Friday, December 27, 2013

Innocent bunny or playboy bunny?

As the Christmas spirit dies down, the other celebration awaits. I love the next celebration because i can spend quality time with my family. I hate it at the same time as this is when  the spending goes out of control. Yes, i'm talking about Chinese New Year and it's just a month away. Are you excited about it?

I'm still in the Christmas mood so whenever I hear CNY songs, i would like question myself "is this too soon?"

Don't forget we have New Year coming up. Yay! This is when you make empty promises to yourself. Yes, you make  all those New Year's resolutions but tell me, which one of those you were really committed to materialize?

Personally, there are no agendas for me just yet in 2014 coz my resolutions in 2013 were barely fulfilled. So to avoid breaking promises to myself, it would be better if make no any resolutions for next year.

But there is a resolution that i wanted to make every year but i wouldn't dare to do so - to get a love partner. Well, there are two reasons that i don't want a relationship.

First, someone is lingering in my heart for past two years and it's kinda hard to find someone who could break his benchmark.

The other reason is that i still want to play around (it's up to you how you want to define "play"). I always believe in this philosophy "play as crazy as you can when you are single, once you attached, be good".

So i'm still single and i don't have anyone to report to or under any confinement of being a lover, so i can play whatever i want.

Having said that, i'm not a mr casanova who goes around the playground and break people's heart. Coz i believe what comes around goes around, yeah the karma thingy. But sometimes in this gay circle, it's like a game you know. You need to be smart ass to win the game and survive in this community. If you're a loser, please don't hate the player, just blame the game itself which is so cruel.

So in 2014,  should i repent and be a good boy and hooked up with someone for a relationship OR should i suit up and keep the game rolling?

To be honest, i'm lonely sometimes, even jealousy will visit me is already so difficult and you're facing alone. Sometimes i have wishful thinking that...let Yoga Lin conclude this entry..


  1. you wanna be a slut now? ok, if it's good for you.
    well, 90% gays are sluts anyways, but not me. hahahaha!

    1. i have retired from being a play boy haha