Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: Happy and Frugal New Year

In case you didn't know,  thousands of protesters poured into Dataran Merdeka to protest over the price hikes yesterday. It was a successful rally I would say as they managed to halt the concert just half an hour shy to the new year. Not only that, there was no firework display when the clock stroke midnight and there was no countdown either. I guess the unscrupulous hikes from the government has triggered the limit of the tolerance of the rakyat. I shouldn't wish you happy new year, happy frugal 2014 sounds better.

I heard the KL mayor went to the stage and tried to dissolve the tension from the crowd. What was unwise here (aside from the revaluation of property tax)  he greeted the sea of protesters with Salam 1Malaysia. Well, you know what ensued next.

Anyhow, i did my countdown at the park in front of my house. For the first time for many years, i didn't join the revelers for the countdown. I didn't feel lose out as i could see the fireworks clearly from The Curve at the park. I guess The Curve also felt the pinch of the price hikes as the fireworks display only lasted 10 minutes whereas the years before this was 20-30 minutes.

Seriously, i don't have any resolutions or agenda for this year.

Okay, i know. My New Year's resolution is to be more positive and less sarcastic like i won't screw them up right away.

But it's my nature to be sarcastic.

Ok, don't give a damn about that. Let see..hmmp.. oh yeah, i think two areas of my life that i should pay attention to.

Firstly, my career. Well, i switched to the new agency so i'm still in the stage of assimilation actually, so i hope i could perform and excel tremendously in my work for 2014.

The other thing that worth of concern is my health. In case you didn't know, my blood pressure reading isn't that good recently. So yeah, i think it's about time to get rid of my sedentary lifestyle and be the gym rat. Wait a minute, then i have to like join the gay community and take shirtless selfies to show the world my progress of my work out? You wish, if i really join the gym this year, it would be for health purpose, not to build my body up (maybe a bit).

My other resolution for this year got to be spend quality time with my family (regardless paternal or maternal)  you know, as you grow older, family matters the most. You can find and earn fortune and fame, but family is irreplaceable. So I'm thinking to travel with my family. I'm thinking to go back to Hong Kong this year. I love the city so much!!

Last but not least, i think i have been playing enough for past years. So 2014, God willing, not to say to settle down but to engage in a relationship. Sometimes i feel that being single brings me too much freedom until i could do whatever i like (sometimes can be very extreme), i guess it would be great if I have a partner to tame me (of course, to love me also). But a choosy guy like me, i don't think it would be happening in 2014.

So there you have it, my general resolutions for this year. I know 2014 will be a tough year for everyone in Malaysia with the price hikes. I also might cut down my expenses. I believe Malaysians are strong and wise, we shall overcome this. Believe me, this will be his last term #justsaying .

Happy New Year guys.

P/S: 22 days to go

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