Friday, November 30, 2012

Win passes for Super Asia Showcase -Kpop acts

Mad about Kpop? Control your screams because some of the hottest Kpop acts are dropping by KL!

The 2012 Asia Super Showcase will be bringing in Super Junior M, EXO-M and BTOB and U Mobile wants to give you special invites!

All you have to do is subscribe to the WowLoud Service by U Mobile and then top up a minimum of RM 30. Every 28th top up of RM 30 and above will win you passes to meet your Kpop idols on the 11th December!

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Jay Chou is blonde

This is it! Jay Chou's new album, 12th album is scheduled to be released on December 28 , 2012 (if end of the world never happens).

Well, no one can deny that he is a real Asian prodigy in music with the unparalleled talents, be it in music, magic, movie and directing. However, his 12th album is set to be something new, different and fresh per say.

Why i say so?

I came across his album teaser in his official Facebook and gosh, Jay Chou turns blond. Though i'm a big fan of him but i'm not hypocrite - it sucks. I know blondie is a in thing in K-Pop culture , you can call me conservative but Asian should not dye the hair blond as it doesn't match the tone of the skin. It's like Nicki Minaj with her natural colour hair (God knows what colour). Or Malaysian colloquial term "lala".

Ignore the top, but if you look far below on his teaser photo, phew!! check out his body!! From a shy and timid prodigy, suddenly, Jay Chou take off his shirt off and goes shirtless!! 6 pairs of abs and lil hairy chest. Tell me now, are you drooling?

Pix courtesy from Jay Chou Official Facebook

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Get A Life

“Get a life”

Definitely it will annoy you if someone says this in front of you since it has negative connotation to ask you to get lost.

But if we see it literally, somehow it turns out to be a meaningful phrase. Lately, I have been wondering, do I really have a life?

Look, working from 9 to 7 plus, stuck in the jam for an hour then dinner, almost everyday back home, i only have mere two hours for myself just to have my personal space before I hit the sack. Really, two hours is like a movie long but two hours is the period I have for myself which i cherish the most everyday. What about weekend? It’s either im still doing my work at home or hanging out whole day with my friends. Seriously, there is no boredom in my life and I wish for one !

That’s the reason why I could not join the contemporary gay men to have gym. I rather use the time to rest at home, I know it doesn’t sound healthy but I believe sufficient rest is more important than building up the body to look attractive on the surface to seduce all those shallow minded people.

It sounds cliché but life is indeed short, make it well-lived.  And most of time, most of us just watch our lives pass us by without slightest enjoyment.

The word “enjoy life” may sound opulence but you no need the riches in the world to buy you life. Life doesn’t recognize the money you have, life knows no wealth.

So if I have all the time in the world, what I wanna do?

I know my friend asked me this question before and I answered “ I wanna travel so much”. I like travelling but time doesn’t allow me to do so or there is always someone who breaks the promise to travel with me. I also wish to strum my guitar once again. I love guitar so much as I always admire how my tiny little fingers could make beautiful acoustic sound everytime I strum it. Honestly, I have forgotten most of the chords = (  worry not, we have awesome bands in the world who make beautiful music. Like this one below, Greenday, one of my favourite rock bands.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Twilight Saga: The End

Have you watched Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part 2?

I did and it was a premiere. Goodness, an hour before the movie starts, the lobby of the cinema was jam packed with people and i could hardly to locate my queue.

So how was the movie? The review will be excellent! Since yesterday is the officially release, so I don’t want to be a spoiler here.

Here's my tips for you, don’t believe what you watch in the movie and expect a very big twist. A vampire from Cullens died* and many more from Aro. And plenty of wolves also perish* in the battle. (*don’t be so sad and don’t take it seriously). Psst…Jacob (Taylor Lautner), not only gone shirtless but gone naked!

Talking about battle, speaking of which, the battle between the Cullens and its allies versus the Aro is the one of the best battles in movie history. Really, each members from both Cullens’ allies and the antagonist Volturi’s allies have their own individual power, except the wolves. So you can see each and every one of them unleashing their power to tear the head out. Well yeah, to kill the vampire is to pull the head out and burn the body. So you expect a lot of head tearing and head pulling scene.

Twilight Saga fever has been with us for four years now and how it wonderfully turns traditional vampires who live in the castle and sleep in the casket into cool and trendy vampires. Definitely, Twilight Saga has catapulted vampires into another new level of pop culture.

Gotta confess, my eyes were little bit teary when the credit end recapping the memorable scenes from the first episode to the last episode. Geez, there will be no more Twilight Saga. There will be no more Harry Potter series also. I guess the silverscreen will be a little bit quiet from now on.

When the first Twilight came out, I was relucntant to watch at first because I thought it would be a typical vampires hunting for human that kinda movie. So my friend convinced to watch it and the rest is history.

So what are your favourites in the saga? And what are the things you hate the most?Let me share with you for my likes and dislikes.

The worst episode – New Moon. Gosh, throughout the whole movie, Bella is the emo queen.

My favourite character -  Usual question: Team Edward or Team Jacob? Of course, Edward!! I’m not sure whether his sparkling face or  his soft spoken tone that turn me on. I know Jacob has sexier body but he looks bit dirty to me. I like Alice Cullen too! She’s cool, chic and modern.

The worst actress – Kristen Stewart. No doubt, she is very beautiful but don’t you think her expression throughout all the episodes is the same? Sucks in acting but excellent in cheating Robert Pattinson.

Favourite antagonist – Jane by Dakota Fanning. She has my favourite super power too. Don’t you think is cool? Just looking at you and she will make you suffer in agony.

Favourite scene – gotta be the weeding scene. Simply beautiful! (Glad that wedding scene I watched with..well, forget it)

Thank you Twilight Saga for all these years entertainment. Let me end this entry with the last line of the saga:

And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Get a taste of the all new Windows 8

Ever wondered what it would be like to live your passion and have fun at the same time?

Be it fashion, business or your personal lifestyle, the arrival of Windows 8 will spark a new era of computing. Touch, feel and play with Windows 8 while connecting people. You can also share news, information and reviews with the new operating system (OS).

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Maiden Mural Painting Trek in Penang

It was supposed to be my first loner travelling experience but never knew throughout my two days one night stay in Penang would be so happening. I never knew I have so many friends reside in Penang.

Why was I in Penang? To have refreshing sexcapade in Penang

Nah, I had a long break to clear my annual leave and since there is nowhere to go, why not go back to my third home, Penang.  (FYI, my dad is from Penang). Actually, I wanted to go to many places but either I don’t have the time nor no one to accompany me. Really, I don’t know why my friends are so easy to get their own friends for travelling and it would be so difficult for my case. So I decided to travel alone this time, which never happened in the end.

The best thing to travel alone is you can do whatever you want without accommodating to anyone. That’s why I departed quite late to Penang.

Everytime I go to Penang, I will always take the ferry instead of the bridge. Aside from catching the sea breeze, another reason is that I always have this phobia that I would crash the barricade at the bridge and plunge into the sea – influenced by Final Destination I supposed.
Sky's blue and sea's green in our yellow submarine. The ferry is approaching to Georgetown

Since I’m not a beach person, so I decided to stay in downtown at 1926 Heritage Hotel at Burma Road. Eponymously, the Anglo-Malay architectural hotel was built in 1926 and it served as home to the British colonial officers and local administrators.

Since it is an old building, so the million-dollar question: Is it haunted?

I think my friends were trying to scare me off said that the hotel is haunted. But seriously, every hotel has its ghost story to share. I didn’t bother much, in fact I had real nice sleep too!

1926 Heritage Hotel @ Jalan Burma
Old but yet comfortable
1926 Heritage Hotel even has a swimming pool
After checking in at the hotel, I rushed to my room and put my luggage and hopped to my friend’s car to kick start my holiday. Actually, there are not many places that I wanted like to go since I have visited most of the tourist spots in Penang, so I just followed whenever they wanted to go.

But there is one thing I still haven’t done before in Penang – tracking those mural wall paintings by Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic. Indeed, his artistic interpretation is rather skilful, nostalgic and yet humorous.

My task of this holiday: locating all of his masterpieces. Nine paintings and I only managed to locate seven, not bad right? I could have located all of them but the time wasn’t allowing me to do so. I didn’t rent a bicycle coz I rather walk slowly and experience the charm of  good old Georgetown, which is recognized by UNESCO as the world’s heritage.

How to locate the mural paintings?

Get a map to locate the mural (below)
Your useful map to locate the paintings (Courtesy Only
Ask the locals
Download Penang Mural app (no thanks to Digi, by the time I finished the tour, the app is still loading to be downloaded
Digi connection most of the time 
Nonchalantly stroll in tiny streets of Georgetown and whenever you see people congregate, they you are, the mural painting. I’m not joking. You may be surprised how many people waiting for its turn for their Kodak moments with the mural (pix)

The crowds waiting their turn for the Kodak Moment
“Boy on a bike” at Ah Quee Street

“Little Boy with Pet Dinasour “ just next to the “Boy on a bike” mural

“Little Children on Bicycle” at Armenian Street, I guess this mural is the most popular one as it has gone viral in Facebook before

“Reaching Up” at Cannon Street

“Old Man” at Armenian Street, not far from the “Little Children on Bicycle” mural. This is the trickiest mural to be located as the painting is bit faded. So I asked the guy who sells souvenier there where the old man painting is. This is what he said

“Oh dear, the painting is very far from here. You have to walk around 2 km”, souvenir guy.

“Really?!!” me

“Yes. Perhaps, you just look there. Just look in front of you” souvenir guy.

Geez, I was so embarrassed! The painting is just in front of me all the time and I never noticed!

“Little Girl in Blue” at Munthi Street

“Children in A Boat” at Chew Jetty

The others that I didn’t have time to locate:
The Awaiting Trishaw Peddler at Penang Road (Picture courtesy: Only
Heart Breaks at Love Lane (pix courtesy Travel 2 Penang)

Other happenings during my trip:

Went to Kek Lok Si in Air Itam again since it is my KL friends’ maiden trip. Stands on the hill overlooking the island, Kek Lok Si is the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia

Padang Kota Lama aka The Esplanade

Chew Jetty, an old Chinese waterfront settlement at the end of Gat Lebuh Armenian is the largest and most lively jetty. Built in 19th century, the settlement sits on the stilts literally.

Picturesque view from Chew Jetty

Came to this shop at Ah Quee Street, selling local souvenirs. The item that really caught my eyes at the shop is the Chinese opera paintings. I just love it! So nostalgic but yet modern.

Old shops adorning Armenian Street. I guess it’s more than 100 years.

Penang is enriched with history and culture diversity. The other reason why Penangnites so proud is because of its food! That’s why I promise myself to make a yearly pilmigrage to Penang just for the food!

Otak-otak – cake made of fish meat and spices and wrapped in banana leaf

Pasembur – Malaysian Indian salad comes with shredded cucumbers, potatoes, beancurd, turnip, bean sprouts, seafood with a sweet and spicy sauce

Chee Cheung Fun @  Sin Seow Fong Lye Cafe  My most favourite Penang food. I know Chee Cheung Fun (rice noodle roll) could be found anyway in Malaysia but the Penang’s one is simply the best as it served with shrimp paste sauce!

Ghee Hiang Biscuits and Sesame Oil with a heritage over 155 years. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Can you handle all the cuteness in this new comic?

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In case you show up

Apparently, my friends are attached one by one. From bottom of my heart, I do feel happy for them. I hope they won’t get too hooked up and neglect me.

As most of my friends are already attached, is there any peer pressure for me to get one?

Who doesn’t want to love and to be loved? But it would be ludicrous of me to blindly hook up with someone just because my close friends are already attached and I would be left out.

Maybe I should put my description in about section for those Grinder or Jack D that I desperately for a boyfriend. Seriously, i came across many shouted for desperation in those gay apps looking for a boyfriend. Really, those apps are for whores and sluts, and of course for attached guys who are looking for external casual fun as well. I doubt anyone is true there.

So they ask do I see anyone lately. Sadly no. I know it is hard to believe that no one is after this cutie pie. Maybe that’s why, I’m not cute nor I have hot sizzling body so no one would even bother to take notice of this mediocre guy.

Well, to answer the question that I ask myself above; I don’t feel any pressure at all. In fact, I’m alright with my singlehood now but if the fate comes, I’ll answer the call for consideration.

Maybe because Christmas is near and it’s rainy days, I feel really sentimental lately. Life is hard. Work is tough and corresponding people could be fuck-tards sometimes, I really do wish that I could share my daily story with someone sometimes. You know when you have achieved something hugely successful in your work, you just want someone to share the success story with or even simply have a tete`-a-tete´during dinner. Or just appear at my door and takes me out for dinner or supper when I’m hungry. I know it sounds simple but it takes a lifetime for me to find someone to do that.

Whatever it is, I know fate is in our hands but fate for relationship is rather sceptical one. I did try, it didn’t work out. So I swore my heart would never meant unless someone proves me otherwise.

Before I end my note, I have no idea why im playing this song non-stop while im blogging this entry. Like what Yuna sings; decorate my home in case you show up” – I know he will never ever show up.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Facebook Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts


No one can deny that we are eat, sleep and play with Facebook. Literally, our lives are so much revolving around this social network that we can’t live without it. I guess the first website you will go to when you wake up from the bed is Facebook and even Facebook replaces the punch card at your office – once log in, tick, you at work.

Facebook indeed transforms the landscape of our daily communication as well as the marketing strategies of businesses. However, as we indulge ourselves with this social network, do we have a set of etiquettes to govern the use of Facebook so this social network won’t be a nuisance network?

My job scope does involve Facebook, so you can see me online most of the time. Really, as I leave it online, Facebook could somehow be a nuisance and sometimes revolting too as Mark Zurkerberg did not set a set of etiquettes in using Facebook. Well, he did provide privacy and report setting but sometimes the contacts in Facebook are your friends; you wouldn’t want to report your friend to administrator right? Well, this is dilemma I’m facing, feel annoyed but can’t block them –the only thing I can do is tell him/her off which also might jeopardize our friendship.

Trust me, in the world today, to end a friendship is simple –just block them in Facebook and they will get the message.

Let me share with you my dilemma and the etiquettes that should be adopted in Facebook.

The harassment of game requests

You think is so nice to have the initial A as your first name? Well, it might be a boon for registration purposes as your name will appear first in alphabetical order but not in Facebook.

My name begins with consonant “A” so the people will take this opportunity to harass me with game requests as my name will appear the first few rows and  I don’t play Facebook game or any online games at all. They are a bunch of lazy asses who are lazy to scroll to find people who are really into Facebook games. On average, I have 10 requests per day. The game requests have reached to the breaking point of my tolerance, so I have decided to report them.

Spam the timeline if you have pretty face

I know this point is rather bitchy but it’s an ugly truth. I have few friends in my list that who like to spam on the wall in the Facebook without any mercy. Their postings could be up to 20 or more in a day with average two postings per hour. Well, 20 postings for a day is alright if you are feeding an developing news or happenings or even the dynamic business updates but 20 postings on your bimbo personal stuff on you is rather annoying. What are the postings that irk me off recently: I shave my legs, I went to toilet, my boobs are small, I’m doing my gym (gay men’s favourite posting) and the list goes on. Seriously, no one cares. I have an anonymous friend who spamming non stop in FB and pity him, no one likes on his posting or don’t even a single comment. I know, it’s hard to get attention in Facebook nowadays. People do care when you have a pretty face. Yeah, really. I have plenty of friends who are drop dead handsome and even simple “Good night” can generate more than 30 likes. I know I don't have pretty face, that’s why I’ve been quiet lately in Facebook.

Don’t tell the world you are a loner

Spamming Facebook wall is annoying. I guess you should stop spamming when you realize that no one like your posts or corresponding comment on it. So, you should have self-dignity to lie low when no one cares about your post. Please, it's a big no no to like your own post when there is no feedback from others. Really, it’ s very sad to do that.

Tag your friends if you want attention

Like, tag and win basis contest is the hit mechanism in Facebook today. I do that to because either I want to win or helping my friends to win. What if you friends post something and tag you in and you don’t have interest at all? Irritating indeed – really, a lady tag me for lingerie sales before.

A little respect for those who passed on

Facebook has become a vital platform to announce someone’s demise. Well, it can work out well so the relevant people could be informed about the sad news. But should we ‘like’ the posting when it is related to someone’s passing? I don't think so. I think it’s rather disrespectful.

Verify first to save yourself from embarrassment

People like hoaxes and rumours because the gist of the news is so sensational and interesting. Inevitably, you want to be a news breaker so much and post the new unverified news first in the Facebook. Voila, embarrass yourself in the end as the news is not an actual fact. I’ve got a friend who posted that Morgan Freeman died last month and he was besieged with comments to tell him off that it was a hoax. I have no idea where he hides his face.

Vent out your frustration at work

It’s good to vent out your stress or frustration at work to reduce the stress level of yours by sharing it with your friends. However, no matter how private your setting is, Facebook is still a public realm website and you never know who will read your posting-it might be your boss or your clients.

I know most of you guys don’t add your bosses in Facebook but what if your privacy setting is open to all ?Or one of your colleagues have your boss in their contact and the boss intentionally and unintentionally see your fuck-your-boss postings? Warning letter is definitely on its way.

Chain status updates           

Remember those postings that tell you that you need to post a picture or a status into the wall and share it with your friend or else you will die. I have received many of them and I’m still alive writing this entry.  Well, sometimes it’s good gesture for public announcement or charity drive but don't overdo it and it doesn’t kill you if you don’t post those chain statuses.

So what will you do if you come across the situations above? Facebook always knows what we want. Just click report. You can either choose, unsubscribe, unfriend or block with reasons:

My friend is annoying me OR my friend is harassing or bullying me

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beautiful Green Lake Encircled by Green Lush Limestones

So recently, my girl pal joined me for my bi-weekly hometown trip to Ipoh.

It was pretty fun when you have your friends to visit your hometown as you would be the ambassador to promote your birthplace.

It was a tiring trip indeed since I had to rush back to Ipoh after work on Friday and geez, we hang out until wee hours as if we were not sleepy at all.

It was a very unwelcoming when the alarm bell rung the next morning to catch up with my mom to have breakfast. Since my mom loves dim sum and God knows Foo San is forever packed, so she brought us to this restaurant called Qi Yuan in Greentown Business Centre (No.71, Persiaran Greentown 1 – few shops next to CIMB). The food is simply finest in its class with the rather more composed ambience – unlike those earsplitting dim sum outlets cluster in downtown.

Siew Mai
The oozy Xiao Loong Pau
Wanted to order its glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf but since my digestion system is not very that good all the time, so I opted something light and cliché instead – har kao and siew mai. I even ordered the xiao looong pau. Please keep your handphone or key aside when you are about to have the first bite because it is really filled with black vinegar that oozes out profusely. You can try its duck egg yolk lava buns too! Considered reasonable to dine as five of us only cost close to RM 100 only.

Hot and wobbly tau fu fah

Given that it was cold rainy Saturday, we went to Jalan Ali Pitchay off Jalan Yang Kalsom for hot and wobbly tau fu fah (soya bean curd). Much apology coz I forgot the name of the shop, i think it's called Woong Kee. However, I like this concept of this half-corner-shop as you can sit on the high stools overlooking the street below.

We proceeded to Gunung Lang Recreational Park thereafter, which located less than 1km from my house. To be precise, it is located off Jalan Kuala Kangsar and easily access via North South Highway PLUS when you take Ipoh exit.

Covering an area of 30 hectares out of 14 hectares is covered with  breathtaking manmade lake and surrounded by lush green limestones. You can even ride a boat to cross the other side of the lake which just cost RM3 for return trip.

To be honest, the park is kinda dilapateted and it doesn’t augur well with the Visit Perak Year 2012. You see, the two towers for aerial view are closed, I couldn’t find any toilet when I was the other side of the lake, the grasses are left untrimmed.

To add a little mystery on your visit to this lake, I was told by the operator there that there is a cave in Gunung Lang that used to be inhabited by a cavemen-family. Japanese and Communist also used Gunung Lang as their hideouts. So I won’t be surprised the place is haunted. Okay, don’t discuss further because I live nearby there.

Anyway, the next day we had our lunch at Pak Kong Hainanese Chicken Rice Shop (Click here for more info).

In order to satisfy our sweet tooth, we headed to Lok Wee Kui at Jalan Raja Muda Aziz (opposite Kamdar) for some light dessert. When Ipoh folks mention about this rather perculiar name, the first few signature dishes will definitely come across their minds : Sar Hor Fun (Chicken and Noodle in Prawn Broth), Ngap Tui Min (duck drumstick noodle) in herbal soup, Horr Hee (noodle soup with fishballs)  and rojak. Since we were so full, we just opted the caramelized egg custard. Talk about smoothness, I guess this shop defines it all.

caramelized egg custard
Pak Kong Hainanese Chicken Rice

The best thing to do when your stomach is fully-filled is go to sleep. Lol, this will make you a fat ass. To save ourselves from being a fat ass, we just strolled on the beautiful DR Park. Dr Park has a soft place in everyone’s heart who grows up in Ipoh. This is the park where most of the family will bring their children to stroll, to play at playground, to cycle at the mocked traffic roads and to spend quality time together to say the least.

I still can recall, when I was really small, my grandpa would take me to this park to ride the carousel. Though the city council has dismantled the carousel long ago but the beautiful and happy childhood still remain vividly in my mind.

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