Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Falling From Cloud 9

Have you ever woken up without any worries at all and the contentment is right up to the ceiling as you open up your eyes?

And the world was just at the palm of your hand which you could easily turn it inside out.

The confidence turned you into a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger and defying the laws of gravity.

What a pleasant anecdote above right?

I used to live the contended life above. Come of think of it, I was happy back then.

But where did the contended life go? Even happiness seems to be a stranger for me now.

An old adage goes, life is like a rollercoaster that we have to ride it. I was in the ride that brought me to cloud nine. But unfortunately, it the ride was so high and suddenly, I tripped and I fell hard to the ground.

I'm still enduring the pain. I know days ahead are tough, but I know i could persevere.

In times like this, I wish could have someone to talk or at least cheer me up, at least zone out for  a moment.

I know you will say I should get a boyfriend so he could take care of me. Nah, not at this moment since I don't I'm fit could be anyone's lover. It's getting late. You get early rest alright?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

With a Little Help from My Friends

So I was eating KFC alone since it was late and I couldn't find anyone to have late dinner with me. Yes, cholesterol and fattening but I had been craving for it for quite sometimes.

While I was peeling the chicken suddenly, my bud passed by with his partner and a bunch of friends. We just waved and he walked away. Never knew he would turn back and entered to say hi to me. It was embarrassing actually since I was peeling off the skin so my fingers were oily. It was good gesture of him to turn back.

Then I realized my other friends who were not far away from me also. I didn't see them for like years and it was good catch up with them.

Though we parted our ways but there were times I recalled those moments that I had with my friends. I miss them.

I had so many friends back then especially during high school and college. Where are they now?

They have their own life to lead. Some of them even got married. And most of them are too occupied with work. And of course, we are ageing, we tend to be stay at home and rest. Don't laugh, soon it will be your turn to realize the privilege of waking up without alarm nor phone buzzing.

As you grow older, the number of your friends will be lesser. However, those who stay as your friends, please don't neglect them, I believe they are your true friends.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

UiTM Puncak Alam and Cap Buruh Cooking Oil Distribute Bubur Lambuk

In conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, UiTM Puncak Alam, through its Hotel and Tourism Management Faculty and  Cap Buruh Cooking Oil, distributed more than 8,000 bowls of Bubur Lambuk Cap Buruh to students and staff of the UiTM Puncak Alam and UiTM Puncak Perdana campuses, here today.

The massive bubur lambuk distribution program is part of UiTM’s 60th anniversary celebrations, and its Ihya Ramadhan program. The distribution is believed to be among the largest bubur lambuk programs to be held by the university.

The leading Malaysian public university partnered with Cap Buruh Cooking Oil, a 63-year old household name in Malaysia, based on their shared history of serving Malaysians with the best for six decades.

Bubur lambukis a spiced rice porridge in beef broth, traditionally distributed through mosques during Ramadhan. The porridge is cooked in large cauldrons as a community effort, and the preparation and cooking time can take up to four hours.

Bubur Lambuk Cap Buruhis special and more delicious, with a creamier taste as the spices and aromatic ingredients are stir fried in Cap Buruh cooking oil to bring out the fragrance. This closely guarded recipes has been served to and commended for its taste by Malaysian royalty including the Yang DiPertuan Agong.

It is spiced with cloves, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, fenugreek and black pepper, among others and includes meat, fried dried shrimp, caramelized onion, ground nuts, coriander and parsley for a savory, yet light start to Iftar.

UiTM Selangor Rector, YBhg Prof. Dr Haji Zaini Abdullah symbolically launched the program by joining the deans of 8 UiTM faculties in stirring cauldrons of Bubur Lambuk Cap Buruh.

“Ramadhan is a month of reflection and for sharing and caring towards our fellow men. UiTM is pleased to be able to share the blessings of this holy month with our students and staff, even as our organization celebrates its 60th anniversary. We are also thankful to Cap Buruh for their contribution in allowing us to reach more people,” Prof Dr Haji Zaini Abdullah said.

Bubur Lambuk Cap Buruhis the brain child of UiTM Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management Senior lecturer, Mohd Shazali Mohd Sharif who developed the recipe and has fine-tuned it for over the last decade.

“When we planned this program, we decided to offer the best that we could to the students and staff. This recipe had been well-received by Malaysian royalty, and we decided to share it with all. With Cap Buruh cooking oil’s collaboration we could offer the same level of taste,” En. Shazali said.

Cap Buruh collaborated with En Shazali on improving the taste of the storied recipe, tweaking it to enhance the fragrance and texture of the porridge, making for a more pronounced spice taste and aroma that will whet the appetite, without greasiness.

The collaboration was undertaken to provide a more meaningful and delicious start to Iftar during this Ramadan season for the students and staff of UiTM, as part of Cap Buruh’s on-going efforts to serve the community.  

A spokesperson from Cap Buruh Cooking Oil, Cik Nur Ili Mustafa said “Cap Buruh cooking oil is always ready to serve the community in meaningful ways with tangible assistance at community programs. We are honored to assist in enhancing this recipe to make it more delicious for the students and staff of UiTM, and to join them in the hard work required to share this special meal during Ramadhan.”

Cap Buruh Cooking Oil is made from 100% high grade palm olein. It is rich in Vitamin E, with no cholesterol. A distinctive feature of Buruh Cooking Oil is its unique formulation that is laboratory proven to have a high retention of natural antioxidants that protect the oil from oxidative deterioration after each frying cycle. Essentially these antioxidants extend the durability of Buruh Cooking Oil, allowing reusability for three (3X) frying cycles.

Forget The Haters Coz Somebody Loves U

Mommy I love you
In the club they shooting
Trapp in the bathroom
Call police
Im gonna die

His mother, Mina Justice, tried to reassure him that she'd called 911 and help was coming:

Calling them now.
U still there?
Answer your phone.
Call me.
Call me.
Justice replied: Call them mommy
Im still in the bathroom
Hes coming
Im going to die

He then went silent. Eddie Justice was among the 49 who didn't make it from the terrorist attack at Pulse gay night club in Orlando.

Terrorism doesn't recognize your creed, your race and even your sexuality preference. It could happen to you and it could happen to me without any given warnings. 

What we learned so far that the terrorist Omar Mateen was upset when he saw two men kissing in Miami few months ago and this might trigger  him to do such a heinous act. Yes, we could consider to put "radical Islam" in this incident since he pledged his allegiance to ISIS, but in broader perspective, do you think his act was rather a hate crime, homophobia to be more precise.

I hope this recent incident will not spur another hate crime on my community, LGBT community. Sadly, after this incident, some dimwitted parties were in celebratory as they believed gays deserved to be slay. Even sadder that some of these dimwitted parties come from my country. 

You see, there is nothing wrong being different even against the norms of the society. Being a gay is an acceptance of being who we are. Being a gay is a freedom to choose the way that we want to lead. 
I still do not know why some people do not get this simple concept of being gay.

Who are they to judge us? We do not judge them for being straight, right? Who gives them the authority to be moral police? Only God could judge us and only God could be our moral police. 

Please do not brandishing the word 'religion' towards us. If you believe in God, He created me with this sexuality preference. Aren't you going to punish me for being gay, in other words, criticizing the work of God in creating me?

We may be different in sexuality preference but in many ways, gays and straights share the common similarities. We work hard to earn decent money, we love our parents, we pay our taxes, we eat the same food, we take the same food and the list goes on. 

Trust me, coming out and being gay is not an easy task. I had been there since I came from an all-boy school. "Sissy" and "Faggot" were some of the unwelcoming words that I had to swallow. But I didn't hold any grudge on them since I respected their view on LGBT. I only blamed their minds which were rather shallowed.

If anyone makes any homophobic insult on you, just walk away. They are just insecure that you are more fabulous than them. Don't waste your breath to retaliate. Compose your poise and always tell yourself that being different is a pride. Being different is an acceptance of who we are.

Before I end my note, my prayers and thoughts go out to people who are affected in Orlando massacre. For those who lost their loved ones in this incident, always remember, they are resting in pride now. And for those LGBT out there who are still struggling, don't forget, the rainbow is just above you. 

Love At First Brush

How many Malaysians ever give some thoughts about their toothbrush?  Can they tell whether they are using the right toothbrush or not?  Many, at the same time, still have the misconception that the harder the toothbrush, the better.

Malaysians’ perception on good oral health may be inaccurate. Based on the National Oral Health Survey 2010, 95% of Malaysian adults perceived that they have good oral health. However, one in three still experienced oral health problems affecting their quality of life in the past three months. This difference between the perception of oral care, and the reality of oral care has resulted in an increased prevalence of periodontal disease amongst Malaysian adults over the last 10 years.

SYSTEMA, the number 1 toothbrush brand in Japan, that is quickly becoming a favourite in Malaysia, has made it their mission to close the gap when it comes to better oral health care by spreading awareness on choosing the right toothbrush to more people.

Consumer surveys reveal that 8 out of 10 consumers love SYSTEMA toothbrushes after their very first brush, and have switched over from their hard bristles toothbrushes to enjoy the benefits of the brand’s patented 0.02mm soft tapered bristles that cleans more gently yet thoroughly.

Inspired by its Japanese heritage of oral health and driven by its parent company Lion Corporation’s guiding principle of keeping 20 more of their own teeth even until the age of 80, SYSTEMA’s ‘Love At First Brush‘ mission is to help 1 million Malaysians in choosing a soft tapered bristles toothbrush for a good start to better oral care.

Celebrating consumers’ preference for the brand and its wide range of toothbrushes, was the theme at the launch of the Love At First Brush consumer campaign.  Present were deejays from some of the hottest radio stations in the nation namely Prem and Aishah Sinclair from MixFM, Abby Fana from SinarFM and Haniff Hamzah from ERA, all of whom have shared their Systema Love At First Brush experiences.

Monday, June 13, 2016

First Time Traveling Solo?

By Jaimee Ratliff, Huffingtonpost.com 

Ah, the most complex question about traveling alone: Is traveling solo safe?

And, if it is actually safe, what are ways that you can ensure your safety when you’re on the road?

After I wrote about why you should travel solo at least once, I received several emails asking for tips on how to stay safe when traveling the world alone. So, I decided to turn the answer into a blog post to help as many people as I possibly can to get over that initial fear and to just book that amazing trip already.

When I took my first solo trip to Europe two years ago, I was completely terrified and almost didn’t go, to be honest. I read so many solo traveler’s stories and thought how the hell can I ever be that brave. The reality was, I could. But, I let all the crazy movies and news stories muddle my thoughts about traveling abroad to the point that I almost didn’t even book the ticket! It would have been one of the worst mistakes I would have made to date and I also would not be in the position to inspire others to do exactly what I did — which would have really sucked too.

But, I did it. And guess what? I’m still alive! I eventually silenced my fears and I refused to continue letting my mind come in between me and exploring the world in a new and exciting way.
Now, on to why you came to this post in the first place. Here is how I practice safety during my solo adventures and what I’d suggest to you as well.

1. Know that being “safe” is relative.
First and foremost, let’s give ourselves a little reality check by remembering that things can happen to anyone at anytime regardless of our location in the world. In case you don’t believe me, just turn on your local evening news. There are probably several examples of unsafe things going on in your very own city right now. Not trying to be pessimistic Patty. Just sayin’. Whether you are traveling with a friend or alone, backpacking in Europe or going out for a night on the town in your own neighborhood, you can only control yourself and not others. Look at it like driving a car. You can control your performance on the road, but you can never predict the danger that another driver may cause. You just can’t. So knowing this, why worry like crazy and limit yourself to just your home country anyway? Get out and go!

2. Make sure someone knows where you are at all times.
Your mom. Your boyfriend. Your uncle. Someone close to you should always be aware of your whereabouts when you are traveling far away from home. Before I went to Spain, I compiled my entire itinerary into a single document for five of my closest family and friends to have at their fingertips. This document contained my flight schedules including the name of the airlines and flight numbers. I included other important information such as the hostels I stayed at and the address and contact number. When I rode the bus from Madrid to Barcelona, you can bet my mom was the first one to receive all of my reservation information. Doing this can be very tedious, but it makes your loved ones feel more at ease and it makes you feel better too.

3. Stay in contact with family and friends while you’re on the road.
Providing them with all of your itineraries and reservations isn’t enough. Always remember to use some form of communication to let them know you’ve reached your next stop and that you are safe. Whenever I travel, I always use the messaging app WhatsApp to constantly stay connected with everyone. As long as you have wifi wherever you are, you won’t eat away at your data and your phone bill won’t get outrageously high. Another option is obviously Skype. Whatever method you choose, stay connected.

4. Make copies of important documents.
I always make sure to travel with a copy of my passport and driver’s license. When I stay in hostels, I tend to keep the originals locked up in my room and I’ll carry the photocopies around with me while I explore. That way in the unfortunate event that anything does happen to my purse, I always have the originals right where I left them.

5. Pack light.
Packing too many things not only weighs you down, but it slows you down. The less stuff you bring with you, the easier it is to move around quickly should you end up in a situation that you need to get out of fast.

6. Don’t draw a lot of attention to yourself.
Tourists can be spotted from a mile away. From the big fancy cameras that we lug around to the huge maps that we hold close under our eyes with puzzled expressions, we just aren’t that hard to spot in the first place. The last thing you want to do is show up in a new country with your largest pieces of expensive jewelry. The easiest way to not attract unwanted attention is to leave those items back home. Also, even if you are a bit confused by which direction you are going, try not to lose sight of your surroundings. Look at the map, but remember to look up too so you seem purposeful and not vulnerable.

7. Be cautious about pickpocketers.
I was informed before I traveled abroad that pickpocketing is huge in certain areas of the world, particularly in Spain. I always made sure I wore a crossbody bag that stayed positioned toward the front of my body so that I could always feel my belongings. For guys, I’d suggest not putting anything in your back pocket. They love when you do that. It makes their job easier.

8. Make new friends but use good judgement.
It’s inevitable that you will make some new amazing friends when you travel solo. That’s the beauty of going it alone! Go out, have fun and explore with them, but always be mindful that you did just meet them. If you’re going out to a bar, don’t drink as much as you may drink back home with the friends you’ve known forever. Always remain aware of your situation and surroundings.

9. Always go with your gut instinct.
It never steers you wrong. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. If you find yourself in a situation that’s not what you expected and you’re not having a good time, leave.

10. Remember to have fun!

Don’t get too bogged down with worrying about traveling solo that you forget to enjoy the experience. Take chances, live a lot and enjoy the adventure!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lose Myself

Have you ever felt that you just wanted to continue to sleep without waking up?

Not being lazy per say, but I have been experiencing sleep paralysis lately. I'm not sure it's the correct term but sometimes I really struggle to wake up but I couldn't though I'm well aware that I'm in a deep sleep. My whole body becomes paralysis. I know it sounds like the movie Inception but my struggle is real.

What if I gave up my struggle to wake up, would I be death in my sleep? Is this another way of committing suicide?

Feeling hopelessness or no reason to live, feeling trapped or in unbearable pain, acting anxious or agitated, withdrawn or isolated - these are some of symptoms for people who have suicide tendency. To be honest, I have these symptoms. 

The world used to be colorful for me with much hope and happiness. But not lately, I see my world as a bitter winter without any sign of living in my sight. 

I feel hopeless without any reasons for me being existing on this Earth. Yes, there's not a single value in me for myself and for people around me.

I feel lost without any sign of direction.  I could not find any meaning for me to wake up everyday. Everyday of my life is like a template - repeat, repeat and repeat. 

I miss the old me actually. It was so fun to be an old me. So many laughter with so many friends around me.

I wonder those laughter gone. I guess the  laughter are suppressed with my worries and uncertainties in me. 

My friends-well, I believe that they have their own lives to lead and they are leading a happy life indeed. I shouldn't bother them and disrupt their state of contentment.

I hope they see me good though I always wonder how they think of me. Strong and happy go lucky? That's not the case actually, I'm weak and I'm not happy most of the time. Maybe I'm always acting strong in front of them so they have this thought that Alvin is fine. Sometimes, I wish they could know that Alvin is dying inside. 

I do get envy sometimes that they lead a happy life. I do get even more envy when I see them doing the things that I have been longing for. Maybe our fates are different, they are slight luckier than me. Or maybe I don't deserve all that. I should learn to be contented. 

Get a lover, Alvin.

I'm not sure is the right time since I don't want that very person to share my burdens. I know one of the roles for being a bf is to share your partner's burden but not my case. 

And there is a person has left a benchmark in my life and that's why I can't find a new lover. I promise myself that the next lover has to reach the benchmark or above the benchmark. 

I know it is unfair but the person who left the benchmark had given me so much happiness and "love" that I could recall vividly until now. Without a doubt, he really taught me what kind of love and a person that I should have for my life partner. 

I know being gay is to have fun and filled your life with colours. Gay is fun but superficial at the same time. There's no value of being gay. The only value which matters is your body. The better physique of your body, the higher value you are. People will swarm you. 

On contrary, if you don't have body or cute face, you will be shun away. People will ignore you and don't even think you got a reply when you say hi. Ugly right? If you come across those people who have hot body but acting arrogant, always remember that you eat the shrimps for its bodies but not the heads because the heads taste awful.

Before I end my note, I always have faith in people especially people around me. So don't let me down. 

Road Trip : Sekinchan

So my friends told me that there is nothing much in Sekinchan.

Once you have visited the paddy fields, made a wish upon the wishing tree, stroll along Redang beach and made yourself filled with seafood, that's it, you are done with Sekinchan.

So I went to Sekinchan over the weekend, I never knew those four attractions there could be so fun.

Though the journey could be so painfully long, around 1.5 hours from KL but once you have reached Sekinchan, it will be very convenient to navigate around since those attractions are located in the same vicinity and the town is small.

So how to travel to Sekinchan? You walk for 30 hours from KL, then you will reach Sekinchan. Come on, use your Waze and for Sekinchan, Waze is fine. And the coverage is pretty good there.

Paddy Fields

The piece of flat green land in the horizon signifies the Sekinchan's well welcome to its little town. Yes, you have reached the trademark of the town, paddy fields.

Since we didn't do any homework prior to our trip, we just randomly crashed into one of the factories which is opened for visitation (RM 5 per entry with free small packet of rice)

Please don't waste your time there because it was so crowded and I was like in the old folks home. Please don't get me wrong, I have utmost respect to senior citizens but not to those who didn't queue up. You could never imagined how chaos it was at the rice grain shop. My gosh! And they were really dare to walk across the diva! They should make way for the diva who is making his entrance.

Nevertheless, though it was chaotic but my 15 minutes patience were paid off with the cold cendol above. What made this cendol so special because it was mixed with brown rice and it was so refreshing and nice!

Wide open spaces indeed

Wishing Tree

I bet 60% of the wishes on tree are winning lottery lol. Though I'm pragmatic person but I did make a wish upon the tree. I even made three wishes! My wishes were to get a handsome boyfriend, to get a rich boyfriend and he shall bring me to Paris. Nah, my wishes were rather personal.

To get the red ribbon, you just have to make donation to the temple - donation without any required amount. Let's see my generosity pays off by making my wishes come true.

Redang Beach

My advise is don't get into the water since it was pretty dirty. Though there wasn't any water activity but the seaside was really bustling with souvenir and drink stalls. Well, for us, we flew a kite! FYI, the rainbow coloured kite had nothing to do with my sexuality preference, so happened there wasn't any choices left at the stall. I must say the bluish sky really blended well with the rainbow kite.


Pardon me as I forgot the name of restaurant that we went to in Sekinchan. Come on, Ir an out of gingko ok.

The shop is a modern white building at the main road which has many seafood restaurant and turning to Redang beach. 

Anyway, though wasn't very packed but we waited for an hour just to get served. But it was all worth it. The food nice and the seafood was superbly fresh. And most of all, we had rude shock of our lives that it could be so cheap! We ordered mantis prawns, steamed fish, egg and prawn omelette and vege - it was only RM 60!

Though it only has limited attractions, but I really enjoyed my trip. Definitely will make second visit!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Not Today

[Spoiler Alert]

The cinema hall went eerily silent as William Traynor stayed firmed and adamant on his decision to have euthanasia no matter how hard Louisa Clark persuaded him not to do so.

The moment Lou walked into William's room for the final words and final look, I could hear the audience sobbed weakly as if they were down with running nose suddenly. I have to admit here that I could not hold back my tears either when William sang Lou's favourite song before he ended his life.

Yupe, I'm talking about Me Before You, which currently showing in the cinema. Please bring two packets of tissue with you because the movie is really a tearjerking. But on other hand, you will really enjoy the romantic spark between Lou and William. It is really funny how both of them teasing each other. And you will admire the undying support from  Lou to William just to make him to change his mind.

[Spoiler Ends]

I really admired William. Well, aside from being super hottie, he also managed to give himself a timeline on when to give up his life.

"Don't give up" - We learned this phrase ever since we were little. These three words  will be leading our lives ahead. I know we should adopt this determination spirit for us to grow and for us to achieve more but is it okay to give up?

I really don't know. Maybe it's my ego, I always see "giving up" is something that implies you are loser and useless. But after this movie, giving up is not always a bad connotation after all.

It's okay to give up. Giving up doesn't mean that you are loser. Giving up means that you know that you have tried very hard but your effort didn't achieve what you really wanted. When you are at this point, you would realize things are not working and it is not meant for you. Giving up means you are wise enough to realize that you are not going to waste any more time. Instead, you are encourage to take another venture into something else that you believe that would be workable for you, at least higher chances to achieve it.

There are many things we could give up like giving up in pursuing the person that you like. If he or she doesn't show any interest on you, just give up and move on. There are plenty potentials out there. You could even give up on your lover. I know love is eternity but he/she is just your lover, not your spouse, they are not irreplaceable. If you are not happy in the relationship, i don't see any point to maintain it, if the efforts by both parties are not working, just give up.

The other thing you could give up is your job. I know we are very ambitious and want to be successful in our career and that is given. Job should be taken seriously but when you realize the job you are doing is not really you want as in the passion dies off, please don't waste time and don't waste your company time and effort. Quit and find another job that you really really want.

Let me tell you this, when you are leaving your job, you are just leaving your physical workstation. Maybe your colleagues will miss you, maybe for few days. The ugly fact is that the company will find someone to replace your workstation and replace you. The company is still generating revenue with or without you.

However, when you leave your parents and move out from your hometown to work, you are leaving your home. Your parents will miss you each and every single day. They could not find someone to replace you. They do not need any revenue from you, they just want your presence and concern to affirm that you still care for them. Home and family and your parents are the things you could never ever give up. They are irreplaceable.

So William could give a timeline of six months  before he gives up, what about you? Where we draw the fine line between don't give up and enough is enough?

When we are in trouble or just in the state of life that you don't want to be,we always tell ourselves that things will be alright and it will get easier somehow and someday. But every morning we wake up, we are still in the same state without anything changes. "Not today" seems to greet you every morning and every night.

Days and days have gone but you are still in that puddle of mud. Freedom is out of reach. By this point, you will be very exhausted. And thus this is the right time to consider to give up.

I know it is such a disappointment to give up. But someday your realize that there were no slightest regrets for giving up. The giving up part moulds you of what you are today, in fact, it's even better than you initially you wanted to be as you learned what are the areas that not working for you.

Have the courage to give up.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Ayam Brand Presents Healthy & Convenient Ramadan & Raya Recipes

Ramadan and Hari Raya will be upon us very soon.

This time of fasting and celebration is also an opportunity for families and friends to come together to enjoy home-cooked meals that are made with love, healthy and satisfying.

Ayam Brand™, famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free, products presents healthy and convenient Ramadan and Hari Raya recipes that even busy professionals can whip-up, in time to breakfast or on Hari Raya itself.

The brand has developed a selection of five savoury and sweet recipes that are healthy and convenient to prepare, yet so delicious that they will leave everyone wanting more.  

Sayur Lodeh, a local delight inspired by Javanese cuisine is made easy by Ayam Brand™ by combining the which rich creaminess of Ayam Brand™ Coconut Milk with  Ayam Brand™ tuna for the gravy. Vegetables add the fiber. Can be a full meal with steaming hot rice.

Lamb evokes a strong Middle Eastern and Mediterranean feel, add in Kumara or more commonly known as sweet potatoes for a more exotic touch, and more fiber. . With Ayam Brand™ Coconut Milk and Curry Powder combining for a creamy base, this is a hearty dish that complements rice or breads such as capatis and naans. Add a simple salad for a quick meal that the whole family will savor.

The piquant Ayam Brand™ Coconut Seafood Salad is a side dish that will easily become the star of any meal. A salad base of simmered coconut milk, garlic and lime juice with prawns and calamari rings is paired with mango, capsicum and bean sprouts to give a combination flavors that will burst in the mouth.

Thirst quenchers are a necessity when breaking fast, and to put out the fire of spicy foods. Try the Ayam Brand™ Chilled Coconut Fruit Smoothie that combines cranberry and pineapple juice with Ayam Brand™ Coconut Milk for a healthy mix of sweet and sour flavours in a rich base. An exotic thirst quencher when served cold. 

For dessert, the exquisite moist Ayam Brand™ Lemon Syrup Coconut Cake is a stand out that is light and acts as a palate cleanser to the richer foods that came before. It is also a beautifully easy and to make and delicious cake for any celebration.  

For more healthy and easy recipes, and for more information on Ayam Brand™ as well as wide range of recipes, please visit www.ayambrand.com.my or join Facebook; Ayam Brand™ Malaysia.