Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Everybody Hurts Sometimes

July supposed to be a great friend of mine who never failed to give me that extra miles. However, July could betray me sometimes. July took away my uncle two years ago. And today, the final two days of the month, I received a very sad news from my mom that my aunt has passed on.

Indeed, today is a sad day for my family. Though we knew this day would come but never knew it came too soon. I hope my family members would be strong and carry on at this difficult period.

When you're sure you have enough of this life, words of wisdom here is don't let yourself go. Life is really fragile and is really short and rather unpredictable. I remember I was with my aunt and other family members celebrated my uncle's birthday earlier this year but never knew my aunt has gone forever.

Day could be long and night is yours alone. Sometimes everything is wrong and nothing seems to be right. The problems you're having now; be it at work or relationship or even argument with your friends; trust me, it's just a tiny particle in the universe.

There's more to life. Life is bigger than what we thought - those problems are just small fragments that constitute life. I believe life is filled with love. I know ugly people are everywhere but in this crowds of ugliness, there's love. Love from those who lend you a hand and love from those who show you guidance to get out of this ugly society.

If you're having problem right now, please stop crying your heart out. Beauty is all around us and not just in pageants and parlors. You can find it in the swirl of galaxies or swirl in the centre of a sunflower.

I remember there was a time i was so lost and i had no clue what to do then I lamented and  asked God, where were you when i needed You the most. With a blank state of my mind, i walked into the car and turned on the engine and the radio started to echo "God is watching us, God is watching us....from a distance" (Bette Miller's From A Distance). If He didn't watch me, i wouldn't writing this entry.

Before i end my note, this is for my aunt who passed on this afternoon and for those who had departed from us:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ernest Zacharevic Relives Ipoh's Nostalgia with Seven Murals

I must say tourism in Ipoh is really booming. Well, if it didn't why the hotels there were really growling like mushrooms.Really, i was in Ipoh during the pre-Raya weekend, and the downtown was infested with people from elsewhere (validated by the non-A plat number and they conversed in non Cantonese language)

Everytime I bring my friends from outstation, i have this puzzlement of where i should bring them. White coffee, Gunung Lang Recreational park, load of local delicacies, caves  , coffee shops or
 maybe Lost of World of Tambun? Being a native Ipoh so i wouldn't find any of these tourist spots are interesting coz Ive been there and done many times.

However, recently, the well-loved painter Ernest Zacharevic has added more colours to the historical old town of Ipoh with his seven brilliant and yet nostalgia mural paintings. 

Compared to the ones in Penang, you find it easier to locate his paintings in Ipoh coz it is just short walking distance for the paintings. If you're in Ipoh and hunting for Ernest Zacharevic's paintings, here is the map/guide for you:

Ipoh-The City That Tin Built - this gonna be my favourite painting of his as he used Chinese black and white style painting. You can locate this painting at the head of Jalan Bijeh Timah (at the end of Jalan Panglima)

The colourful hummingbird - located at the open private
  carpark at Jalan Panglima.

Uncle with coffee cup - Ipoh's famous white coffee is illustrated as well. This could be easy to locate at
the wall of Oldtown White Coffee in front of Padang Ipoh at Jalan Dato Maharajalela.

Kids on Paperplane - Our childhood is revisited with paperplane though until now i still don't know how to fold a paperplane. This painting is located at Jalan Sheikh Adam in front of Padang Ipoh. Once you have done with the Uncle with Coffee Cup, just turn right at the junction and look up!

Uncle with Trishaw - I guess this is the most difficult for me since it is located in the small corner of Jalan Bijeh Timah (approaching to the main road  Jalan Sultan Iskandar)

The Curious Girl - Located at Jalan Bandar Timah just diagonal opposite of Plan B 

Kopi O Break -  the most surreal painting of his in Ipoh. Located at open private parking at Jalan Tun Sambathan in front of Maybank. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

MH17: Sorrow and Resentment

As the days unfold, sorrow and grief are still lingering in the air for all Malaysians. Even i join the global chorus in condemning such a barbaric act that took scores of innocent lives.

It will take days or even months to find the real culprit. Indeed, these coming days will be tough for Malaysians and slightly impatience as we demand an answer and justice for the ill-fated flight MH17.

Though sadness is an inevitable in situation like this but resentment and anger are also likely to ensue.

You see, Ukraine and even United States are now blaming  the pro-Russian separatists who were the ones that launched the missile. Even if they did, what Malaysia can do? We've been a pacifist country for longest time - we could not wage a war against those separatists and they are backed by superpower Russia for God's sake; how on Earth we could have those arsenals? Unless, Malaysia leverages on United States to take action? Even if the US take action, nothing much they could do unless sanction. If wage a war, this could be a World War 3. And i doubt Malaysia will ever leverage on United States' for any punishment since the latter is pro-Israel .

It is really an outrage that bodies are left rotten on the ground. Come on, they have lost their lives for no reasons; please give them some dignity - let them rest in peace.

To be honest, as this news runs like wildfire in social media - some of them are really offensive or should i say is just plain dumb.

For example, there was an attention whore posted a shirtless pix which he popping up from the water. And the caption he wrote: May all of you rise to Heaven be with the God like an angel. Just follow the wind...I'm not the victim! Touch wood.

Let's assuming he is really concerned about the tragedy but why need to be shirtless? What do skin and a pair of tits got to do with sympathy? Well, i know it's pretty hard to have adequate attention in the gay community but utilizing this tragedy for attention, i don't think it is appropriate at all.

Clearly, he needs attention as he wrote just follow the wind - it means follow the trend in Chinese - well, since everyone talk about this MH17, it was a golden opportunity for him to gain attention in Facebook - well; #MH17 is an useful tool.

Another example; a dimwitted guy was commenting on my friend's post; Malaysia Airlines activate "dark site" in corporate website for second this year.

Then the dimwitted guy replied : MH sudah terlampau pandai (MH is too smart). Then followed by my friend who was trying to explain what dark site is. But the dimwitted guy wouldn't bother and acting he knew everyting: twice major fatal accident in a year, champion in the world, proud to be a Malaysian. 

Seriously, both MH 370 and MH 17 are not something that we proud of. It was human tragedy and this fucking moron took this human tragedy as something he could proud of. He should leave my country immediately!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another MAS Flight that Never Arrives

Anguish, shocking, disbelief and disheartening - these are few words that describe the initial feelings when I and with other Malaysians received the tragic news. It happened before five months back but we never ever thought lightning would strike same place twice. I thought it was a hoax and i hope it was but as more reliable sources broke the news out, i had to accept the saddest truth.

Yesterday, the whole world was shocked to learn that Malaysia Airline MH17 - flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down over Ukraine that killed 298 people onboard.

Though at this moment, we still do not have the confirmed party who fired the deathly missile - US blaming Russia and Russia blaming Ukraine (some even said that this tragedy will spark Cold War II). This tragedy has caught Malaysia in  between these two super powers. But one thing is for sure, the people around the world who cherish love and lives we come together as one to demand truth and transparency and immediate action to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Being a Malaysian, indeed, it is the darkest period for us. In the midst of recovering from the ill-fated flight MH370 and we are still left clueless on its whereabouts and yesterday, we were hit my another tragedy which is too overwhelming to endure the pains and sorrows ensued.

Though this tragedy can bring us to our knees but no doubt Malaysians are united and together we are strong.This challenging period will be another test for us - another test to gauge our strength and another test to gauge our unity. And we all know, we shall overcome.

To those families and friends had their loved ones in that ill-fated flight, you have our heartfelt prayers and thoughts:

There in my Father's home, safe and at rest,
There in my Savior's love, perfectly blest;
Age after age to be nearer, my God, to Thee.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gay Bimbo

If someone asks me who is my role model - definitely gonna be Kim Kardashian. Come on, she and her family members are doing nothing in their lives but yet they are so rich. And look, the mom is a pimp who selling off her daughters. I mean seriously, i don't know what is the hype about that family. The whole Hollywood entertainment revolves around the family for doing nothing but just drama.

So if you wanna be rich and famous, two tips: accidentally leak your self-made porn or you just be a super bimbo and there you go, the fame is yours. Trust me, i watched couple of episodes of Keeping Up With Kardashians and my gosh, it drove me to be a bimbo-wannabe.

I do admit i could be bimbo sometimes or maybe most of the time.I can't fry an egg, i don't know how to defrost frozen food, i can't pronounce the word 'simultaneously' and when it comes to hardware or gadget set up, it will take hours to days.

But talking about bimbo, there's a hogger in my Facebook - i have no idea how on earth he is in my friend list but this fag is the epitome of a bimbo. Not being a cyber bully here, i'm just sharing some of his postings for us to share some laughter:

  • "is been 1 week didn't tfk (masturbate) but still not feel horny, is it sign of ageing"
  • "i notice my nipple position become lower and lower, is that mean my chest become bigger?"
  • "again sleepless night,  forgotten green tea got caffeine inside" 

You be the judge. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Empty Pages

It sucks when the world turns it back on you. The dreams that you've been holding on so much are just crashing and burning in front of you. Even the treasure you held it so dear has turned into sarcasm (i think). What's the point of life when you have the world like what I've mentioned?

You could either pull a trigger or carry on.

You see, when all the good things have left, i don't think it's all over. It's just a new beginning of a new chapter and it's a roller coaster ride which you have no idea you will land on hard surface or a gentle hand to catch your fall.

Seriously, i've been feeling so hollow lately. It's like an empty Alvin without any soul. The surface is just plain me doing routines like everyday. I've lost my passion and most of all, i've lost the drive to lead my life (and my blog is getting shorter and shorter).

Alas Alvin, i should never idle with despair.I'll be the glimpse of light which the darkness fear.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Footballers of World Cup 2014

So the football fever or samba fever most of us call it is about to come to an end. It was such a shocking twist that the hopeful Brazil didn't make it into final - in fact, it was such a big humiliation that Germany grilled them down to 7:1. I didn't watch the match but people said if you put the Malaysian team, Malaysian team will barely lose like 2:0 to Brazil. Yes, it was that bad.

Alas, the team that i bet on France lost in the quarterfinal - well, at least my luck wasn't that bad. Come on, i know nothing about football and i simply bet a team that went into quarterfinal. Not bad right? Unlike some people who bet on Spain....

Anyhoo, i know nothing about football but i know couple of things about footballers. Oh yeah, when it comes to boys, ain't no one better than me. So who is your fantasy footballer from the World Cup? Who is the sexiest footballer that you are praying that he will score a goal and rip his shirt off in celebration?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the  footballers of World Cup 2014 Brazil:

Neymar - come on, give some face to the host nation. Though he's not those hunky type but i like mediocre look

Ronaldo has always been my favourite footballer - sexy and cool...ok, i know some might not agree with me but give this lad some credit for his haircut...apparently, his bizarre haircut was a tribute to a child's brain surgery scar. I think he still has the nicest body among other footballers.

Columbia not only has Shakira but also cute and boyish James Rodriguez

                                 French Olivier Giroud - he look like Carlisle Cullen from Twilight

And the entire Spain and Italy team hahaha.....It's getting late. So before i'm signing off, all the best to Germany!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July

Ops, sorry. I didn't know what to write before this that's why you see dots above.

Seriously, I'm getting dumb and dumber each and every single day. Reason being? If i dilvuge the reasons, i'll be in the hot soup. So better not.

Anyhoo, it's July - my favourite month!

The first half of 2014 already gone - so what you gonna do for the rest 6 months before we bid farewell to the year?

To be honest, lately, I've been worrying sick about my future and shits happen in most areas of my life but that's life sucks but somehow you manage to pull it through. I know the word 'future' has been haunting everyone. Future is like vultures hovering above the sky which gonna swallow me whole if i die. So hopefully my steady feet won't fail me.

Minus the work, i guess i should take it easy for the second half and enjoy life for awhile shall we?

Let's check my schedule from July-December 2014 - oh look, it's nothing. I'm not joking, my life is not Kardashian enough - it's plain mundane. Too mundane until sometimes i get sick sometimes do the same old things over over again - it's so routine. To get rid of my poor boring mundane life, here are few things that randomly come across my mind that i wanna do for the remaining days of 2014:

  • Move out?
  • Pet two cats 
  • Sleep around 
  • Start my medical treatment for mild stupid infection?
  • Travel yay! I want to do this so much but i have this travelling curse. Everytime i wanna travel....sure something will happen and end up in disappointment.
  • Like every year, the finale of course will be Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year! But i'm not sure I have any luck for this occassion.