Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Come She Will

If you didn't realise, we are concluding the first quarter of 2015. Inevitably and with utmost reluctance , we, Malaysians will face a new beginning - the introduction of GST.

Many folks have been lamenting about the burdens to bear. Though 6% is just a tip of an iceberg for many but there is a Malay saying "sikit-sikit, jadi bukit" ; which means building up a collection from scratch and see it grows bigger. The 6% could make a huge load of difference in long run.

I try to be apolitical here (though the political scene today at our own backyard is really making everyone pukes) - so I will skip Najib, 1MDB and private jet those stuff.

Let me ask you this, when there is uncertainty ahead of us; why we tend to be worried and pessimistic about it? Are we lack of confidence in the midst of uncertainty? Or we are just too accustomed of the way we are and refuse to adapt in a new environment.

Though it sounds cliche but life is indeed like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get. Changes could have sweet ending or swallowing the unwelcoming bitterness. 

I know changes could bring uncertainties, but rest assured, everything will be alright.

You and I have been through many many uncertainties - heart breaks, when your loved ones passed away, when you are plain broke, even you lose your job or suppression by the people who are above us - i know the initial stage  is really hard to bear. Just be strong. Just remember when the night is coming down on you, we will find a way through the dark. 

My fellow Malaysians, justice will prevail someday soon. We will rise....

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Living Years

Have you ever mused about life?

I know the term "the meaning of life is..." sounds really cliche but have we ever paused awhile in our busy and hectic life to fill in the blank above.

For certain, people have different views about life - some may choose to embrace the spirit of YOLO, some may preoccupy themselves to find way to El Dorado. You may call it love sick but some or may most of us will refer life as our partner and our family. 

You see, we have many views about life, the way to live it and the way to lead it. That's why there are so disagreements in this world. If tolerance over disagreements has reached its limits, hell broke loose; wars, genocides, terrorism, racism, discriminations - to name a few.

Don't ask me, I'm not wise enough to give a definite answer for what life is. I think it should be colourful and beautiful. 

But it will be very hypotical to have sunshine everyday. Bitterness still haunts us regardless we are barefoot poor or lavishly rich. No matter how bitter our day is, we still need to move on. You're not alone. You still have family members. You still have friends. You have your partner beside you.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

I ain't no size two

My physical outlook has received tremendous attention lately. Let me clear the air once and for all.

Sounds serious ain't it? The diva has rises! Just joking.

Thanks for the concern indeed. Trust me, I'm not having any eating disorder - I just have tendency to eat good food and those good food love me so much and I don't see any intention that those good food will leave my body anytime soon.

When your body grows vertically, everyone will be telling you to go to gym and eat healthily. Well yeah, of course excercise and healthy eating are universal decree to lead a healthy lifestyle but don't get too carried away by criticism on your size.

You see, you only live once, why let others dictate on how you should look? Or letting a dress overthrows your choice of eating?

I know it's pretty hard sometimes to look at your friends and peers to be physically good and fit. In my case, it's never been easy for me to scroll down my Facebook without seeing any post with a gay guy putting a shirt on. I do get jealous sometimes but look, just the body is well-defined compared to mine but it's just a body, it won't kill me. They have the body but i have the brain.

If you're reading this entry and you happen to be a girl; tell those skinny bitches that every inch of you are perfect from the bottom to the top.

I just put on a little bit of weight and it generated so much concern already. What about those who are really plump? I could imagine the insurmountable pressure that they have to bare. But darling, you are not as fat as you imagine. Don't waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long and in the end, it's only with yourself. Don't worry too much, most of the successful people in the world are not physically fit - just look at Sam Smith and Adele.

Done with my physical, let's talk something else. Oh yeah, we woke up very early yesterday morning to catch hot air balloons in the air in conjunction with 7th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

Waking up at 6 am in the morning (On Saturday!) and reached Putrajaya just in time

Such a magnificent view ain't it?
Vincent Van Gogh rises - my favourite artist but he failed to go up in the air :(
Up, up and away!
Since I'm already fat, so i took effort to cycle at Wetland Putrajaya. BTW, the white thingy on the grass  is cotton from the tree
We also went further a bit to try Dengkil's famous bao. Not a fan of bao but i must say, this Kah Heong bao expert is real different from the rest, the texture is so soft and bouncy! 

Not forgetting Cendol Bakar for dessert. Total fatness yay!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Love. One Year On

You know, there is a belief that if you dislike a person, that very person will be your lifetime partner eventually.

Oh well, not implying that I hated him at first but we started it off as friend. He was never my type. But as time past by, sparks fly gradually ensued. In the end, I became house of card; falling into him without any resistance.

It looks like we've made it and look how far we've come. And yesterday we even celebrated our first anniversary. Not in pompous way nor splurge of gifts but at least we spent quality time together.

We had short road trip to Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi. Though the little hamlet is French-themed but the heat could really spoilt your mood. Pratically, nothing much there. What I enjoyed there, aside from the buildings, was two black swans

No fancy dinner- we had our meal at our favourite Malay restaurant  Sambal Hijau in Kampung Penchala. Look at the cat, does it resemble Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon?

To enliven the celebration, we bought two balloons - balloons always do wonder!

We ended our anniversary with a movie at a teddy bear hall @ MBO

No branded stuff for the gift, but I gave him a booklet of customised vouchers in which he could redeem anytime throughout this year. The vouchers include being designated driver, movie night for free, shopping free, vacation and etc.


I'm not good in sugar coated words but like the song below goes; there ain't nothing that I wouldn't do, go to the ends of the earth for you, make you happy, make your dreams come true ...to make you feel my love...