Friday, April 20, 2012

There's a lie in believe

When I was small, I would play my plane toy - as I pierced my plane through the clear blue sky, I would believe myself as the pilot.

When I was small, I remember that I would put red cloth on my back and I would believe myself could fly like a superman.

We believed that we could be anyone and we could do anything when we were small.

As time flies, we are gradually to be wary in what we believe in.

As we are maturing, we realize that believe is an illusion of what we want to see or what we want to have. We also realize that believe is just a mere fantasy that will never come true.

I used to believe in many things. It is that believe that kept me moving forward so eventually I could make my vision and my desire and my goal come true.

But the world doesn’t welcome the people who are living in fantasy. For what I believe in, it will never come true. For what I have, it will be gone someday and never last. You may call me pessimistic but I have gone through a lot. My believe that used to be my tool to motivate myself has failed and disappointed me.

It does make me emotional sometimes to reflect the things I’ve gone through. But the time keeps us moving forward, misery or happiness, there is life out there for me.

I know this blog is kinda pathetic but at least I feel good after writing it out.

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