Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Queen of Divas in Malaysia

It was really dream came true for me last Wednesday as I finally had the chance to witness one of the most succesful divas Mariah Carey belting her hits – The Elusive Chanteuse Show live in Kuala Lumpur! Though at first, I was little bit in doubt about this concert since you know she made a boo-boo in Japan. Nevertheless, though I was soaked in the heavy rain with the helpless raincoat for like three hours but it was all worth it.

Photo: Astro Awani
Even though her vocal performance was not that great compared to her early stage of her career but t it’s Mariah Carey –  her name really synonyms. And I have to admit here that her #1's album is my first album that I bought using my own money back when I was very young.

Back to the concert, the highlight  for me was when she sang Emotion. Yes, I’m talking about her trademark fifth octave. Really, when she ended the song with fifth octave, it literally sent chill to my spine and the crowd went crazy!I was wondering how on earth a person could reach that very high note! I think the only time that I could reach high note was when I had terrible sore throat.

Anyway, the other highlight was when she sang my all-time favourite I’ll Be There. I never knew that Trey Loren was one of the backup singers that night and his presence for the duet just rekindled the beautiful ballad of The Jackson 5.

Sadly, there was few disappointment about this concert - not because of her but the organizer. Firstly,  the two screens at the sides of the stage were really small. To add on, the camera crews rarely focused on her! It’s safe to say that I paid for this concert just to listen to her voice but not to see her in person. I really pitied the crowd who sat further then me. And also, the seating arrangement was really weird. I didn't know why there was a huge empty space at the field. It made the concert looks empty and the cheapest seating looks like seating for outcasts.

All in all, I had a great night. I never thought that I could have this chance to watch this songstress live. Definitely, Mariah Carey has carried out her vocal performance very well – she will always be my diva.

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