Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Springbreak @ Pangkor

Where can we find the best islands in the world with crystal clear turquoise water?

The natural paradise is at our backyard. Malaysia is blessed with its diversity, not only culturally but also in its natural gifts. We have green lush of rain forest which is the oldest in the world and we have the best beaches that make other nations envy - Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian, Langkawi and of course Pulau Pangkor.

I was so terribly stressed ever since post CNY, so why not just sacrifice my very valuable time to soak up the sun at one of the beautiful bitches, i mean beaches in Malaysia, Pulau Pangkor.

Though it's just barely 100 km away from Ipoh but the journey would take up like 1 hour half to reach  Lumut Jetty. Why? It was a torturous road since you have to bear with close to 20 traffic lights at the Ipoh-Lumut Highway.

Let the pictures below narrate my short spring break at Pulau Pangkor.

The 30 minutes ferry ride from Lumut to Pangkor only cost us RM 10 for go and return. As you are approaching the jetty at the island, you would be greeted by huge 1Malaysia logo. Well, Menteri Besar of Perak, Dr Zambry's  constituency is Pulau Pangkor, so you have to endure his posters like everywhere in the island.

As you disembark at the jetty, you have go through three hurdles - a gang of people asking you for motorcycle rental, a gang of people asking you for car rental and the last hurdle is the taxi drivers. Talking about taxi, i just love the taxi there, pinkish in colour - so cute!

We stayed at Pangkor Holiday Resort. I shouldn't complain as we got it at discounted rate. The resort was okay but  it was not peak season, so it was eerily silent at night.

Sunset at Pulau Pangkor. Lovely isn't it? Not at all because you have no idea how dirty the beach was. Pasir Bogak beach wasn't that inviting at all, trust me. It was so dirty,  i didn't even want to submerge myself there
Gone fishing at Pulau Pangkor
washing our feet

Really, unless you have a rented car, you would end up doing nothing at night. Since there are no ferries that transport the cars to island, then how the cars even exist on the island itself? Apparently, if you want to ferry your car to the island, the only option is through cargo shipping which cost you around RM 120-150 for one way. So since we were stranded island, we just sneaked out from the resort and tried local seafood there. We had fried squid blended with salted egg.

We had butter prawns also. Four dishes for three people ended up RM 75+, reasonable but the food has nothing to shout about as i could find those dishes in Ipoh.
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After checkout, since Pasir Bogak was dirty, we went to Teluk Nipah for crystal clear torquiest water. Even along the way, you would be very excited as the beautiful sea is just next to you.

The stalls along the street at Teluk Nipah. You could find myriad of souvenirs here. I know i sound gay but geez, those beach boys, i mean those provide sea activity packages like island hoping, snorkeling, banana boat etc - they are hot! They are so smooth just like porcelain underneath the scorching sun that drives you go ring ding dong. They are definitely straight, sadly - hope i could find some stories about them in gay utopia whether they provide any additional services . I just saying, i don't mean it.

One of the jewels that silver state Perak could offer is white sandy beach with clear water of Straits of Malacca in Pulau Pangkor. Tropical paradise indeed!

You can play with the fish at the shore as well. I'm not joking. The fish really got guts to swim at the shore - so most of the time, i just chased them away. I know Ariel mermaid won't like me.

Ikan bilis (anchovies) at Lumut jetty. I don't know about you, whenever i smell anchovies, it reminds me of my mom's home cook soup....yummy

Satay ikan and sotong bakar! Got to have it!!! It's only RM 10 for 3 packets for any selection

There was rainbow above me. I know someone was having gay sex up there. I mean , beautiful right? I hope it was a good omen for me.

The next travelogue gonna be exciting!!

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