Monday, October 27, 2014

3 Pants Every Man Must Own

I really admire those people who have a huge wall of wardrobe (like those wardrobes that human could walk into it and land in Narnia) in their bedroom. The clothes are  paraded so neatly  and it is very easy to mix and match for a perfect attire to kick-start the day.

For my case, my wardrobe is a disaster. It's very untidy and once you open it, please prepare for the landslide of my clothes. But one thing for sure, I always keep my three very important pants in a special compartment - so it will be handy for me to pick the pants without ransacking it.

There are abundance kinds of pants available in the market for men to choose from (step aside, women!). But do you know what are the three types of pants that men must have to strike a pose and seize the day with confidence and style?

The first in the list is the trendy chino pants which are the perfect substitute for jeans. Chino pants are much lighter in weight compared to jeans and give men that comfortable feel.I have few chino pants with me and I wear it to work as it accentuates the essence of 'I have fun in my office' without overshadowing the formality and seriousness at work - it's like best of both worlds. Men can mix it with a blazer top or even an oversized tee without ever getting caught by the fashion police.

And of course, few pairs of slack trousers if you're working in corporate environment (slack trousers are always the safest wear in formal occasions like meetings and corporate events). Though slack trousers are bit old-school but it really reflects maturity (or should i say well-experienced) and professional at work. You can add sleek and stylish look in your old-school slack trousers by matching it with a blazer. Even a simple business shirt could make you look so clean but yet so sophisticated.Choose from the classic black trousers, to the beige pants or even the striped pattern trousers and walk in style everywhere you go.

Last but not least, another type of pants which must be available in the wardrobe for men is sweatpants. Sweatpants do not limit itself only in sports. Its light fabric makes every moment so much easy and it's a perfect wear to tell everyone that "Today, I don't feel like doing anything - please, do it yourself!". Just match it with a pair of flip-flop could make you so stylish without any effort.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Queen of Divas in Malaysia

It was really dream came true for me last Wednesday as I finally had the chance to witness one of the most succesful divas Mariah Carey belting her hits – The Elusive Chanteuse Show live in Kuala Lumpur! Though at first, I was little bit in doubt about this concert since you know she made a boo-boo in Japan. Nevertheless, though I was soaked in the heavy rain with the helpless raincoat for like three hours but it was all worth it.

Photo: Astro Awani
Even though her vocal performance was not that great compared to her early stage of her career but t it’s Mariah Carey –  her name really synonyms. And I have to admit here that her #1's album is my first album that I bought using my own money back when I was very young.

Back to the concert, the highlight  for me was when she sang Emotion. Yes, I’m talking about her trademark fifth octave. Really, when she ended the song with fifth octave, it literally sent chill to my spine and the crowd went crazy!I was wondering how on earth a person could reach that very high note! I think the only time that I could reach high note was when I had terrible sore throat.

Anyway, the other highlight was when she sang my all-time favourite I’ll Be There. I never knew that Trey Loren was one of the backup singers that night and his presence for the duet just rekindled the beautiful ballad of The Jackson 5.

Sadly, there was few disappointment about this concert - not because of her but the organizer. Firstly,  the two screens at the sides of the stage were really small. To add on, the camera crews rarely focused on her! It’s safe to say that I paid for this concert just to listen to her voice but not to see her in person. I really pitied the crowd who sat further then me. And also, the seating arrangement was really weird. I didn't know why there was a huge empty space at the field. It made the concert looks empty and the cheapest seating looks like seating for outcasts.

All in all, I had a great night. I never thought that I could have this chance to watch this songstress live. Definitely, Mariah Carey has carried out her vocal performance very well – she will always be my diva.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not Wealthy But Rich

I had a rude shock that the page view of my blog has exceeded 100,000 mark and still counting. I'm not sure whether there's a technical glitch in or there are genuine people out there who read my blog. For those who are reading my blog, big thank you for your support though most of my entries are lamenting about my life and always end without any conclusion.

Just a quick rewind, i started this blog back in 2012 as it was lowest point of my life. Back then, i was so emo and i needed something to share my thoughts of sadness. But over the years, the entries are getting more positive. Compared to now and then, I think the road I've traveled so far was laden with lessons - some were very painful to bear with and some were just perfect memories that I will never forget. I guess at this juncture of my life, i should lead a more positive kinda life.

There's a wise man said  that there's a big difference between wealthy man and rich man. Wealthy man is a person who has an abundance of money and assets and other tangibles you could name it. That wealthy man utilizes his abilities and capabilities to earn the wealthiness. Wealthiness could draw people's admiration and jealousy at the same time. Unfortunately, when that very wealthy man passes on, people will only remember his wealthiness, the tangible assets that he has but not remembering of who he was. Even he has all the wealth in the world, he may not be happy and contented since he sacrifices his every ounce of his life and every second of his time just to find wealthiness.

On the other hand, a rich man may not be wealthy. He may not have all the money and assets in the world. But he has the heart and devotion to enrich others. Enriching others by giving aid to the poor, give a shelter to the homeless, a bowl of rice to those who are neglected or even leading others to have a better life. He may not be wealthy but his richness has garnered others' respect and gratitude. When this rich man passes on, people will remember his name who touched and inspired so many others. He may not be wealthy but he could be the happiest person on this very earth as he has helped so many people along the way.

I know that in this real world, everyone is chasing for wealthiness but have we paused for awhile and look people around you? Have you heard their stories? I believe their stories that they about to tell will somehow inspire you. You may never know thier stories are thier plights, Who knows that thier stories will help you to be a richer man?

Wealthy or rich - i could not foresee what future will hold for me but for sure, moving forward, it will be positive.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tale as old as time

I'm very delighted to learn that my girl pal got engaged this morning. She was very close to me during high school and I'm very happy for her that she has found her happily-ever-after. And it was so sweet and romantic that her fiance proposed to her in front of Eiffel Tower. I guess that faithful tower is every girl's dream to have their loved one to get down on their knees and pop the question.

My Facebook lately has been very lovey-dovey. So many love birds flew faraway for holidays in foreign land. How envy.

I always believe travelling is one of the ways to boost up the romance between two couples. Travelling is like an adventure to explore a foreign place, it is such a satisfaction if we manage to find a tourist spot together. My bucket list for travelling is mostly European countries and United States. Don't get me wrong, i love my country but just that except Perlis, I have been every state in Malaysia inclusive of Sabah and Sarawak. So yeah, Malaysia is like not that foreign for me.Let me be Walter Mitty for awhile and let my imagination takes me faraway to UK, France, Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna and New York City. I know right, it ain't cheap to date me. Nevertheless, it's just a wish list of mine and i never foresee that it will be materialized in near future. Not emo about it because my imagination could run really wild and take me very far :)

When it comes to romance, it's a big disaster for my case. Seriously, i don't buy flowers and i don't bake and i don't do candle-lit-dinner. Maybe i don't see those are romantic gestures. Romance for me is combination between surprises and solitude.Or perhaps, rekindle my childhood memories with Disney elements.

After couple of relationships, none of them could make me awed. I guess all my dates are suck in romance. Well, not lamenting, at least i had  them And i know that i'm very hard to please. The closest thing when it comes to romance i guess it was setting up Christmas tree together. I know it sounds silly but that moment reduced me to a child - i was so happy.

I guess I shouldn't ask a lot for a relationship. At least i have a relationship in which i have someone who loves me. Romance is just a bonus, a bonus that add some colours in the relationship.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Back to December

Want to know something scary?

2014 only has 78 days left. So what you have done so far in 2014? Are your resolutions fulfilled?

God knows what resolutions i made for this year but things look positive in the end i would say. I'm pretty sure my favourite month December will be a bang since I've a lot of plans have in mind:

  1. Shift to a new place - i love my current crib but after living alone for so many years, i think it's about time to live with my partner. I'm not sure he will be able to keep up with me but i believe it will be a heartwarming experience like someone to cook for you since i don't know how to cook, someone tuck you in bed and waking up next to someone that you love. 
  2. Travel - Ever since Hong Kong trip last year, i never stepped out from the country. But where can i go? I know the ideal place will be Bangkok because it's cheap and near but what the city can offer me? I don't want to visit another template of KL. Or maybe i should go back to Hong knows the protest gone I can't speak Mandarin...ok, i just stay in Malaysia
  3. Outdoor activity - my partner has been pushing and coaxing me to take up some outdoor activity since i spend so much time eating and watching The Simpsons at home. He always asks me to take some martial art. I'm very reluctant to this coz i don't want people to hit my beautiful face. Not gym or Zumba please coz both activities are very synonymous with gay. I want something extraordinary...maybe a wall climbing class or maybe i pet a dog and train the dog...
  4. Spend more time with mom - Mamma Mia the musical will be staged in December and she is a big fan of ABBA but the tickets are not cheap, sigh. See how it goes...
  5. I'm waiting for 6...if you know what i mean...
  6. And after all, December is all about....

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Guide Us With Your Grace

Gosh, it has been a month since my last entry - I was that busy but nevertheless, I'm still pretty much alive to write this entry.

Throughout this one month, many eventful things happened in my life - realization, wisdom, courage and love are just few words to sum it all.

To be honest, it is very hard to find courage in me. I'm afraid to do a lot of things. I'm afraid of failures. I'm afraid of disappointments. I'm afraid of uncertainties. Uncertainties are one of my nightmares that  never fails to visit me occasionally. These uncertainties have always holding me to make the big leap to go forward. Moving forward is not just stepping your foot ahead but it takes a great wisdom and courage to make the first step.

You may never know where the first step will lead to - a better life or end up barefoot poor? But at least, you're moving in your life. Staying stagnant leads us nowhere.

Don't feel guilty if you don't know what you want to do with your life. The most interesting people I know didn't know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 35 years old I know still don't. But whatever you do, don't congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself either. Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else's.

If you're stuck at the crossroad in your life, just listen to this song, just listen to its beautiful starting:

"I pray you'll be our eyes and watch us where we go. And help us to be wise in times when we don't know"