Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back To December

As the December wind blows outside and as the children choir sings the evergreen caroles serenading the joyful people, everyone is so happy like God put a smile on their faces except for me.

Cause I miss you.

What a way to start my post. Yes, though I miss someone but not to the extend until depression. However, I've got the feeling that emotional breakdown will be visiting me soon as Christmas is drawing closer.

I used to love Christmas very much but it seems it's meaningless for this year. Maybe I'm really too preoccupied with my work or maybe I know that I won't get what I want for Christmas so why bother.

Until now I still don't have any date for Christmas' Eve. Come to think of it most of my friends are attached so I don't think that they have the slightest concern for me. Not complaining coz Yuletide is very significant, so it will be ideal to celebrate with your loved one.

So if you are reading this blog, please date me on 24/12. I won't bite but I'm
just a little bit of Taylor Swift. If you ever break my heart, I will write you a song. 

Please ignore the paragraph above. 
Christmas is very significant for me, so I'll keep it for a very significant person.

If you are close to me, you will know who is that significant person. I know it won't be happening coz things have changed. He wouldn't care about me anymore.

So I'm all alone writing this lonely blog for lonely souls out there. 

Since I won't have that significant person for this Christmas, so Santa, there's only one wish from me; can I have  your naughty boys list?


  1. Santa's gonna give you a list of sei gay lou for you! haha!

  2. wow! you are actually cute and don't look gay at all!
    believe me, a lot of PLU would love to have someone like you as a life partner.