Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 : Bitter

As self-define in title, 2015 is indeed a very bitter year for me.

In April this year, I've lost my beloved grandmother who lost her battle against cancer. Barely two months thereafter, my grandfather discovered that he had cancer. The discovery came too late and he was too old to undergo any surgery. Not even six months after my grandma left, my grand dad passed away in September. In between that, another loved one of mine had left, he was my second ex.

This year also, I've ended my relationship with my partner. It will be pointless if we want to play blame game here. I believe each party has to take responsibility and initiative to make a relationship work. It was a mutual decision. I decided to let go because he deserves better and I'm not the person for him. I know that I can't give him happiness. So it will be pointless to waste each other time.

Aside from bitterness, to sum up, I've been living in my memories throughout the year, unfortunately.

The memories in the past will always be beautiful, am I right? Since it is so beautiful, inadvertently, we tend to go back to the past. The memories will lead us without realisation. If you find happiness in your past and if you are able to regain happiness in front of you, then I'll be very happy for you.

Though my happiness is in my memories, but I know i will never regain it. Happiness will never favour me anymore.

But on lighter note, I'm delighted that four of my girl pals got married this year. I have watched them how they fell in love. It really warmed my heart when I saw them walked along the aisle in their wedding gown. I hope my day will come eventually, oh well.

It's already late. Sleep early and gear up for the countdown tomorrow alright? Who am I kidding? I don't even have plan nor date for my New Year countdown. I guess it's okay. I can watch the fireworks from my window pane.

Happy New Year everyone and I can't wait for this shitty year to end!

I know I will end my last entry of the year with my favourite song for entire year. But 2015 is a great year for music. So it's pretty hard for me to select one song for this year. So to be fair to everyone, let's rewind the popular songs of 2015 by Youtube itself:

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Sexiest Boys Alive 2015

I hate it. I hate to write this entry because it serves as reminder that I'm getting older.

But since it's a yearly legacy, so let's continue of what I've been doing for past four years. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, without any delay, it's a great honour for me to present you, The Sexiest Boys Alive in 2015.


Taron Egerton - Taron who? The cute Eggsy in the movie Kingsman. Who doesn't like this 26 year-old lad from UK. I don't have any fondness towards white men but I literally got crush on him. He's handsome, boyish and the trait i like the most, sense of humour. I guess James Bond may have a little bit of competition now.

Paul Rudd - Who ever thought a tiny ant could make into the list this year. Yes, only Rudd can with his blockbuster movie hit Antman. You will be glad to know that this cutie pie will be reprising the character in Captain America: Civil War in 2016.

Justin Trudeau - We have many reason to envy Canadians. In addition to its peaceful and developed status of the country, the maple leaf country has a very hot and sexy Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Compared to ours, wait a minute, it will be a disgrace for us to put him next to Justin. Good on you, Canada!

Chris Pratt - I know I featured him in last year's list but his stardom doesn't seem to fade away ever since Guardian of The Galaxy. He even made it bigger this year with Jurassic World. We will see a lot of him in Guardian of The Galaxy 2, The Avengers 3 and 4, Lego The Movie 2 and Jurassic World 2. I hope he doesn't have mental breakdown since he's too good not to be missed.


Ki Hong Lee - Last year, I featured Dylan O'Brien since he was such a cutie in The Maze Runner 1. For the sequel this year, I'm afraid I have to shift the focus to his friend, Minho (real name Ki Hong Lee) - he really stole the limelight in Scorch Trials. But sadly, he's already married  :(

Charlie Puth - It's been a long day without you my friend - I guess you are sick of this song but not the talent and look of Charlie. Don't you think he is so boyishly cute?! He nailed three Grammy nominations with the coveted Song Of The Year. Let's wish him all the best!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Did you watch The Walk? It is like one of the best movies in 2015. Aside from the beautiful storyline based on Phillipe Petit, Joseph's acting skill is par excellence. This 34-year old hottie had come a long way ever since 3rd Rock from The Sun. In 2016, we will see him as the controversial Edward Snowden in the movie Snowden. Really can't wait.


Eddie Redmayne - I don't think anyone deserve an Oscar except Eddie this year (glad that he won Best Actor). His portrayal of Stephen Hawking was simply surreal! Oscar buzz is running that he will grab Best Actor for second consecutive year for his breakthrough transsexual character in the movie Danish Girl. I'm sorry, Leo.

Pic: Twitter

Miles Teller - I know Fantastic Four is a flop but you have to give some credits to Teller beyond this floppy movie. He was handpicked by non other than Nicole Kidman for the movie Rabbit Hole in 2010. He also acted in Whiplash which garnered scores of nominations from The Academy.

Sam Claflin - Sam who? Okay, Finnick from The Hunger Games. I think he is way hotter than Liam Hemsworth. Just check out his body in the movie, it's a killer! But sad to say, he's already married :(

There you have it folks. Take the 10 hottest men above and start the new year with a bang! :)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Soon It Will Be Christmas Day

I believe you have watched Steve Harvey's Miss Universe announcement blunder. Damage is done and Ms. Philippines has been crowned as Miss Universe. Life goes on.

But come to think of it, instead of blaming Harvey, i believe he deserves some credits. Look, he took the blame, he took the responsibility and he apologized wholeheartedly. His embarrassment was already immeasurable unless there was a conspiracy behind. Apparently, the conspiracy theorists alleged whole thing was staged to boost the falling ratings of Miss Universe. If it were, they did a great job.

Okay, we paid too much attention to Steve Harvey, Miss Columbia and Miss Philippines. But there was someone who we might fail to notice; Miss Bulgaria. If you didn't notice, Miss Bulgaria was the one who encouraged Miss Philippines to go to centre stage and take the crown. See the picture below:

Yes, we need a Miss Bulgaria in our lives. In fact, I'm blessed that I have few 'Miss Bulgaria' in my life. You see, after I broke with my ex few months back, I entered in this ambiguous stage. I knew that the right thing I should do was to step out of it before going deeper. Thanks to my Miss Bulgaria who kept pushing me out from the deep hole. That's why I love them so much. 

And yay, I'm all enlightened now, it's all good now. You may call me silly but while I was walking to carpark from my client's office, it was a long walk and BJ Thomas's Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head kept playing in my head. Can you see the extensiveness of the enlightenment?! Come, all together now: 

The rain drops keep falling on my head. But it doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red. Crying's not for me coz I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining because I'm free...nothing's worrying me....

Yeah sounds so happy but later on I will be emo since I'm dateless on Christmas Eve. I guess I have to deal with it. 

Though Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are both equally important occasion for me but it's okay to be alone right? I guess there is no need to beg for a companion on Christmas Eve.

Actually, I kinda wish to celebrate with him, at least to have him as my company on Christmas Eve but nah, fate doesn't allow me to do so. It's okay. I believe I deserve better as I believe that myself is ain't that bad and I've been a good boy ever since I was born.

Meanwhile for Christmas Day, I know who I want to celebrate with. The person deserves nothing but my love. See you on Christmas Day.

Since it's Christmas Eve, as the rightful owner of this blog, I would like to wish you a very merry Christmas. Have a joyful one.

Let's end this entry with one of my favourite Christmas carol; Sleigh Ride. This is the Disney version, which I watched for the very first time at the tender age of three. My mom bought me a set of VHS of Disney Very Merry Christmas back then.

Look! Mickey Mouse is everywhere in the video, even Mickey Mouse Junior. Talking about Mickey Mouse....

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Flash 2 Tops Lazada’s December 12 Sales Chart as the Most Popular Smartphone in Southeast Asia

A three-day shopping festival launched by Lazada, the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, was concurrently being staged in the 5 countries, including the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam from December 10 to 12. 

What is worth noting is that the Flash 2, which had been selling well in Southeast Asia, set several new sales records during the December 12 shopping season, winning the top spot of the December 12 sales chart and becoming the most purchased and popular smartphone with local consumers.

Lazada data show that the Flash 2 topped the sales charts in all 5 countries and was the undisputed mobile phone sales champion in the 100$-150$ price range. Not only so, the Flash 2 also won the 2nd among all product categories. In addition, single sales of the Flash 2 increased by over 600% in both Malaysia and Vietnam. In the Philippines, Flash 2 sales rose at a startling rate of 1073%.

The popularity of the Flash 2 in Southeast Asia not only stems from its powerful configurations and performance but also benefits from its perfect mobile phone-based photographic capability. Equipped with a 5-inch IPS HD screen, the Flash 2 features the best dimensions for single hand operations. With a MTK MT6753 8-kernel, 64-bit processor inside, the Flash 2 can achieve fast, seamless switchovers between multiple tasks. Adopting a 3000mAh lithium battery of ultra long life, the Flash 2 can support 5 consecutive hours of video playing or 30 hours of music playing nonstop.
The rear camera of the Flash 2 adopts Samsung ISOCELL sensors which are the mainstream in the industry, with an ultra large aperture of ƒ/2.0. Together with a dual color temperature RealTone LED flashlight, it can provide better imaging quality and color fidelity and ensure outstanding photo taking under dim light. In addition, the Flash 2 is equipped with a 5 megpixel Profie Cam as its front camera, which has OV5648 1/4" sensor and an ƒ/2.2 aperture. It can achieve automatic focusing on the human face and capture clear face profiles. This makes the Flash 2 an essential major weapon for selfie fans.

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‘Life Hacks’ on Cooking, Home-keeping and Nutrition

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This is where life hacks can cut down time and make the cooking and cleaning experience less taxing. Available at, these life hacks are an essential reference for modern families and singles that may not be as familiar with short cuts to food preparation, cooking, cleaning and storing food.

Among the tips are daily challenges such as‘How to chop onions without tears? How to bake a better cake? How to cook pasta without mess? How to remove stains from coffee mugs? How to clean scorched pots? How to add Omega 3 into your diet? How to avoid sandwiches from becoming soggy and many more.

Get your Life Hacks from Ayam Brand tips.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

So This Bitch...

So lately I've been catching with my close friends. It was really great to see them again though they would give critical comment on my outlook.

You see, friends come and go. Only true ones will stay.

Nevertheless, you still remember those high school days or even college days when you have tonnes of friends to hang out? But as we grow older, our friends will gradually distance from us. Too busy with work, too attached, settled down or just plain lazy are just few of the reasons given. But I'm pretty sure that our friendship will survive though we are not close as used to be.

I'm proud of my friends actually. They are smart, living thier lives literally, they are doing the things that they really love at least. And my gay friends doesn't like to reveal their body in social media and they dress decently. I know it's not my body and why I need to care so much on what they do with thier body.

You see, I just don't want shrimps around me. Shrimp, aside from edible seafood, it's also a term that I like to use to refer those gay guys who have body but don't have the brain. Look you only eat the body of the shrimp but not the head right? Trust me, if there's a game show entitled "Who is smarter than gay hunks", I guess those gay hunks will lose big. Basically, most of them are bimbo.

Talking about bimbo, my acquitance's nude pictures had been leaked out in Tumblr. Apparently, he took nude pictures for his e-book in the name of modelling and photography. Unfortunately, one of his buyer posted his nude pictures in Tumblr and the rest is history. So now everyone can see his cock.

How I know? He has been lamenting in Facebook that his nude pictures has been leaked out in Tumblr over, over again. He even screenshot his nude pictures in Tumblr and posted in Facebook. That's how I know. I guess I would not be alone to log on to Tumblr instantly to see his nude pictures. Seriously, if you have to bear the responsibility and face the risk if you want to do nude photography right? Furthermore, why need to shout to the whole world that your nude pictures have been leaked. You are just inviting more and more people to see your cock silly. Unless, you want attention then it will be different story.

Aside from bimbo, I don't like my friend to brag. It's okay to brag but don't brag those things in your fantasy and never exist. I don't like my friends to pretend that they are listening to me while they are literally playing with Jack' D or Grindr. I'm physically in front of you but why pay so much attention to those galore of gay virtually?

Okay okay, too much negativity here. I like my friends to bitch others. Joking. I don't make preferances to forge a friendship nor I have any prerequiste to be my friends. But I like to be comfortable with my friends. For those who I comfortable to confide in, you guys are great. Proud to be your bitch.

Sorry for writing too long coz my hair takes long time to dry. Alright, it's late. Good night.

P/S: I watched Star Wars: Force Awaken and Han Solo died. SPOILER!!!! Since it's Star Wars craze currently, why not end  my entry with its signature theme:

Friday, December 18, 2015

Zyllem Makes On-time Delivery A Reality This Festive Season

The year-end festive season is upon us and consumers are getting caught up in the spirit of giving to the delight of family and friends. For convenience, exclusivity and the element of surprise, online shopping using mobile technology is increasingly the go-to option.

With the best online deals available closest to the festive holiday, gift shopping peaks from December 20th to December 24th.

Will these gifts be delivered to families, friends and to the purchaser, in time for the festivities?

Enter Zyllem, aleading logistics solutions provider that offers fast, trusted and cost-efficient same-day delivery services within the Klang Valley, even during peak shopping periods. Users can access Zyllem’s services on the Zyllem app on iOS or Android, with services starting from as low as RM9 per delivery for items up to 5kg throughout the Klang Valley.
Zyllem’s partners see the opportunity to fulfill local delivery orders in the Klang Valley this holiday season, among them are BloomThis and These retailers will boost their Christmas sales capacity by leveraging Zyllem as their delivery service partner to get last minute purchases to their customers, on time, every time.

According to Zyllem Malaysia, Country Managing Director, Nabil Feisal Bamadhaj, the company is the preferred choice to complement retailers’ last mile delivery demands as it empowers retailers’ customized packaging to reach their customers, providing a critical competitive differentiator that is a brand asset for their businesses.

“Zyllem plays a vital role in any retailers business as consumers today expect same-day delivery and strong retailer branding be it in their online or offline shopping experience. With our delivery solutions, businesses can build a deeper connection with consumers that encourages brand loyalty,” Nabil explained.

“For consumers we want them to associate Zyllem with the spirit of generous giving and thankful receiving, as we deliver gifts to them and their loved ones this festive season,” Nabil explained.

By leveraging Zyllem logistics platform, top online retailers are managing the peak holiday shopping season with greater ease, and peace of mind that purchases will be delivered.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Alce Nero Gives Sweetness To The Festive Season

For the upcoming festive seasons add a healthy touch of natural organic sweetness to desserts, pastries and cakes with the newly introduced Alce Nero Organic Mixed Berries Jam.

Alce Nero, the leading organic brand in Italy, offers an exciting range of pastas, pasta sauces, honeys and jams for the eco-conscious and health conscious connoisseur of fine food.

Alce Nero’s fruit jams are made from a high content of superior quality organic fruits; 270g of fruit make 270g of finished fruit jams that contain no added sugar, pectin, preservatives or additives for the natural taste and aroma of fruit.  Alce Nero jams include strawberry, plum, peach and the newly introduced mixed berries.

Alce Nero jams are perfect at breakfast with bread or pastries, in muffins or cakes, even as a relish with roast chicken, over yoghurt or ice-cream for a healthy natural sweetness among many other tasty options.

The Alce Nero mixed berries jam is a balanced blend of organic strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries that combine sweetness with tartness for a flavor that sparkles on the taste buds, and that will add a special tang to any meal or snack.

This festive season make desserts a showstopper with Alce Nero jam recipes that are bound to impress family, friends and guests alike with their fresh taste, consistency and aroma, as well as their health benefits of being high in fiber, and free of added sugars.

Among the recipes are Sponge Cake, Mixed Berries Jam Muffins and Peach Mousse Dessert.

Give these Alce Nero recipes a try and amaze friends and family with the delightful dishes that you serve this festive season.

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

All I Want For Christmas Is...

So I watched 'The Last Woman Standing' by Shu Qi and Eddie Peng couple days ago. Please don't watch it. It was a very boring show. I barely kept myself awake throughout the movie unless Eddie appeared in the scene.

But then again, Shu Qi in the movie was a lot like me - a stubborn one, especially in relationship.

Though her age was getting bit mature but she didn't bother much. She knew that she wouldn't be happy if she blindly hooked up with someone for the sake of marriage. Instead, she would choose what her heart chooses.

Just like me. My buds are rather bit concerned that I couldn't dust off the past and move on.

As if I didn't want to move on. You see, when you tasted the perfection and when the heart has chosen, it's very very hard to change my mindset.

I doubt I would see a glimpse of him for this Christmas. Maybe I should go against Christmas spirit this year and get a visit from Krampus. But then again, people say that all the good things will come to the good ending on Christmas. Let's see how it goes alright?

If you ask me what I want for Christmas this year, all I want for Christmas is him. I really do :(

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Logistics innovator Zyllem announces launch in Malaysia

Logistics startup Zyllem today announces its regional service expansion into new markets Malaysia and the Philippines.

A Singapore-based leading logistics solutions provider, Zyllem will begin offering fast, reliable and cost-efficient same-day delivery services within Malaysia’s Klang Valley from today.

Zyllem enables and connects existing resources – freelance or local couriers, delivery drivers – to create reliable and efficient distribution networks, in turn creating a large number of jobs in this market.

Accessible via computer or any mobile device, Zyllem’s technology equips businesses with a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution to seamlessly and efficiently manage their logistics needs. This cutting-edge platform is available without any setup cost, complex systems amalgamation and tedious coordination among intermediaries.

Proven in Singapore over the past two years, the services will now be offered in the Klang Valley, and in the Philippines’ Metro Manila area.

Users can access Zyllem’s services on or the Zyllem app on iOS or Android, with services starting from as low as RM9 per delivery for items up to 5kg throughout the Klang Valley.

“Zyllem is entering this market as an innovator, providing small medium enterprises and large corporations with a simple yet efficient platform to fulfil their logistics needs. Malaysia’s Klang Valley is the most densely populated area with the highest e-commerce traffic. Therefore it makes perfect sense for us to begin operationsin this area with its population of 7.5 million,” says Nabil Feisal Bamadhaj, Country Managing Director, Zyllem Malaysia.

“We are also currently working with the Malaysian government who is keen to explore our platform that provides job opportunities to the public. We have very exciting plans for this market,” he added.

Zyllem is a play on the botanical word ‘xylem’, which alludes to connectivity and transportation of essentials, and reflects precisely the company’s value proposition to Asia. Zyllem’s vision is to broaden its technology and service footprint in the region, with a long term plan to connect the world.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Reebonz Brings The 12 Days of Christmas To Life!

‘On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, a partridge in a pear tree’. 

Reebonz is bringing to life the Twelve Days of Christmas, an English carol that features a series of increasingly grand gifts over 12 days during the festive season. Running from December 7th to December 18th, 2015, Reebonz’ take on this festive extravaganza comes in the form of luxurious surprises, discounts and mystery gifts that will have every fashionista celebrating as it is among the longest and best online promotions this festive season.

Reebonz is the trusted online platform for buying and selling a wide range of new and pre-owned luxury products. Reebonz makes luxury accessible by giving members more privileges from the world of luxury through an easy shopping experience.

Among the highlights of this campaign are one-priced selections of curated luxury products, Secret Santa Sales with discount up to 60 percent, Naughty or Nice quizzes, hourly picks at attractive prices, gifts of the day with any purchase and much more festive merrymaking! Each day will feature different products and offers, so visit daily to snap up the best in luxury for less.

In addition, with every RM2,000 spent during the 12 Days of Christmas extravaganza, customers will receive RM200 in credits that they can use to shop the Reebonz New Year Eve sale, for a gift that keeps on giving.

Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo are among some of the on-trend and classic luxury must-haves that you should look out for during the Reebonz 12 Days of Christmas event.

Monday, December 7, 2015

If Tomorrow Never Comes

It was utterly heartbroken to learn the passing of Tunku Laksamana Johor, Tunku Abdul Jalil.

His humility will always be remembered and his fight against cancer will always be an inspiration.

Many of us have lost our loved ones at tender young age. Even this year, I have lost my ex who passed on at the age of 27.

Life ain't certain and ain't immortal. So I ponder this question, what if tomorrow never comes for me? Will you be sad or am i just a dust then will be vanished in the air?

I don't think I have any regrets if tomorrow never comes for me. However, that's a thing in life that I feel that I should have done better, filial piety. Well, not like I disown my parents and I'm very honour to be their son. I make myself to go back to Ipoh every fortnight or more to spend quality time with them. Just that I should do it better to give them living that they deserve.

Do i ever regret for being gay? Well, my sexual preference is not a choice but God gave me this speciality and I have to live with it. If I ever have next life, I don't think I want to be gay anymore.

You see, gay people live base on one formula. Look good + nice body + rich. If you have these three elements or even one of it, you would be worshipped by other gay. Trust me, gay life is this superficial. If you don't have either of the element, I'm sorry, nobody will take notice of you. Your existence is like a mud on the pothole. And people keep running through it and pushing you down even further. Sucks right?

Anyway, other aspect in my life I should do better is that I shouldn't be too stubborn. Maybe I'm an Aquarian, when I want a particular thing even though it does not favour me, I will keep my persistence and preserve until I achieve that particular thing. Efforts and times are insignificant when it comes to my struggle for achievement. When I don't get what I really want, I will be emo and that's why you always see me emo.

My stubbornness also applies to my perspective in love. I always fall into wrong people. I wish I could be wiser sometimes when it comes to love.

I guess I'll be a forever gazer, gazing other people's happiness. Sometimes I really wish that I could be in their shoes, to feel the love which it's so pure. Sometimes I wish that I really wish I was the groom to walk down the aisle.

I thought I found my happily ever after but it wasn't so, he didn't choose me. I moved on, found other one but wasn't suitable to be my happily ever after. So what I have now? It's just myself and writing this lonely blog.

Sometimes I wonder why people didn't choose me. Am i that bad? Sometimes rejection implies that I have way too many flaws. From my attitude to my look. Oh well, maybe I'm not that good enough. It's not maybe, it's a fact.

Rejection could be hard to swallow sometimes. I learned in a most painful way. You try to tell yourself to move on but your heart will always go back to the one who rejected you because he was perfect for you. For those who rejected people, you never knew the pain has to endure. Never underestimate nor even ignore his attempt to be with you for which it came from a sincere heart.

Gosh, I'm afraid the more I write, I will cry. Alright. Good night.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Eliminate Stigma

In conjunction with World AIDS Day yesterday, The Malaysian Insider ran an article entitled 'Study links hookup apps for gays to HIV epidemic, but activists point to stigma'.

It was an interesting article though I doubt Daud's claim that he only met 10 men throughout his years using Grindr since 2010. 10 men, seriously?

Come on, be honest with me, we play Grindr, Hornet or even Jack' D - sometimes we meet more than 10 in a year.

There are many reasons we have those apps in our smartphones.

Yes, it's true, our main aim is for hookups. Yeah, when it comes to hookup and gay; casual sex or one night stand comes into your mind right? Hey, straight men hookup for sex also okay?

I can't deny that most of the hookups are meant for casual sex but it's also a platform to make friends as well or even to find a lover. To be honest, I've befriended a lot of genuine friends through those apps. My friends even found their love partners from the apps too. Seriously, the article is slightly unfair to portray gay men in Malaysia as a bunch of promiscuous people who are looking for sex in those apps, which eventually lead to growing numbers of people with AIDS.

Be it gay or straight, technology is not to be blamed here. Like what Dr Ilias Adam Yee said "People have been meeting up for sex even before the development of apps".

Even without those gay apps, gay men will always have their ways to find sex partners. Gay sauna, gay massage parlours, gay club, some gym and even Facebook - when they need sex, they will find a way, trust me. Gay men will create more wormholes to connect with each other when more efforts from the authority to curb the rise of gay practices.

It's utterly unfair to have generalization that gay men are synonym with AIDS. HIV virus doesn't categorize whether you are homosexual, heterosexual or even bisexual. It's a transmissible disease so sexual orientation doesn't play a role here.

As reported, a comparison of new HIV infection from 2005 to 2014 found that they only made 28% of the reported cases of transmission. The bulk of new infections came from heterosexuals (50%) while 19% were from drug users. Overall, there were 105,189 reported cases as of December 2014.

So ladies and gentlemen, stay safe. And stop discriminate gays or even people with AIDS - they have suffer enough. Answer the unity call to fight this plague.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Soak In Luxury with Reebonz This Festive Season

The year-end festive season will be upon us soon. Get ahead of the crowd and bag the best of accessible luxury from Reebonz for yourself and your loved ones for style essentials that will become wardrobe staples. 

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Key festive colour trends include red, white, gold and silver, with black as a staple.
Red Alert
Red is timeless and appropriately festive, drawing the eye and making a statement be it in the boardroom or at a party. It is also very much a key Autumn/Winter 2015 colour trend.

Choosing a red bag or shoes is a fashion statement in itself as it does stand out in a sea of black or neutrals.

A red Salvatore Ferragamo Beky bag will see you through festive visits, and will transition seamlessly as a boardroom must have.

However based on your personality you can play up or tone down the red through the shade, size and height of your accessories for example a large scarlet tote compared to a sleek, slim burgundy red clutch; or maroon ballet flats versus crimson stilettoes.  

The Saint Laurent Classic Monogramme Clutch in New Red is a perfect style statement to sashay into dinner parties or elegant events. Pair it with Valentino Garavani Rockstud Ballerinas for an edgy and chic look this festive season.

Red accessories make thoughtful gifts for significant people in your life as it adds uniqueness to even a belt or wallet.

Go for Glamorous Gold
Unleash your inner diva with a touch of luxe gold accessories this festive season and observe as all others bow down before you.

While gold accessories may not always be workplace appropriate unless you are in creative fields or entertainment but you can make the gold handbag, flats or heels a party or weekend essential, to announce your fashionista cred from afar.

Bask in the limelight with a pair of glittering classic Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Flats. Layer on more gold with a metallic leather Alexander McQueen De Manta Clutch. Dress down with jeans and a white tee and barely there make-up, or let your accessories take center stage against a matte black ensemble and a bold red lip.

Select gold accessories for the flamboyant individuals in your life, they will wear it with flair. A pair of Chanel Pearl Drop Clip-On Earrings will make the special lady in your life – be it your mother, sister, wife, boss or BFF know just how much you treasure her.

White Out Whimsy
For the ultimate in high maintenance minimalism opt for white. In gloss, matte or with subtle shimmer it is for the Ice Queen who is ultra confident that stains are unable to penetrate her aura of invincibility.

Pair with a black outfit for high contrast, or be ethereal in white on white layers. Either option will make you a style maven that others envy.

Be an Ice Queen this winter with a lightweight and stylish Issey Miyake BaoBao Lucent Flap bag that is au courant.

Showcase your mastery of Winter Whites with either the Balenciaga Giant Gold Mini City with its vintage crafted lambskin leather body or the Chloe Small Emma Shoulder bag. As you strut in your white power suit or float by in diaphanous layering, you will be noticed.

Shimmer, Shine and Studs
The festive season and year-end parties are the time to indulge in shine and shimmer and edgy studs, especially for your night look.  Accessories with heavy hardware, sequins and high gloss and glitter finishes work best for people with big personalities and a strong sense of personal style.

Pair with dark leather to channel your inner biker, or be a pageant queen in head to toe sequins and shine. This look is not for the faint-hearted!
Among Reebonz’ picks are Versace Studded Medusa Wristlet Clutch for an added edge to your look.

For the diva in your life, present the Valentino Garavani Rockstud iPhone Case that will shine as bright!

Back To December

Hello December, we meet again.

I really like December for many reasons. December has always this indescribale sentimental feeling.

Sentimental feeling arises because it's the final month of the year.  If it was a good year, I would find it hard to let the year passed. If it wasn't, I couldn't wait the year to pass. In fact, 2015 isn't a good year for me, I could no longer wait for 2016 to come. A brand new year, a brand new beginning, as they say.

I guess the most valid reason for this sentimental feeling in December is because of Christmas. Yes, I like Christmas. It's so heartwarming to see Christmas trees along with evergreen Christmas carols to illustrate the joy of this festive season.

For me, Christmas is even more romantic than Valentine. It will be just perfect to spend the Christmas Eve with the one that you truly treasure and love.

Unfortunately, I broke up few months ago, so I don't have any special one to celebrate with. My bud always tease me that I shall celebrate alone by playing Eason Chan's Lonely Lonely Christmas.

Anyhow, I don't feel like celebrate it. Maybe I'm getting old and I come to realization that my life will be forever alone. And yes, forever alone for my Christmas, forever alone for my New Year and forever alone for my birthday. It's okay.

But since it's Christmas that we're talking about and we have to speak only the truth for Christmas, deep down in my heart, I have a wish for this Christmas. It's just a wish which I doubt will come true no matter how good boy I have been throughout this year. No need for me to ask because I know the answer will always be 'no'. Why should I drive myself for rejection over and over again right?

For what I know that my existence has long vanished in his life. Oh well, life goes on.

Since it's Christmas, let's play a Christmas song - Christmas should be joyful, alright!

"The greatest gift that there could be, wrapped underneath my Christmas tree. Would be the same, my whole life through. I'd spend the perfect Christmas with you. And though the winter seems so long, my faith in love has kept me strong. So if I had one wish come true, I'd spend the perfect Christmas with you".