Sunday, April 3, 2016

April Come She Will

And I said "Yes" to him. Thus, I'm attached.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, please refer to my previous post (simply click here).

Thank you for the best wishes. I posted a picture in my Facebook which depicts that I look like in a relationship with a cutie pie and I even blog a sweet occasion in my previous entry - it didn't happen. It was a April's Fool prank.

The cutie pie is my friend (he's hot right?) and the previous entry was just my random imagination while I was waiting my hair to dry and I wrote my imagination in words piece by piece lol.

I was really touched by your best wishes actually. I was happy that you guys would be happy for me if I were attached. But sadly, it was just a prank.

Fun is over, now back to reality. The reality of second quarter of 2016, fast right?

I don't expect much happenings in this second quarter since my work will preoccupy me, I supposed.

As we enter the month of April, come, let's wish my blog "Happy Birthday". I have been blogging here for four years now. I still could recall I started this blog because I was so emo for one person back then. I couldn't find anyone to confide, so I just blog it out.

You may read my very first blog here.

The person that I mentioned in my very first blog has already found his happily ever after. Even the places that we spent quality time together has been closed down or refurbished. There are no more traces of nostalgia anymore - so moved on.

Anyway, though I'm kinda determined to remain single this year but there are few potentials  to change my mind actually. But I'm rather afraid to go through the love sick thing again. I'm very afraid to fall in and out.

Maybe I'm think too much. It's my taboo to fall in love with a person who doesn't love me.

Such as Mr N who was transferred to somewhere far away. So no point for me to have a long distance. However, I found out that he's back in KL without telling me. Apparently, he is seeing someone!

Then, there was Mr J, my favourite and he has more potential compared to Mr N since former could take care of things. But sadly, he's MIA.

Then there was someone whom I could not mention his initial, apparently, he has gone fancy.

It's late. I know the person I should love the most is A, and that's Alvin. Let's emo and good night.

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