Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Get A Life

“Get a life”

Definitely it will annoy you if someone says this in front of you since it has negative connotation to ask you to get lost.

But if we see it literally, somehow it turns out to be a meaningful phrase. Lately, I have been wondering, do I really have a life?

Look, working from 9 to 7 plus, stuck in the jam for an hour then dinner, almost everyday back home, i only have mere two hours for myself just to have my personal space before I hit the sack. Really, two hours is like a movie long but two hours is the period I have for myself which i cherish the most everyday. What about weekend? It’s either im still doing my work at home or hanging out whole day with my friends. Seriously, there is no boredom in my life and I wish for one !

That’s the reason why I could not join the contemporary gay men to have gym. I rather use the time to rest at home, I know it doesn’t sound healthy but I believe sufficient rest is more important than building up the body to look attractive on the surface to seduce all those shallow minded people.

It sounds cliché but life is indeed short, make it well-lived.  And most of time, most of us just watch our lives pass us by without slightest enjoyment.

The word “enjoy life” may sound opulence but you no need the riches in the world to buy you life. Life doesn’t recognize the money you have, life knows no wealth.

So if I have all the time in the world, what I wanna do?

I know my friend asked me this question before and I answered “ I wanna travel so much”. I like travelling but time doesn’t allow me to do so or there is always someone who breaks the promise to travel with me. I also wish to strum my guitar once again. I love guitar so much as I always admire how my tiny little fingers could make beautiful acoustic sound everytime I strum it. Honestly, I have forgotten most of the chords = (  worry not, we have awesome bands in the world who make beautiful music. Like this one below, Greenday, one of my favourite rock bands.

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