Sunday, July 13, 2014

Empty Pages

It sucks when the world turns it back on you. The dreams that you've been holding on so much are just crashing and burning in front of you. Even the treasure you held it so dear has turned into sarcasm (i think). What's the point of life when you have the world like what I've mentioned?

You could either pull a trigger or carry on.

You see, when all the good things have left, i don't think it's all over. It's just a new beginning of a new chapter and it's a roller coaster ride which you have no idea you will land on hard surface or a gentle hand to catch your fall.

Seriously, i've been feeling so hollow lately. It's like an empty Alvin without any soul. The surface is just plain me doing routines like everyday. I've lost my passion and most of all, i've lost the drive to lead my life (and my blog is getting shorter and shorter).

Alas Alvin, i should never idle with despair.I'll be the glimpse of light which the darkness fear.

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