Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beautiful Green Lake Encircled by Green Lush Limestones

So recently, my girl pal joined me for my bi-weekly hometown trip to Ipoh.

It was pretty fun when you have your friends to visit your hometown as you would be the ambassador to promote your birthplace.

It was a tiring trip indeed since I had to rush back to Ipoh after work on Friday and geez, we hang out until wee hours as if we were not sleepy at all.

It was a very unwelcoming when the alarm bell rung the next morning to catch up with my mom to have breakfast. Since my mom loves dim sum and God knows Foo San is forever packed, so she brought us to this restaurant called Qi Yuan in Greentown Business Centre (No.71, Persiaran Greentown 1 – few shops next to CIMB). The food is simply finest in its class with the rather more composed ambience – unlike those earsplitting dim sum outlets cluster in downtown.

Siew Mai
The oozy Xiao Loong Pau
Wanted to order its glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf but since my digestion system is not very that good all the time, so I opted something light and cliché instead – har kao and siew mai. I even ordered the xiao looong pau. Please keep your handphone or key aside when you are about to have the first bite because it is really filled with black vinegar that oozes out profusely. You can try its duck egg yolk lava buns too! Considered reasonable to dine as five of us only cost close to RM 100 only.

Hot and wobbly tau fu fah

Given that it was cold rainy Saturday, we went to Jalan Ali Pitchay off Jalan Yang Kalsom for hot and wobbly tau fu fah (soya bean curd). Much apology coz I forgot the name of the shop, i think it's called Woong Kee. However, I like this concept of this half-corner-shop as you can sit on the high stools overlooking the street below.

We proceeded to Gunung Lang Recreational Park thereafter, which located less than 1km from my house. To be precise, it is located off Jalan Kuala Kangsar and easily access via North South Highway PLUS when you take Ipoh exit.

Covering an area of 30 hectares out of 14 hectares is covered with  breathtaking manmade lake and surrounded by lush green limestones. You can even ride a boat to cross the other side of the lake which just cost RM3 for return trip.

To be honest, the park is kinda dilapateted and it doesn’t augur well with the Visit Perak Year 2012. You see, the two towers for aerial view are closed, I couldn’t find any toilet when I was the other side of the lake, the grasses are left untrimmed.

To add a little mystery on your visit to this lake, I was told by the operator there that there is a cave in Gunung Lang that used to be inhabited by a cavemen-family. Japanese and Communist also used Gunung Lang as their hideouts. So I won’t be surprised the place is haunted. Okay, don’t discuss further because I live nearby there.

Anyway, the next day we had our lunch at Pak Kong Hainanese Chicken Rice Shop (Click here for more info).

In order to satisfy our sweet tooth, we headed to Lok Wee Kui at Jalan Raja Muda Aziz (opposite Kamdar) for some light dessert. When Ipoh folks mention about this rather perculiar name, the first few signature dishes will definitely come across their minds : Sar Hor Fun (Chicken and Noodle in Prawn Broth), Ngap Tui Min (duck drumstick noodle) in herbal soup, Horr Hee (noodle soup with fishballs)  and rojak. Since we were so full, we just opted the caramelized egg custard. Talk about smoothness, I guess this shop defines it all.

caramelized egg custard
Pak Kong Hainanese Chicken Rice

The best thing to do when your stomach is fully-filled is go to sleep. Lol, this will make you a fat ass. To save ourselves from being a fat ass, we just strolled on the beautiful DR Park. Dr Park has a soft place in everyone’s heart who grows up in Ipoh. This is the park where most of the family will bring their children to stroll, to play at playground, to cycle at the mocked traffic roads and to spend quality time together to say the least.

I still can recall, when I was really small, my grandpa would take me to this park to ride the carousel. Though the city council has dismantled the carousel long ago but the beautiful and happy childhood still remain vividly in my mind.

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