Saturday, April 30, 2016

An Endless Cycle Love Story

I want to know what love is. And I believe you, who are reading this entry, also seek the definite answer of what love is.

Endless love from Ngou and Tan. Courtesy from The Star 
Though we've lost at some point in our lives for looking that very answer, let me share with you a love story.

There's a little town in Perak named Teluk Intan, or Chinese will call it Anson. This peaceful town lived a loving couple, 51-year-old Ngou Yeow Hock and 52-year-old Tan Bee Choo.

As The Star reported, they would go around town to collect recyclable items with their tricycle. Despite being intellectually challenged, they were known among the locals to be a happy and loving couple. Everywhere they went, they went together.

The locals were very fond of them with their lovely gestures. Ngou and Tan were always laughing and in a world of their own. They offered each other food, scooping spoonfuls onto each other's polystyrene boxes.

It was a common sight to witness Tan wiping the sweat off her husband's face as they waited for the traffic lights to turn green.

The couple usually showered at hospital or petrol station. At night, they could be seen sleeping near the 7-Eleven outlet.

Impoverished they might be, the couple lived with dignity and never accepting donations. There was a case which a local offered Tan money but she declined. Instead, she gave it back to that donor's children. Once, another local met Tan at the bakery. She was so happy to see and play with former's child. She even gave the girl RM1.

Homeless, impoverished and hardship were not obstacles to have a smile on their faces and led a happy life.

Cycling with a tricycle came with a price for Ngou and Tan. Many times, Tan fell from the tricycle and even warded to receive stitches.

Sadly, on Tuesday, a vehicle, believed to be a lorry, ploughed into Ngou and Tan as they were crossing a T-junction on their tricycle. The incident killed the couple instantly.

As you are reading this, I know your eyes are starting to be teary by now. But on positive note, their story warms our hearts. Sometimes, we don't need a global figure or Nobel Peace Prize winner to inspire us. Just look at Ngou and Tan story, its simplicity is an inspiration for many of us in many ways and we even need to emulate them.

Hardship comes easily for many of us and it is inevitable in many cases. We struggle every day just to overcome the hardship as if the hardship has overtaken our lives and even made the meaning of life to be somewhat worthless. Please don't be. Hardship is inevitable and so does happiness.

I know life is tough but don't forget to make your life a worthy one by leading a happy life. We will die someday. Let's not reflect those hardship on your death bed, let happy days to be your last reminisce.

Love wise, there are no words to describe Ngou and Tan. Their love story simply proved that - 'to have and to hold; for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part" - exist in this superficial world.

Rich or poor is not perimeter for love. It is the true heart that counts.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Ayam Brand™ Introduces Cuttlefish In Soya Sauce

 Ayam Brand™, a household name in Malaysia has once again made a local favorite more convenient and accessible with the introduction ofAyam Brand™ Cuttlefish in Soya Sauce and Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish in Soya Sauce with Chili.

Traditionally, cuttlefish in soya sauce has been a favorite among families and singles looking for a quick, nutritious dish that is satisfyingly savory. Eaten with steaming hot rice, and some fresh, sliced cucumber it is considered a meal in itself.

Ayam Brand™ selects premium cuttlefish that have achieved large size to obtain big cuttlefish chunks. These chunks are then seasoned in soya sauce and quickly cooked to seal in flavor, freshness and nutritional benefits. Those who prefer it spicy can opt for the variant with added chili.

Serving suggestions
Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish In Soya Sauce or Cuttlefish in Soya Sauce with Chili is perfect no matter the level of your cooking skill and goes amazingly well with diverse cuisine. For a traditional taste, consider Rendang Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish, Sambal Tumis Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish and Curry Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish, which are suitable for any occasions.

 Pricing & availability:
Comes in two variants of Ayam Brand™ Big Cuttlefish Chunks Seasoned in Soya Sauce and Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish in Soya Sauce with Chili, in two sizes; 425g and 170g.

Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish In Soya Sauce and Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish in Soya Sauce with Chili are available at major hypermarkets and supermarkets. The recommended selling price is RM11.66 (425g) and RM6.15 (170g).

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Antabax Nature Now with Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil, For Cleaner Skin, Naturally

The well-loved Antabax Antibacterial Nature range is now more protective of your skin, and the cleanliness of your loved ones, with the added benefits of Tea-Tree and Peppermint Oil.

Research studies show that Tea-Tree Oil has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is proven as a solution for skin that is prone to breakouts and acne, while having strong antibacterial properties to kill germs effectively.

Peppermint Oil contains menthol, which has a cooling and soothing effect on skin. It nourishes dull skin and improves the texture of oily or greasy skin. Peppermint oil is shown to invigorate after a long day.

With Antabax Derma Protect System for 24-hour antibacterial protection, and Micro Moisture Serum that contains skin vitamins for moisturising, each shower leaves your skin protected against 99.9% of germs, yet soft, smooth and well nourished.

Dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin, its formulation comes with additional essences and special ingredients, including the anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin C and E, as well as the rejuvenating effects of essential Vitamin B (B3, B5 & B6).

Antabax Nature is ideal for those with active lifestyles who need the assurance of all-day antibacterial protection that does not dry out their skin. It is powered by Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil, that are known to help in reducing minor skin conditions such as acne, dullness and oily skin, naturally.  Stay active with cleaner, clearer skin with Antabax Nature.

The uplifting effect of the Antabax Nature range is evident from the gentle lather with the green fragrance of eucalyptus, and an ozonic accord that creates a refreshing burst to start the morning, or end the day. The fragrance is fresh but never overwhelming, and is suitable for both men and women.

The products are certified ‘Halal’, giving Muslim users full confidence in using them. Antabax ‘Perlindungan Tanpa Was-Was’.

The Antabax Nature with Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil range retails at:-
»      250ml for RM 6.10
»      975ml for RM 14.15
»      550ml for RM 8.15
»      Packet of bar soaps (Buy 3 Free 1) 120 g for RM5.60
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The 10 Commandments for Youthful Looking Skin

Ready for some eye-opening news? According to a recent study by the University of Göttingen in Germany, the appearance of the skin on a woman's hands, chest, and arms has a huge impact on her perceived age. The 240 participants of the P&G-sponsored study judged women with dull, dry skin to be older than their actual age, and those with smooth, radiant skin to be up to 10 years younger. But here's the kicker: Those delicate areas are especially prone to visible signs of aging, such as sun damage, and a disparity between the conditions of the face and body can exaggerate the overall appearance of aging. So while it's important to put our best face forward, it's time to go full steam ahead with whole-body beauty routines, too. What does this mean? Daily sun protection and moisturization, of course, as well as looking for products that go beyond the basics and fight dullness, dryness, and lack of elasticity on all fronts. Thankfully, advances in skin care are making it as easy as one, two, three....
Hydrated skin not only looks great (glowing, healthy, and even-toned), but it's stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to fend off irritation. Moisturizers contain two skin-saving components: Humectants, such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid, draw water from the air into the skin; and emollients, such as mineral oil and dimethicone, strengthen the lipid barrier, holding in moisture. To keep skin supple post-shower, use a body wash that contains hydrating ingredients, such as jojoba butter, or try an inshower body lotion.
If skin's lipid barrier is compromised and irritants slip through, the resulting inflammatory response
leads to redness, itching, and overall discomfort. Prevent this by using fragrance-free lotions with niacinamide, a skin-strengthening and protecting derivative of vitamin B3. To calm skin quickly, spot-treat
areas of concern with capillary-constricting cold compresses, which draw redness away from skin's surface, or pop OTC antihistamine, which blocks the same chemical that produces allergy symptoms.
Your diet doesn't just affect your waistline— it can also save your skin: Green tea's main freeradical-
fighting polyphenol EGCG not only protects collagen, it could help prevent skin cancer; wild salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which aid skin's barrier-repair function; sweet potatoes are chock-full of antioxidant beta-carotene (synthesized as fine-linefighter vitamin A); blueberries' antioxidant content protects precious cells inside and out; and spinach's antioxidant lutein helps preserve your vision (less squinting equals fewer wrinkles).
While you're fast asleep, your body is busy releasing hormones that boost cell turnover. Take advantage of this nightly skin-renewal window by applying age-fighting actives such as beta hydroxy acid and retinoids, both potent (but sunsensitizing) exfoliating wrinkle-erasers. It may sound tacky, but trade up to satin sheets if you want to realize your dream of sag-free skin: Over time, rubbing and reduced circulation caused by tossing and turning in rougher sheets can create more friction and break down collagen, leading to wrinkles.
Dead skin cells? Yuck! Keep skin smooth and boost radiance with cell-sloughing exfoliation. A physical exfoliant, such as a scrub, a body wash with gentle beads, or a razor (when shaving, of course), buffs away debris, while alpha or beta hydroxy acids dissolve the bonds between cells, so the old cells easily wash away, revealing soft, glowing skin.
Though age and sun damage can cause skin to lose elasticity over time, fighting back is getting easier:
Recent research shows that maintaining a healthy, moisturized epidermis will help prevent the breakdown of the skin's collagen and elastin infrastructure. Look for creams containing barrier-strengthening palmitoyl peptides and niacinamide, as well as caffeine, which can tighten skin on both the face and the body (see ya, cellulite!) by revving up circulation and hydration.
The best way to banish wrinkles before they begin is to develop good habits, such as vetoing sunbathing and cigarettes, which trigger free radicals that damage DNA in cells. Regular application of retinol- or niacinamide-laced creams from head to toe will help thicken skin and boost collagen synthesis, and it's also important to keep hydrated with hyaluronicacid- rich moisturizers—if skin is thirsty, fine lines will be
more apparent. Ready to bring out the big guns? Inoffice procedures such as Thermage can rebuild collagen
from the inside out.
Don't neglect skin below the neck: Brown spots on the chest and on the backs of the hands are red flags of aging just as much as when they appear on the face. Fade them away with products containing melanin-reducing niacinamide, glucosamine, and vitamin C, or visit the derm for an intense pulsed light treatment (IPL), which can quell overactive melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells in skin.
Glowing skin can make you feel sexier and look a few pounds thinner, but avoid harmful rays. Selftanners add sun-free radiance to light-tomedium skin tones and reduce ashiness in darker tones. The active ingredient, DHA, reacts with the outer layer of skin cells, turning them brown. Scared of streaks? Use a daily lotion with a low dose of DHA for a gradual, subtle glow, or try a body wash or lotion with shimmer.
Protect your skin for a beautiful future. A full-on solar defense starts with broad-spectrum sunscreen that guards against both UVB and UVA rays by using a mix of physical blockers (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) and chemical blockers (avobenzone/Parsol 1789). Make sunscreen the first step in your regimen; applying it to bare skin binds it to cells, boosting its efficacy.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Why I'm Still Unwanted?

So my ex-classmate is getting married next month and he is inviting my partner to tag along for the wedding dinner.

Say what? Since when I have a partner lol. Come to think of it, only once in my lifetime that I brought my ex-partner to attend someone's wedding.

I wish I could have a partner to attend all those weddings or formal functions. Not to show off, instead it's a formal introduction of my partner and foremost, recognition of my sexual preference.

It's been more than six months I'm being single. I'm doing great for these past six months. But then again, occasionally I will stop and ponder why I'm still being single and left unwanted. Here are some assumptions I made and I believe you and me share the same sentiments also:

You're Stuck on The One

You have stuck that someone that you loved so much and you were so happy with him. Sadly, that someone has moved one for long time. You realized that there's no point of waiting for him but you have set your mind that ideal partner should be someone like him. In the end, you are wasting your time seeking high and low to find someone like him. Wake up and change your mindset. Let someone brand new get close to you and make him special to you.

Low Self-Esteem

We all have these inner critical voices that tell us we are too fat, too ugly and unattractive. Trust me, I have those voices too. These critical voices are even louder when you are in gay community since body physique comes first above anything else. That's why I always believe that I'm not outstanding in this community since I don't have this physique asset. When we listen to these critical voices, we are shunning people away to get to know you. Nice body will attract another nice body in an instance in this gay community , sad right?


You choose people, people choose you - as simple as that. I'm a very picky person. Look, my friends are really fed up with me for being very picky when it comes to food. Pickiness in me is my nature and this is very bad when it comes to romance. There are two schools of thoughts when it comes to pickiness - being less picky and simply pick someone and give it a shot. If it works well, good on you, if it doesn't, get ready for heartbreak. Another school of thought is being persistence to your pickiness no matter how many years until you finally find someone. And this involves helluva patience. To be honest, I'm not that very choosy. I just want someone who is smarter than me and pleasant to my eyes. I always find smart guys are sexy compared to the topless guys on the street.


Most of us have been hurt in relationships. With time and painful experience, inevitably, we build up varying degrees of bitterness and becoming defended. This process begins even when we were small when we encountered hurtful interactions, it led us to put walls or perceive the world through a filter. These adaptations can cause us to become increasingly self-protective and closed off. However, if you don't open up, how you could let people come into your life? Tear down these walls now!

No Time

That's me haha. You see, I'm occupied with my work and after working hours, I would be death tired. That's why I normally hang out with my closed friends after working hours since we don't have struggle to come out with a topic to talk. Even the air of silence, we would be comfortable. On contrary, if I want to meet someone new, first, I will look very tired and it will be bad for my first impression. Secondly, I don't want that person to feel uncomfortable as I would be quiet when I'm tired.

Just Not Ready

You're are too self-sufficient and do not require anyone to interrupt your life. You obliged to no one and you could do whatever damn thing you want. I feel that sometimes. Having a lover seems like a burden for me cause I need to spend some quality time for me in which my time is very limited even for myself. And I'm too independent and there's no need for me to dependant on someone. But then again, sometimes I do wish someone who could take care of things when I don't have the ability to do so.

Friday, April 15, 2016

You Gotta Have A Body

Water guns here, water guns there, water guns everywhere.

If you happen to be gay, it is most likely that your Facebook is flooded with some guys holding water guns somewhere in Thailand. Yes, it is the annual gay pilgrimage again, Songkran festival.

If you ask our Malaysian gay folks,who are in Thailand now, about what the festival is all about, I'm pretty sure they will reply you that don't have any idea or these responses:

  • I just want to have fun with my friends
  • I just want to have fun with random strangers
  • I just want to have fun with random strangers in my hotel room
  • I just want to check out on hot guys
  • I just want the hot guys to check out on me
  • I just want to spray some water because the weather is too hot
  • I just want to spray some water on the hunks so they could take off their shirt
  • I just want the hot hunks to spray on me so I could take off my shirt
  • I just want to get laid tonight

But seriously, if you didn't know, Songkran is the traditional Thailand New Year marked by throwing water. However, this holy festival is marred by many gays who seize the opportunity to be promiscuous ( I will be stoned by saying this lol). It's true, if not, why gay people especially from Malaysia like to go there like annually. There are three places that gays will flock together - gym, a place to have romance and a place to be promiscuous.

Nevertheless, thank you guys in Thailand right now for giving my eyes some pleasure. I believe you guys had a very painful control diet and workout for Songkran.

Looking at the hot bodies in my Facebook, I always wonder what if I have a nice body too, say, something like Zac Efron? 

So my bud teases me that if one day I have a nice body, I should not post my body picture since I have been labelling all the gays who like to post shirtless pictures as fag. Okay, i won't then.

Anyway, If I ever had a sizzling body, my body will be an asset like shining armour. Definitely, I will gain a lot of attention since the superfical gay folks out there are captivated by one's body and not the nature and the intangible values within that one's body. 

Come to think of it, I guess I will be one of the loneliest person in the world if I have a firm and built body. I can't deny that people will pay attention to me and even to be friends with me but they are fake. They just want to be closer to you so they could be proud that they have a 'friend' who is hot and his circle of friends could pay attention to him also. 

When you a hot body, inevitably, a lot of people will chase after you. Yes, they chase after your body and not what constitute you. In the end, when the people are tired with your body, they just dump you and move on with another new body. So in the end, you are left in despair. 

Having an ugly body is not bad after all. You're safe. Friends and lovers are at least truthful enough to accept your flaw of your ugly body. 

It's late everyone. Good night. For those who are having fun at Songkran, please be safe. You know what I mean. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

April Come She Will

And I said "Yes" to him. Thus, I'm attached.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, please refer to my previous post (simply click here).

Thank you for the best wishes. I posted a picture in my Facebook which depicts that I look like in a relationship with a cutie pie and I even blog a sweet occasion in my previous entry - it didn't happen. It was a April's Fool prank.

The cutie pie is my friend (he's hot right?) and the previous entry was just my random imagination while I was waiting my hair to dry and I wrote my imagination in words piece by piece lol.

I was really touched by your best wishes actually. I was happy that you guys would be happy for me if I were attached. But sadly, it was just a prank.

Fun is over, now back to reality. The reality of second quarter of 2016, fast right?

I don't expect much happenings in this second quarter since my work will preoccupy me, I supposed.

As we enter the month of April, come, let's wish my blog "Happy Birthday". I have been blogging here for four years now. I still could recall I started this blog because I was so emo for one person back then. I couldn't find anyone to confide, so I just blog it out.

You may read my very first blog here.

The person that I mentioned in my very first blog has already found his happily ever after. Even the places that we spent quality time together has been closed down or refurbished. There are no more traces of nostalgia anymore - so moved on.

Anyway, though I'm kinda determined to remain single this year but there are few potentials  to change my mind actually. But I'm rather afraid to go through the love sick thing again. I'm very afraid to fall in and out.

Maybe I'm think too much. It's my taboo to fall in love with a person who doesn't love me.

Such as Mr N who was transferred to somewhere far away. So no point for me to have a long distance. However, I found out that he's back in KL without telling me. Apparently, he is seeing someone!

Then, there was Mr J, my favourite and he has more potential compared to Mr N since former could take care of things. But sadly, he's MIA.

Then there was someone whom I could not mention his initial, apparently, he has gone fancy.

It's late. I know the person I should love the most is A, and that's Alvin. Let's emo and good night.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Piece by Piece

As I reached his front door, my stomach was filled with butterflies. The waiting for him to open the door it was like a lifetime of waiting.

"You're here," he said.

Duh, I was waiting at the door. If weren't me, what else? Some spirit?

Though i was annoyed with the long waiting but once he flashed his smile, I could not stay mad at him anymore.

As he promised, there was in fact a plate of lasagna on dining table. It did look appetizing until I doubt that it was made by him. I supposed he bought from somewhere or ordered from Food Panda.

"There you go" as he handed the cutlery next to my serving before him. I really like people who pass me the cutlery before them, I find this small gesture is really caring.

As we adjourned to dinner, he started the conversation over the dining table with an apology. Apology didn't seem to vindicate him for being MIA recently. I can't reveal why he was missing in action but his reason seems legit.

"Alvin, do you want to take this friendship to another level? I wish we could be more than just friends," he said.

I was like shit, I wasn't ready for a relationship.

"Before you went to MIA, I know we were kinda happy or rather flirtatious with each other. But I never expect this flirting could turn into feeling and love. To answer your question, I really don't know. What you like about me? I don't have nice body and I'm not good looking either," I asked in a calm tone whereas my heartbeat was beating irregularly.

"I told you many many times. If I were looking for nice body or good looking guy, I would have been attached long time ago," he said.

"So you meant that I'm fat and ugly, that's why you wanted to be with me?," I interrupted.

"Yes, in a way. Of course no. You're just you. You are very comfortable of being you. And I'm very comfortable of being myself when I'm with you. I get jealous when you are mentioning other guys. I know I sound selfish and controlling but I just want to be a big part of your world. I want to know how your day was, what you have eaten...I just want to make sure you are alright. And I know you will do the same for me" he said.

"You know I had been in and out of love for many times. People whom I love would walk away from me eventually. I'm scared. I'm really scared. This love thingy will eventually end in disaster and disappointment. I'm really tired," I replied as I held back my tears.

"I had been through of what you have been through. Please forget your past. Let me assure you, I will compensate for everything you have missed or even mistreated by previous guys that you loved. I knowit ain't easy giving up your heart but I really like you," he said as he inched closer to me and held my both hands.

"I will never let you go.   Right from the start, I know I have to make you mine," as he said with his teary eyes.

"Shall we, baby".....