Monday, July 27, 2015

What makes me happy?

I was reading my ex-colleague's blog entitled "What makes me happy?".

Though it is just a simple question but I don't think I have any answer. 

You may see a person laughing and cracking jokes all the time but it doesn't mean that he's happy. The world may see him happy but the world he sees is a very sad place. 

For me, happiness and fun are two different things actually. Fun is just a temporary amusement. And yes, I have fun all the time. 

But for happiness, it's more towards contentment. 

Am I really happy, honestly?

I don't think so. Maybe I have so many desires in my life and those desires seem like out of reach. Desires or some call it goals are the drive in your life to keep you going ahead. Desires dictate goals in your life. Goals makes your life worth living.

But then again, the more desires I have, the more disappointment I'll encounter. So it's better for me to lead a plain and desire-free life. Gosh, I sound like a monk here.

Anyway, I experienced happiness before, I'm not that pathetic okay? My childhood, my teenage days throughout my high school and college, my maiden visit at Disneyland and past and current relationship + not forgetting the unforgettable second half of 2011.

I hope someday very soon I could do the things that I would never expect that i could do it.

Good night.

Weekly Update: Another Hunk, Earth 2.0 and The Edge

What a whirlwind week has been. Let's recap and have a little discourse of what happened throughout the past seven days.

Tang Yuan Hunk

How I wish I could be some sort of food. Don't you want too?

You see, if you are food or fruit, you will be touched and prepared by hunks nowadays.

Apparently, there was a young hunk jumped on the bandwagon to sell food without any shirt on, in this case, Tang Yuan. Meet Tang Wei Chau who bare his body at a Tang Yuan stall in Jelutong, Penang. 

The reason being?

"Open shirt and selling things is a trend now~try the tang yuan Penang island Jelutong pasar now!"

For this hunk, I don't think he is an attention seeker unlike Jordan Yeoh. He is just too young to think thoroughly and got carried away with the trend. But he's really humble and polite lad indeed. He even apologised for his act. How sweet right?

Unlike the durian hunk. My gosh, what the heck he was thinking. My Astro even teamed up with him for a video that doesn't make any sense at all:

We've found a new home? 

On Thursday, NASA's spacecraft Kepler  has spotted "Earth's bigger, older cousin" - the first nearly Earth-size planet to be found in the habitable zone of a star similar to our own.

Dubbed "Earth 2.0", the planet is located 1,400 light-years away. Though the space agency is not certain whether the planet has water and air but it is the closest match that mankind ever found.

Wow! It's like rerunning Interstellar movie. I hope our future generation will have technology to visit Earth 2.0.

LRT is on fire!

On Wednesday, LRT system in Klang Valley was in haywire when its train caught on fire near Universiti Station. This incident forced RapidKL LRT to stop its operation for couple of hours.

Earlier that day, Setiawangsa station stopped its service for about an hour due to faulty on the train's brakes.

Have you ever thought these all mishaps and incidents were foretold in our Ringgit banknote. Take  all the money out from your wallet and have a closer look:

RM 10

  • MAS plane - MH370 and MH17
  • Ship - Orkim Harmony hijacking incident
  • Bank Negara logo - the falling of Ringgit value
  • LRT - LRT on fire
RM 100
  • Mount Kinabalu - Sabah earthquake which killed 18 people at Mount Kinabalu

Now only left with RM 50, RM 20 and RM 1 note. When the mentioned notes' prophecy will be fulfilled? 

Taylor Swift VS Nicki Minaj 

Let's make it simple. Taylor Swift's Bad Blood nominated for Video of The Year at MTV VMA. Nicki Minaj's Anaconda wasn't in the nomination list, so she tweeted "If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year".

And the hell broke loose. Even Katy Perry joined the twitter fray. Apparently, I didn't know that Taylor Swift wrote Bad Blood in reference to Katy. Such a bitch.

Nevertheless, Taylor has apologized and Nicki has accepted it - life goes on.

The Suspension of The Edge

Malaysia's freedom of media was once again tested when The Edge was suspended by the government for three months. Obviously, it was an immature and coward act to shut down a true Fourth Estate to report the alleged wrongdoings of the administrative. Censure one voice will not make a difference. More voices will be heard.

It was a utterly blow to the freedom of media and speech in Malaysia. We need more courageous voice like The Edge.

Let's pray that the truths will be prevailed and justice will be served. Godspeed.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Weep Not For The Memories

It was during high school when we first met.

Ironically, he was introduced by my first ex back then. The meet up wasn't an affable one, to be honest.

He was quiet and I was quiet too. So it was sort of a cold get together with him and with my first ex.

Months after our first met, I broke up with my first ex. I was single for quite awhile since I needed to focus on my studies. 

But my affection for him had overshadowed my determination to put my studies first. Yes, I turned over a new leaf and started a relationship with him. 

It was rather sweet and silly kind of relationship, come to think of it. We were in long distance relationship, It wasn't far off actually, merely 50 km from each other.

Every fortnight we would meet - either he came over or I went up north to meet him. Though our time spent together physically was limited but we really enjoyed it. 

Sadly, this long distance relationship did not work out for us. Our relationship only lasted for nine months. 

Though he was the one who dumped me but I never held any resentment on him. Because he was a nice guy indeed. The good nature of him that made me wanted to continue friendship with him.

After we parted to our own destination in our lives, we rarely got in touch though. It was casual chat in Facebook over the years. We did meet for lunch but it was like four or five years ago.

But I never thought that this 'lost connection' with him would mean that I lost him forever. We lost him forever.

Last Sunday, I was in rude shock to learn that my second ex has passed away last month due to sudden illness. I'm still shocked and devastated at this moment still.

I know it is too late to mourn or even pay the last respect over his passing, but I, his friends and all of his loved one will miss him dearly. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekly Update: Dwarf Planet, False Hero, True Superhero & Hari Raya!

Salam saudara, Selamat Hari Raya!

It was the festive season so the social media and even the news were rather quiet. Nevertheless, there were some happenings which are worthy to highlight in this entry.

The Earth Received a Hearted Note

After three billion miles spanning across nine years of journey, NASA's New Horizon made its closest approach to Pluto. This signifies that mankind has all the pictures to make a family portrait of our solar system.

Do you recall that there was a time that Pluto was kicked out to from being recognized as the ninth planet of our solar system?

But Pluto never hold its grudges. In fact, it sent us a love note!

Robin Hood in Making?

So the news is still revolving around Plaza Low Yat melee incident. The police has captured the person who alleged stole the smartphone on that fateful day. The lad pleaded not guilty and was released on bail.

What is oxymoron here is that he was represented by a lawyer. No money so alleged has to steal a smartphone but he has money to hire a lawyer? Unless there is a public defence team like public prosecutor.

Not only that, when he walked out from the court, he posed like this as if he was a hero:

Courtesy: My SinChew

Now he won a boxing match?!

Ant Man

The movie was released this week and it was nice. Come on, it's marvel. I think it's slighly better than Avenger. And of course, Paul Rudd is cute!!

Hari Raya!

I guess your Facebook is flooded with selfie and Raya food for past few days. I even had my fair share of food for this Raya:

Raya Cake


I hope this Raya, Malaysians, regardless its race or creed, will come together to celebrate this festive season as one. I'm not talking taking selfie with other races or singing a Raya song - i mean, it's time for us to step the game and further uphold the value of racial harmony here, in Malaysia.

Before i end my note, here's a Raya song for all of you. Once again, Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekly Update: RM 2 Billion, A Phone, 90 & Durian Seller

Our social media has been going frenzy recently. Really, the happenings lately have been making us extra addicted over our Facebook.

Since I've been quiet in the blogging radar, let's have little discourse of recent happenings which have been caught much of our attention via social media.

Lord of The Ringgits:The Two Billion

We were literally  had a rude shock with the Wall Street Journal's expose that alleges DS Najib has siphoned whopping $700 million in his personal account. Game over for him?

I don't think so. Come on, Najib is our PM and we know him well. Do you think he will relinquish his post just by a mere report from a foreign land? And the special task force to investigate this matter is lead by four Tan Sri's and you know who is their boss? Yes, Najib himself. Don't you think it's rather absurd to probe your boss. Seriously, be real, rakyat is secondary, title and power are primary. I don't think these four Tan Sri's would be so dimwitted to jeopardise their respective high-ranking post.

Melee over a Phone

Let's make it simple here, as stated by police - The riot at Low Yat Plaza came after a 22-year-old man was reported handed to the police for allegedly stealing a phone Saturday, after which he contacted his friends and they allegedly assaulted workers from the mobile phone store and damaged it, causing losses estimated at RM 70,000 and subsequent melee.

That's the whole story. But some people are trying to flair up racial tension over this incident. Seriously, those closed minded people should close their mouth or else, just bring them behind the bars - be it Chinese or Malay.

Dr. M turned 90!

I bet he's taking botox coz there are no visible signs of wrinkles on his face. 

Nevertheless, we are proud of you and please don't stop the struggle that you are facing. The whole Malaysia is with you.

I managed to bump into Dr. M @ KLCC 

Attention Seeker Durian Seller

Apparently, this Jordan Yeoh hunk decided to help his auntie and uncle to sell durian since it's a marketing trend. So yeah, he took his shirt off while selling durian and it went viral.

Come to think of it, why helping his auntie and uncle to sell during marketing trend now? Why not before this? Why have to intentionally have to go shirtless and take picture? Conclusion, he is seeking for attention. 

To be honest, you can call me a shallow minded person but showing off your body to entice your costumers is nothing great. Somehow, that act is degrading his dignity. I know it is mean but he looks like a male version of tramp for me.

That's all for the Weekly Update. Stay tune for next week - i hope.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Love Wins

It's 4th of July, let's unleash the fireworks!!

It must be very happening to be gay in America. The land of the free just made gay marriage to be legal nationwide last week. And today, they are celebrating fourth of July. It's like euphoria sweeping the gay community over there.

On the other hand, it's summertime sadness here back in Malaysia. I think everyone here is rather annoyed with recent petrol hike, an old witch trying to be Cinderella, $700 million of people's money flowed into someone's personal account and the list goes on.

Indeed, it's really a dark cloud of worries and aggravation blanketing Malaysia for past recent years.

While you might experienced our Facebook turned into Rainbow but the joyful Rainbow colours did not translate the sentiment of being a gay in Malaysia.

Please don't even have a slightest thought to have an acceptance and recognition for living an alternative lifestyle here.

Alright, I don't want to dive into politics and religion here. But let me ask you this, don't you feel like those gay folks in Malaysia are living in a template.

Just scroll down your Facebook (if you happen to be gay), those gay's postings mostly revolve around these:

  • Telling the whole world that they are at gym 
  • Showcasing their poverty until the extend that they can't afford to buy shirts
  • Food, food and food (I'm guilty of this)
  • Travelogue (I love this!)
  • Emo Queen Wannabe
  • Bimbo who tries to outdo Kim K
I know it's alright to post all the stuff above but I don't know - feel like there's no active movement to champion our rights. I know we don't have any rights here but at least champion our voice?

What the hell right? I could not bother more coz we have this assumption someone up there in the future will speak for us.

Anyway, my bud is giving his partner a big surprise birthday tomorrow. Sometimes, I do really envy them for being so sweet to each other. I always believe that being sweet to your partner doesn't have to be lavish.

At least taking initiative to do something different or even special for your partner without asking him/her. I know you might afraid that your partner will not like the plan which you have intention to do for him/her - well, if you understand your partner well, this will not be an issue.

It's July and it's my favourite month of the year. Make this month special. 

Since the wedding bells are about to ring with its great resonance, here's a song for the gay folks in America and it's one of my favourite love songs...