Saturday, April 30, 2016

An Endless Cycle Love Story

I want to know what love is. And I believe you, who are reading this entry, also seek the definite answer of what love is.

Endless love from Ngou and Tan. Courtesy from The Star 
Though we've lost at some point in our lives for looking that very answer, let me share with you a love story.

There's a little town in Perak named Teluk Intan, or Chinese will call it Anson. This peaceful town lived a loving couple, 51-year-old Ngou Yeow Hock and 52-year-old Tan Bee Choo.

As The Star reported, they would go around town to collect recyclable items with their tricycle. Despite being intellectually challenged, they were known among the locals to be a happy and loving couple. Everywhere they went, they went together.

The locals were very fond of them with their lovely gestures. Ngou and Tan were always laughing and in a world of their own. They offered each other food, scooping spoonfuls onto each other's polystyrene boxes.

It was a common sight to witness Tan wiping the sweat off her husband's face as they waited for the traffic lights to turn green.

The couple usually showered at hospital or petrol station. At night, they could be seen sleeping near the 7-Eleven outlet.

Impoverished they might be, the couple lived with dignity and never accepting donations. There was a case which a local offered Tan money but she declined. Instead, she gave it back to that donor's children. Once, another local met Tan at the bakery. She was so happy to see and play with former's child. She even gave the girl RM1.

Homeless, impoverished and hardship were not obstacles to have a smile on their faces and led a happy life.

Cycling with a tricycle came with a price for Ngou and Tan. Many times, Tan fell from the tricycle and even warded to receive stitches.

Sadly, on Tuesday, a vehicle, believed to be a lorry, ploughed into Ngou and Tan as they were crossing a T-junction on their tricycle. The incident killed the couple instantly.

As you are reading this, I know your eyes are starting to be teary by now. But on positive note, their story warms our hearts. Sometimes, we don't need a global figure or Nobel Peace Prize winner to inspire us. Just look at Ngou and Tan story, its simplicity is an inspiration for many of us in many ways and we even need to emulate them.

Hardship comes easily for many of us and it is inevitable in many cases. We struggle every day just to overcome the hardship as if the hardship has overtaken our lives and even made the meaning of life to be somewhat worthless. Please don't be. Hardship is inevitable and so does happiness.

I know life is tough but don't forget to make your life a worthy one by leading a happy life. We will die someday. Let's not reflect those hardship on your death bed, let happy days to be your last reminisce.

Love wise, there are no words to describe Ngou and Tan. Their love story simply proved that - 'to have and to hold; for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part" - exist in this superficial world.

Rich or poor is not perimeter for love. It is the true heart that counts.

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