina mahu?!!

Rosmy: I nak cincin Rosmah, boleh tak? Hand bag juga ya!

Jibby: I cerai kau!

I know it's pretty lame to start my entry like this. Anyway, what i have written above is fictional. If it sounds familiar, it is just mere coincidence.

I know if you're a true Malaysian (regardless the colour of your skin), you will be mad that one Malay mainstream newspaper printed this sentence : Apa lagi cina mahu?

Those words are hurtful and offensive.It totally defies Najib's 1Malaysia concept. Wait a minute, he even endorses the racist sentence! I guess it sucks to be him. Cursed by millions of Malaysians, forming the government with embarrassing small amount of popular votes and never ending issue with the country Mongolia.

I'm a Chinese, so how do i feel when i read the headline?

Oh well, the daily is owned by UMNO and it always has the tendency to spin the issue to make the government look good. So when i read it, i just let it be because the headline is just plain black pain on the paper. It doesn't reflect what Malaysia is all about.

Yes, I'm a Chinese and proud of it. I'm even more proud to be a Malaysian Chinese because i could share good values, common vision and common mission with my Malay friends and Indian friends. I was educated in a national type school - and i had helluva great time with my Malay and Indian schoolmates  and we were like brothers!! Anyone who tries to separate our bonds should be expelled from this country as he/she doesn't qualified to be a true Malaysian.

I guess Najib wasn't happy with the election result so the blame game was the option. Come on, you were the one who said "terima keputusan dengan hati yang terbuka" - this is so contradicting.

Anyway, on May 8th 2013 - Malaysians stood united once again to voice out our dissatisfaction of the dirtiest election in Malaysian history and stood united across all races to tell Najib what Malaysia is truly about.

Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat Rally 0508 has proven that Malaysians are blind - colour blind that is. We are already united and we don't need crappy 1Malaysia propaganda to separate us even more.

Why i'm joining this rally?

Not because i'm a die hard fan of Anwar Ibrahim nor Pakatan Rakyat. I know the rally is to mourn the death of democracy in Malaysia -  i joined the rally because i was annoyed with the term 'tsunami cina'. Hello, the general election encompasses all races - now Malaysians are voting, please don't be so judgemental on the racial votes. The ballot paper represents the voice of the Malaysians and not limited to particular race.

The journey to the venue Kelana Jaya stadium wasn't easy. The jam was like 10 km long til my office!! So i had to make a big round to KL to make my way back to PJ. The first traffic jam hurdle done, the second hurdle, to find a parking spot.

LDP highway was standstill condition, because the highway had become the parking spaces for the participants of the rally.They even walked from Sunway to Kelana Jaya. If you're a PJ folk, you know how far it is, not forgetting to ascend the Motorola Bridge, which i think it's close to 10 stories high.

I parked nearby Giant so it was like 2 km walk for me. Overcame the traffic jam, now comes the third hurdle, human jam. My gosh, it was so packed until we couldn't even walk on the route to the stadium. Seriously, the no man's land of LDP highway was painted in black by sea of people. But somehow we managed to get into the stadium to join 120,000 Malaysians who were crying for democracy and showcasing the true spirit of Malaysians for Najib.

I always wonder how on earth those leaders manage to get the venue on time since the traffic is standstill and they don't have even police traffic to open the road for them. My question has been answered by the picture below: Lim Kit Siang and Anwar on kapchai lol...

After so many squeezes in the wave of people, i managed to get inside the stadium. I saw the sea of yellow before (BERSIH 3.0) but the yellow had turned to black.

I stood beside a Malay man. He told me that he drove all the way to Kelana Jaya from Taiping, PErak just for the event. After the event, he would drive all the way back to taiping and work on the next day. This is how strong we are when we have a common voice to fight back what is right for us.

Let the pictures below narrate my 0508 night.

One gathering, one nation, one race, and one voice - this is my home country

Can you spot Batman in this picture?

There's a mispoken truth that lies, colour don't blind. What do they know? From this picture, they speak falsely

I have fate to be a good Samaritan for every rally. Like Bersih 3.0, after the police fired tear gas at us ensued by helter skelter run, i stood at the road side pouring my contact lens solution to the others whose eyes were in excruciating pain suffering from tear gas.

So for the rally 0508, since i couldn't listen to what Anwar was saying as the people there  were blowing vuvuzelas AND I didn't have cam whore frenzy there (unlike some gays) so i was helping people to cross the barricade. You see, there's no way could leave the stadium through the exit since it was so packed, so people climbed the barricade to the seating area to make way to other smaller exits. So my friend and I and other Malaysians were helping people to cross the barricade. It was such a harmonious scene to helping other Malaysians to cross the barricade. When a Malaysian needs help, regardless of race, we never hesitate to lend a hand.

I know our journey is long and it will never be a smooth one. From time to time, our racial relationship will be tested. But we have built this nation together as one big family. We may have differences but we tolerate and we are considerate to accept the differences by respecting each other. We are proud of our differences and we even take pride in accepting our differences. Through fear and tribulation, we will remain as one and undivided - always will and always will be. Hand in hand we will march like brothers and sisters to success. No matter where i roam, Malaysia is my home sweet home.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

GE 13: Pakatan Rakyat triumphs, Najib is in trouble

Please note that the entry below is written based on assumption that the election process was clean and fair without any phantom voters, illegitimate voters from Bangladesh, indelible ink was indelible ink, no blackout which i doubt so.

So how do you feel after Barisan Nasional has once again retain the majority in Parliament to form the next government?

I stayed up late for the result. When BN has hit 112 parliamentary seats and won the GE 13, i wasn't that disappointed coz all my predictions were correct except for Perak ( i was really disappointed that PR couldn't grab my home state back) - BN didn't get 2/3 majority, Kedah fell back to BN and PR would win Penang, Selangor and Kelantan again.I think i can quit my job and be a political pundit.

I thought BN key leaders would be jovial to celebrate the winning. But this wasn't the case. Gosh, Chua Soi Lek's facial expression was totally pissed and even Najib was about to cry when he made the speech.

 For those who  are fighting for clean and fair GE 13 after so many wrong doings surface, please don't give up the fight. Rome wasn't built in a day.

For Pakatan Rakyat supporters, please don't feel bad because the days ahead for Najib will be tough and might be numbered. We can expect a good show within BN itself as the storm is just brewing within the party.

Why am i saying this?

  • Najib failed to lead the BN machinery to gain 2/3 majority for Parliament. 2/3 has always been the KPI for every Prime Minister in general election. Once you failed, that's it. Not only small majority in the Parliament but the result is worse than Tun Abdullah performance in 2008. He has failed his KPI.
  • Failing the KPI - definitely, the warlords in UMNO won't be quiet. I believe there will be hidden force to bring Najib down for the upcoming party election. I won't be surprised that his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin is planning his secretive masterplan. Clear example, look what happened to Pak Lah in 2008 political tsunami, how he was forced down by the warlords and his deputy Najib back then.I know coming days, you will hear that UMNO stands united behind Najib, come on, when the leader fails, the second man will rebel.
  • Muhyddin just a little boost from the most influential person in UMNO, yes Dr M. Well, according to Malaysiakini, Dr M didn't expect Najib would perform that poor. You heard it, once the Dr M doesn't like you, there goes your career in politics. Though he has retired for more than 10 years now but he is still very influential in UMNO
  • BN lost the popular vote : BN 5.2 million VS PR 5.4 million 
  • Chua Soi Lek opened his big mouth and threaten the Chinese by not putting any cabinet ministers in the next government if MCA fails to deliver a good performance. His threats and even his scaremongering approaching by linking DAP to PAS through massive advertisement campaigns were backfired. A total wipe out in Penang state for MCA, he lost two ministers and MCA managed to secure 7 parliamentary seats. This proven that MCA is no longer relevant to BN. Since Chua opened his big mouth, the next cabinet will only 2-race government which is not healthy and totally skewed out from Najib's 1 Malaysia agenda.
  • Najib has lost his comrades in the battle : Ali Rustam, former Melaka Chief Minister, Abdul Ghani and former Johor Menteri Besar, Raja Nong Chik, Long kang minister as well as the PERKASA's Zulkifli Noordin - this means that his strategy has failed - would you put your trust to a leader who fails his strategy?
  • Southern region is at risk - with the improved performance from the PR in the southern region, i bet the safe deposit is not that safe anymore
  • Terengganu and Perak are at risk of falling since BN won only 2 and 3 majority seats respectively. It only takes 3 DUN reps to defect to make the fall - i hope Pakatan Rakyat can do its magic too
 For my Pakatan Rakyat supporters, i know the big dream to capture Putrajaya didn't materialize but in bigger picture, PR has done even better compared to previous general election.

  • Securing 2/3 majority in Penang, Selangor and Kelantan
  • Clean sweep in Penang
  • Increased seven more seats in parliament to 89 seats
  • Nurul Izzah, Lim Kit Siang knocked down big names like Raja Nong Chik and Abdul Ghani
  •  Penetrating the BN stronghold regions in the south of Peninsular 
Who is the real champion here? It's you. You have made the difference in this GE 13. You have removed racist bigots from PERKASA - Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin who defies every values of Malaysians. You have removed the racial barrier and racial phobia by accepting PAS. You have exercised the freedom to choose in the spirit of democracy. You're a truly Malaysian

How about around of applause for yourself?

I'm not sure this will be my last entry for GE 13 coz more dramas are set to unfold.

You ready for Bersih 4.0? 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

GE 13 : Live Result (updated 11:45 pm): Pakatan Rakyat retains Selangor

5th May 2013. The day and the moment we've been waiting for.  

Since this entry is solely on the result, so i won't comment anything on the ghost voters and Banglas just yet. 

I'm not relying on the mainstream news for the result (you know why), but i log on to this interesting website for the feeds, Click here

Since there are 222 parliamentary seats, one party should secure more than 111 seats for small majority win  and at least 148 seats needed to win for 2/3 majority.

Let's pray. Ini Kalilah! 

Parliamentary :

Barisan Nasional   54     VS     Pakatan Rakyat   29

Hot Seats:

  • Putrajaya - BN
  • Gelang Patah - DAP (Lim Kit Siang)
  • Lembah Pantai - Keadilan (Nurul Izzah)
  • Lumut - Kong Cho Ha defeated, the first cabinet minister to defeat
  • Shah Alam - PAS has won - PERKASA defeated 
  • Pasir Mas - Ibrahim Ali defeated


  • DAP has its clean sweep in Penang
  • BN regains Kedah
  • DAP is now leading with 11 DUN seats in Negri Sembilan Pakatan Rakyat might win the state
  • Pakatan Rakyat is set to capture Perak again

Saturday, May 4, 2013

GE 13: D-Day Malaysians Decide

The day was November 4, 2008. I was a college student back then and it was a day to remember. Because on that fateful day, Obama declared as the winner of 2008 Presidential Election in America. I watched the fateful event live over CNN - though it was like a world apart between US and Malaysia, i was overwhelmed by the waves of people who were cheering Obama and some even with tears.

I couldn't believe that i was witnessing one of the greatest moment in history - America had its first black elected President. Honestly, i was dying in envy as when we Malaysians would have the chance to cheer for a Prime Minister who is not from Barisan National coalition.

But throughout this campaign period, the clean and fair sentiments are overshadowed by sex tapes, bomb threats, lies, threats and more recently, there's a rumour saying that there were chartered flights to bring foreigners ( Banglas) to rig the election so the party which bring them in will win with greater majority. Let me ask you this, will you cast your vote to a party that disregards our sovernity and our freedom to choose?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I don't deny that we have the world class infrastrutes and facilites. However, every development you see may concealed with corruption and even cronyism. The rich gets richer and the poor becomes poorer. The pro establishment part may give us money to reduce our burden, but ever wonder howmuch they have spent? Where is our hard-earned tax payer money gone to?

What about justice? Does it only applicable to laymen like me? Are the elites group shielded from the justice?

Scorpene submarines embezzlement, PKFZ, Lynas, cows, Project IC, Taib, Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock and many other issues that yet to be addressed.

Please join me to pray that election tomorrow will be clean, peaceful and fair without any rigging. Now it's up for you and I to choose the next government which will lead us for next  five years.

Will you choose a government which brings peace and stability but with corruption and cronisym and puportedly unites us under 1Malaysia initiative but it divides us even further instead? Or will you let the country to be governed by a new coaltion that promises a clean and fair government?

Your choice is in your hand. Make the right choice.

Since this is my last entry before GE 13, i would like to welcome our beloved caretaker first lady to sing us a song. Yes, the song suits her husband well, tomorrow might never come for him.....

For more commentaries on 13th General Election, please click here

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Love: Feeling or Decision?

I know you guys are sick that my blog is all about General Election lately. Let's have a break and talk about love again.

Let me ask you this : Is love based on decision or just mere feeling? Two schools of thought indeed.

Just admit it, most of us will go for the feeling. Yes, the feeling had led me blindly to commit into failed relationships. Not forgetting, the feeling had washed out all my rationality to think wisely and fell in love with loads of wrong people who i foolishly harboring hope that they would take me as their love partner.

It didn't happen eventually. Lesson learnt. Feeling is like a big bet. You are putting your hope on the  gaming table.You either win the game and get that guy that you want or you lose that guy and nothing happen. Well, even if you win the guy, there is no guarantee that he will be treating you good- who knows he will break your heart. Trust me, the most painful experience on earth is when your loved one breaks your heart.

So that's the risk of playing with feeling. You put your heart at risk and obey your feeling just to get the guy that you want to be with. Let me tell you this, i know medical technology is so advance now that you can insert an artificial cardiac pacemaker but your heart is still very fragile thing. Once it is broken, it will be very hard to mend it back.

What if you make considerations or even make deliberation with your close friends before deciding to commit into a relationship? Sounds more mature and rational right. Yeah, you can consider tonnes of aspect - age, sexual position, physical attraction and most of all, do you see future for you both. I know some people are adventurous, go with thefeeling now and try out the relationship first. I'm not sure trial and error is a good thing. If it's error then it will be wasting your time, effort and even money. The safe bet is always consider first before jump into a relationship.

If you ask me, the answer is feeling comes first then only decide for a relationship.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not seeing anyone but it doesn't meant that there are no potentials out there. Nah, though July is nearing (the month that i always get hooked up) but not anytime soon as i need to settle two major things first before commit into a relationship.Utilize the time we have now to know each other better.

Before i end my note, i was sitting in my colleague's car and she played Love Is Like Tides by Jeff Chang - one of the romantic Chinese songs of all time.

"My love is like tides, pushes me towards you, tightly follow you"...awww.......