Monday, November 28, 2016

We're lovin' it

Come 30th November 2016, Ipoh folks will bid farewell to their first  McDonald's.

If you were born in 80s and 90s and you lived in Ipoh, I believe this news is rather hard for you to swallow. This is not a regular McD. This McD played a big part in our childhood. As we learnt that the restaurant is closing down, our  cherished childhood memories are like the chalk drawing on the blackboard that we are so reluctantly to wipe it off.

This 30-year old fast food restaurant, occupying at a majestic building in the middle of city, is a time capsule that brings us back to our childhood.

I would be the happiest kid on earth whenever my mother brought me there. I remember that McEgg (different from today version) would be definitely my first choice of order. I still could recall that the packaging for Happy Meal was so attractive that you could build a house where the toys lived in. There was a upstairs during early days in which there would be a yellow slide and children balls pool waiting for me. Not forgetting the ice cream corner underneath the staircase in which the cream was much taller.

These were the memories for my childhood. It felt so innocent, joyful and carefree every time I recall it. Whose childhood memories weren't happy to be recalled?

I went there yesterday, it was filled with people. People were taking photos and they brought their younger children along. I bet those mummy and daddy were telling their children;

 "Son, this was the happiest place when I was a kid".

As I was queuing to make my order, so many memories flashing since the counter is still at the same place as before. I remember my mom would carry me up to choose my order back then. I was able to stand tall to make my order - well, she was looking for a place. Indeed I've grown up.

Memories are past and there's no valid reason for us to hold it on. The past is a handful of dust. It filters through your fingers little by little.

Thank you so much for the memories and you have left a mark in every Ipoh people's heart. You will be missed.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Flash Malaysia join forces with Lazada Malaysia in conjunction with Black Friday & Cyber Monday

In line with Lazada Malaysia’s Online Revolution Campaign, Flash Malaysia is providing its consumers exclusive deals on Flash Plus 2 in conjunction with the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales on Lazada. Customers can save up to RM124 when they  purchase their Flash Plus 2 devices online from 25th-28th November 2016.

Among the unique features of Flash Plus 2 includes fast charging technology, fingerprint scanner and a booming HiFi together with a Helio P10 processor, a sizeable 5.5” screen and stock Android M operating system. With these unique built-ins, Flash Plus 2 enable consumers to experience premium features and built at a fraction of a price!

Consumers have the option to pick between two colours - Luna Silver & Venus Gold. It also comes with 2 different RAM capacity. In conjunction with Black Friday and Cyber Monday the 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory is currently on sale at RM479 (previously at RM599) while the 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory is priced at RM605 (previously at RM729).

Log on to this weekend and search for Flash Plus 2.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kechara’s Halloween Charity Night Spooked Fun for the Underprivileged

Kechara, a non-governmental organization (NGO), hosted a fun-filled Halloween Charity Night for 360 guests at the serene Kechara Forest Retreat in Bentong, Pahang, comprising special guests, less fortunate children and their respective guardians from underprivileged communities.

The carnival-style event was held to present the underprivileged an opportunity to experience a different environment through a contemporary celebration, which included fun games and activities, and partial of the collection was to be contributed to SRJK (C) Khai Mun Pagi.

Officiated by guests of honor, Pahang State Legislative Assemblyman for Ketari district, Bentong, Yang Berhormat Mr. Lee Chin Chen, the Council Member of Bentong Municipal Council, Yang Berusaha Lim Sang Hong, Kechara House Vice President Pastor, Kok Yek Yee, TV host from The Paranormal Zone, Phng Li Kim and DJ Wayne Thong from 98.8 FM, the event saw the presence of children and their guardians from Pusat Harapan Kampung Perting for the Mentally and Physically Disabled Children, Pertubuhan Ibu Tunggak Semarak Kasih Selangor, SMK Katholik, SJK (C) Khai Mun Pagi, and the Orang Asli Sungai Lebak and Kampung Chamang communities, all of whom were fully sponsored at RM60 per person.

Among the exhilarating activities carried out were numerous funfair-themed games such as the ring toss, football, Frisbee, golf and the main attraction of the day, which were the bouncy castles, gained the most attention.

The eerie, exciting Halloween theme echoed throughout the event as a full-blown, spooky haunted house was set up along with horror movie screenings, fortune telling and a Halloween costume competition which showcased the creativity of the children and participants through the creation of their Halloween costumes.

According to Madam Wong, a teacher from SMK Katholik, the students have never experienced Halloween celebrations on this scale.

“We would like to sincerely thank Kechara and the sponsors for giving the children such a wonderful experience. The event was very well organized and we can see that a lot of effort had been put into it, which shows that the Kecharians are positive and sincere people. It is very liberating to see a religion that is open to various forms of celebration,” said Madam Wong.

Additionally, Chang Mun Cong and Leong Cheng An from SJK(C) Khai Mun Pagi also shared about their experience at the Halloween Charity Night.

“The food was really good! We had so much fun and would love to come again next year to play at the bouncy castles if it will be held again,” said Chan and Leong.

The organizers from Kechara humbly extended their gratitude to Sambill Park Sdn Bhd, Daya Rekabina Sdn Bhd, Kechara Oasis, WEG Industries, Suntory Beverage & Food Sdn Bhd, Super Asia Enterprise Sdn Bhd and Vista Riveria (VR) Sdn Bhd, for making the event a success and bringing happiness to the children’s lives.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rejection, Fake Promise

Lightning never strikes the same place twice. True love is a gift but many of us just let us slip away.

I believe you and I have shared many common stories. That common stories that go "we almost have him but it didn't work out the way we wanted to".

Have you ever wondered why we came into that situation so often until we doubt and give on love?

I can assure you if you have the body and money, definitely, the outcome will be different. If you have both assets, I don't even need the effort to please people to love you. In fact, people will please you instead. You don't even need waste your time to tackle that particular person that you like. In fact, you can engage into a relationship with just snap of a finger.

Sadly, you and I don't have the body and money. We left idle and despair in this gay community.

And more often we became an item on the shelves that we are ever exposed to let people to play with our feeling. Well, you may think that you hit the jackpot that someone came into your life and pick you from the shelves. You are wanted. You are loved.

But as the excitement runs out or trial period expires, you are left aside or even dumped. You are worthless. You are unwanted.

I'm not being pathetic here but I'm just sharing my views here and I believe you would agree with me or maybe you are that item on the shelves. Don't worry, you're not alone.

But let me tell you this, during that trial period, we never did anything wrong. We treated those people who we liked with goodwill along with sincerity regardless what is the outcome eventually. The outcome could be a hand to hold or hitting on the solid ground. We never choose to give up as the word "believe" could be so powerful. Only the people who we like are so faithless to believe that things could work.

I know it takes two to tango. If one party doesn't want to, you can't force him. Being a typical Aquarian, once you wanted something, you would achieve it no matter what.

Before I end my note, if people reject you many times or people have blocked you or even getting rid of you, don't feel worthless, don't ever see yourself like that. You are priceless and worthy for others - your friends, your family members.

When people rejected you, do not be despair for too long. Rejections are the game of love that can't be avoided. Don't see rejections negatively. Rejection doesn't mean you aren't good enough; it means that other person failed to notice what you have to offer.

But through these rejections, it make you go stronger and wiser. I believe God signifies those rejections as you were not meant for those who people who rejected you. They never saw good in you. I believe He wanted you to walk this broken road to lead you to a person who is more loving and more deserving.

Always keep these words with you - rejection doesn't hurt, expectation does. Lying doesn't kill, denial does. Forgetting doesn't heal, forgiveness does.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Antabax Partners with The Amazing Race Asia

Good hygiene is one of the foundations of good health but for so many of us keeping clean is a distant second to all the busy-ness and activity that surrounds us. We need to take breaks for health and hygiene, and Antabax is leading the way!

Antabax, the *No.1 Halal antibacterial personal care range in Malaysia is partnering with The Amazing Race Asia, Season 5 to make the link between good health and hygiene more fun and exciting in efforts to encourage more people to soap up and sanitize. To drive home the connection, the proudly Malaysian brand is organising contests on its Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as on-ground promotions geared towards promoting active lifestyles for better health, through good hygiene.

The Antabax Facebook contest will offer two lucky participants and their ‘dates’ an exclusive money-can’t-buy experience – to be part of The Amazing Race Asia season 5 Finale party in Singapore, come December. The prize offers tickets to the event, flight and overnight accommodation, aside from Antabax products, and The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 merchandise.

The Amazing Race Asia is part of AXN’s global Amazing Race franchise, an adrenalin-fuelled reality show where teams of two compete against teams from other Asian countries for the prize of USD 100,000. Hosting the fifth season of The Amazing Race and the 11th season of The Amazing Race franchise overall is the Singapore based, Chinese-American Actor, Allan Wu and Indonesian actress, Tara Basro. The series airs every Thursday at 9pm, starting October 13, 2016 on the AXN Asia channel 721 (HD) and 701 on Astro.

This season Malaysia has three teams representing it ‘the muscle brothers’, Alex and Will, the ‘beauty queens’, Yvonne and Chloe and the recently eliminated school mates, Alphaeus and Brandon.

Antabax and The Amazing Race Asia are a great fit as both promote healthier lifestyles. Antabax has the complete range from antibacterial shower creams, soap, antibacterial cleansing wipes, instant hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer spray required to maintain hygiene at home and on-the-go as you pursue a more active lifestyle.

According to Ms Angeline Sim, Group Product Manager Household & Personal Care Department, Marketing Division at Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, “Antabax is delighted to partner with AXN as The Amazing Race Asia is a great platform for our brand to reach a wider audience. We hope through this partnership, it will convey the message of healthy and hygienic lifestyle by leveraging Antabax extensive products that provide the audiences reliable protection from germs.“ 

With Antabax Derma Protect System for 24-hour antibacterial protection, and Micro Moisture Serum that contains skin vitamins for moisturising, Antabax antibacterial range will leave your skin protected against 99.9% of germs, yet soft, smooth and well nourished. The products are also certified ‘Halal’, giving Muslim users full confidence in using them.

Be inspired and get healthier with an active lifestyle, by tuning in to AXN every Thursday at 9pm, answer all of the questions from the Antabax contest correctly and stand a chance to win amazing experience that money certainly can’t buy and merchandise for you and your family.

Mr. President

On the fateful morning of November 9, 2016, we were awaken by the rude shock of that Donald Trump was leading in the election. Our excitement and anticipating were diminished in the later afternoon that day.

With the cloudy sky along with little water droplets in the air from the drizzle, it was a devastating Wednesday afternoon. Donald Trump has won the election and he would be taking over from Obama to be the President of United States of America.

Being a staunch supporter to Hillary Clinton, I joined the tone of disbelief, shock and disappointment of the result. We were so sure that we would win the election but sadly, we didn't.

Well, Americans had chosen. Even the winning candidate doesn't favour us but this is how democracy works. I think Americans have lot to learn from Malaysians by having a ruling government that majority of Malaysians that did not vote for. Trust me, your four years will be irksome like we are having now.

There's no point for resentment nor mourning for the loss, we've got to move on and hope for the best. 

Though we hate Donald Trump so much for being such a racist, sexist and even narcissist but for me, he is an one helluva though guy. He did his campaign all alone even the Republicans did not support him and in the end, he won.

So the election is over, works go on and life moves one. For the one last time, Kate McKinnon, ladies and gentlemen - "I'm not giving up, neither should you"

Monday, November 7, 2016

Happiness - The Treadmill of Life

You may see people who live in a big house as a sign of happiness. But does the living hall filled with laughter among the family members?

You may be envy to know that your friend has a very good looking boyfriend. But how sure are you that very good looking boyfriend is treating you friend good?

You may be jealous that your friend is driving a nice car. But can you see the amount of burden of your friend to repay the car loan?

I believe many of us define happiness as how many physical assets that we can own. That is why we work so hard to strive those physical assets that we dream of. By God's grace, even we achieve to obtain physical materials eventually, sadly, those physical materials won't be able to talk to you. They will remain as physical materials even when you are sad and even when you need a nice warm hug.

That's why I don't limit my happiness in the perimeter of physical assets. It's beyond that. It's the quality time you spend with your family members at the dining table. It's the moment you hold your lover's hand. 

Sometimes we see the world as a very sad place. It seems that the world has lost its humanity. There's no love. There's no happiness. It seems happiness has left us.

When the world and the people has turned its back on you, hopelessness and sadness ensue. Happiness is out of reach. 

Try to brighten up my child. Happiness is inside all of us. Sometimes, you need someone to help you to find it. I hope I have found that very person...