Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Forget The Haters Coz Somebody Loves U

Mommy I love you
In the club they shooting
Trapp in the bathroom
Call police
Im gonna die

His mother, Mina Justice, tried to reassure him that she'd called 911 and help was coming:

Calling them now.
U still there?
Answer your phone.
Call me.
Call me.
Justice replied: Call them mommy
Im still in the bathroom
Hes coming
Im going to die

He then went silent. Eddie Justice was among the 49 who didn't make it from the terrorist attack at Pulse gay night club in Orlando.

Terrorism doesn't recognize your creed, your race and even your sexuality preference. It could happen to you and it could happen to me without any given warnings. 

What we learned so far that the terrorist Omar Mateen was upset when he saw two men kissing in Miami few months ago and this might trigger  him to do such a heinous act. Yes, we could consider to put "radical Islam" in this incident since he pledged his allegiance to ISIS, but in broader perspective, do you think his act was rather a hate crime, homophobia to be more precise.

I hope this recent incident will not spur another hate crime on my community, LGBT community. Sadly, after this incident, some dimwitted parties were in celebratory as they believed gays deserved to be slay. Even sadder that some of these dimwitted parties come from my country. 

You see, there is nothing wrong being different even against the norms of the society. Being a gay is an acceptance of being who we are. Being a gay is a freedom to choose the way that we want to lead. 
I still do not know why some people do not get this simple concept of being gay.

Who are they to judge us? We do not judge them for being straight, right? Who gives them the authority to be moral police? Only God could judge us and only God could be our moral police. 

Please do not brandishing the word 'religion' towards us. If you believe in God, He created me with this sexuality preference. Aren't you going to punish me for being gay, in other words, criticizing the work of God in creating me?

We may be different in sexuality preference but in many ways, gays and straights share the common similarities. We work hard to earn decent money, we love our parents, we pay our taxes, we eat the same food, we take the same food and the list goes on. 

Trust me, coming out and being gay is not an easy task. I had been there since I came from an all-boy school. "Sissy" and "Faggot" were some of the unwelcoming words that I had to swallow. But I didn't hold any grudge on them since I respected their view on LGBT. I only blamed their minds which were rather shallowed.

If anyone makes any homophobic insult on you, just walk away. They are just insecure that you are more fabulous than them. Don't waste your breath to retaliate. Compose your poise and always tell yourself that being different is a pride. Being different is an acceptance of who we are.

Before I end my note, my prayers and thoughts go out to people who are affected in Orlando massacre. For those who lost their loved ones in this incident, always remember, they are resting in pride now. And for those LGBT out there who are still struggling, don't forget, the rainbow is just above you. 

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