Friday, January 31, 2014

CNY: Now and Then

Foremost, i would like to take this auspicious day to wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year and have a prosperous Horse Year.

How's your celebration so far?

Mine it's just warming up since I'm slowly recovering from  sore throat. Seriously, ever since Christmas last year, I've been having celebrations non stop and healthy diet was a complete obsolete. Plus with the late night sleep, sickness was inevitable. Well, I didn't kiss anyone lately so i don't think anyone pass any virus to me through my mouth.

Anyhow, maybe i'm getting older, i'm not sure about you - do you feel like Chinese New Year is less exciting now compared when we were small? Let's find out why:

New Clothes

I still can recall when i was small, i really looked forward to buy new clothes. It was worry free for me since my mom would do the decision but now it is pain in the ass as you have to fork out your own money and the swiping is like a guilty pleasure. As you grow older, you will define your sense of fashion and Oh My Jebus (OMJ), it takes a month to complete my CNY shopping since it is pretty tough to get what i want to put on my body.

Ang Pow

If not mistaken, the accumulation of ang pow collection was around RM 200-300 when i was small. Well, though the figure was low but through a small kid's eyes, you could buy the whole world. The amount still remains until now but i'm not complaining since i have my own income now but ang pow now does not give me any excitement like last time.


The thing i miss the most  during my childhood is the firecrackers. Before it was banned, Chinese New Year was like a warzone - Chinese New Year was far more lively with the loud bang. But now, only crickets filled in the night.

Generic Questions

When we were young, the generic questions from our relatives would be like "how is your studies".I know  the most stressful question now during Chinese New Year is "do you have boyfriend/girlfriend or when you are getting married?". I'm still in the safe zone since i'm the youngest and my brother will take the bullet for me since he is still single. Well, if any relative asks me those question, i would answer "Aunty, i'm gay" There you have it ladies and gentlemen.

Regardless, yesteryears or tomorrow, one thing that will never ever change is the togetherness and reunion of all family members and friends to celebrate this once-in-a-year occasion. Once again, Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

My Birthday

Someone that i used to know had always doubt my rapport with my friends. At some point, I was alleged that i was difficult to be with and everyone hated me.

I know it's very difficult to be my friends but through these difficulties, the friendship survives and the friendship goes even stronger.

I have to say this, I had the  best birthday ever. Though it wasn't a pompous and lavish one but i could not ask for more - the quality time i spent with my friends and my colleagues was what i asked for.

Let the pictures narrate my birthday celebration:

It was a record-breaking year with three birthday cakes for the celebration. Not complaining but i think gonna reduce my food intake during CNY. The cake above was Royal Chocolate Cake from Coffee Bean at the official office celebration. How was it? The crunchy feuilletine was so delicious!!

I wanted to have my actual birthday dinner at The Roof, 1 First Avenue nearby my house but it was closed for private function. So after recommendation from my colleague, i changed the venue to Kokopelli in Section 14, Petaling Jaya. It wasn't fancy but i liked the homey and white clean ambiance. 


They serve mainly Western food.  Price wise, it might little pricey - Western food is generally RM 20 and above. 


Like every year, my beloved friends gave me the expected surprise again - birthday cake pop out of blue. I was looking at the kitchen for someone to bring me the cake. Actually, i did expect a cake but i never expect a huge cake from my friends. Cheese walnut cake from A Slice of Haven, haven indeed. 


So on Friday, i had celebration with my colleagues at Neway, SS2.Though we could sing until 4 am but we were so tired since it was end of the working week. But we did had fun until we lost the remote control. 

                                                                           While on Saturday, we just had a stroll at the Desa City Park - checking on dogs and throwing pebbles at the lake. Simple and relaxing and i like it!


We even had Shabu-shabu at Momo Paradise @ Bandar Manjarala. My God, i was choked by the jokes for several times. We were laughing so loud over our bad jokes. 


The laughter continued at TIIE TALK in Bangsar. Like usual, white wine  sparking juice and sisha to unwind on Saturday night. Everytime i had sisha, i would think of Samantha Jones in Sex & City 2. Sucking the sisha in a inappropriate me, i'm not anywhere close to her ok?


Though i never requested for anything this year, but you guys still buy me presents and cakes....awww....appreciate it.....i love the Donald Duck cushion from Disneyland cute!!

Thank you everyone for making my birthday so memorable. I never thought i was so blessed to have you guys. So before i end my note, i would like to dedicate this beautiful song from this beautiful lady and legendary singer, Teresa Teng to my friends who made my birthday a superb one:

Let the time flies away.
I only care about you.
I'm willing to be influenced by the way you are.
How many times in our lives can we find a close friend?
Even losing my life's strength would not be a pity.
So I beg you,
Don't let me leave you.
I love no one else but you.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life is like a movie

Every year, for a day like today I would imagine myself that I'm an audience witnessing some sort of award show, Oscar per say.

If lucky enough, that I would be one of the nominees for best performance in a movie called "Life". Well, the genre is mixture bit of pieces of everything: romance, horror, comedy, drama and emo. 

A nomination for best performance is like a manifestation for my efforts that I have been sowing for past one year.

I know I'm not qualified enough to hear my name being called as the presenters open the envelope as I believe there are many aspects of Life that I need to learn. 

My achievements thus far (if any) do not provide me a slightest moment of being proud. There is nothing I can proud of honestly.

So every year, I'm just sitting in the audience and give a round of applause to the winner.

This is not a setback but it's rather a gentle reminder for me to go a step or two steps further.

I know sitting in the audience without walking any trophy home can be disappointing but I believe those people sitting in the audience will one day walk to the stage and receive life time achievement award.

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, my entry for my 22nd birthday.

My birthday wish for this year is to be a man with a mind, a bitch with an attitude, and a gay with class.

 So before I end this significant entry, let's hear a birthday song.

Her beauty is classy. Her fame is immortal. And her name is legendary. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Marilyn Monroe 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Keep calm and move on

This just in:

There are unconfirmed reports from the residents in Petaling Jaya that they witnessed an ogre roaming and terrorizing around the neighbourhood. Parents, please ensure your children are under your tight supervision as the ogre will consume young meat. Hot hunks, please shut your doors and remain at home as the monster has high libido on you.

Oh my gawd  oh my jingling jingles run for your life!!!! Run to Daddy!!!

Damn it, i never knew i could be that bitchy hahaha. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not a big cyber bully here. So happened that a fella admitted that he thought he would be an ogre in some test, so i just made up an anecdote to kick start this entry. I thought Shrek is from Dreamworks, not from Pixar? Well, maybe he was too devoted to his own kind, regardless Dreamworks or Pixar, Shrek is everywhere. I'm not trying to say that he is stupid , he is a brilliant young man but he just has bad luck when it comes to thinking.

Anyhow, the latest development is that fella has officially deleted me from Facebook. Oh my gawd! Why he did this to me?!! Why?!!! Oh my gawd!!! I though were bff?!! Please reevaluate our friendship!! I thought of you today. I also threw up in my mouth. I'm sure it was just a coincidence.

Seriously, I had tolerate enough of his disturbing behaviour and this is the worst.

I guess you who is reading this entry have some familiar stories to share when your friends being ridiculous to you and ended the friendship.

I know along the way would be painful coz inevitably,hurtful lies will be laid upon you when he or she is telling the people around how terrible person you are. You're not God so you can't control the words coming out from their filthy mouths.

Please don't let them bring you down. Well, i don't deny that i made mistakes, no one is perfect but as long you have been living righteously, you can really ignore those no-life-people. A second of acknowledgement to them is like a thousand concern and care to them. Please don't waste your time as life is short. Keep calm and wear your bitch face. Let's ignore them so hard until they will start to doubt their existences.

Just get your feet on the ground and get your head above the cloud and never back down.

It's rather unwelcoming to have such deplorable incident when my birthday is coming and Chinese New Year is coming as well. Though it bothers me but life still goes on. I may look quiet and timid but when someone tries to play fire with me, I'll be the one who is on fire. Treat me like a joke then I'll leave you like it's funny.

Friday, January 17, 2014

When Queen Bee Turns to Ogre

Let's rise and mourn for the death of a friendship. A minute of silence please...

Wait a minute, what mourning, it should be a celebration!! Yahoo!!!

Well, without any regrets and without any remorse, i'm delighted to announce that my friendship with my ex-BFF (bimbo fucktard friend) has over. Not only me, my group of friends, also decided to stay away from him.

The internal source told me that he needed to re-evaluate our friendship as  he was offended and dissatisfied of many things that i or we did for example:

  • I did not buy him Ambercrombie & Fitch when i was traveling in Hong Kong
  • My other two close friends prioritize their respective lovers over him and he felt neglected
  • We didn't care about him when he was admitted to hospital. Apparently, he was unable to post the update that he was admitted, so he asked his housemate to post the status for him and he would want to see who were the one who concerned about him. WTF?! Such an attention whore. For his case, his housemate should help him to put more hashtags in the status like #ineedattention #someonepleasecomment #doyoucareaboutme 
  • This is the most serious: he said that one of my close friends dislike/dissatisfied about me. I know my close friend very well, if he sees something amiss about me, he will definitely voice out to me. I'm afraid that he will spread lies or do something distasteful to spoil the friendship between me and my other close friends. You would never know what a beast can do.
  • I jealous of his earning which is higher than me. Come on, i have numerous ex-classmates who are doctors and dentists, should i be jealous of them? No, i'm proud of them. Seriously, none of my business if he earns higher than me. 
  • Apparently, his close friend could lend him money although she was jobless that time. That being said, we would not do the same and offer him the equal quality of help and concern to him. Help and concern are two entities come from the heart and sincerity, how could one measure it and compare? Making comparison in friendship is the biggest mistake in one's friendship.
There you go. The end of a friendship. Let's celebrate!! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Friends VS Lovers

Friends and lovers are both equally important - if you ever need to choose which one is more significant, what will be your take?

Well, most of us will choose lovers of course because we have the passion and commitment towards our lovers.Friends? Friends are based on camaraderie and mutual respect (or bitching in my case) and the quality time spent together as companion. 

I believe you had this situation before: Your friend or your close friend prioritize his/her lover more than you. How do you feel?

I had this many situations before where my planned outing with my friends was cancel due to their lovers suddenly and abruptly popped up and  wanted to spend time with my friends. I even got ffk (being ditched) when i already reached the designated place for the meet up. Of course i felt angry. But my anger was short-lived.Because i see things in bigger picture, why end the friendship when it was a small matter. I know my friends should be blamed on this but how should i punish them? Poke them with pitchfork?

I'm not joking here but some people are just plain sissy and shallow, they will end the friendship if they feel neglected from their friends who prioritize lovers first.

Those people need to rethink their position - they are just friends, not queen bee. The world doesn't revolve around one singular person. Who the hell they think they are? We hold no obligation to accommodate them in every single damn thing.

Monday, January 6, 2014

My Love is the Shhh...

It’s pretty tough to be a gay guy nowadays huh.

You need to have an angel-carved face and a scrumptious body to stay ahead in the community. Or else, you will sink to the bottom at the sea and isolated from the gay community. Maybe some kind-hearted divers will dive for you which I think it’s very rare.

And also, fags love to shout about how many people are after them. Well, I don’t blame them coz who doesn't love attention and also to boost the self-confidence by shouting to the world how sought-after they are.

I’m sure you have watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and there was a line by Sean Penn, “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention

That line was simply beautiful.

Come to think of it, if you have that look, I believe you posted a word, everyone will press the button “like”.

I’m a low profile boy in this People Like Us community, so I don’t have the experience when galore of men chasing me. If I were hunted by men, I think I would be very arrogant. Nah, I won’t feel anything because like Sean Penn said in the movie, attention is unnecessary here.

I would not even tell the world that I’m attached and make a roar about it in Facebook. Because this community is small and everyone is scrutinizing each other. One step of a mistake, the people around will blow the issue out of the proportion. Eventually, with all the lies and hypes, this will lead to misjudgment to end the relationship.

But on contrary, sometimes looking at those lovey-dovey pictures, make me so envy and sometimes I can’t really wait to post my partner picture in Facebook. But after second thought, I shouldn't’t. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: Happy and Frugal New Year

In case you didn't know,  thousands of protesters poured into Dataran Merdeka to protest over the price hikes yesterday. It was a successful rally I would say as they managed to halt the concert just half an hour shy to the new year. Not only that, there was no firework display when the clock stroke midnight and there was no countdown either. I guess the unscrupulous hikes from the government has triggered the limit of the tolerance of the rakyat. I shouldn't wish you happy new year, happy frugal 2014 sounds better.

I heard the KL mayor went to the stage and tried to dissolve the tension from the crowd. What was unwise here (aside from the revaluation of property tax)  he greeted the sea of protesters with Salam 1Malaysia. Well, you know what ensued next.

Anyhow, i did my countdown at the park in front of my house. For the first time for many years, i didn't join the revelers for the countdown. I didn't feel lose out as i could see the fireworks clearly from The Curve at the park. I guess The Curve also felt the pinch of the price hikes as the fireworks display only lasted 10 minutes whereas the years before this was 20-30 minutes.

Seriously, i don't have any resolutions or agenda for this year.

Okay, i know. My New Year's resolution is to be more positive and less sarcastic like i won't screw them up right away.

But it's my nature to be sarcastic.

Ok, don't give a damn about that. Let see..hmmp.. oh yeah, i think two areas of my life that i should pay attention to.

Firstly, my career. Well, i switched to the new agency so i'm still in the stage of assimilation actually, so i hope i could perform and excel tremendously in my work for 2014.

The other thing that worth of concern is my health. In case you didn't know, my blood pressure reading isn't that good recently. So yeah, i think it's about time to get rid of my sedentary lifestyle and be the gym rat. Wait a minute, then i have to like join the gay community and take shirtless selfies to show the world my progress of my work out? You wish, if i really join the gym this year, it would be for health purpose, not to build my body up (maybe a bit).

My other resolution for this year got to be spend quality time with my family (regardless paternal or maternal)  you know, as you grow older, family matters the most. You can find and earn fortune and fame, but family is irreplaceable. So I'm thinking to travel with my family. I'm thinking to go back to Hong Kong this year. I love the city so much!!

Last but not least, i think i have been playing enough for past years. So 2014, God willing, not to say to settle down but to engage in a relationship. Sometimes i feel that being single brings me too much freedom until i could do whatever i like (sometimes can be very extreme), i guess it would be great if I have a partner to tame me (of course, to love me also). But a choosy guy like me, i don't think it would be happening in 2014.

So there you have it, my general resolutions for this year. I know 2014 will be a tough year for everyone in Malaysia with the price hikes. I also might cut down my expenses. I believe Malaysians are strong and wise, we shall overcome this. Believe me, this will be his last term #justsaying .

Happy New Year guys.

P/S: 22 days to go