Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My name is...

Don't you wish you can change your name sometimes so when people call you, you have the excuse not to answer.

I love my name Alvin really much but not during "Alvin this, Alvin that" moment. Talking about my name, so many Alvins in this world - i even have five Alvins in my friend circle.

Talking about names, gosh, i'm being addressed with so many nicknames -Chipmunk, bitch (the most popular, my friends are such meanie), dear dear, chao hei (smelly pussy), vin, vin vin, sista, bf (bitch friend), alviney, alvina and of course, the exclusive 'baby'. 

So, if you want to change your name, which name would you choose?

I always like the name Julian and Justin coz it sounds chic for me. If i ever have a son, i will name him Ethan, don't you think Ethan sounds so stylish and modern?

Maybe i should name myself with some name starts with the alphabet D coz i always have this D curse. Really, most of my crushes has the initial D. Maybe i should name myself as Dave."hey, I'm Dave, look at my chipmunk Alvin".

What about those typical American name or something manly like Steve."Oh yeah! I'm Steve!!! I eat dirt!! Argg!!!"

Why not i follow Alicia Keys - name her child after a country "Eygpt". Okay, you can call me Venezuela! Sounds sexy right? What about tongue twisting Tajikistan?Or maybe name myself as Yellow Alvin like how Beyonce name her child Blue Ivy.

I know, i should do a mockery of Angela Baby. Call me Alvina Baby!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hold on as we go

For recent weeks, it has been very difficult for me. Chinese call it 'jik yip peng', "working syndrom" in English - yes, i'm pretty stressed up with my work lately. How stress? Well, i barely sleep and i leave office almost 8 pm everyday now. I guess this is the price to pay for climbing the corporate ladder.

Complain not because i have to settle a lot of stuff before i'm taking a very long break.

As the period get tough, i'm also grateful that so many opportunities knocking on my door. Opportunities doesn't struck twice, when it is calling for you, answer it. I answered them cause i believe it is about time for me to move out to the next phase of my career. That's why i have been very busy lately - sorting out my current work tasks, travelling for my work and organize my schedule to answer those opportunities.

I'm truly grateful that those opportunities come from huge and leading companies.

At this juncture, I'm really exhausted. Yeah, I do look tough on the outside and tell everyone i'm doing great but i do wish that there's someone special next to me. Not to pamper me but just hoping that very someone is with me when i'm going through this period. Sounds weak right? Come on, everyone has own weak point and i believe i'm hitting it right now.

You know where is the best place to be your solace when you're facing tough period? It's your home and with your family. Work, environment and people around you will be inevitably change but one thing will never change - family, close friends and your home.

Let me share this song with you - Settle down, it'll all be clear. Don't pay no mind to the demons they fill you with fear. Hold on as we go!

P/S: That very someone has no idea that i miss him so much

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Springbreak @ Pangkor

Where can we find the best islands in the world with crystal clear turquoise water?

The natural paradise is at our backyard. Malaysia is blessed with its diversity, not only culturally but also in its natural gifts. We have green lush of rain forest which is the oldest in the world and we have the best beaches that make other nations envy - Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian, Langkawi and of course Pulau Pangkor.

I was so terribly stressed ever since post CNY, so why not just sacrifice my very valuable time to soak up the sun at one of the beautiful bitches, i mean beaches in Malaysia, Pulau Pangkor.

Though it's just barely 100 km away from Ipoh but the journey would take up like 1 hour half to reach  Lumut Jetty. Why? It was a torturous road since you have to bear with close to 20 traffic lights at the Ipoh-Lumut Highway.

Let the pictures below narrate my short spring break at Pulau Pangkor.

The 30 minutes ferry ride from Lumut to Pangkor only cost us RM 10 for go and return. As you are approaching the jetty at the island, you would be greeted by huge 1Malaysia logo. Well, Menteri Besar of Perak, Dr Zambry's  constituency is Pulau Pangkor, so you have to endure his posters like everywhere in the island.

As you disembark at the jetty, you have go through three hurdles - a gang of people asking you for motorcycle rental, a gang of people asking you for car rental and the last hurdle is the taxi drivers. Talking about taxi, i just love the taxi there, pinkish in colour - so cute!

We stayed at Pangkor Holiday Resort. I shouldn't complain as we got it at discounted rate. The resort was okay but  it was not peak season, so it was eerily silent at night.

Sunset at Pulau Pangkor. Lovely isn't it? Not at all because you have no idea how dirty the beach was. Pasir Bogak beach wasn't that inviting at all, trust me. It was so dirty,  i didn't even want to submerge myself there
Gone fishing at Pulau Pangkor
washing our feet

Really, unless you have a rented car, you would end up doing nothing at night. Since there are no ferries that transport the cars to island, then how the cars even exist on the island itself? Apparently, if you want to ferry your car to the island, the only option is through cargo shipping which cost you around RM 120-150 for one way. So since we were stranded island, we just sneaked out from the resort and tried local seafood there. We had fried squid blended with salted egg.

We had butter prawns also. Four dishes for three people ended up RM 75+, reasonable but the food has nothing to shout about as i could find those dishes in Ipoh.
Add caption
After checkout, since Pasir Bogak was dirty, we went to Teluk Nipah for crystal clear torquiest water. Even along the way, you would be very excited as the beautiful sea is just next to you.

The stalls along the street at Teluk Nipah. You could find myriad of souvenirs here. I know i sound gay but geez, those beach boys, i mean those provide sea activity packages like island hoping, snorkeling, banana boat etc - they are hot! They are so smooth just like porcelain underneath the scorching sun that drives you go ring ding dong. They are definitely straight, sadly - hope i could find some stories about them in gay utopia whether they provide any additional services . I just saying, i don't mean it.

One of the jewels that silver state Perak could offer is white sandy beach with clear water of Straits of Malacca in Pulau Pangkor. Tropical paradise indeed!

You can play with the fish at the shore as well. I'm not joking. The fish really got guts to swim at the shore - so most of the time, i just chased them away. I know Ariel mermaid won't like me.

Ikan bilis (anchovies) at Lumut jetty. I don't know about you, whenever i smell anchovies, it reminds me of my mom's home cook soup....yummy

Satay ikan and sotong bakar! Got to have it!!! It's only RM 10 for 3 packets for any selection

There was rainbow above me. I know someone was having gay sex up there. I mean , beautiful right? I hope it was a good omen for me.

The next travelogue gonna be exciting!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Steady hands, just take the wheel

Have you ever have a little pause and ask yourself where are you right now?

Yes, you are reading my blog in front of your laptop or smartphone.

I mean seriously, do you know where you at and do you know where you're heading to in your career path?

Seriously, i never thought ever in my life i could end up being a Public Relations practitioner. I'm not a well-converse kinda person, i mean verbally. But look at me now, I'm a worn out boy handling international and big brands. Big brands never come easy, i'm like a sugarcane in a crushing machine - oozing all my energy out to meet the high demands of those brands. Complain not, i guess you and i share the same fate also, we are just plain sugarcanes which are ready to be crushed.

Actually, i'm not a good planner in my career but i know what is my strength, what is my forte, what is my weakness and what i want for my next job.

It seems that most of my friends are changing their jobs now whereas for me, I'm still at the same old company. Well, not complaining because without this company, i wouldn't be who i am today.

But being said that, i hope i won't spend my sweet time in my comfort zone - it's about time to inch out.I always tell myself that my next job is for career advancement, salary is secondary. Do you share the same sentiment with me?

What is the main factor or factors that drive you to change your job? Career advancement? Higher pay? Horrible bosses? Too stressful? Too bored?

Whatever it is, I know i should be proud but i feel really humble instead, sometimes unbelievable that i'm approached by really huge big companies. Like seriously, me? Bitch please, i'm the one you're looking for hahaha....

Too early to have a clue on what my next job will be, who knows that I'll be staying put at my current company.

Before i end my note, i wanna share with you guys, few weeks ago, i was verbally attacked in Facebook for commenting my own opinion. In his verbal attack, he belittled me that i came from a small town that i'm such a dumb ass and know nothing about big city like Kuala Lumpur (though i've been staying in KL for seven years now)-he asked me to go back to Ipoh. My town might be small compared to KL but little did he know that my little small town Ipoh produces so many prominent names - Michelle Yeoh, Michael Wong, Jack Lim, Amy Mastura, Baki Zainal, Lat - to name a few.

I didn't retaliate, i just deleted off his Facebook. Little did he know that this little kid from small town is handling international brands. I can't wait to add him back and let him see my job description ( or new job description) in my Facebook.

Actually, i'm very stressed right now and my sister ditches me for some other guys (i know i will be killed for saying this) so here is the song for you and me, no matter how stressed up with our work, we still need to carry on. Like what Nate sings "Cause we are, we are shining stars, we are invincible, we are who we are on our darkest day when we're miles away, so we'll come, we will find our way home"

Everything will be alright

Monday, March 11, 2013

Written in the scars

Another ex-schoolmate of mine just got married over the weekend.

I don't know about you but everytime i know that my ex-schoolmates got married, i would ask myself when is my turn and i don't even have a lover in my life for Pete's sake.

Though getting a lover or partner is not my priority in 2013 but if the cupid hits me, why not right?

I have no idea why is so hard for me to get anyone in my life. Maybe i'm too choosy and set my standard so high that hardly anyone could fit in. Or maybe i still and still couldn't let go of someone. Or maybe i don't have drop dead gorgeous face and sizzling hot body so no one ever notices me.

Though i'm alright to lead a single life but whenever i see those lovey dovey postings in Facebook, it really makes me envy sometimes. Especially those postings by your ex lovers or someone that you liked before who are now with someone else. You wish the person next to him in the posted picture is you sometimes. You wish those sweet postings are referring to you. You wish he will show up whenever you need him.

You wish so much and it won't happen. There was a person in my life that i could rely to and shared my mundane life with but that person will never ever come back to me again.

I used to believe that love and relationship is simple and many splendid things. So i opened up my heart and let those thieves stole my heart. Once stolen, it would break eventually. But i took the effort to mend it but inevitably, i would be the victim for those thieves again.

Those scars on my heart forbid me to love again unless that very person can give one good reason to me or i could give one good reason to myself that i should love again.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Patriotism and a confession before GE

Aside from International Women's Day, March 8 yesterday was also the fifth year anniversary of  of the political tsunami in 2008. It has been five years since we held the last general election. I believe every Malaysian still remember that fateful day in which for the first time in history, the coalition party Barisan Nasional lost the two third majority in the parliament. Not only that, the party suffered a severe blow with Kedah, Perak and the rich state of Selangor and Penang  fell into the hands of opposition party.

Five years has gone and now we are the crossroad once again in deciding the next government which will lead our country into greater height. 

The big question mark among Malaysians got to be when is the general election. Some said end of March and some said in April. Really, we are bored with the guessing game. We have been guessing since 2011 for Pete's sake. 

So do you think BN will garner two third again? Or Pakatan Rakyat have a strong momentum to topple  BN?

The hype of general election has been shadowed by the crisis in Lahad Datu, Sabah recently. The death toll to date stands at 60 (8 out of them are Malaysian forces). It was disheartening to hear that our Malaysian patriots had fallen in battle against the terrorists. Worst still, the terrorists mutilated and dismembered the bodies of our fallen heroes. Seriously, all the remaining terrorists in Sabah should be killed  and the self-proclaimed Sultan Sulu Jamalul Kiram III should be extradited to Malaysia for lawful punishment. Or just follow  what US did to Osama and Saddam Hussien, Malaysian forces should go to Philippines and hunt the moronic Jamalul down and kill him.

The Sabah crisis has indeed boost a little popularity and even credits to Najib. Look, when the nation is in crisis, the patriotism will soar high and the nation will come together. Remember the US election in 2004, George W Bush won easily coz US was in Iraq and Afghanistan for the war against terrorism. Najib has the credit now and inadvertently, you will follow his lead to overcome the crisis. Like what happened few days ago when Jamalul asked for ceasefire - Najib refused and replied with a strong stance "surrender or face the consequences". His strong words has indeed inspired the spirit of patriotism among us.

Though Najib has echoed the spirit of patriotism but his administration's integrity was once again in doubt yesterday when Saiful Bukhari's father, Azlan claimed that the sodomy accusation against Anwar Ibrahim was all political conspiracy. Azlan added that Saiful has been used by certain parties in order to  put Anwar behind bars once again. Though Saiful denied that the sodomy hoo haa was a conspiracy and it was real but it would discredit Najib and boost Anwar's popularity for the coming election.

Whatever it is, the drama has just begun and we are all geared up for 13th General Election! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Word of Tribute to Women

This is for all the mothers who are fighting to earn a decent living for their children. For those who are fighting, better days are to come.

This is for all women who are sitting there at the office who is trying to come home before the sun.

This is for all the fighters who are defending of gender bias and oppression at every society stratum.

March 8th, the world comes together not to asserting the superiority of one gender over another. Not to be extra good to the women in your life. Neither not a day for you to affirm which women that have the charm. March 8 is the day to commemorate the contribution of women across the socio-political around the world.

Okay, since some say my blog is too long, so in conjunction with International Women's Day, i give my tribute to the women that i really respect and admire with only one word. Here we go:

Oprah Winfrey - Inspirational
Audrey Hepburn - Classic

Grace Kelly - Graceful
Ellen Degeneres - Fun
Kimora - Diva
Princess Diana - Kindness
Malala Yousafzai - Bravery

Sheryl Crow - Survivor
Margaret Thatcher - Leader
Aung San Suu Kyi - Fighter 

Even when you're a mess, you still put on a vest with an S on your chest - You're a superwoman, yes you are - Happy Women's Day!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I love football -ers

Manchester United's Champion League ambitions ended when it lost to Real Madrid recently.

And so?Why so happy?

You still need to work your ass off right? It's not that you have won lottery or your wife got pregnant.

Just that one giant football club lost in a league ( i have no idea why so many people hate Man U ) and gosh, the deejays from most of the radio stations are like Man U this and Man U that - seriously, do those straight men have no life at all, and their interest only revolves around football?

Really, there is one local radio station out there that broadcasts live commentaries on the on-going football match.WTH? Whole two hours listen to the commentaries on how one damn ball is being kicked by people? 

If there is a big match at night, you will know that the  topic on the next morning will be the result of the big match. Okay, gay guys don't really care about the result. We will be more happy to know who sleeps with who yesterday night and of course, who got the cutest balls, you know what i mean.

Not only that, we have  few TV stations which claim that it provides 24 hours latest updates from sport arena. I'm so believe that what they are trying to say is sport is football. Really, trying to keep on pressing your sports channel, i bet that four out of five is football.

Then here comes the football expert shares his comments on the match and good lord, he can even give predictions on the upcoming matches! The living oracle. What does he do in his life - studying and researching on one damn ball being kicked by footballers?

To further extend to my amusement on those commentators or football experts, they even do the recording at the mamak stall.  Look, if The View kinda topics i wouldn't mind to watch but an hour long topic on a rolling ball on the field ?

Courtesy from
I don't get it. When straight men talk about football, they will go extremely enthusiastic. They will talk about who scores, who is the best player of the match and yada yada....i'm like do you really know them personally? I bet that the footballers are laughing at you guys coz they earning big bucks by keeping the damn ball rolling on the field. They are laughing all the way to bank and you're dumb ass watching the ball rolling on the field.

I know i will get gay bash after this post. For all my straight guy friends out there which i barely know you, sorry. Rest assured, gay guys hate football but we love footballers especially when they take off their shirts after goal.We are really excited when the ball is getting closer to the goal, not because of the score, we are excited because the footballer is getting closer to take off his shirt.

Let me see, which picture should i use for this entry..hmmp..David Beckham? Well, we like him but we adore his wife more. Torres? Hmmp..i don't think he has the body. I know who! Christiano Ronaldo ....just check out his body! Sexy period!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bloodshed in Lahad Datu

Though the peninsular folks are rarely concern on what is going on in East Malaysia but yesterday, Malaysians from all walks of life were really caught with the development in Lahad Datu, Sabah.

Apparently, around 100 armed men from Royal Army of the Sulu Sultanate landed in Kampung Tandou and did not want their people of Sulu descent to be sent back to home origin. 

Though Malaysian government promised to solve the conflict through diplomacy without any bloodshed - however, after Friday prayers, shootout break out - leaving 12 intruders dead and two of Malaysia's policemen perished.

As this entry is written, there are still remaining members of armed Sulu group holed up in the village of Kampung Tandou, Lahad Datu, Sabah.

As the crisis unfolded pieces by pieces, there are many questions arise here. I'm writing this as apolitical as possible. 

  1. Why the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN)  failed to deter the armed men to reach Malaysian shore while patrolling at the sea on the first hand? RMN has two units of French-made Scorpene submarines with price tag of RM 3.4 billion to avoid the repeat of 1511 Portugese invasion of Malacca. Equipped with submarines, RMN believes they could be offensive to avoid any invasion but now RMN couldn't even handle 100 armed men traveled on boats.
  2. Negotiations was conducted during the crisis. Look, the intruders are armed with rifles, why negotiate and it took three weeks to crush the group? The intruders have nothing dissimilar with the terrorists and our sovereignty was at stake. Don't compromise on our sovereignty and don't negotiate with the intruders on our sovereignty. Smoke them out and kill them!
  3. Police was given the uphill battle task to solve this crisis at the frontline but not the soldiers. 
  4. Slow progress in handling the crisis - the intruders landed on February 9 and now it's already March 2 but yet the intruders are still there. Well, compared to Bersih 3.0, the policemen were so gung-ho to put barb wires, road blocks, and even shot tear gas at its own and unarmed civilians in no time. 
As we're still waiting for this crisis to be over, at this juncture, we owe so much for the bravery shown by our fallen heroes Insp Zulkifli Mamat and Kpl  Sabaruddin Daud. Prayers and thoughts to the victims' family.