Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tale as old as time

I'm very delighted to learn that my girl pal got engaged this morning. She was very close to me during high school and I'm very happy for her that she has found her happily-ever-after. And it was so sweet and romantic that her fiance proposed to her in front of Eiffel Tower. I guess that faithful tower is every girl's dream to have their loved one to get down on their knees and pop the question.

My Facebook lately has been very lovey-dovey. So many love birds flew faraway for holidays in foreign land. How envy.

I always believe travelling is one of the ways to boost up the romance between two couples. Travelling is like an adventure to explore a foreign place, it is such a satisfaction if we manage to find a tourist spot together. My bucket list for travelling is mostly European countries and United States. Don't get me wrong, i love my country but just that except Perlis, I have been every state in Malaysia inclusive of Sabah and Sarawak. So yeah, Malaysia is like not that foreign for me.Let me be Walter Mitty for awhile and let my imagination takes me faraway to UK, France, Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna and New York City. I know right, it ain't cheap to date me. Nevertheless, it's just a wish list of mine and i never foresee that it will be materialized in near future. Not emo about it because my imagination could run really wild and take me very far :)

When it comes to romance, it's a big disaster for my case. Seriously, i don't buy flowers and i don't bake and i don't do candle-lit-dinner. Maybe i don't see those are romantic gestures. Romance for me is combination between surprises and solitude.Or perhaps, rekindle my childhood memories with Disney elements.

After couple of relationships, none of them could make me awed. I guess all my dates are suck in romance. Well, not lamenting, at least i had  them And i know that i'm very hard to please. The closest thing when it comes to romance i guess it was setting up Christmas tree together. I know it sounds silly but that moment reduced me to a child - i was so happy.

I guess I shouldn't ask a lot for a relationship. At least i have a relationship in which i have someone who loves me. Romance is just a bonus, a bonus that add some colours in the relationship.


  1. Awwww... Xmas tree... Huhuhu

  2. oh you're still together, i thought you guys broke up already.

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