Sunday, June 12, 2016

Road Trip : Sekinchan

So my friends told me that there is nothing much in Sekinchan.

Once you have visited the paddy fields, made a wish upon the wishing tree, stroll along Redang beach and made yourself filled with seafood, that's it, you are done with Sekinchan.

So I went to Sekinchan over the weekend, I never knew those four attractions there could be so fun.

Though the journey could be so painfully long, around 1.5 hours from KL but once you have reached Sekinchan, it will be very convenient to navigate around since those attractions are located in the same vicinity and the town is small.

So how to travel to Sekinchan? You walk for 30 hours from KL, then you will reach Sekinchan. Come on, use your Waze and for Sekinchan, Waze is fine. And the coverage is pretty good there.

Paddy Fields

The piece of flat green land in the horizon signifies the Sekinchan's well welcome to its little town. Yes, you have reached the trademark of the town, paddy fields.

Since we didn't do any homework prior to our trip, we just randomly crashed into one of the factories which is opened for visitation (RM 5 per entry with free small packet of rice)

Please don't waste your time there because it was so crowded and I was like in the old folks home. Please don't get me wrong, I have utmost respect to senior citizens but not to those who didn't queue up. You could never imagined how chaos it was at the rice grain shop. My gosh! And they were really dare to walk across the diva! They should make way for the diva who is making his entrance.

Nevertheless, though it was chaotic but my 15 minutes patience were paid off with the cold cendol above. What made this cendol so special because it was mixed with brown rice and it was so refreshing and nice!

Wide open spaces indeed

Wishing Tree

I bet 60% of the wishes on tree are winning lottery lol. Though I'm pragmatic person but I did make a wish upon the tree. I even made three wishes! My wishes were to get a handsome boyfriend, to get a rich boyfriend and he shall bring me to Paris. Nah, my wishes were rather personal.

To get the red ribbon, you just have to make donation to the temple - donation without any required amount. Let's see my generosity pays off by making my wishes come true.

Redang Beach

My advise is don't get into the water since it was pretty dirty. Though there wasn't any water activity but the seaside was really bustling with souvenir and drink stalls. Well, for us, we flew a kite! FYI, the rainbow coloured kite had nothing to do with my sexuality preference, so happened there wasn't any choices left at the stall. I must say the bluish sky really blended well with the rainbow kite.


Pardon me as I forgot the name of restaurant that we went to in Sekinchan. Come on, Ir an out of gingko ok.

The shop is a modern white building at the main road which has many seafood restaurant and turning to Redang beach. 

Anyway, though wasn't very packed but we waited for an hour just to get served. But it was all worth it. The food nice and the seafood was superbly fresh. And most of all, we had rude shock of our lives that it could be so cheap! We ordered mantis prawns, steamed fish, egg and prawn omelette and vege - it was only RM 60!

Though it only has limited attractions, but I really enjoyed my trip. Definitely will make second visit!


  1. What a great road trip indeed! I was looking at the paddy field pictures and I thought how beautiful the sky looked, then the next picture I see you flying a kite. That was exactly what I was thinking when I saw the sky, how funny that you decided that was the perfect thing to do in such a beautiful part of the world.

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks

    1. I glad to know you enjoyed your road trip. The colourful kite was so perfect to paint the sky :)