Wednesday, June 22, 2016

With a Little Help from My Friends

So I was eating KFC alone since it was late and I couldn't find anyone to have late dinner with me. Yes, cholesterol and fattening but I had been craving for it for quite sometimes.

While I was peeling the chicken suddenly, my bud passed by with his partner and a bunch of friends. We just waved and he walked away. Never knew he would turn back and entered to say hi to me. It was embarrassing actually since I was peeling off the skin so my fingers were oily. It was good gesture of him to turn back.

Then I realized my other friends who were not far away from me also. I didn't see them for like years and it was good catch up with them.

Though we parted our ways but there were times I recalled those moments that I had with my friends. I miss them.

I had so many friends back then especially during high school and college. Where are they now?

They have their own life to lead. Some of them even got married. And most of them are too occupied with work. And of course, we are ageing, we tend to be stay at home and rest. Don't laugh, soon it will be your turn to realize the privilege of waking up without alarm nor phone buzzing.

As you grow older, the number of your friends will be lesser. However, those who stay as your friends, please don't neglect them, I believe they are your true friends.

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