Monday, September 5, 2016

Intelligence is Sexy

So there is this gogo boy in my Facebook.

Since he is a gogo boy, no doubt, he has a very sexy body. Once he posts his shirtless photos, the number of likes is remarkable. I never came across he posted something which didn't reveal his skin until recently.

He posted something in words and my gosh, the English was so broken! I admit I don't have a good command of English so I can't judge but I'm pretty sure those secondary students would agree with me. None of his sentences were making any sense.

I guess it is pretty hard to find a gay guy with nice body coupled with intelligence. I'm not sure about you but a man with intelligence is rather sexy for me. Tissue on your body will be worn out someday but not your intelligence, you die with it.

Really, I really like people with intelligence. Why so? Because I'm sapiosexual!

They could solve any issues arise with much calmness and confidence. They could tell the mean jokes that need to put so much thoughts to understand the punch line. They could relate the conversation with latest happenings in the world. And of course, I believe people with intelligence have their own ways to define or even redefine what romance is all about - beautiful conversation with a beautiful mind, that is so wonderful!

Unfortunately, the society doesn't think this way. Body comes first then the intelligence especially in my sick gay community. People who show his body gained the most likes in Facebook. In contrast, people who always highlight the current issues, be it in politics or social issues, the likes are not that spectacular. So one's body is far more important than what is happening around us today?

I can't deny one's body could generate likes in which translates that more people want to know you or be friend with you. What if you suddenly don't have that body anymore? I believe the number of likes will definitely reduce.

For those who likes your body, they are fake and they are superficial, trust me.

I always wanted to do a social experiment. Since my body has been good to me since it has become firmer and little bit tougher, I think when the time comes, I will strip it all in Facebook. Then I could who like my picture. For those people who rarely or even never like my post and suddenly like my post, then I shall catch the fakers in my friend list :)

Before end I my note, here's my two cents; beauty may be dangerous but intelligence
is lethal. Good night.

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