Monday, January 27, 2014

My Birthday

Someone that i used to know had always doubt my rapport with my friends. At some point, I was alleged that i was difficult to be with and everyone hated me.

I know it's very difficult to be my friends but through these difficulties, the friendship survives and the friendship goes even stronger.

I have to say this, I had the  best birthday ever. Though it wasn't a pompous and lavish one but i could not ask for more - the quality time i spent with my friends and my colleagues was what i asked for.

Let the pictures narrate my birthday celebration:

It was a record-breaking year with three birthday cakes for the celebration. Not complaining but i think gonna reduce my food intake during CNY. The cake above was Royal Chocolate Cake from Coffee Bean at the official office celebration. How was it? The crunchy feuilletine was so delicious!!

I wanted to have my actual birthday dinner at The Roof, 1 First Avenue nearby my house but it was closed for private function. So after recommendation from my colleague, i changed the venue to Kokopelli in Section 14, Petaling Jaya. It wasn't fancy but i liked the homey and white clean ambiance. 


They serve mainly Western food.  Price wise, it might little pricey - Western food is generally RM 20 and above. 


Like every year, my beloved friends gave me the expected surprise again - birthday cake pop out of blue. I was looking at the kitchen for someone to bring me the cake. Actually, i did expect a cake but i never expect a huge cake from my friends. Cheese walnut cake from A Slice of Haven, haven indeed. 


So on Friday, i had celebration with my colleagues at Neway, SS2.Though we could sing until 4 am but we were so tired since it was end of the working week. But we did had fun until we lost the remote control. 

                                                                           While on Saturday, we just had a stroll at the Desa City Park - checking on dogs and throwing pebbles at the lake. Simple and relaxing and i like it!


We even had Shabu-shabu at Momo Paradise @ Bandar Manjarala. My God, i was choked by the jokes for several times. We were laughing so loud over our bad jokes. 


The laughter continued at TIIE TALK in Bangsar. Like usual, white wine  sparking juice and sisha to unwind on Saturday night. Everytime i had sisha, i would think of Samantha Jones in Sex & City 2. Sucking the sisha in a inappropriate me, i'm not anywhere close to her ok?


Though i never requested for anything this year, but you guys still buy me presents and cakes....awww....appreciate it.....i love the Donald Duck cushion from Disneyland cute!!

Thank you everyone for making my birthday so memorable. I never thought i was so blessed to have you guys. So before i end my note, i would like to dedicate this beautiful song from this beautiful lady and legendary singer, Teresa Teng to my friends who made my birthday a superb one:

Let the time flies away.
I only care about you.
I'm willing to be influenced by the way you are.
How many times in our lives can we find a close friend?
Even losing my life's strength would not be a pity.
So I beg you,
Don't let me leave you.
I love no one else but you.

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