Monday, September 12, 2016

Dreamers and Doers

This just in.

Abdul Latif has contributed another gold for Malaysia in Paralympic. Not only that, he even broke the world record!

Indeed it was a proud achievement thus far for our Paralympians with three gold medals and counting. Earlier today, Ridzuan Puzi and Ziyad had ended Malaysia's drought for gold in Paralympic in T36 100M final and Men's F20 Shot Put respectively.

Their achievements should be an inspiration for all of us. Having challenges in life or even having disability is not the reason that we should stop pursuing our dreams. Just look at these these Paralympians, their trainings were little harder compared to rest of us but it was that dream that pushed them further. It was that dream that made our nation proud. It was that dream that our Negaraku was played in Paralympic.

So these three Paralympians had achieved their dreams, what about me?

To be honest with you, I don't have dream in my life. Sounds aimless  right?

Don't say. I'm not the only one who doesn't have dream. Well, you can simply name some dreams for me like getting a nice car or getting a nice house. But for me, dreams doesn't translate into materials.

Dream for me is like an achievement beyond the realms of materials. Dream for me is like an achievement of what you want to do for people. In which that people will remember your achievement and be inspired with your achievements.

OMG, I suddenly sound like Oprah. Of course, Oprah Winfrey is a great inspirational icon for me.

So is it wrong not to have dream?

I did have dream when I was young. Those silly teenage dream like settle down with a charming and caring partner (I'm still wishing for this), getting those expensive cars, travel around the world or even getting a very cozy house. But sadly, these dreams are still dreams for me. It is still out of reach for me.

Thought little bit disappointed but it doesn't mean that my life is worthless. I know you will feel like a loser when others have achieved so much better than you and they are way ahead of you. Please don't be.

The purpose of your life is not comparing what others have but you don't. Well, it is good to compare so you can push yourself a little harder to outdo them but please get carried away with it. Or else, you will end up in jealousy and being self-pity with your life.

I believe God is fair. He created each one of us with so much strengths and weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses will determine your dream and the path of your life ahead as you will leverage your strength to determine the next course of action in your life and leverage your weakness to determine not to do in the next course of action.

For those who don't have dream like me. Don't fret cause it's not the calling yet. When the calling arrives, use all your might and go for it.

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