Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tips on how to be a good female boss

Barely even a week after the guidelines on how to detect homosexual behavior among children, the Malaysian government has come up with another guidelines, yet again. Guidelines circulated last week is homophobic, this week theme is sexist. 

After global embarrassment, the government is not deterred to bring Malaysians into global laughing stock again. Recently, Health Ministry’s MedikTV Facebook posted eight tips on how to be a good female boss. 

After reading this guideline, obviously, the person who wrote this is a male and Good Lord, he must be a sad lonely man or men, should I say  “sissy” who lost their manhood both at home and at the workplace. The people who wrote this must be taking the chances on how terrible their bosses are and venting their frustration via  Facebook. Let’s deliberate the tips one by one.

Tip 1: “relax” and remain calm, in both ordinary and tense situations.
So women now always go berserk all the time at the workplace? So men could remain calm all the time? Trust me, if you have the experience to have male and female boss, you would know who is calmer. I guess the people behind the guidelines have terrible woman boss who screw them up on daily basis.

Tip 2: to consult their subordinates frequently, especially the male employees
Are we living in some sort of Chinese dynasty that every decision has to consult with male counterpart first? Now I know how Angela Merkel, Julia Gillard and Yingluck run the country, by consulting male employees. Seriously, I’m sorry for the dude who wrote this, he must be having a hellish wife who is autocratic in the family. 

Tip 3: should not display their ego and power in front of the junior staff, especially when issuing instructions.
Male bosses display ego and power is fine but not female bosses?  I think the low life writers must be working under the same female boss throughout his damn life. He never experience working under male boss. Regardless male or female boss, ego and power still persist and through that ego and power, only the bosses can execute their authority to run the company.
Tip 4: stop from being too stern and fierce

I guess the men behind this guideline has trauma from domestic abuse from their wives. I’m not surprised that he is the sissy in the family who doesn’t have a ball to make a stand until being a chicken in front of his wife.
Tip 5: to ‘be clever in winning your subordinates’ hearts’.

Women bosses need to win subordinates’ hearts so they could listen to their bosses? If that’s the way women bosses or even male bosses run the organization, definitely, the teamwork in the organization is pretty fragile because it is based on how the bosses win their employees’ heart and not through respective individual responsibility to execute their duties. 

Tip 6: instructions to subordinates should be given in a calm and cheerful manner.
Honestly, I feel sorry for the dudes who did this guidelines because their female boss constantly instruct them in disturbing and pissed off manner – “Hey you! Do this now!!!!”. Does it make any difference on the way the instruction is given to us? Even you have load of work to do and your boss are giving you more tasks for you to pile up but in a calm and cheerful manner, you would be displeased also right? I wonder what calm and cheerful manner means, maybe in a bimbo way –“Hi dear, I have a task for you, please do it ya, smiley!”

Tip 7: Empower their subordinates
The dudes behind this guideline are bunch of losers. If you are capable enough, you don’t need your bosses to empower you.  You would use your talents and capabilities to empower yourself.

Tip 8: Stop annoying their subordinates, by being control-freaks.
If capable employees are responsible in their duty to deliver task on time, the bosses would not have been annoying them to check on the status of their task, the boss would not have been controlling  them to deliver the task. Yes, you said it, the dudes are lazy asses.
MedikTV has deleted the post but they can’t hide their retarded mind among us.

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