Thursday, June 28, 2012

Love is like a gust of wind

I have to confess that I’m a heavy user of Jack D and BoyAhoy. So what am I doing there? Chances are im hunting for a nice decent meal to feed my appetite or to get more bitches in my circle or just to hook up with someone. I doubt that I could ever hook up with someone from there as some of people there are rather superficial (I said some).

Seriously, I have too little time to reply all the messages there, not to promote myself as super gorgeous that people text me all the time but somehow I find it rude to leave their inquiries unanswered. Unlike those superficially good looking guys who ignore your message. Maybe I’m too flirtatious so need to continue the game lol..

Anyway, one common question they would ask me there is my relationship status, I told them that I’m single still and why single. If I’m attached, what on earth am I doing there in those gay apps?
I know the earlier Alvin is like a poor whore who was dying to be attached for the sake to be attached.
But I believe that Alvin has changed. That Alvin now is self-sufficient, he is playful and he knows what he wants in a relationship.

Honestly, I was devastated for all those failed relationships.  I’m so afraid and so phobia to have a new relationship. I always have this perception that every good start relationship will end in disaster.
 I don’t have that pretty face and I’m not loaded – that’s why I always afraid someone who is prettier than me and more loaded than me will steal my another half away. 

Moreover, I’m a drop dead diva, surely people will not tolerate me and leave.

Pathetic thoughts would not lead me to a happily ever after relationship. Really, I always have this policy “enjoy it while it last” as I know someday they will leave me when the feeling is gone and the moment has faded. I’m really afraid of failed relationships. I’m sick of rejections. I’m tired of empty promises.
I know it sounds dismal. Sorry. I guess I should perceive life in more positive light. Love is like a tornado. You can’t stop it when it comes. You find calm and serenity in the eye of the storm.  Eventually, you face the devastation and the mess when it leaves. Just embrace what God has plans for you alright?

I’m not sure I will find anyone in near future if it does, that person gonna convince me to adolescently believe in love again.  

I know at this juncture, after reading this entry, there is someone in your mind right? To be honest, there’s only one person in my mind when I wrote the entire entries in this blog.

P/S: B is not an exclusive letter. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jay Chou is hot!

I have no idea what kinda training he took but Jay Chou is like so hot now. This dude has been working out! My gosh, I thought he was just a plain average-built guy. But when he published his current shirtless picture, kaboom! He is steamy hot and sexy!

During his younger days when he just started, back in early 2000s. His body was just lean fit skinny. 

 Still skinny

I don't know when this picture was taken but can see his body was pumping up. Flabby though.

He had been hiding his body from the public glare from sometime but recently, he just unleashed and unveiled the result of his secretive work out  - hot!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

When love comes

I have no idea why some people just like to tease about singlehood.

I have been through heartbreak, disappointment and hurt but what I’ve got in return is just brouhaha and not even a single bit of a compliment to me for being tough.

I know I was dumped and fell in love with wrong guys along the way, whats up with that?  Maybe that’s why they have a reason to target me as a laughing stock.

Time really flies huh?

Without my realization, I have been single for nine months now. So how long should I wait for the next relationship to come?

I have no idea. Perhaps, I would stay single for a long period and even years, as relationship is not like simply buying a shirt in the shop. I know it is hard to deal with your feeling, trust me, you will be blinded and get carried away with feeling and that feeling will lead you to fall in love with the wrong person which eventually leads to heartbreak. Instead, it encompasses time to develop the understanding and the assurance that the person is the one that you have been looking for.

Gay circle is unfortunately flooded with shallow minds. I guess you and I also share the common experience that someone that barely knows you confesses to you to be your another half.

I really do get envy when I look at those lovey dovey pictures in Facebook. I always ask myself, why they are so happy, whereas for me I’m always the emo queen. Does fate favour them more or maybe God is testing my patience and He is saving the best for last for me?

Seriously, I have green eyes whenever I’m checking out those travelling pictures, they look so happy! Whereas for me, it’s disastrous as every planned escape for me will be broken promises. Really, to avoid empty promises, now I’m really considering to do travelling alone.

Anyhow, please don’t fall in love with a person that you barely know. Do consider people who have been there for you all along. Maybe they don’t have the pretty face but what matter the most is their sincerity right?

July is coming, so it is the month that someone will enter into my life or maybe he has always been in my life all along?

 I will be patiently waiting. Like the song by Sammi Cheng 
鄭秀文 不要驚動愛情 Do Not Disturb Love”
I love this song so much as it embraces both spiritual and love. Lucky me, I managed to find the lyric and its meaning in English.

I want to hold you
that’s why I avoided you
I rather use distance
to pique your curiosity
I avoid meeting your eyes
so I can catch my breath
I ordered my arms
to stay where they are
I heard the faster we fall in love
the faster it will end
That’s why I haven’t approach you
so I can love you forever
Love comes so sudden like the tide
yet I will be patient
In hopes that when you finally wake up
the love will expand like a pair of wings
Don’t fret if you haven’t fell in love
God has taught me to wait
I’ll wait for love to flow like a stream
in order to promise you
To exchange my life for love
I want to hold you so badly
that’s why I’m praying
Before the good times come
to walk alongside with you
In this journey we call life
Through good times and bad
In sickness and in health
We’ll account for them all
Turns out the closer I get
The more I’ll cherish this kiss
And the reason I’m waiting is so
I can cover for you
Love comes so sudden like the tide
yet I will be patient
In hopes that when you finally wake up
the love will expand like a pair of wings
Don’t fret if you haven’t fell in love
God has taught me to wait
I’ll wait for love to flow like a stream
in order to promise you
To exchange my life for love
To learn love through patience
I’ll send my love letters to my heart
In hopes I’ll learn to lean on God
Tamed love is more exciting
Even the world will not change
Time will wait forever
Till the day you’re willing
In order to promise you
that boundless love
I’ll use silence to awaken love
You’ll use anticipation as your response
We’ll walk until we begin to love

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Candy, Skin Tight Jeans,Pea-Cock, TGIF & Hummingbird

You may ask why I like Katy Perry so much.

This 27-year-old lass is pretty as a doll, she is fun, she is crazy, she is genuine and she is so colourful. Not forgetting, her music is very addictive and creatively bitchy and slutty implicitly. She redefines the pop culture into a more sweet and fun notion. 

It has been more than two years since the launch of her Teenage Dream album. Indeed, the singles of this album has been serenading me through my ups and downs for these two years.
Let’s us recap the singles and official videos of Teenage album and let me have a little time to recall my journey for these two years. 

It was summer of 2010. I still could recall that it was end of my first nationwide project. I was a fine, fresh, fierce daisy duke back then. Nah, I was a tired looking faggot back then. I was so tired until I didn’t really bother to look for a relationship. The summer also marks the launch of Katy Perry’s first single of her Teenage Dream album, California Gurls and it was a huge success. It got everyone to hymm “California Gurls, we’re unforgettable” addictively. I was so lucky that time as I managed to grab free passes to her showcase in MTV World Stage in Malaysia. Yes, I watched her live in person!!

I was single for four years back then and I thought I would be single for many years to come. Never knew, there was a lad, whom I secretly admired confessed to me. It was surreal and I took a chance and never look back. I was living in a teenage dream!

Come to think of it, I had everything back then. I had a good headstart of my career, I had my loving partner and my grandma was still pretty much lively that time. Each and every single, I managed to let my colours burst. Honestly, i was so happy that time.

It was early of 2011. Gotta admit, our relationship had some problems but  we patched up quite well. I know it was hard to mend a troubled relationship but I did not want to call it off because I believed there were rooms for improvement. I guess he was an extraterrestrial that made him so precious for me and never let go.

As 2011 approached its summer, there was a skinny annoying guy came into my life though we know each other for ages. We had our first meet and gosh, my dinners and my Friday nights never been so entertaining and so annoying ever since. To be honest, i was pretty happy to have this annoying guy to accompany me for dinner for almost every night! (FYI, i had a long distance relationship)

Every relationship comes to an end. I had tried my best. I had given my best to salvage the relationship. But he insisted to call his quit. I was an emo bitch after the break up. Barely sleepy and barely focused in my work. Thinking the one that got away. The one that I loved so much. 

Some said my breakup hangover was easy because there was someone in my life not long after I broke up. Well, thanks to him, really I did, because he really did bring the smile upon my face once again. I should not reveal much, but you should be honest when it comes to love. Yes, I did have special kind of feeling on him. I don’t mean to bitch about my ex but spending time with him was so much fun rather spending with my ex. It was like the birds and the bees underneath the blue skies. 

Nah, we didn’t get together because we would never will since I’m not his type and he is not into relationship. So it is 2012 now. For this entire first half of the year, I would say it was tough. I lost my grand ma, my workload got heavier and I had a commotion with that someone. Seriously, it was so tough until I wanted to break down and cry. But nevertheless, this is part of me and you’re never gonna ever take away from me – I hold back my tears

So here I am writing this entry. My entire two years of love story summarized in Teenage Dream album. I’m still holding on. God knows that I tried. I’ll see the bright side but I’m not blind anymore because I’m wide awake. Let see what the future holds for me. 

And thank you Katy Perry for giving me this fun, exciting, sad and awakening journey. See you in Singapore!! Malaysia's fans heart you to bits!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's over, break up!

Break up is inevitable in every relationship. It’s really up to your philosophy and mental strength to deal with break up. Either you emo and be a crying loser or move on with your life and be a fierce bitch.
I have no idea why lately is like ditch-your-lover season. Load of my friends have called off their relationships.. I know the journey is ain’t easy in the end of relationship, I had been through several failed relationships as well. But let me tell you this, end of the day, everything will be alright.
It’s really fascinating to they share their ditching stories with me. Everyone has their exciting story to tell. Thanks to them, now I can even categorize the break up into several types.

Revengeful break up
Call up his ex(s) and torch his home! Well, I’m not simply saying; recently there was a man torched his ex girlfriend in US. Please don’t go to that extend, no point to cause physical harm to your ex as threatening does not work. I know the feeling of being cheated and disappointed is very hard to bear, you just can’t cope with the pain so you would rather to cause physical pain to your ex so you can shift the pain to his physical body so he would feel the same pain that you feel. That’s the stupidest thing to do. Honestly.
 I tell you what, the sweetest revenge is not causing physical harm, instead, do some revenge that cause mental distress.  Flirting with his/her current lover works all the time. Better still, steal his/her current lover!Or if you ever have a chance to bump into him/her with current lover, just tell the current lover “so how do I taste?”

Self destruct break up
Instead causing physical pain, some people would harm themselves like cutting themselves or even commit suicide as there is no way to deal the pain. Come on, there are so many fishes in the sea! I always believe every break up is a lesson and an experience for you to find a better one next. God is giving you the chance to experience what is jerk and what is true love, so appreciate that experience. 

Break up-patch up-break up
This is most confusing break up. I think you have heard or even experienced yourself this kind of break up. Initiated break up but found out that the decision was hastily made and unwise so patch up but somehow, things wont work, break up again. It’s tiring and time wasting. Once it’s over, it’s over unless you guys are really meant for each other, he or she will naturally one day will return to be yours again.
Unconscious break up
Some people are plain naïve that once the another end has called it off, they still do not want to accept the hurtful fact that they are no longer an item. They would lie to themselves by texting him/her, trying hard to date him/her, ask for movies as if the relationship is still on. Another lie is another damage to your self dignity and pride. That guy doesn’t love you anymore. Wake up and move on. Seriously, no one will bother to look up to you once you lost your pride. Not even think he or she will return to you.

Emo break up
Or should I label it as Adele-rated-break up. I think most of the people would go through this kinda break up. I know being emo is an uncomfortable period but somehow it gives you space and time to cry your heart out to clear all those pain after break up. It gives you a chance to reflect yourself. But emo with limitations or else the emotional will consume you until you fall in to the state of depression.  It’s alright to be a crying baby because pain is vented out by tears. For my case, I could hardly cry, that’s why they call me as emo queen coz I emo all the time for not venting my pain out.

All Hell Breaks Loose Break Up
Okay, your previous boyfriend/girlfriend didn’t give you the pleasure to fulfillment of your lust. So what to do after break up? Go out and be a slut and have sex until the world ends. It works though. Perhaps after so many years in the entrapment of unsatisfactory sex, it is time to strip naked and roll it on the bed to repay all those kill-joy sex period. RIDE ME LIKE A HORSE!!!

Peaceful Break Up
Once the relationship is ended, same it goes to the friendship as the friendship may cause uncomfortable feeling or even cause the hope to reconcile. Some may refrain to continue the relationship so the hurt and the pain wouldn’t be deepen. However, some people take break up as something diplomatic by maintaining the friendship. Nice right? After all the rise and fall, one thing left is friendship.

Self-enlightenment break up
Some may take break up as a lesson to reflect what is best for them and what is not in a relationship. In other words, how to avoid to fall in love with a jerk. Really, some people take break up as a wake up call to stop themselves for being a fool to be hurt even more. They really take a whole lot of courage to end the relationship to move on and to find and to embrace what suits them best.

For me, You know this ain't the first time. This has happened to me, this love sick thing. I like serious relationships and a boy like me don't stay single for long cause every time a boyfriend and I break up
My world is crushed and I'm all alone but the love bug crawls right back up and bites me and I'm back.
I wish I have the thinking above but currently, let’s be honest, the song below summarizes all. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back to the past

As we move forward with our lives, do you have a slightest moment to pause and recall the past?
 I do, in fact, not a single minute passes without thinking about my past.
The past is always beautiful, doesn’t it?
I’m not referring my ancient past or my childhood past but just that my recent past.  I’m not bitching on my ex partner but after broke up, yes, I did emo for awhile but thereafter, I never felt so happy. Not because I was set free from the entrapment, well part of it, somehow, there was someone, someone I knew long time and someone I never knew that we could be so close.
And good lord, we were so bitchy together. Amidst the bitchiness and the void of being dumped, my smiles and laughter had returned. Meeting up dinner for almost every evening, texting each other like almost every minute, hijacking my phone, lashing out each other in Facebook – I never knew these little things could make me so contented.
I know things have changed. I’m no longer the same as before and neither are you. The days can only move forwards but I will never forget the days we spent together as all those memories meant so much to me. If I ever had a chance, I really would like to go to the past for which I know that i will never ever have that one fine day to have that special recognition.

P/S: I’m not emo

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sweet and Cute (Part 2)

Give it up for Josh Taylor and Edison Fan once again. They are cute, sexy and hot!  If there is any gay couple of the year award, they can beat any couples by far. Let's enjoy the pictures!

In case you miss the first half:

Check out their wedding photos too: Click here

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Food Bites: Pak Kong Chicken Rice & Funny Mountain Soya Bean

Everytime I come back home to Ipoh, I have to make sure that I have its famed local delicacies for my lunch before heading back to PJ. Aside from its Ipoh born and bred beautiful girls and handsome boys, Ipoh is also famous for its scrumptious delicacies, trust me.

I know chicken rice is common dish but which chicken rice stall could attract people to make a beeline during lunch hour in Ipoh? Yes, Pak Kong Hainanese chicken rice!

Roasted Chicken Rice + Soup + drink only RM4.90

The roasted chicken is so tender until that you can swallow it with just few chews. Not forgetting the oiled fragrance rice that tempts you to add another plate of rice. Additionally, you can add on with 

One setback of this restaurant is that it has limited of seats during lunch hour and you have to wait like 10 minutes for a seat. For those who would like to take away, the queue is pretty long!

Opening times: (10.30 am – 5.00 pm or until sold out)

Parking: very limited (disastrous)

Location: 27, Jalan Teater, Ipoh (next row to Kamdar, in close proximity to Lou Wong/ Ong Kee’s steamed chicken and bean sprouts)

Once you had a fulfilling meal at Pak Kong, you can walk to Funny Mountain’s (my mom call it Rabbit because of its logo) Soya Bean and Tau Fu Fah stall.

Fine texture of tau fu fah only RM0.90

Not to be exaggerating but this little stall can cause traffic jam along that road. You see, this little tiny stall provides drive through service, you just follow the line of cars nearby and the staff from the stall will serve you right away. Few minutes later, they will collect the money as well the cups and bowls.

Address: 49, Jalan Teater, Ipoh

Opening times: 10.30 am until sold out

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sweet and Cute

You can call me outdated but I just stumbled upon a cute and hot gay couple who had their pre wedding photos taken. Josh Taylor and Edison Fan are simply match-made in heaven. They look so cute together! Without further delay, let’s envy them!

Continues :
Wedding photos:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Public Relations: Agony Vacancy

Every now and then, I receive notifications from Job Street on vacancy for Public Relations or Communication Executive post. Don’t  speculate, just that I subscribed to that website long time ago so, they still email me any updates for vacancy.

Finally, I take the initiative to check my mail today and dear lord,  it is flooded by porno spams, Groupon deals and job vacancies from Job Street.

The job description and job responsibilities do really somehow make me laugh because it is so diplomatic!
They usually like to use these phrases: fast expanding..handling international brands..looking for passionate and motivated people, develop press release…develop media relations….

To the young ones who are about to step into public relations industry, please don’t be deceived by the diplomatic words in the job description because the job description doesn’t describe the whole picture of the insurmountable responsibilities in PR.  PR is either hell or if you are lucky enough, it will be your paradise.

If I ever have a PR agency or I have the blessing to take control of the recruitment, I won’t be that diplomatic, instead, I’ll be a meanie and bitchy. I’ll write the job description or rather tips for the potential candidates in this manner:

  1.  Capable to churn out three press releases and three speeches in a week
  2.  Able to sleep for four hours and drive down to airport to catch the earliest flight and return on the same date on the latest flight and go to work the next day
  3.  Outdo GPRS or Google Map because you can’t rely on them all the time
  4. Take Google as your best friend – trust me, Google does wonders
  5.  Good in crapping intelligently – you’re a spinner, so you have to make people believe that the Sun rise in the West and not East
  6.   Do not say don’t know – either you really don’t know or you don’t have effort to gain more knowledge
  7. Be positive for the ruling government even if you pro-opposition as you will deal with many government officials and ministers along the way
  8. Fasih bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu as Malay media is huge in Malaysia
  9. Good health – skipping meal, meeting the datelines with running nose and sleep late are the norms, so make sure your body can endure it
  10. Can endure hot scorching sun for hours with make up and formal dress
  11. Good in remembering faces and names
  12. Do not offend people even they are nasty as somehow you will work with them someday
  13. Know your public and school holidays well as you don’t want to have an event during the holiday season as most media will be on leave
  14. Be social network friendly – seriously, please don’t end up yourself in Paradigm Mall fiasco
  15. Be polite as politeness does work sometimes
  16. Don’t be proud on your good command of vocabulary  but be humble and unleash your good ideas-I know good command of English will look good on you but those high and difficult vocab will annoy the editors – just make it simple and nice
  17. Know the celebrities well – seriously, you don’t want to recommend a controversial artiste to endorse a brand right?  
  18. Able to make endless phone calls to endless people for the same question “Are you coming for our event”?
  19. Lighten up sometimes – I know the job is hard and formal sometimes but take a little space to make fun sometimes
  20. Imagine yourself as the Goddess of Thousand Hands or a squid as you need to multi task a lot like handling four accounts at the same time
  21.  Be two-faced

Sunday, June 3, 2012

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

A lot of my friends and even my mom are really puzzled on the number of Mickey shirts that I have.

Honestly, I have lost the count. Yes, I’m a big fan of Mickey Mouse since I was small. Really, when I was a little tiny Alvin, I had Mickey Mouse stationary case, Mickey Mouse colour pencils, Mickey Mouse shirts, Mickey Mouse cups, Mickey Mouse towel, Mickey Mouse bed sheet and the list goes one. I was really devastated when all the MCKY boutique outlets in Malaysia had been closed down. I was such a huge fan of that brand. Now I only rely on UNIQLO and FOS for mickey mouse shirts and of course those who go to Disneyland and buy me Mickey Mouse shirt for souvenirs.

I also have no idea why I have such this big affection for that black mouse in red shorts with large yellow shoes and white gloves. Though I’m 26 now but I’ll be easily turned into excited little kid whenever I see Mckey Mouse.

So over the weekend, I braced myself to the terrible traffic jam to Mid Valley for Mickey Mouse Through The Years Project 2012 exhibition, dubbed the largest congregation of Mickey Mouse figurines in Malaysia –over 350 colourful Mickey Mouse figurines. Celebrities, artists, media, students, mall tenants and corporate partners participated in this project to design and express their own interpretation of Mickey Mouse.

Scheduled to coincide with the school break, this exhibition is held at the centre court till June 10, after which it will be showcased at the gallery area (third floor) from June 11 to Sept 17.

It wasn’t a nice experience for me there because gosh, it was really packed. School holiday + public holiday+weekend is a simple recipe for overcrowding.

Really, I barely could walk and I barely could snap a picture of the huge Mickey Mouse. Most of the time, I was sandwiched by those kids. But for Mickey, it was all worth it.

It would be very silly of me to post over 100 photos of Mickey figurines here so I just post some of my favourites.
The classic Mickey

The nerdy mickey

The AEON Mickey

Creepy Mickey

Dracula Mickey

Mickey Duck

Indeed, Mickey Mouse has come a long long way to be the most recognizable cartoon character of all time. Debuted in November 1928 in the animated cartoon Steamboat Willie to Mickey in The Band to  Mickey The Wizard in Fantasia 1940 to the current Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse were nominated nine times in Oscar of which it won in 1942 for Lend A Paw. Mickey also created a history for being the first cartoon character to have a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. I believe its merchandises would be in billion in figures in revenue for now. 
When I was small, I had this little silly thought that Mickey lived in the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland. So I made a childhood wish that I would go there someday to visit Mickey. Even now, I’m still holding on to my childhood dream. I was very delighted that there were highly important people  in my life who promised me to bring me to Disneyland to see Mickey. I was really happy until like this little girl below:

But my joy and my anticipation would always end in disaster by the empty promises. When I wish upon the stars, my dreams will not come. Not to be sad though, maybe Disneyland is my childhood dream and  I’m adult now, so let’s move on and be happy and gay like Mickey Mouse! Let’s join the jamboree!!