Tuesday, September 4, 2012

If it's not like the movies

Have you watched Katy Perry’s latest 3D part-biopic and part-concert film centering her humble beginning to her stardom – Part of Me?

 I watched it over the weekend. Please don’t ask me to judge the movie because I’m such a huge fan of her, so I will give you a not very objective answer – “simply great”. You will love her even more after watching this movie. 


At the tender age 17, she left LA to purse her dream to be, not to be anyone else, but to be Katy Perry. Rejected by record labels thrice, car impounded twice and she was so broke that she needed to ask for money from her younger brother! 

But she never gave up – through perseverance, she believed that Katy Perry would be a phenomena in the pop culture.

Her perseverance paid off. Without it, there would be no Katy Perry today. California Girlz, Teenage Dream, TGIF and many many #1 hits –selling over 11 albums worldwide, grossing over $60 million of California Dream World Tour and of course being the only female artiste to have five No.1 hits from one single album!

Aside from the thrilling sweet confectionary of her concert, one of the touching scenes from the movie is the moment she and Russell Brand got divorce. Gosh, I could feel her pain-she was crying her heart out until everyone at the backstage was left dumbfounded whether to cancel her concert – in which it was just hours before the show. 

Nevertheless, she loves her fans so much, the show rocked on as usual. The professionalism of hers was apparent when she was crying with her full lollipop costume and her make up on, just before she emerged from the  stage, she wiped away her tears and put a smile and blasted out Teenage Dream.
Can you tell me one good reason not to love this girl?!

Anyway, not only Katy Perry, we were shown and told by real life experiences that only through believe and perseverance to make your dreams come true. But should we believe and persevere for waiting the one you’ve fallen into as well?

I’m not the only one who has this experience of waiting of someone that you believe that one day you and him/her will be together.

I know it’s wasting hell load of your time and even wasting your energy. The common advice will be: find someone who deserve  you.

But aren’t we taught to be perseverance and believe in whatever you want to have? Does it apply to relationship as well?

I don’t know because believe has failed me many times. If I make myself believe once again, I wish that I don’t have to wait for another life to be someone’s girl. I know that one fine day will come...like what Katy Perry sings:

If you can't see the sign, wait for it
One-hundred percent, worth every penny you spend
He'll be the one that finishes your sentences