Friday, September 23, 2016

Out Of Reach

It's rather sad when you miss someone who doesn't misses you because he doesn't belong to you.

I know it is foolish to miss someone who doesn't miss but you can't help it. His presence and the way he looked at you still emblazon in your mind that you wish could have that moment a little bit more. 

But too bad he doesn't belong to you anymore. In fact, he belongs to someone else. You really wish that you could be someone else. The anger of "that should be me" grows even stronger whenever they posted those lovey dove pictures. That should be me in that pictures but it won't happen. 

Just blame yourself that you're not lucky. Or maybe your physical or even your assets are not that attractive and qualified enough to be in that picture. You just ain't that guy.

You knew the signs and things wouldn't work out. You were so stupid to be swept away by him. And now you feel like a fool and drown yourself in confusion. With the heart that is so bruised, you're asking yourself "Was I ever loved by you?"

Keeping busy everyday to tell yourself that you will be okay - it won't work. In the end of the day, the moment before you sleep, there will be traces of him flashing in your mind.

He just belongs inside your mind, out of reach and so far apart. You will never have his heart. You were never meant to be.

So much hurt, so much pain. It will take awhile to regain. I hope that in time, he will be out of your mind and you will over him too.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Gotta Catch 'Em All

It has been more than a month ever since the Pokemon Go craze swept all over Malaysia.

I wasn't a fan of Pokemon before this and aside of Pikachu, I didn't even know other Pokemon characters. But ever since I played Pokemon Go, I could nail like 90 per cent of the characters.

A month plus gone and I'm at level 21 with 101 Pokemon caught thus far. Not that bad right?

I know the craze is slightly dying. When you reach higher level and 60-70 percent of the Pokemon, there's nothing more you can catch. And the super rare Pokemon characters are really hard to be caught.

What about the gym?

You could hardly go into gym as errors happen most of the time.

But then again, we still have this undying spirit of "Gotta Catch 'Em All". It feels so satisfying everytime a new Pokemon added into the Pokedex.

So where is the best place to catch Pokemon?

Definitely, Taman Jaya which is just opposite Amcorp Mall. Pikachu is like running wild there! Aside from Pikachu, you can find Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Magikarp there as well.

In any given moment, three to four Pikachu could appear!

They are not zombies but they are human flocking at Taman Jaya just to
catch Pikachu. It seems an animated Pikachu could do the job better in uniting
people compared to political propangda :)

I caught so many Pikachu there til I could even evolve it into Raichu!

Playing Pokemon Go is more than a game, for me. Really, it could strengthen your ties with your family members or with your friends. Though it is annoying to see people got so engaged with their phones and block your way or even walking zombies which walking slowly in a group but they are completing a mission together. I even bumped into my long lost friends plenty of time while playing this game.

In addition to strengthen your ties, playing Pokemon Go could really entice you to get out from comfort of your home and visit the public places and parks. It's time to do the walking to hatch the eggs.

The ever so beautiful Dataran Merdeka
For the first time in my entire life, I stepped into Merdeka Square and I felt like a tourist from afar. It is a huge square indeed when you need to walk from one end to another end to catch Pokemon. But beware of the sprinkles there - please don't get wet. Plenty of Charmender there. Some said, Snorlax appears there sometimes. I didn't have any luck for Snorlax but I caught the rare Hitmonchan.

Soaring high

Central Park Bandar Utama
1Utama is great place to catch Pokemon but sadly, the reception could be bad sometimes. The rare Pokemon I ever caught there was Ponyta and Seadra. You can go out to Central Park outside of 1Utama - Magikarp and Shellder are aplenty there. And since it's a dog-friendly park, you can play with the dogs too - not Growlithe, real dogs I'm talking about.

Taman Tun Park, TTDI
Nothing much here - if you need candies for Psyduck and Magikarp, please visit this park.
Setia Walk Puchong
It's like a nest for Magikarp here. If you need to collect 400 Magikarp candies, please drop by here. Even if you're inside the restaurant, Magikarp could appear on your food!

But then again, as we are engaging with Pokemon Go, please don't neglect the people who do not play like our grandma and grandpa. Ditch your phone for awhile and spend time with them. I know rare Pokemon is hard to come by but you only have your grandparents once in a lifetime.

Good night every one and Gotta Catch 'Em All! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lavo Ignites the Tropicana F&B Scene

M Group, the experiential food & beverage specialists behind CHAZE Whiskey Lounge and The Prince Chinese Cuisine, today launched its newest venue, Lavo – a restaurant lounge and wine bar at Menara Lien Hoe, along Persiaran Tropicana, in grand style.

The Glitz and Glamour themed grand launch, saw a who’s who of food, fashion and more indulging in a night of non-stop style, entertainment, great food and drinks.

Lavo, which boasts an extensive wine cellar, serves a delectable fusion menu. It opened for business in June 2016, and has been drawing discerning diners and wine lovers since.

The visually arresting outlet adds a touch of luxe to industrial chic for a sleek dining and event venue that is sophisticated and welcoming at a spacious 7,000 square feet. 

Lavo is the third act in the exciting M Group gourmand hub that will introduce six unique venues at Menara Lien Hoe. The second act, CHAZE, a modern speakeasy lounge whiskey bar has become a mainstay of Tropicana nightlife since it opened in December 2015.  M Group is set to be a playground for food and lifestyle enthusiasts filled with culinary delights, wine, coffee, and a vibrant party scene. It is billed as a haven for anyone looking for a quick escape from hectic city life.

With a wide selection on the innovative fusion menu, ranging from nibbles, appetizers, mains and a growing selection of desserts, there is something delicious for everyone, served in a relaxed, friendly environment – Asian fusion, Western, Italian pastas and pizzas, sandwiches, steaks and vegetarian culinary creations.

The impressive wine list featuring a wide selection of wines from around the world has had wine lovers making a beeline to/heading to Lavo.  New wines are featured each quarter in the restaurant and wine bar.

Lavo’s grand opening was hosted by Hansen Lee and Julie Woon.  It kicked off with a mesmerizing LED Water Drum performance that raised energy levels, and created a visual spectacle of light, colour and the dynamic fluidity of water, that had guests clamoring for more.

A fashion show by 176 Avenue, brought edgy fashion choices within reach and showcased Lavo’s suitability as an event venue par excellence.

Guests were entertained by the performance of Winnie K, who kick started her career by winning the Asia Bagus competition and is now active in the Indonesian entertainment scene. 

Guests enjoyed finger foods, canapes and nibbles courtesy of Lavo’s kitchen.

The selection of wines received much praise from guests for the quality, and uniqueness.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Dreamers and Doers

This just in.

Abdul Latif has contributed another gold for Malaysia in Paralympic. Not only that, he even broke the world record!

Indeed it was a proud achievement thus far for our Paralympians with three gold medals and counting. Earlier today, Ridzuan Puzi and Ziyad had ended Malaysia's drought for gold in Paralympic in T36 100M final and Men's F20 Shot Put respectively.

Their achievements should be an inspiration for all of us. Having challenges in life or even having disability is not the reason that we should stop pursuing our dreams. Just look at these these Paralympians, their trainings were little harder compared to rest of us but it was that dream that pushed them further. It was that dream that made our nation proud. It was that dream that our Negaraku was played in Paralympic.

So these three Paralympians had achieved their dreams, what about me?

To be honest with you, I don't have dream in my life. Sounds aimless  right?

Don't say. I'm not the only one who doesn't have dream. Well, you can simply name some dreams for me like getting a nice car or getting a nice house. But for me, dreams doesn't translate into materials.

Dream for me is like an achievement beyond the realms of materials. Dream for me is like an achievement of what you want to do for people. In which that people will remember your achievement and be inspired with your achievements.

OMG, I suddenly sound like Oprah. Of course, Oprah Winfrey is a great inspirational icon for me.

So is it wrong not to have dream?

I did have dream when I was young. Those silly teenage dream like settle down with a charming and caring partner (I'm still wishing for this), getting those expensive cars, travel around the world or even getting a very cozy house. But sadly, these dreams are still dreams for me. It is still out of reach for me.

Thought little bit disappointed but it doesn't mean that my life is worthless. I know you will feel like a loser when others have achieved so much better than you and they are way ahead of you. Please don't be.

The purpose of your life is not comparing what others have but you don't. Well, it is good to compare so you can push yourself a little harder to outdo them but please get carried away with it. Or else, you will end up in jealousy and being self-pity with your life.

I believe God is fair. He created each one of us with so much strengths and weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses will determine your dream and the path of your life ahead as you will leverage your strength to determine the next course of action in your life and leverage your weakness to determine not to do in the next course of action.

For those who don't have dream like me. Don't fret cause it's not the calling yet. When the calling arrives, use all your might and go for it.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Intelligence is Sexy

So there is this gogo boy in my Facebook.

Since he is a gogo boy, no doubt, he has a very sexy body. Once he posts his shirtless photos, the number of likes is remarkable. I never came across he posted something which didn't reveal his skin until recently.

He posted something in words and my gosh, the English was so broken! I admit I don't have a good command of English so I can't judge but I'm pretty sure those secondary students would agree with me. None of his sentences were making any sense.

I guess it is pretty hard to find a gay guy with nice body coupled with intelligence. I'm not sure about you but a man with intelligence is rather sexy for me. Tissue on your body will be worn out someday but not your intelligence, you die with it.

Really, I really like people with intelligence. Why so? Because I'm sapiosexual!

They could solve any issues arise with much calmness and confidence. They could tell the mean jokes that need to put so much thoughts to understand the punch line. They could relate the conversation with latest happenings in the world. And of course, I believe people with intelligence have their own ways to define or even redefine what romance is all about - beautiful conversation with a beautiful mind, that is so wonderful!

Unfortunately, the society doesn't think this way. Body comes first then the intelligence especially in my sick gay community. People who show his body gained the most likes in Facebook. In contrast, people who always highlight the current issues, be it in politics or social issues, the likes are not that spectacular. So one's body is far more important than what is happening around us today?

I can't deny one's body could generate likes in which translates that more people want to know you or be friend with you. What if you suddenly don't have that body anymore? I believe the number of likes will definitely reduce.

For those who likes your body, they are fake and they are superficial, trust me.

I always wanted to do a social experiment. Since my body has been good to me since it has become firmer and little bit tougher, I think when the time comes, I will strip it all in Facebook. Then I could who like my picture. For those people who rarely or even never like my post and suddenly like my post, then I shall catch the fakers in my friend list :)

Before end I my note, here's my two cents; beauty may be dangerous but intelligence
is lethal. Good night.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Orchid’s ‘Be Yourself’ Contest in Search of Fresh Talent!

Ever dreamt of being a star? Join the Orchid ‘Be Yourself’ contest and be in the running to star alongside Orchid brand ambassador Sazzy Falak in a short film produced by entertainment powerhouse, Metrowealth International Group (MiG). The top three winners will take home total cash prizes of RM6,000, too!

Orchid, the up-and-coming feminine hygiene range, launched its first #BeYourself contest, in conjunction with its #Malu?TakMalu! campaign that empowers women, including helping them make their dreams of entertainment stardom come true!  

MiG is Malaysia’s leading entertainment and talent management agency, headed by David Teo is partnering with Orchid to open up more possibilities and possible career option for talented #BeYourself contestant. Established in 1995, MiG has produced and distributed hundreds of movies and television series, and manages some of the best known stars in Malaysian entertainment.

Aside from the attractive cash prizes and a possible jumpstart in your acting career, the exclusive opportunity to star opposite the trendsetting, straight-talking, actress and television presenter, Sazzy Falak in a short film on the issue of feminine hygiene is not to be missed.

Sazzy, who is Orchid’s first brand ambassador, represents the dynamism, intelligence, capability and multi-faceted character of modern Malaysian women.

Through the ‘Be Yourself’ contest, Orchid hopes to create more awareness regarding feminine hygiene issues among younger Malaysians, considering that most would shy away from discussing intimate topics due to factors such as cultural norms, upbringing, self-confidence and lack of awareness.

For those interested to participate and learn more about the Orchid Be Yourself contest, and the #Malu!TakMalu? campaign, visit Orchid’s Facebook page 
at The contest ends this October.

Orchid currently comes in three variants – Romantis, Intim and Anggun. The femininely shaped 210ml bottles retail at RM4.75 each, and are available nationwide.