Sunday, November 29, 2015

You Already Know My Heart

So do you like the conclusion of The Hunger Games?

If you still haven't watched Mockingjay Part 2, please lower your expectation since the final chapter was not that great. Why?

Finnick died. Come on, he was too cute and precious to die :(

But the great disappointment was the ending part. The movie didn't end with a bang. It ended abruptly. It didn't show how President Snow was caught (Haymitch just narrated out).

Nevertheless, the entire Hunger Games series concluded with a happy ending - Katniss and Peeta were finally together. I was very happy to see them together. Look, Peeta had always been there for Katniss though h Katniss was attached to Gale. We all knew that Peeta had feelings for Katniss but he could not be a jerk to break Katniss and Gale up.

So he just moved on and watched over Katniss in a pretext of a friend.

Wasn't that sweet or what?

Seriously, it would be a great blessing if someone like Peeta exists in my life. Then again, I'm not that lucky to have a guy like him. Or maybe I'm too blind to notice one.

If you're someone like Peeta in my life and so happen you are reading this blog, I'm sorry for being oblivious. Maybe I never took the time to realize it. But i doubt there will be such person in my life who look after me or even love me without my realization.

On contrary, if I were in Peeta's shoes, definitely I would be emo everyday. I foresee the pain would be excruciating since I'm watching the person that I really love to love other. Hope will become hopelessness. Hope will turn to disappointment and despair.

There is nothing you could do about it except wishing both of them well. Catch him when he falls apart.

Love guru says if you really love a person, let him go. Let him choose the one who he really loves. There is nothing more beautiful to see him smile. To see him lead a happy life with his partner. Even you're a losing party but his happiness is all that matter, isn't it?

I have to concede here. I have to concede that luck and fate never favour me. Yeah, I may meet someone that I really really really really really love but I know it will not happen.

If I were Peeta, I would tell Katniss that the waiting is painful.

Ever since you left, my life is empty as the skies. There is no reason for me to not to have you in my mind for a split second. I miss you every single day.

It's so hard for me to pretend to be friends with you. Every time I look at you, all I see is everything I want to have.

I know it is very inappropriate of me to harbour slightest feeling for you but I can't help it. I know it is stupid and useless to have feeling for you but the feeling is very strong. Though I could not be with you and I believe he takes good care of you but I hope you know that I'll always be there for you. I hope you know that you always take precedence in my life even though I exist in transparent in your life.

I have fallen in and out with so many people throughout my life. Fallen in because of looks or just mere infatuation. Fallen out because incompatibility and they could not be half as good as you. And most of all, like what Katniss said "choose the one that you can't live without" and that is why I chose you.

Alright. I guess I should stop here before I go deeper. No need to guess because it's all hypothetical.

If you were Katniss in my life and you're reading this entry, I have a song for you...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

This Black Friday, Reebonz Makes Luxury Even More Accessible

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For more information on Reebonz Black Friday Reveal game, please visit:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


We reminisce the one that got away in You Are The Apple Of My Eyes 那些年,我們一起追的女孩.
We have waited for someone in Cafe Waiting Love 等一個人咖啡.
We keep our silence for love in Our Times 我的少女時代.

I'm glad that I had the mentioned three experiences, I guess you can call me love guru now.

But seriously, among the three experiences, the most joyful one will be the third one 'keep our silence for love' or mandarin we called 'ai mei' (hope I pin yin the right way). The guessing game could be fun sometimes -guess whether he really loved me or he just treated me good on the basis of a friend. Through this guessing game, you spent most your quality with him and you loved every second of it. 

Through this guessing game, you have spent the good and bad times with him. You felt that you were very important in his life and so did he in your life. The moment you walked with him, you would slow down a pace or two so you could see him walk in front of you. Just to have moment to tell yourself how lucky you were that you had him though both of you were not lovers.

You loved him very very much but the silence eventually shunned him away. He felt that he was wasting your time. He assumed that you did not have the courage to start a relationship. He felt that you deserved better.

So what happened next?

He became the one that got away. Nothing much to say about this situation since despair and still of emptiness filled the day.

Either  you give up and move on or you move on but you don't give up.

So yesterday I watched Cafe Waiting Love. It was a nice movie but I still prefer Our Times among the three. The movie is about waiting for the one you love.

Let me ask you this, aren't we are waiting for someone?

Waiting ain't easy. It could be painful sometimes. Painful because you have no idea when he will appear  - maybe it takes years for him to appear. The more you guess, the more it will consume you. I know it sounds desperate but come on, be honest, everyone here is hoping to find a lover, a soulmate.

What if you had waited the person but  he chose someone else instead?


First thing to do is emo, emo as hard as you could. Then move on. I know someone of us will choose to wait. It's not advisable because youth never come twice and waiting for someone is very painful plus you don't want to be a bitch and hoping they will break up right? Even they break up, there is no guarantee that he will choose you, duh.

Alright, I know good things come to those who wait. Well, it's entirely up to you. You might have waited in vain if he didn't choose you eventually. But it would be nice  if that the person you waited for come to realization that you waited for him and your love for him never dies. This is true story though, my friend who waited for this guy for five years and I'm so happy that I will be attending their wedding next year.

For me, nah, love is not for me at the moment. So wait for awhile, i guess. I believe good things come to those who wait. One fine day, he will appear in the blue and once he appears, my feelings for him will be certain and for sure. But don't wait too long as you may miss the other chances.

It's late, let's hit the sack alright? Here's a song for those who are waiting for someone. Be clear of what you are doing. And most of all, be strong.You will find the waiting is worthy if you are certain that person is the one for you.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Top 10 Wedding Songs

So my bud and I were discussing about wedding songs. I don't have any clues whether my wedding songs will ever be played since my marriage is not legal here. So let's make an assumption that gay is okay here - below are the list of songs that I really wish to be played during my wedding. Or if someone out there want to make my day by melting me, you can play this song for me too (trust me, no Uptown Funk hahaha) :

Here's my top 10 wedding song:

1. Turning Page by Sleeping At Last

Maybe I'm a big fan of Twilight Saga - it would be very cool to have same wedding song, in fact, the song in which Bella walked down the aisle...awww..Even the lyric could melt me. "Nothing prepared me for the privilege of being yours". But wait, this song was taken by my girl friend for her wedding,geez, i don't want to be a copycat.

2. Forever Love by Gary Barlow

"Now my dreams are filled with the times when were together. Guess what I need from here is forever love". Imaging this song is played during the first dance of the wedding night...awww

3. Signed, Seal, Delivered I'm Yours by Stevie Wonder

Who could resist the soul rhythm that could get you up on the feet? In this case, rather than those mellow songs, why not enliven your wedding with this upbeat song. The lyric is catchy too - imagining your man singing 'Here I am baby. Signed, seal, delivered I'm yours'...awww

4. Forever by Mariah Carey

How could you have a wedding without the blessing of the DIVA?! Listening to her songs ever since I was small, so the most important night of my life will not be complete without her legendary voice to serenade the night. This song literally takes my breath away. The way she goes from whisper  to belt  to head note and back again is just breathtaking! Gosh, i need an oxygen tank now!

5. Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra

I love this song very much. Aside from his irreplaceable voice, the opening line just pinpoints the feelings of falling in love with great metaphor; Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars... Seriously, from my experience, you will go floating above the ground and you could go to the space - the feeling is just overwhelming. Geez, how i miss those feeling.

6. Make Me Feel My Love by Kelly Clarkson

I know this song is made popular by Adele (though originated from Bob Dylan) but for me, Kelly Clarkson has the best cover. Adele is bit emo for, you don't want to have your wedding to be an emo setting right? It's a poignant song that covers many depths of emotion. It resonates the feelings inside for the person you really love. I could make oyu happy, make your dreams come true. There's nothing that I wouldn't do . I'd go to the ends of this Earth for you. To make you feel my love - Melted!

7. Beauty and The Beast by Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson

Don't laugh! Is it wrong to have my childhood favourite at my own wedding? Among Disney classics, Beauty and The Beast has to be my favourite. It is wonderful that this wonderful movie has a wonderful song. I don't know how you interpret the lyric but the way I look at it, Mrs Potts is describing the love which has developed between Beast and Belle as both of them dancing at the hall with such strong passion for each other. If you have no idea what the song is all about - let me decipher few lines for you.

Barely even friends then somebody bends unexpectedly - started as acquaintance but as time goes, they fall in love, unexpectedly.

Both a little scared, neither one prepared, beauty and the beast - Both beast and Belle were not ready nor prepared for a relationship but they did give a try

Certain as the sun, rising in the east - Their love is strong and defies time as certain as the sun rise in the east

8. Love Someone by Jason Mraz

When you love someone, it comes back to you if it doesn't that's not love. I feel the words and music match it together so well. The harmonising vocal is so beautiful that they are amazing together and you feel the message coz you've felt it and couldn't put all the right words together on your own.

9.  If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys

Beautiful lyric sung by beautiful voice by a beautiful lady. This song is simply beautiful. The song resonates the love that transcends fortune, materials, fame and youth. Just love it.

10. Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine

For the record, this song is never about love. It doesn't have any hidden romantic meaning at all.

It's all metaphorical. The flightless bird is referring to a woman who she loves this very man. The man had his own dream to take flight and pursue his own dream. Unfortunately, this woman is left grounded with her dreams unfulfilled as a pill-swallowing housewife.  'A Fat House Cat' could be a reference to her husband that becoming a stereotypical couch potato who has just become lazy and careless.

But who cares ! Edward and Bella had make a huge difference for this song at thier wedding! Then the whole world gone mad over this song as it is made to believe that it was a romantic song. I love this song too. Inspired by this song. I once posted a FB shoutout stated  'Whenever I'm with you, this flightless bird has found its nest". And the person that I like acknowledged this message by click 'like'...awwww.

That's all folks. I hope my songs above could really make a whole lot of difference for your wedding. Wedding only comes once in a lifetime, don't spoilt it. Appreciate it and make it great because some of us may don't have the chance. I know I don't have the chance for sure. The law doesn't permit to do so. Even the law permits, I don't have anyone to walk the aisle with me. Oh well, life goes on.

Since it's all about wedding, let me end this entry with Jay Chou wedding. Jay Chou being Jay Chou, everything looks so perfect, even his self-composed song is so beautiful!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Run Your Own Race

You win some, you lose some.

I guess many of us has taken the simple phrase above to lead their lives - unless you fall into 'ultra-kiasu' category who couldn't afford to lose.

Maybe I'm bit tired lately but I feel that I lose most of the time. Winnings never come close to me, unfortunately.

I'm not being emo here but just stating the fact.

Look, we are in a constant race with each other.Sometimes we are faster, sometimes we are slower in the race. For me, I always be the turtle. Competing in very slow pace.

I know we should not compare our lives with others but there is such thing called peer pressure. It will hit you hard when people around you are far ahead. Be it in career or ownership wise, it seems I'm really lacking behind.

Should I blame on luck or maybe I don't practice any religion in devout manner or the bitch has unleashed its karma, that's why it's bit messed up in many aspects of my life. I know I should take things positively but I've been positive for far too long.

How long should I be positive? The walls that I built couldn't hold any much longer. The negative vibes are creeping it. The foundation of the fort will give way soon. I've no idea what will happen to me by then - fall into deep depression or just load up a gun and pull the trigger.

Aside from being positive, another solution is to find another half, maybe he could bring me out from the despair.

No, no and no. After all I've been through, I've lost faith in relationship. I don't see relationship bring any good as it will all end up in broken heart.

Secondly, I'm not good looking nor I own a nice body, so I don't stand any chance to be attractive in this superficial gay community. And I'm a bitch, so please don't get near me. I know Christmas is coming followed by my birthday, but who cares anyway. Solitude is all I have now.

Even I wanna give love a try, I guess it will be tough since I have left a special spot deep down in my heart. As I move along with time, I believe it will be tough for people to reclaim that very special spot. Nah, just be it, since no one would be capable to reclaim it. Comparisons are easily done when you have tasted the perfection, right?

Moving along, I know most of us we think that we are lagging behind but it doesn't matter who are leading in front of you, we will reach the finishing line eventually.

I know it's tough when people around you are way leading the way -fuelled by many young successful entrepreneurs below 30 like Mark Zuckerberg, Ecan Spiegel and David Karp. But let me tell you this, there are successful people out there who only made it  only after 40 - Vera Wang, Stan Lee, Donald Fisher, Sam Walton, Henry Ford and Ray Kroc to name a few.

We are never too late..

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pop Culture = Shallow

Before anything else, let's watch the video below:

Don't you love the other true side of Lady Gaga. Not a big fan of her though I listen to her music but I could really see that she was very exhausted ever since the release of Bad Romance. And my gosh she really lost considerable amount of weight in Born This Way.

And recently, I was glad that she regained her flesh during her duet with Tony Bennettt.

After watching the video, don't you love her even more? It's really to find a superstar to tell the true dark side of the entertainment industry/pop culture.

I could not agree more with Lady Gaga on her statement that pop culture is very shallow. Very shallow indeed. I don't see how pop culture could bring any good for our younger generation. It hardly instil any good values nor does not lead the young ones to the way it supposed to be.

In fact, pop culture dictates the mindset of ours. We see things in the eyes of pop culture rather than what we see from ourselves. This what pop culture wants to do on us- set a culture for us to follow - from fashion, food, beauty and the list goes on. They, as in capitalists,  want us to follow their culture so they could reap our money off.

The pop culture has been seeping in not only our mindset but our bodies as well. The way we look and the physique we should reach and maintain, as if our bodies define who we are. We have become more superficial indeed. We are more than walking bodies. I think we need to change our way of thinking-like what Lady Gaga said,  we have more to offer instead of our bodies.

Okay, let's focus on entertainment industry. They are few things I don't quite understand. What's up with the Kardashians? Seriously, every morning I hear Kardashians this and that. I don't know why we give so much attention to them. We are not even related to them, for God's sake. Don't you think Kris Jenner is like a pimp and selling her daughters off?

Secondly, Taylor Swift. I used to adore her when she was still country. But ever since she turned to pop, she is sick. Don't you think she is bit hypocrite? Apparently, she cried and ate in-n-out after she lost Grammy for Best Album (which went to Daft Punk). Look bitch, music is not about winning awards, it's all about art and expression. And come on, you won Best Album before and Daft Punk really made good music. You lose sometimes, you win sometimes. Don't be a cry baby.

And more thing, it's like a betting game on how long her relationship will last. Alright, an ordinary girl who keeps changing her boyfriends is named 'whore'. For Taylor Swift, it's okay because she is Taylor Swift. Keep changing boyfriend doesn't make her as a whore too?

For full interview:

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Rhythm of the Rain

It's really nice to see the blue sky has returned.

Though we regain the clear blue sky once again but monsoon season has just started. So folks, prepare your umbrella. 

Though it's wet and most of the time we stuck in the jam during and after heavy downpour but I do like the rhythm of the falling rain. Somehow it gives me peace of mind and it just set my world to be sentimental.

Oh well, when you are little sentimental, naturally, you would prefer someone to be beside you. Not me though, i think. It has been close to two months ever since I broke up and this singlehood kinda life works fine for me at the moment.

So my close friends has been asking me when I'm gonna find my another half. Like I said, not anytime soon as I really really wanna rest from this love sick thingy. Moreover, I believe it will take a very long long time before i commit into another relationship.

I really want to make sure the next one will be the last for me. To be honest with you, it's really consuming to fall in and out all the time. So why not seize this opportunity of being singlehood to do some soul searching and to know what you really want. There are many fishes in the sea, spend some time to catch the one that you want to spend rest of the life with.

But I'm kinda worry also since I'm in this superficial of gay circle. Look and physique come first which I don't have. So I'm like a loner in the corner. Let's make a hypothesis here, what if i have the diabolical good look and sizzling body? Definitely, I'll be swarmed by the bees and I believe in that situation, I would have a lot of potentials. But then again, who will be true enough? What if my remarkable physical attributes are gone? Will those gay folks still be interested with me? I doubt so.

Moving along, I used to have my Mr Perfect. Once you've tasted the perfection, you would long for that very perfection again. Oh well, someone set the bar so high I doubt anyone could reach it. Furthermore, it came from someone's heart, it could never be replaceable.

I know it sounds pathetic but I could never have that perfection. No fate or not lucky enough or maybe I'm just not good enough - you just move along with time when you realise there will be no perfection again.

It's already late, let's end here. Let's play a lullaby. Like the song goes...have i found you? Flightless bird....jealous...weeping...or lost you...zzz