Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

The million dollar question of 2013 is got to be "what does the fox say?".

Last year we have Gangnam Style and this year, the million dollar question has taken the cyberspace by storm.

Don't forget we have learnt some new words/terms in 2013 : twerking (thanks to Miley Cyrus), yolo and selfies. 

What a year it has been. 2012 was a mournful year, 2013 I brushed off the dust and I stood up. Indeed, it was a turning point for me in 2013. 

First of all, I took a giant leap out from the comfort zone. Yes, I changed my job but I'm still in the same industry. You know when it was already close to four years, your daily tasks at work would be a mundane routine for you. Feeling demotivated, so I changed my job. A lot of people got me wrong that I was offered with a windfall salary for the switch. Trust me, it wasn't.

The most defining moment of 2013 has to be my maiden trip to Disneyland Hong Kong. It was a dream come true for me to meet Mickey Mouse. Words couldn't describe the feeling when I had the first glance of The Cinderella's castle. 

Friends come and go. If you're close to me, you will notice that I never hang out with that person who I used to call him BFF. Well, BFF no more coz I would not I bother a person who is arrogant, super gay and whoring for attention. I believe my decision is just and right to keep a distance away from him.

Anyway, let me check my 2013 resolutions.
  • To have a new environment for my career advancement. I'm sure it's bout time for me to bring the curtain down. (Done)
  • My car is old and sometimes, it does look like a taxi, well it's the same car with the KL taxi and same colour as well!! In 2013, Alvin will have his own Diva Mobil. (Postponed. Property first. BTW, i'm currently using my brother's old car)
  • Travelling - i always want to do travelling so much but i don't really have the time. This year definitely, I will find some space and time for myself. I'm planning to do twice this year. Travelling as in overseas travelling - one is with my mom; i'm looking around Beijing or Shanghai  The other is with my friend or alone and God knows where i'm going (Went to HK and that's it. Okay, bonding time with my mom next year)
  • I think i have rest enough in 2012 and my broken heart is almost fully mended. God's willing, if all above resolutions do happen, if fate allows, it will be a humble honour for me to have a partner. But a choosy person like me, it will take ages for me to find someone. Maybe i should listen to my 'sister', loosen up a bit and open up my heart. ( don't give a shit. Enjoying being Taylor Swift at the moment throughout the year) 

Before i heave a sigh to bid farewell to 2013 and welcoming 2014 with hope and joy, let me end a note with this:

I read the rules before i broke them, i broke the chains before they chocked me out and i pay close attention, really learn the code. I learned to read the map before i hit the road. I had bad habits but i dropped them, i had opponents but i knocked them out, i climbed the highest mountains, i swum the coldest seas, there ain't a thing i've faced that's been too much for me.

There you have it, my last entry of 2013. Like every year, let's have JibJab to conclude the defining moments of 2013:


  1. i hope i get to hook up and rape you in 2014! buahahaha