Friday, January 31, 2014

CNY: Now and Then

Foremost, i would like to take this auspicious day to wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year and have a prosperous Horse Year.

How's your celebration so far?

Mine it's just warming up since I'm slowly recovering from  sore throat. Seriously, ever since Christmas last year, I've been having celebrations non stop and healthy diet was a complete obsolete. Plus with the late night sleep, sickness was inevitable. Well, I didn't kiss anyone lately so i don't think anyone pass any virus to me through my mouth.

Anyhow, maybe i'm getting older, i'm not sure about you - do you feel like Chinese New Year is less exciting now compared when we were small? Let's find out why:

New Clothes

I still can recall when i was small, i really looked forward to buy new clothes. It was worry free for me since my mom would do the decision but now it is pain in the ass as you have to fork out your own money and the swiping is like a guilty pleasure. As you grow older, you will define your sense of fashion and Oh My Jebus (OMJ), it takes a month to complete my CNY shopping since it is pretty tough to get what i want to put on my body.

Ang Pow

If not mistaken, the accumulation of ang pow collection was around RM 200-300 when i was small. Well, though the figure was low but through a small kid's eyes, you could buy the whole world. The amount still remains until now but i'm not complaining since i have my own income now but ang pow now does not give me any excitement like last time.


The thing i miss the most  during my childhood is the firecrackers. Before it was banned, Chinese New Year was like a warzone - Chinese New Year was far more lively with the loud bang. But now, only crickets filled in the night.

Generic Questions

When we were young, the generic questions from our relatives would be like "how is your studies".I know  the most stressful question now during Chinese New Year is "do you have boyfriend/girlfriend or when you are getting married?". I'm still in the safe zone since i'm the youngest and my brother will take the bullet for me since he is still single. Well, if any relative asks me those question, i would answer "Aunty, i'm gay" There you have it ladies and gentlemen.

Regardless, yesteryears or tomorrow, one thing that will never ever change is the togetherness and reunion of all family members and friends to celebrate this once-in-a-year occasion. Once again, Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

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