Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Everybody Hurts Sometimes

July supposed to be a great friend of mine who never failed to give me that extra miles. However, July could betray me sometimes. July took away my uncle two years ago. And today, the final two days of the month, I received a very sad news from my mom that my aunt has passed on.

Indeed, today is a sad day for my family. Though we knew this day would come but never knew it came too soon. I hope my family members would be strong and carry on at this difficult period.

When you're sure you have enough of this life, words of wisdom here is don't let yourself go. Life is really fragile and is really short and rather unpredictable. I remember I was with my aunt and other family members celebrated my uncle's birthday earlier this year but never knew my aunt has gone forever.

Day could be long and night is yours alone. Sometimes everything is wrong and nothing seems to be right. The problems you're having now; be it at work or relationship or even argument with your friends; trust me, it's just a tiny particle in the universe.

There's more to life. Life is bigger than what we thought - those problems are just small fragments that constitute life. I believe life is filled with love. I know ugly people are everywhere but in this crowds of ugliness, there's love. Love from those who lend you a hand and love from those who show you guidance to get out of this ugly society.

If you're having problem right now, please stop crying your heart out. Beauty is all around us and not just in pageants and parlors. You can find it in the swirl of galaxies or swirl in the centre of a sunflower.

I remember there was a time i was so lost and i had no clue what to do then I lamented and  asked God, where were you when i needed You the most. With a blank state of my mind, i walked into the car and turned on the engine and the radio started to echo "God is watching us, God is watching us....from a distance" (Bette Miller's From A Distance). If He didn't watch me, i wouldn't writing this entry.

Before i end my note, this is for my aunt who passed on this afternoon and for those who had departed from us:

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