Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekly Update: Another Hunk, Earth 2.0 and The Edge

What a whirlwind week has been. Let's recap and have a little discourse of what happened throughout the past seven days.

Tang Yuan Hunk

How I wish I could be some sort of food. Don't you want too?

You see, if you are food or fruit, you will be touched and prepared by hunks nowadays.

Apparently, there was a young hunk jumped on the bandwagon to sell food without any shirt on, in this case, Tang Yuan. Meet Tang Wei Chau who bare his body at a Tang Yuan stall in Jelutong, Penang. 

The reason being?

"Open shirt and selling things is a trend now~try the tang yuan Penang island Jelutong pasar now!"

For this hunk, I don't think he is an attention seeker unlike Jordan Yeoh. He is just too young to think thoroughly and got carried away with the trend. But he's really humble and polite lad indeed. He even apologised for his act. How sweet right?

Unlike the durian hunk. My gosh, what the heck he was thinking. My Astro even teamed up with him for a video that doesn't make any sense at all:

We've found a new home? 

On Thursday, NASA's spacecraft Kepler  has spotted "Earth's bigger, older cousin" - the first nearly Earth-size planet to be found in the habitable zone of a star similar to our own.

Dubbed "Earth 2.0", the planet is located 1,400 light-years away. Though the space agency is not certain whether the planet has water and air but it is the closest match that mankind ever found.

Wow! It's like rerunning Interstellar movie. I hope our future generation will have technology to visit Earth 2.0.

LRT is on fire!

On Wednesday, LRT system in Klang Valley was in haywire when its train caught on fire near Universiti Station. This incident forced RapidKL LRT to stop its operation for couple of hours.

Earlier that day, Setiawangsa station stopped its service for about an hour due to faulty on the train's brakes.

Have you ever thought these all mishaps and incidents were foretold in our Ringgit banknote. Take  all the money out from your wallet and have a closer look:

RM 10

  • MAS plane - MH370 and MH17
  • Ship - Orkim Harmony hijacking incident
  • Bank Negara logo - the falling of Ringgit value
  • LRT - LRT on fire
RM 100
  • Mount Kinabalu - Sabah earthquake which killed 18 people at Mount Kinabalu

Now only left with RM 50, RM 20 and RM 1 note. When the mentioned notes' prophecy will be fulfilled? 

Taylor Swift VS Nicki Minaj 

Let's make it simple. Taylor Swift's Bad Blood nominated for Video of The Year at MTV VMA. Nicki Minaj's Anaconda wasn't in the nomination list, so she tweeted "If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year".

And the hell broke loose. Even Katy Perry joined the twitter fray. Apparently, I didn't know that Taylor Swift wrote Bad Blood in reference to Katy. Such a bitch.

Nevertheless, Taylor has apologized and Nicki has accepted it - life goes on.

The Suspension of The Edge

Malaysia's freedom of media was once again tested when The Edge was suspended by the government for three months. Obviously, it was an immature and coward act to shut down a true Fourth Estate to report the alleged wrongdoings of the administrative. Censure one voice will not make a difference. More voices will be heard.

It was a utterly blow to the freedom of media and speech in Malaysia. We need more courageous voice like The Edge.

Let's pray that the truths will be prevailed and justice will be served. Godspeed.

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