Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's over, break up!

Break up is inevitable in every relationship. It’s really up to your philosophy and mental strength to deal with break up. Either you emo and be a crying loser or move on with your life and be a fierce bitch.
I have no idea why lately is like ditch-your-lover season. Load of my friends have called off their relationships.. I know the journey is ain’t easy in the end of relationship, I had been through several failed relationships as well. But let me tell you this, end of the day, everything will be alright.
It’s really fascinating to they share their ditching stories with me. Everyone has their exciting story to tell. Thanks to them, now I can even categorize the break up into several types.

Revengeful break up
Call up his ex(s) and torch his home! Well, I’m not simply saying; recently there was a man torched his ex girlfriend in US. Please don’t go to that extend, no point to cause physical harm to your ex as threatening does not work. I know the feeling of being cheated and disappointed is very hard to bear, you just can’t cope with the pain so you would rather to cause physical pain to your ex so you can shift the pain to his physical body so he would feel the same pain that you feel. That’s the stupidest thing to do. Honestly.
 I tell you what, the sweetest revenge is not causing physical harm, instead, do some revenge that cause mental distress.  Flirting with his/her current lover works all the time. Better still, steal his/her current lover!Or if you ever have a chance to bump into him/her with current lover, just tell the current lover “so how do I taste?”

Self destruct break up
Instead causing physical pain, some people would harm themselves like cutting themselves or even commit suicide as there is no way to deal the pain. Come on, there are so many fishes in the sea! I always believe every break up is a lesson and an experience for you to find a better one next. God is giving you the chance to experience what is jerk and what is true love, so appreciate that experience. 

Break up-patch up-break up
This is most confusing break up. I think you have heard or even experienced yourself this kind of break up. Initiated break up but found out that the decision was hastily made and unwise so patch up but somehow, things wont work, break up again. It’s tiring and time wasting. Once it’s over, it’s over unless you guys are really meant for each other, he or she will naturally one day will return to be yours again.
Unconscious break up
Some people are plain naïve that once the another end has called it off, they still do not want to accept the hurtful fact that they are no longer an item. They would lie to themselves by texting him/her, trying hard to date him/her, ask for movies as if the relationship is still on. Another lie is another damage to your self dignity and pride. That guy doesn’t love you anymore. Wake up and move on. Seriously, no one will bother to look up to you once you lost your pride. Not even think he or she will return to you.

Emo break up
Or should I label it as Adele-rated-break up. I think most of the people would go through this kinda break up. I know being emo is an uncomfortable period but somehow it gives you space and time to cry your heart out to clear all those pain after break up. It gives you a chance to reflect yourself. But emo with limitations or else the emotional will consume you until you fall in to the state of depression.  It’s alright to be a crying baby because pain is vented out by tears. For my case, I could hardly cry, that’s why they call me as emo queen coz I emo all the time for not venting my pain out.

All Hell Breaks Loose Break Up
Okay, your previous boyfriend/girlfriend didn’t give you the pleasure to fulfillment of your lust. So what to do after break up? Go out and be a slut and have sex until the world ends. It works though. Perhaps after so many years in the entrapment of unsatisfactory sex, it is time to strip naked and roll it on the bed to repay all those kill-joy sex period. RIDE ME LIKE A HORSE!!!

Peaceful Break Up
Once the relationship is ended, same it goes to the friendship as the friendship may cause uncomfortable feeling or even cause the hope to reconcile. Some may refrain to continue the relationship so the hurt and the pain wouldn’t be deepen. However, some people take break up as something diplomatic by maintaining the friendship. Nice right? After all the rise and fall, one thing left is friendship.

Self-enlightenment break up
Some may take break up as a lesson to reflect what is best for them and what is not in a relationship. In other words, how to avoid to fall in love with a jerk. Really, some people take break up as a wake up call to stop themselves for being a fool to be hurt even more. They really take a whole lot of courage to end the relationship to move on and to find and to embrace what suits them best.

For me, You know this ain't the first time. This has happened to me, this love sick thing. I like serious relationships and a boy like me don't stay single for long cause every time a boyfriend and I break up
My world is crushed and I'm all alone but the love bug crawls right back up and bites me and I'm back.
I wish I have the thinking above but currently, let’s be honest, the song below summarizes all. 

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