Monday, July 21, 2014

MH17: Sorrow and Resentment

As the days unfold, sorrow and grief are still lingering in the air for all Malaysians. Even i join the global chorus in condemning such a barbaric act that took scores of innocent lives.

It will take days or even months to find the real culprit. Indeed, these coming days will be tough for Malaysians and slightly impatience as we demand an answer and justice for the ill-fated flight MH17.

Though sadness is an inevitable in situation like this but resentment and anger are also likely to ensue.

You see, Ukraine and even United States are now blaming  the pro-Russian separatists who were the ones that launched the missile. Even if they did, what Malaysia can do? We've been a pacifist country for longest time - we could not wage a war against those separatists and they are backed by superpower Russia for God's sake; how on Earth we could have those arsenals? Unless, Malaysia leverages on United States to take action? Even if the US take action, nothing much they could do unless sanction. If wage a war, this could be a World War 3. And i doubt Malaysia will ever leverage on United States' for any punishment since the latter is pro-Israel .

It is really an outrage that bodies are left rotten on the ground. Come on, they have lost their lives for no reasons; please give them some dignity - let them rest in peace.

To be honest, as this news runs like wildfire in social media - some of them are really offensive or should i say is just plain dumb.

For example, there was an attention whore posted a shirtless pix which he popping up from the water. And the caption he wrote: May all of you rise to Heaven be with the God like an angel. Just follow the wind...I'm not the victim! Touch wood.

Let's assuming he is really concerned about the tragedy but why need to be shirtless? What do skin and a pair of tits got to do with sympathy? Well, i know it's pretty hard to have adequate attention in the gay community but utilizing this tragedy for attention, i don't think it is appropriate at all.

Clearly, he needs attention as he wrote just follow the wind - it means follow the trend in Chinese - well, since everyone talk about this MH17, it was a golden opportunity for him to gain attention in Facebook - well; #MH17 is an useful tool.

Another example; a dimwitted guy was commenting on my friend's post; Malaysia Airlines activate "dark site" in corporate website for second this year.

Then the dimwitted guy replied : MH sudah terlampau pandai (MH is too smart). Then followed by my friend who was trying to explain what dark site is. But the dimwitted guy wouldn't bother and acting he knew everyting: twice major fatal accident in a year, champion in the world, proud to be a Malaysian. 

Seriously, both MH 370 and MH 17 are not something that we proud of. It was human tragedy and this fucking moron took this human tragedy as something he could proud of. He should leave my country immediately!

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