Tuesday, March 28, 2017

It's Official

Can you believe it - I'm attached for real. 

Maybe I jinxed it coz I didn't plan to have a relationship this year. Never thought he would entered into my life like a summer breeze in the winter that I could barely could resist.

I'm really proud and grateful to have this wonderful person to have partner. He is kind, sincere and most of all, he really loves me. I guess this is more than enough for me.

And I'm glad that I'm attached as I will distance myself from the gay community. Really, I'm planning to quit circle for quite sometime. Why?

You would know better. This community is sick. Body, looks and materials rule the day. If you don't have one of these, you don't a place in this community.

So what's next? Work as usual and you will expect a lot of lovey dovey pictures from us. Nah, it's not my style. In fact, I never posted of my partner and I together. I don't know why. Maybe I do not people out there to validate my love for my partner. My love for him and his love for me is in the realm for both of us only. I'm sorry to say this but I feel like people who always post the pictures with their partners is like they are having some of insecurity problem which they need some sort of validation from third party to ascertain their relationship is fine. 

It's late but before I end my note, for those people who are lamenting loneliness and seeking high and low for a lover, let me tell you this, love comes for those who wait - you don't even need to find them. It will come to you naturally. 

Good night.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tale As Old As Time

After much commotion, Beauty and The Beast is not showing in Malaysia after all.

Though our Censorship Board has given its green light to screen movie after removing the gay scene but Disney decided to pulls the movie entirely from Malaysian distribution. 

Before proceed further, below is the controversial gay scene. If you don't want to turn to gay or somehow you're just plain homophobic, please don't click play:

OMG, you're gay now! Yay! Bring in the rainbow and unicorn!

To be honest, I'm really disappointed that I don't have a chance to watch this movie. Beauty and The Beast is my favourite Disney classic. I watched like thousand of times when I was small. I remember there was a rerun in 3D in silver screen couple years back and I watched that too. The dancing scene was simply magical. This remake is like the most anticipated movie for me but it has been shelved off.

Though really disappointed but I could not agree more with Disney decision.

Like seriously, cutting out the gay scene doesn't make any difference. Gay people will still be gay with or without watching that gay scene. Gay and LGBTQA+ are is part of our society whether you like it or not. Removing the scene will not remove us from the society. Removing the scene will not make us silent, in fact, it will make us louder.

I really don't get it. The Imitation Game, starred by Benedict Cumberbatch, was able to make the cut in which the main actor is gay! Let me break it down what is gay; all the Apple products are gay because Tim Cook is gay. Facebook is gay since one of the co-founder Chris Hughes is gay. PayPal is gay since Peter Thiel, co-founder is gay. Don't wear Michael Kors, he's gay. D&G gay. Armani gay.

You see, you can't escape, we are everywhere!

One of the reasons that Disney is adamant with its decision, aside in supporting LGBTQA+, I guess this movie is a tribute to Howard Ashman and Disney did not want to ruin the story who meant so much for Ashman. So who is this Howard Ashman?

Apparently, the all time classic Beauty and The Beast by Disney was inspired by the AIDS epidemic. Lyricist Howard Ashman was behind some of the most moerable songs for the 1991 movie. And it turned out he has a powerful message about acceptance that may have gone unnoticed at the time.

According to an interview with Bill Condon, who directed the new live-action Beauty and the Beast, the original animated movie was partially inspired by Ashman's own battle with AIDS. The movie originally revolved much closely around Belle. But Ashman, who was just diagnosed with AIDS before product began, thought Beast needed more of a storyline.

For Ashman, this movie was a metaphor for AIDS. Ashman was cursed and this curse had brought sorrow on all those people who loved him and maybe there was a chance for a miracle and a way for the curse to be lifted.

Not only did Ashman shape the movie's romantic storyline but it was also his idea to make the movie a musical.

Ashman's struggles as a gay man living with AIDS in the early 90s can be heard in some of his lyrics.

"Kill the Beast" reflects the fear many people had toward people living with the disease and the alienation he felt as a result.

The lyric goes:

"We don't like what we don't understand, in fact it scares us, and this monster is mysterious at least. Bring your guns, bring your knives, save your children and your wives, we'll save our village and our lives. We'll kill the beast".

Ashman passed away on March 14, 1991. Just 4 days after the first screening of Beauty and the Beast. He won two posthumous Grammy awards. One of them was for his work on the song "Beauty and the Beast".

Ashman may also be behind Condon's decision to include an openly gay character.

Well, we shall move on and honor Disney's decision who has been supporting us. Let's reminisce our childhood once again with this beautiful song by Ashman:

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Orchid Collaborates with Watsons Malaysia to Announce Winners of First Ever Orchid ‘Be Yourself’ Competition

The first ever Orchid ‘Be Yourself’ competition finale rocked the house at Alamanda Shopping Centre in Putrajaya, as talented finalists gave their all as they out-acted, out-sang, out-danced and outshone each other to grab the chance of winning RM6,000 in total cash prizes, exclusive Orchid feminine wash products and the once-in-a-lifetime experience to star beside Orchid brand ambassador, Sazzy Falak, in a short firm produced by local production mega house Metrowealth International Group (MiG)!

In efforts to empower more Malaysian women to openly address the topic of intimate feminine hygiene, Orchid, an up-and coming feminine wash range, organized its first ever ‘Be Yourself’ competition, in conjunction with its #Malu?TakMalu! campaign which encourages women to join in the conversation.

Nabbing the first prize in the ‘Be Yourself’ competition finals is Hamiza Hanapi, 32, from Selangor, as Noor Lyianna Binti Akhir Rudin, 25, from Selangor took the second place. Coming in third place was Sharifah Norbaizura Binti Syied Mohd Safie, 32, also from Selangor. The competition was judged by, Malaysian TV Host, actress and Orchid’s brand ambassador, Sazzy Falak, Ms Tan Joo In from Orchid and Ms Carrol Tan from Watsons Malaysia.

The competition finale was joined by Watsons Personal Care Stores (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Watsons Malaysia), a Health, Wellness and Beauty solution retailer, operating with over 400 stores in Malaysia. To date, Watsons Malaysia carries 1000 brands ranging from medicines, health supplements, skincare, toiletries and cosmetics. Orchid’s products are available at Watsons, nationwide.

The diverse range of talents featured acting, singing, dancing, as well as a martial arts performance. The competition was a hit, with hundreds of entries received via Orchid’s social media pages. 12 individuals whom stood out were shortlisted, as they came a step closer to be in the running for money-can’t buy prizes.

The Orchid ‘Be Yourself’ contest ran on Orchid’s official Facebook page from May 30 to November 30 last year, and saw entries from many confident, modern and talented Malaysian women.

“These women have what it takes as performers – the talent, the showmanship and from what we can see there has been a fair amount of thought, planning and practice for those who excelled. However, the top three outdid the others through stage presence, confidence, audience interaction, showmanship and creativity. Overall the talent show was very impressive,” said Sazzy.

The Orchid Feminine Hygiene range contains nourishing and traditional cleansing ingredients such as Manjakani, Kacip Fatimah and Daun Sirih (Betel Leaf) that gently deodorizes, brightens and strengthens delicate skin, providing a balanced solution that caters to every skin type. The gentle formula is designed to enhance hygiene, comfort and intimate balance while helping to reduce itchiness and discomfort caused by imbalanced vaginal pH.

Orchid Feminine Wash is available in three variants of Intim, Romantis and Anggun.The femininely shaped 210ml bottles retail at RM4.75 each, and are available nationwide.

Product Manager, Household & Personal Care, Marketing Division of Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, Ms Tan Joo In said that the contest aims to encourage more women to step up and be empowered by their femininity rather than to be ashamed to address concerns that might be causing them to worry or to feel less confident.

“We are happy that more and more Malaysian women stepped up to join the conversation, and participated in the ‘Be Yourself’ contest. Aside from gaining confidence on a wider stage, those who engage could exchange information and we could establish a community of women who care about every aspect of being well-equipped with the knowledge of hygiene and general wellbeing,” said Ms Tan.

To find out more about the Orchid #Malu?TakMalu! campaign and the best tips on feminine hygiene, please visit https://www.facebook.com/NewOrchidBrand/.

MOLPay Cash; The Next Big Thing

MOLPay Sdn Bhd, Southeast Asia’s leading payment solutions provider raises the ante in e-commerce market segment by introducing MOLPay Cash, the first and only Online-to-Offline (O2O) innovative payment, pioneering in Southern Asia.

MOLPay Cash is a way of payment for customers that prefer to explore online shopping, but has no online banking accounts or cards. This is also perfect for online frequents that prefer offline cash payment. MOLPay Cash works as an alternative way of paying your shopping cart without keying in your banking details into a webpage.

As 60 per cent of Malaysian consumers prefer cash payment method instead of through credit cards[if !supportFootnotes][1][endif], this payment channel will be one of the main attractions for online e-commerce businesses. The introduction of MOLPay Cash is also timely since Malaysians are very concerned about their cyber-safety and more hesitant to reveal their payment card details online even if their personal info are protected[if !supportFootnotes][2][endif].

One of the main reasons why MOLPay Cash users are doubling each month is because there is no fuss in using this payment channel. The users can skip the tedious steps for creating an online account as well as keying in personal data and banking details on an online portal. It is as easy as buying online, checking out, paying for purchased items at the nearest 7-Eleven store and waiting for the parcel’s arrival.

The collaboration between these two companies will give a 40% boost in sales for the local e-commerce businesses from huge corporation to SMEs through MOLPay Cash alone, as it serves the remaining 60 percent of the unbanked market. It is also seen as a way for online merchants to expand their reach to more Malaysian consumers, thereby allowing more revenue and greater value for their new and existing customers.

“MOLPay Cash is the Online-to-Offline (O2O) gateway for these e-commerce as well as m-commerce businesses, from established companies to small SMEs, to engage and seize the 60% of the market that prefer cash payment over online banking or cards. In order to get to them, these online businesses are in need for a new, better and a more innovative means of payment,” said Mr. Eng Sheng Guan, Chief Executive Officer of MOLPay Sdn Bhd.

“MOLPay Cash is set to provide greater value to our Malaysian e-commerce businesses as it will spur local SMEs which are still exploring other innovative payment channels to engage the rest of the underserved market. The convenience of MOLPay Cash will allow these businesses to reach out to customers and grow their customer base as they can pay by cash to the nearest 7-Eleven for their online purchases,” added Mr. Eng.

“So far, we are witnessing an astounding 80% hike in monthly transactions for MOLPay Cash across the nation and we are expecting growth of more than 150%.  This number can be achieved through proper integration, awareness and education of the existence of such channel where many online businesses have neglected”, Mr. Eng concluded.

How does it work?
Just like any other monetary transaction, a few simple steps are involved to complete a payment for an online purchase with a maximum of RM1,500 transaction per day for safety reasons.

The person making an online purchase from selected online portals can proceed to checkout and select MOLPay Cash as their payment method that will then send a request to MOLPay.

A transaction ID and verification code will then be generated and the said buyer is required to take their transaction ID and verification code to the nearest 7-Eleven outlet and make the payment.  Once the payment has been done, a receipt will be issued and the merchant will then be updated on your payment status.  The only thing left to do is to wait for your parcel to arrive at your doorstep.

MOLPay offers a 48-hours period of payment to buyers to clear their transaction at any 7-Eleven outlets nationwide before voiding the order made.

Monetary transaction has the upper hand in the sense of its operating time. Most, if not all credit or debit card transactions will be momentarily suspended from 12am until 4:30am to allow their banking system to update.

But that will not  be a problem with MOLPay Cash.  There 2,122 7-Eleven outlets nationwide, which means at least 150 outlets per state, operates 24-hours a day, everyday of the year.

For more information about MOLPay Cash and other MOLPay Sdn Bhd services, please visit http://www.molpay.com/v3/7eleven

TOP with Micro Clean Tech™ Brings Next Level Cleaning Technology to Malaysia

TOP, the No.1 detergent brand in Malaysia is revolutionizing the Malaysian detergent industry yet again, with the introduction of its new breakthrough Micro-Clean Tech™ technology.

Tag lined ‘It’s not clean until It’s Micro-Clean’, the brand is encouraging consumers to attain next level, micro-cleaned laundry using its Anti-Sebum detergent technology.

Visible and Invisible Stains, Effectively Removed by TOP Micro Clean Tech™, Even from Fabric Cores
TOP Micro-Clean Tech™ detergent has innovative anti-sebum technology that pull out trapped sweat and sebum, as well as other trapped molecules from fabric cores. Trapped sweat and sebum molecules cause the yellowing of white and light coloured fabrics, and dullness of colored fabrics. These trapped sweat and sebum stains are also the main cause of the unpleasant odour around armholes, sleeves and collars, even after clothes have been laundered.

TOP Micro Clean Tech™ has been specially formulated to quickly and efficiently pull out trapped sweat and sebum, break them down to micro-size and prevent them from resettling on fabric.

Visible stains such as coffee, tomato sauce, chocolate and blood; as well as common Malaysian ‘tough stains’ such as sambal belacan and dark soy sauce are also easily micro-cleaned by TOP Micro Clean Tech™.

TOP Micro Clean Tech™ removes tough invisible and visible stains, easily!

Why TOP Micro Clean Tech™ Is The Detergent for Malaysians
TOP invests in research and development to seek out solutions to laundry issues to delight consumers and serve them better, through innovations and breakthroughs.

Many consumers have become resigned to the yellowing and dullness of laundered clothes that have been stored for long periods, the unpleasant odour of school uniforms and clothes used for exercising, or daily work with staining around the armholes, and the collar, and the frustration of bright coloured clothes that look dull after a few rounds of being laundered.

TOP’s researchers in Malaysia found that yellowing of white fabrics, and the dullness of bright fabrics, as well as unpleasant odours on laundered fabrics were issues that could be traced back to trapped sweat & sebum. They set out to create a solution to these issues that many consumers have accepted as inevitable.

TOP Micro Clean Tech™ provides a holistic, next level cleaning solution to almost all laundry issues, including these previously ‘unsolvable’ issues.

Malaysia is an equatorial country with high temperature, and humidity, year round. Sweating heavily is commonplace due to these factors. Our bodies naturally produce sebum or body oil, a light yellow, oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands. We tend to produce more sebum when the temperature rises. Like sweat, sebum stains are notoriously difficult to remove using regular detergents.

TOP’s research and development team studied the problem of ground-in sweat and sebum, and developed a solution in the form of TOP Micro Clean Tech™ detergent technology to enhance consumers’ lifestyles and embrace a micro-cleaned lifestyle.

The Micro-Clean Tech™ detergent technology includes micro molecules that can penetrate deep to pull out and breakdown sweat and sebum from within fabric cores. The advanced formulation also ensures that sweat, sebum and other dirt molecules are well dispersed in laundry water to prevent them being redeposited onto fabric.

Just one wash with TOP’s Micro Clean Tech™ will revive and refresh fabrics. Expect laundry water to be murkier as sweat and sebum, as well as other stain-causing molecules are successfully and thoroughly removed.

The revolutionary formulation maintains the TOP Anti-Malodour and Anti Mite-dust detergent functionalities that Malaysians have come to know and trust from the brand.

Southern Lion Sdn Bhd Senior Marketing Manager, Ms Carmen Foo said that TOP continues to drive innovation with the purpose of giving consumers a better lifestyle in line with its brand promise of Innovation for Better Living. The brand invests in consumer insights to uncover real-life issues, and increase the performance of its products.

“Malaysian consumers had highlighted their most pressing laundry issues which our researchers traced to sweat and sebum.  We responded by developing the revolutionary Micro Clean Tech™ detergent technology, for TOP to lead the anti-sebum detergent market in Malaysia.

“As the proven market leader in the detergent category, TOP has continuously evolved to match Malaysian consumers’ needs over the years. The introduction of Micro-Clean Tech™ strengthens our position, while enhancing the lives of Malaysian” added Ms. Foo.

TOP Micro-Clean Tech™ is now available nationwide with a host of new variants that have been specifically developed, each with a unique fragrance to cater to the different needs of consumers. The new variants added to the liquid range includes the TOP Blooming Pleasures and TOP Odour Buster.

To reflect the breakthrough formulation inside, the packaging of the entire range has been uplifted to be sleekly modern to look at, and more ergonomic making it easier to pour, and seal.

Get micro-cleaned to experience ‘It’s not clean until It’s Micro-Clean’. 

As a consumer-focused brand, TOP Micro-Clean Tech™ offers a wide range of variants to maintain the texture and quality of your clothes.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Couples Don’t Talk About Their Relationship On Social Media

Do you and your partner love flaunting your relationship on the internet, giving it a digital audience? Do you constantly post updates about your relationship on Instagram and Facebook? Do you give live coverage of every single thing you do with your spouse to the rest of the world- every date, every kiss, every gift, every argument? Then chances are that you are just in a fake relationship. Research shows that happy couples are more likely to spend less time on the internet and more time with each other. Here are some reasons why truly happy couples choose to keep their love-life offline, away from the prying eyes of social media.

1. They Prefer Living The Moment Instead Of Clicking Selfies Or Writing Statuses
When two people are absolutely happy with each other, they would spend more time with each other, instead of wasting precious moments uploading pictures and writing long statuses. It’s not like they shun the social media all together, but they will be less active on the internet if they actually have a life together.

2. They’re Aware That They Gain Nothing Out Of Discussing Their Problems Online

People in a real relationship are well aware of the fact that live telecasting their relationship problems will not help them solve anything, other than giving people something to laugh about. People on social media don’t really care about your problems- the moment you realize this, you and your partner will be much happier in life.

3. They Don’t Need ‘Likes’ And ‘Followers’ To Feel Happy

A couple that is truly in love does not yearn to be liked by others. Their life does not revolve around the uncontrollable need to make others feel jealous or inferior. They are happy with each other, and that’s all they need. The number of likes you get will not make your relationship stronger.

4. They Have Nothing To Prove To The Rest Of The World

When two people are happy together, they do not have to hunt for approval on public forums. They have each other, and that’s all they need. They are together because they love it, and they want to spend time with each other. They have absolutely nothing to prove to the rest of the world. That’s how all real relationships are. The moment you start using each other to portray to others that you are happy, you leave a dent in your relationship.

5. They Don’t Compare Their Relationship With Others’, Nor Compete

Most importantly, studies have found how people who are truly happy do not bother about how the other couples are doing. They do not compare themselves with other couples, nor do they see it as a competition. Your relationship is yours alone. There is no need to wave it in other people’s faces.

Article by CureJoy.com

Friday, March 10, 2017

World Kidney Day 2017 Event in Putrajaya for ‘Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Kidneys’

The World Kidney Day 2017 (WKD17) is an annual event and this year’s focus is on healthy lifestyle to prevent obesity as obesity can lead to chronic kidney disease. Obesity remains the number one preventable risk factor for chronic kidney disease because obesity largely mediates diabetes and hypertension, the 2 most common etiologies for end-stage kidney disease Overweight and obese people are also more prone to develop albuminuria and, for at least some types of kidney disease, a greater amount of albuminuria and more rapid progression of renal failure. Apart from that, obesity also leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and other serious health problems.

According to WKD17 organising chair, Dr Lily Mushahar, senior consultant nephrologist, Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, one of the more effective ways of making Malaysians slim down to a healthier weight is through proper education, exposure and awareness. Dr Lily said that eating has become a part of our local culture. Our local food, especially those with high calorie content is one of the contributing factors to the high prevalence of obesity amongst Malaysians.

“We are a multicultural nation with a wide selection of delicious delicacies. However, most of these foods are usually made up of glutinous rice, coconut milk with a high content of sugar. What we can do is to educate everyone on this epidemic and create awareness for a better, healthier lifestyle through this national level World Kidney Day 2017 on the 18th of March, with the Cycling Convoy flagging off from Hospital Serdang to Taman Botani, Fun Run, Zumba and a lot more activities that promote and encourage healthy lifestyle. This year’s WKD17 celebration is special as it started off with a group of 30 cyclists pedalled 633KM from Kangar to Putrajaya over 6 days – all in a bid to raise awareness regarding the importance of healthy lifestyle, exercise to combat obesity and kidney diseases! The journey involves 16 pit stops where the 30 cyclists will spread health messages and collect signatures on a banner, which will be officially given to the Deputy Health Minister on the 18th of March at Putrajaya during the official launce of WKD17 celebration. ” said Dr Lily.

Major private companies such as Lucenxia, Baxter, Fresenius, Sanofi, Kyowa Kirin, Roche and AJ Pharma are also helping to promote and sponsor the event.

“This program is very interesting because not only will there be fun and healthy activities that everyone can participate, but there will also be a talk on kidney health awareness and how to take care of them. Being obese is very closely linked to chronic kidney diseases which can be prevented if more people are aware of their unhealthy eating habits and their sedentary urban lifestyle that lacks exercise,” added Dr Lily.

There will be free health screening including measurement of body mass index, blood glucose level and blood pressure measurement. There will also be various booths promoting health, outdoor activity equipment and a blood donation campaign at Taman Botani Putrajaya this March 18, 2017.

According to the findings by World Health Organization, about 600 million of the world population were overweight and about 41 million of children under the age of 5 years are either overweight or obese.

Revealed recently by Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, obese Malaysians make up 17.7 percent while the ones that are overweight make up about 30 percent, bringing the percentage to 47.7 percent in total. Statistically, Malaysia is the most obese country in Asia and the officials blame it on the high calorie diet and sedentary urban lifestyle.The health minister has also warned that the country is in the midst of obesity epidemic.

For more information on World Kidney Day 2017 and for registration, please visit http://goo.gl/zMQehB for fun run, and http://goo.gl/NpKmJK for fun cycling ride.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jealousy, turning saints into the sea

I didn't know it has been close to a month since my entry. I've been very busy actually.

I wanted to sleep but I guess insomnia hits me again. There's nothing entertaining in Facebook. Wait got one, but it is an attention whore - tagging his sexual position desire with his boyfriend. Yucks.

It was really funny today because someone sent some pictures to me. The pictures depict a very huge mistake that something to do in my profession. It wasn't mistake and I don't think any human with common sense will do that kind of mistake.

I laughed very hard but eventually I felt sad. I felt sad for that person who made the mistake. I learned that she is a year younger than me and she doesn't know the most basic procedure for that little tiny task which is pretty important in my profession.

When I was her age, I achieved so much compared to her.

All my life, I've been comparing with my peers and lamenting that I'm very far behind to be on par with them. But then again, I'm not so bad after all.

Maybe I compare too much. Comparison can lead to jealousy. But on the other hand, comparison can motivate yourself to push yourself further to overcome the people that you compare.

There are two types of people as far I can see.

First, when we are lagging behind compared to others, we are just sitting there and being jealous but doing nothing. If jealousy has reached the peak level, you would kill that person. Joking. I guess most of us will console ourselves by agreeing that just be grateful of who we are right now. Well, this person will never grow and forever stuck there.

Second, when we are lagging behind compared to others, well, we do get jealous but at least we take initiatives to improve ourselves or change to the desired goals. Even better, outdo the people that we were jealous for and make the people jealous at us. I guess it's a fair game.

Don't be lazy if you're left far behind. It's never too late to change. Talking about this, there's a friend of mine who could speak proper English. But then he improved himself by speaking English with me and with his friends. Though it was broken English at first but he didn't mind people laugh at him, he was very determined. He even watched those drama series to learn English. And look at him now, he can speak English fluently, well, mixed with Malay words but I'm very proud of this friend of mine.

Alright, I think I can sleep now. Remember don't be lazy to change and don't be satisfied of who we are right now. There are lots of rooms in our lives that we need to improve.

Good night.