Wednesday, April 18, 2012

30% of Malaysian men are gay

The person next to you might be gay! So beware! Don’t let him sodomize you!

The gay or LGBT issue arises again in Malaysia

Three out of ten men in Malaysia are gay. It is not even an alarming figure for me coz the statistic in my life is 9 out of 10 men are gay since I’m living in an alternative lifestyle and there is not even a gentle straight guy close friend in my life.

So who came out this staggering figure? No surprise, BN elected representative, Datuk Baharum Mohamad (BN-Sekijang). I bet that if he has 10 children, three of his sons might be gay too.

The source from this study? Not available. I’m really curious how he got that study. I’m even more curious on how the surveyor done this study. Was it like straight forward: Are you gay or straight? Maybe even more straight forward kinda survey: Top or bottom?

Baharum added that :

“We have to find a solution to combat these activities from getting rampant just like the efforts we take to combat drugs,”

Okay, so the gay men are like a bunch of crackwhores who need rehab. I wonder how the syllabus to turn over the gays into straight is. Maybe feed them straight porn all the time. Sorry, maybe they will end up watching the guy’s cock in the porn which will definitely turn the situation even worse. Or maybe feed them lesbian born. Sorry, lesbian is gay too. So how?! Tell me how?

Datuk, since 30% of the men are gay, the remaining 70% are straight/uncertain/asexual. The 30% will bring social ills and will the remaining 70% are guaranteed that they will not bring social ills? I’m doubtful.

Datuk, no need to waste your time and effort to bring solution to turn us, we will turn your government soon!

And recently, there was an anti LGBT campaign at SMK Miharja organized by Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) chairman Mohamed Iqbal Yusoffsa. He said that:

"We don't have in-depth sex education to properly teach our children what is morally right and wrong. So we are trying to educate our children and generate awareness so they won't get involved in free or casual sex or, even worse, LGBT activities,"

“My responsibility is to educate them and prepare them for the outside world. To those who are already stuck in that (LGBT) group, they should know if what they're doing is right or wrong”

"I believe this problem can be arrested at a young age. We can put a stop to it and ensure that our children do not mingle too much with golongan lembut (softies). And we are doing this for their own future, educating the softies and our children. We are Asians, this is not the West, this is not our culture."

First of all Mr. Iqbal, if you have ten sons, three of your sons might be gay or they are just hidden in the closet since you are an anti LGBT daddy. I’m not making this up but I’ve got this statistic from Datuk Baharum.

I think the parents of that school have lost their mind by electing him as a chairman. Look, free and casual sex is not an exclusive activity for LGBT. Though we always show our body in social websites, Grinder, Jack D but I believe some of the LGBT do really behave. Come on, he is labeling the LGBT as a bunch of whores - as if those straight men or straight women never have free and casual sex before? I wonder how he got this assumption that free sex =LGBT. Maybe he has gay friends or maybe he once …you know..

Do not mingle too much with golongan lembut? He is so shallow. Honestly, mingle or not to mingle with golongan sofites, doesn’t make any difference. Sexual preference is in-born not related to any mingling. Look, even some of the gay guys dislike softies and they never mingle with them, but do they turn straight in long run? No.

Furthermore, it is very mean to put the blame on the softies. Do they cause any harm to the society? It is very unwise for him to come out with that kind of dim-witted statement as the school children will think that the softies are the sidelined ones, so it’s okay to stay away for them or it’s okay to bully them. Consequences of bullied victims: low esteem, shun away from the society and which followed by taking revenge on the society. If softies are meant to be bullied, I’m not surprised the softies will become a massacre killer like Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik.

And most recently, LGBT community in Malaysia suffers yet another blow.

The Human Rights Commission in Malaysia or SUHAKAM has been criticized for its stance that LGBT should be protected.

According to Federal Territories Islamic Affairs Department representative Nik Mohd Marzuki:

"Suhakam should remove this from the human rights category. It should respect the human rights of Muslims who make up more than 60 percent of the people in this country.”

Okay, so 40 percent doesn’t have a voice in this country? His statement is blatantly counter 1Malaysia concept which Najib has been fighting for. No more people first, performance now - now it’s : majority first, minority leave now!

I never knew my most basic human right of in-born sexual preference is a subject to be criticized just because I’m a minority. I guess there is no room for minorities in Malaysia, why not we just go to our room, pack our bags and leave Malaysia at once.

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