Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Love: Feeling or Decision?

I know you guys are sick that my blog is all about General Election lately. Let's have a break and talk about love again.

Let me ask you this : Is love based on decision or just mere feeling? Two schools of thought indeed.

Just admit it, most of us will go for the feeling. Yes, the feeling had led me blindly to commit into failed relationships. Not forgetting, the feeling had washed out all my rationality to think wisely and fell in love with loads of wrong people who i foolishly harboring hope that they would take me as their love partner.

It didn't happen eventually. Lesson learnt. Feeling is like a big bet. You are putting your hope on the  gaming table.You either win the game and get that guy that you want or you lose that guy and nothing happen. Well, even if you win the guy, there is no guarantee that he will be treating you good- who knows he will break your heart. Trust me, the most painful experience on earth is when your loved one breaks your heart.

So that's the risk of playing with feeling. You put your heart at risk and obey your feeling just to get the guy that you want to be with. Let me tell you this, i know medical technology is so advance now that you can insert an artificial cardiac pacemaker but your heart is still very fragile thing. Once it is broken, it will be very hard to mend it back.

What if you make considerations or even make deliberation with your close friends before deciding to commit into a relationship? Sounds more mature and rational right. Yeah, you can consider tonnes of aspect - age, sexual position, physical attraction and most of all, do you see future for you both. I know some people are adventurous, go with thefeeling now and try out the relationship first. I'm not sure trial and error is a good thing. If it's error then it will be wasting your time, effort and even money. The safe bet is always consider first before jump into a relationship.

If you ask me, the answer is feeling comes first then only decide for a relationship.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not seeing anyone but it doesn't meant that there are no potentials out there. Nah, though July is nearing (the month that i always get hooked up) but not anytime soon as i need to settle two major things first before commit into a relationship.Utilize the time we have now to know each other better.

Before i end my note, i was sitting in my colleague's car and she played Love Is Like Tides by Jeff Chang - one of the romantic Chinese songs of all time.

"My love is like tides, pushes me towards you, tightly follow you"...awww.......

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