Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Your lover is a control freak

I know I’m not the best person to judge people’s relationship as i myself failed in relationships all the time.
I can be silent of all the unflattering relationships in front of me but once it gets me annoyed, silence will be broken. Especially the relationship concerning my close friends.

Okay, I have this very close friend who is very attached to this guy. Honestly, I don’t like his boyfriend. His boyfriend is a control freak. 

Firstly, he forbids his bf to go out so late. Forbidding someone to go out late is a good gesture as the person shows concern on his partner safety to go out late night. But in my friend case, come on, I don’t think 11 pm is late. Even Cinderella can go home at 12 in the midnight. I think 11 pm is way too early and my friend is a dude. What sickening here is the next day, his bf will quarrel with him for going out so late and as the punishment, he will restrict my friend to hang out with me the next day.

Don’t even think that my friend could ever come down to KL to hang with me and the rest of my friends here because according to his bf “KL is such a dangerous place”. Really? I have  loads of girl pals who travel alone to KL and even to overseas, my girl pal can do it and why not my friend who is a dude?

Here is the epic part: so over the long weekend break, I went back to my hometown Ipoh. So I tried to date my friend out. Prior to that, his bf asked me to hang out with them, I said no because I had unfinished works to do, so I rather stay at home. So I asked my friend to go out the next day when I finished my work. He said no because his bf didn’t let him to do so. Reason being? I did not give his bf ‘face’ or respect as I declined to meet his bf. WTF right? Who the hell he thinks he is? A dictator from ancient history? Why should I give him face or accommodate him at the first place?  A middle finger more like it. I’m not a dog who needs to follow his order, I’m a grown up man. I don’t really care my friend is reading this or not, if he does, just tell your boyfriend to “fuck himself”. Really, and the worst part is that he restricted my friend to meet me up as I did not meet him at the first place.

Yes, until today I’m really pissed with this monstrous dictator. I know I sound disrespectful to my friend but honestly, I feel sad for my friend because I know we’re gay but sometimes gay man have to be real man also, my friend doesn’t constitute a true man after hooking up with him and even a woman is far more better than him. 

He could not make his own decisions, he lost his freedom and he is obeying to his bf religiously. What I worry the most is that he will be forever trapped in Ipoh and couldn’t come to KL or even outstation for his future career advancement just because his bf doesn’t let him to do so.

I really wonder do we need to obey each and every single word from our lover.To some extend yes. Come to think of it, I’m a rebellious  kinda lover coz I didn’t really listen to my ex. He forever asked me to sleep early and I never really listened. Even he was sound asleep, I was still hanging outside. I know he loved me and I disobeyed him doesn’t mean that I don’t love him. I go out late at night and even the things he didn’t like me to do, I would still do because I know it wouldn’t cause me harm and I know the things I want to do is for my own good and I love the things that I’m doing.

Being in a relationship is not about expecting your boyfriend to obey to you or restricting your bf to do the things he likes to do. Give them freedom. Give them a chance to make decision on their own. Even the things that he wanna do sometimes it irks you but seeing your lover happy for doing the things he loves to do, I believe you would be happy too.

I still could recall that everytime I wanna go out somewhere late a night, I would inform my ex-baby, then he would always replied me “Be safe. Rest early”. Maybe too much freedom so we didn’t work out lol…

To my friend, I don’t like your boyfriend and I think you need a new one.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tips on how to be a good female boss

Barely even a week after the guidelines on how to detect homosexual behavior among children, the Malaysian government has come up with another guidelines, yet again. Guidelines circulated last week is homophobic, this week theme is sexist. 

After global embarrassment, the government is not deterred to bring Malaysians into global laughing stock again. Recently, Health Ministry’s MedikTV Facebook posted eight tips on how to be a good female boss. 

After reading this guideline, obviously, the person who wrote this is a male and Good Lord, he must be a sad lonely man or men, should I say  “sissy” who lost their manhood both at home and at the workplace. The people who wrote this must be taking the chances on how terrible their bosses are and venting their frustration via  Facebook. Let’s deliberate the tips one by one.

Tip 1: “relax” and remain calm, in both ordinary and tense situations.
So women now always go berserk all the time at the workplace? So men could remain calm all the time? Trust me, if you have the experience to have male and female boss, you would know who is calmer. I guess the people behind the guidelines have terrible woman boss who screw them up on daily basis.

Tip 2: to consult their subordinates frequently, especially the male employees
Are we living in some sort of Chinese dynasty that every decision has to consult with male counterpart first? Now I know how Angela Merkel, Julia Gillard and Yingluck run the country, by consulting male employees. Seriously, I’m sorry for the dude who wrote this, he must be having a hellish wife who is autocratic in the family. 

Tip 3: should not display their ego and power in front of the junior staff, especially when issuing instructions.
Male bosses display ego and power is fine but not female bosses?  I think the low life writers must be working under the same female boss throughout his damn life. He never experience working under male boss. Regardless male or female boss, ego and power still persist and through that ego and power, only the bosses can execute their authority to run the company.
Tip 4: stop from being too stern and fierce

I guess the men behind this guideline has trauma from domestic abuse from their wives. I’m not surprised that he is the sissy in the family who doesn’t have a ball to make a stand until being a chicken in front of his wife.
Tip 5: to ‘be clever in winning your subordinates’ hearts’.

Women bosses need to win subordinates’ hearts so they could listen to their bosses? If that’s the way women bosses or even male bosses run the organization, definitely, the teamwork in the organization is pretty fragile because it is based on how the bosses win their employees’ heart and not through respective individual responsibility to execute their duties. 

Tip 6: instructions to subordinates should be given in a calm and cheerful manner.
Honestly, I feel sorry for the dudes who did this guidelines because their female boss constantly instruct them in disturbing and pissed off manner – “Hey you! Do this now!!!!”. Does it make any difference on the way the instruction is given to us? Even you have load of work to do and your boss are giving you more tasks for you to pile up but in a calm and cheerful manner, you would be displeased also right? I wonder what calm and cheerful manner means, maybe in a bimbo way –“Hi dear, I have a task for you, please do it ya, smiley!”

Tip 7: Empower their subordinates
The dudes behind this guideline are bunch of losers. If you are capable enough, you don’t need your bosses to empower you.  You would use your talents and capabilities to empower yourself.

Tip 8: Stop annoying their subordinates, by being control-freaks.
If capable employees are responsible in their duty to deliver task on time, the bosses would not have been annoying them to check on the status of their task, the boss would not have been controlling  them to deliver the task. Yes, you said it, the dudes are lazy asses.
MedikTV has deleted the post but they can’t hide their retarded mind among us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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Monday, September 17, 2012

One year on, i'm so moving on

One year ago on 9/11, I received a call and it goes like this:

“Alvin, I think I can’t go on anymore. I have lost all the feelings on you. I’m tired. Why not we just called it off?”

And there is the end of my relationship exactly a year ago.

My ex is genius right? Dumping me on September 11, so I won’t be alone as I could share the sadness with the people around the world to mourn for the 9/11 attacks on America.

The break up, honestly, it was very sudden for me because months before that we went to Penang together and we had great time there. Never knew, he ditched me just like that thereafter.

Though it was like end of the world in the first few weeks after the break up, but the cloud of sorrow was rapidly subsided – maybe because I’m tough person, or maybe because someone brought smile back to my face.

Anyway, a month after I broke up, it was life as usual for me because I know life still goes on.
Surprisingly, my life is whole lot better after the broke up.

Really, I save a lot coz I didn’t even have to travel back to Ipoh and back to KL so religiously. Come to think of it, he should compensate my travelling cost! Not to be calculative but he confessed that he was very tired to meet me everytime I travel back to Ipoh. Hello, after work, I got into my car, braced through the horrible jam and traveled for two hours back to Ipoh just to meet him over the weekend, I’m not tired?

He even confessed that he was seeing someone while we were in the relationship. What a jerk right?

It doesn’t bother me anymore coz I have moved on. Even he comes back to me, I will say no because we will never ever getting back together.

I’m not sure about you but I don’t believe in second chance in relationship. Once a party calls his quit without any hesitation, that’s it, done, no more.

Don’t you feel disgusting to get back to your ex? Really, they are the one who hurt us and left a mess in our lives, why give them a second chance to enter in our life and mess up again?

Nevertheless, don’t get me wrong, we are still friends though he dumped me. I don’t hold any qualms, if I do,it means I still have feel on him.

Strange but true, I could let go the one who ditched me but I still can’t let go the one who picked me up.

Let's end this entry with a dedication to our ex(s)

 I think you're full of shit , I think that life's too short for this. I think I've had enough of this, Blow me on last kiss. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Guideline? Being gay is not a choice, i chose to be honest

Malaysia reached another level of absurdity again. 

Apparently, Yayasan Guru Malaysia Bhd and Putrajaya Consultative Council of Parents and Teachers Associations with endorsement of Ministry of Education has come up a guideline to identify gay and lesbian among school children so the parents can take appropriate measures on them.
Below is the guideline:
For gays:
  • Muscular body and a fondness for showing off the body by wearing clothing, such as by wearing V-necks and sleeveless tops
  • A preference for tight and bright coloured clothes
  • An inclination to be attracted to men
  • A tendency to carry big handbags, similar to the kinds used by women
For lesbians:
  • Showing attraction to women
  • Distancing themselves from women other than their girlfriends
  • A preference for hanging out, sleeping and dining with women
  • Absence of feelings for men
Somehow, I should thank them for coming up this list because they have vindicated me from being gay coz I don’t have those mentioned traits. I have tiny body, I don’t show off my body, I only have two or three V-necks and I don’t even have a sleeveless top. I don’t own any big handbags and most of my clothes are black.

Mom,I’m straight finally!!

Sarcastic aside, not only they have pissed off the gay and lesbian community in Malaysia but they have seriously put the straight men and straight women in negative spotlight. Look, if a straight guy who has tight V-necks shirt in bright colour, so he must be gay? An overprotected girl who is forbidden to hang out with guys by her parents, left with no choice hanging out with girls, so the girl must be lesbian?

Straight men follow the trend and fashion of the gay men, so do we need to punish the straight men as well since they adopt gay fashion?

Muscular body and a fondness for showing off body, let me see which celebrities have this trait: David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, Rain, Matthew Mcconaughey, all the members of 2pm – so are they gay?
Okay, so they are telling the straight guys not to have muscular body and relinquish their healthy habit at gym and be an fat ass? A girl mixes with guy friends have high chances to lead to rape, hanging out with girl friends will lead to homosexuality. That’s very sad for girls coz they are loner in the world, what kind of sexuality they can hang out with? Transsexual? 

Really, man and woman hang out too close will be summoned to court for close proximity, then, what creature should we hang out with? God please, create a third sex for us!!

Our government has always been championing the propaganda of 1Malaysia in which everyone  is equal. Shouldn’t gay and lesbian be equal under the 1Malaysia umbrella? Who am I kidding; Malaysia even doesn’t recognize the basic human rights for the gay and lesbian. Statutory rape is okay in Malaysia but never ever okay for gay and lesbian lifestyle here.

 I’m grown up adult. Even if my mom notices that I share the mentioned traits , I believe she will goes like this “So you’re gay huh? Please be good. Don’t go out and play around”. I know most of the parents will rather be conservative to have a gay child, but being a parent boils down to one point; they just want us to be happy in our lives. I’m gay and I’m happy about it because being gay is not my choice and it’s my nature and I’m proud to be honest of being gay at least I’m not pretend to be straight.

What I concern the most are those school children. What if they are gay or lesbian and have those mentioned traits, definitely it will lead to bullying and teasing among their schoolmates. I can’t guarantee the school teachers will be objective enough to protect them, sidelining more like it. Repercussion of this: depression, could not focus to their studies and refrain from mixing with people, greater repercussion: suicides or distance themselves from society or have low self esteem when they grow up.

I wonder what kind of remedies to straighten up these gays and lesbians. Put them in detention camp or rehab? Give them religion lecture? I don’t know why people like to drag God whenever there is a homosexuality issue. Bitch please, being gay is not a choice. God created me like this and I’m forever be grateful for Him. So you are questioning God’s almightiness?  Blaming God for creating a child who has same sexual preference?

Before I end, kudos for those retards who came up with this guideline. They are a bunch of shallow and lazy asses who blindly set up this guideline without thorough studies. I bet most of their working time is spent on Facebook.

Long live alternative lifestyle!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple Unveils iPhone 5 (Live Feed)

All eyes will be set on Cupertino, California once again asApple is to unveil the much speculated iPhone 5 with a big, beautifultouchscreen, connectivity to blazingly fast telco networks and improved batterylife.

Be among the first to watch the live stream/ telecast of the unwrappingthe new iPhone by Apple here!

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream
Don't worry, below is the scheduled time of thepresentation/launch across major cities on September 12/13:

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 1.00 am Thurs
  • Hong Kong - 1.00 am Thurs
  • Tokyo - 2.00 am Thurs
  • New York - 1.00 pm Wed
  • Moscow - 9.00 pm Wed
  • Taipei - 1.00 am Thurs
  • London - 10.00 am Wed
  • Seoul - 2.00 am Thurs
  • Sydney - 3.00 am Thurs
  • Singapore - 1.00 am Thurs
  • Beijing - 1.00 am thurs
  • Bangkok - Midnight Thurs

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jealous, Weeping

Everytime  I see a couple doing their lovey dovey gesture in front of me,good lord, how I wish I have that courage to slap the bitch lol..

None of business, honestly, it’s their prerogative to show their affection when they are in love. But it really irks me if they get too raunchy. If they are so horny, why don’t get a room?

That’s the case for the strangers who pass you by, what if the person you put feel on, your crush to say the least is seeing someone and on the way to be hooked up. How do you feel?

Through my unfortunate series of love journey, I did encounter once before – my heart just broke off entirely without any ounce of feeling when I realize that he is seeing someone else. That time I did not really confess to him coz I was afraid that it would spoil the friendship, so I just held my silence. And my silence had made someone took him away from me.

I died in jealousy more than sadness consuming me. I would envy the person as the person is so lucky or should I say talented enough to capture all his heart and attention. Whereas for me who allocated all my hope and all the efforts I sacrificed ensued with nothing in return.

There’s nothing I could do. Fighting seems worthless, waiting seems pointless. I guess I just be a silent spectator who watches his favorite character taken away in the whole monologue.
Sometimes I do wish that I could take more action to get him. But I never dare. Not because I’m a chicken, just because i already know that the chances to get him is real low, I could never bare to watch of losing my friend as well. You can’t force, you can’t have that both.
I never have the things I wanted since I was small and even now. All the dreams and hope I put on ,all end up in disaster and heartbreak – the trend continues to live on until now.
But at least it’s not so bad, he is the best I ever had when I was loving him silently in a masquerade named ‘friend’.
Gosh, I could ever forget our Christmas celebration. It was the best Christmas I ever had.  But for him, I don’t think the Christmas we spent will hold any significance.

I know it’s already September, as we are approaching to month 
of December, things and even the atmosphere will be begin to look like Christmas.

Damn it, this year’s Christmas was promised to be celebrated at the happiest place on earth. Who am I kidding? Don’t even dare to have a slightest hope to go there with him as the promise is already broken. I guess he will be more than happy to celebrate with mr whoever and don’t even give a damn about me. Well,  preparing for another unfulfilled Christmas wish. Thanks. Santa.